According to Ken Rosenthal of FOX Sports, the Toronto Blue Jays and Colorado Rockies are discussing a trade for pitcher Jeremy Guthrie.

After acquiring Guthrie this offseason from the Baltimore Orioles for Janson Hammel and Matt Lindstrom, the Rockies would be willing to let the right hander go back to the American League East for a “lesser prospect” assuming that the Blue Jays take on the majority of whatever is remaining of the $8.2 million he’s owed for this season. At season’s end, Guthrie will be a free agent.

Sources suggested that the prospect being discussed is likely first baseman Mike “Muffin Top” McDade, who is currently sporting an .884 OPS at Double A New Hampshire.

Unsurprisingly, Guthrie, a fly ball pitcher, has struggled for the Rockies this season, putting up a hideous 7.02 ERA, 6.70 FIP and 5.36 xFIP. A 10.6% strike out rate, matched with a 8.1% walk rate suggests that Guthrie’s acquisition would be little more than a stop gap measure meant to save other, more valuable arms in the Blue Jays system from being used earlier than they have to be, after the team has seen three of its starting pitchers go down to injury last week.

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  1. Disgusting, but, they do need an arm…any arm.

  2. just threw up

  3. Is basketball finished yet?

  4. Despite the inevitable criticism of this deal, I’m okay with it if this is actually true. Before his move to Colorado, Guthrie was a pretty solid 2-WAR guy in the AL East, and I don’t see anything in Pitch F-X to suggest that his stuff has fundamentally changed. Plus McDade is a pretty inconsequential piece – Cooper’s pretty similar. As long as Colorado eats most of Guthrie’s contract.

    • rather give up Cooper than McDade

      • neither.

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        • I see, I suppose that would have to be the case.

      • Dumb.


  6. I wouldn’t give up anything to get Guthrie, but he is an innings eater, even if he gives up a shit ton of runs in those innings.

    • What’s the friggin point if he’s gone at the end of the year? If he’s the same as Laffey, put Laffey in! At least you’re not giving anything up!

  7. rosenthal is full of shit again making up a story.he is trying to define himself as the guy who can stay on top of AA’s moves which nobody has..he is a slimeball.everytime someone asks him a question he says thats a great question. fuck off goof rosenthal.

  8. I can’t see AA giving up more than assuming the remaining $ for Guthrie … Any warm bidy is too much

  9. guthrie looked good the last couple years. he pitched well against the jays a few time last year.

    • But the jays make every shitballer look like Cy young.

      • Really? Because last I looked the Jays were 5th in runs scored this year. 6th last year etc.

        I didn’t know Cy Young allowed so many runs….

  10. The Jays do need an arm, but they better not give up anything decent for someone like Guthrie.

    Of course it won’t happen now.

    • I have to hope they give up someone that none of us have ever heard of if we’re taking on his salary… He’s not going to do any more for this rotation than Villenueva or Lackey would so he isn’t worth giving up anyone that has anything better than a .500 OPS in AA (in his 10th year there…)

  11. I don’t see the problem with this. The Jays do need a stopgap arm. The reality is that if Guthrie comes in here, he instantly becomes the #3 arm in the rotation. Despite getting shit on this year, he’s probably more likely to be an adequate starter than Cecil, Carreno, Chavez or Laffey (like it or not, 3 of this group may be in the rotation at the same time for the foreseeable future).

    McDade is nothing special. If the Jays go in the tank, you flip Guthrie for a middling prospect like McDade again. Guthrie probably clears waivers, so I’d say you have until August 31st to flip him too.

    He’s a FA at the end of the year. To me, the only risk is Rogers’ money and importantly, it’s Rogers money THIS YEAR only. He’s not here next year, so there are no long-term financial implications unless Rogers is of the opinion that Guthrie’s money comes out of next year’s budget or the future budget. I’m not sure why anybody here should be concerned about the money owed to Guthrie THIS year unless it’s coming out of the Rogers budgetary pool allocated to the next few years.

    • Ya – what Jacob said.

    • Why would you give up ANYTHING for Guthrie at this point? McDade isn’t awesome, but he’s not terrible and really… Guthrie is worthy of a terrible prospect at best (assuming we’re taking on salary…)

  12. “Flyball pitcher” is another way of saying “shitty” right? are there good fly ball pitchers?

  13. We wouldn’t be talking about this move if Jenkins and McGuire both hadn’t taken a huge step backwards… If either of them had an era around 4 then we’d be seeing one of em…

  14. Guth was Indians’ 1st round pick and apparently Farrell liked him. The only thing that scares me is that he injured his shoulder in a biking accident. (And his shitty ERA)

  15. Because it’s being reported, it probably won’t happen. It does suggest, however, the type of movee that AA is looking to make right now. (I’m sure he’s probably looking for good stuff too. AA is such a friggin’ window shopper.) For the record, I’d absolutely trade McDade for Guthrie. McDade’s, like, 300 ilbs with very little power. (I’d rather stick with the skinny guy with very little power that we currently have while looking for a more long-term alternative.)

    • McDade has more than very little power. He has 11 HR’s this year so far, 16 last year, 21 in the FSL in 2010. In comparison, Cooper hit 20 HR’s once (repeating AA) and his next highest total was 10. And isn’t McDade supposed to be an above average defensive player? I though I heard that somewhere but can’t confirm.

      Anyway, I think my point is that he’s more of a power hitter than Cooper. Whether or not he turns into a viable MLB first basement is another question.

      • I don’t think either is going to be a starting first baseman for a playoff team. Personally, I’d take Cooper over McDade. I don’t like fat people.

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      • McDade has more upside than Cooper IMO… But I wouldn’t trade either of them for a half year rental of Guthrie…

  16. Wouldn’t give up unless you’re sure he can’t be a major leaguer. Big strong switch hitting first baseman, keep him.

  17. lol Holland

  18. … cause a struggling flyball pitcher in the AL East would work out?

  19. Besides the Halladay mega-trade, which of AA’s completed trades were leaked beforehand?

  20. If we’re looking at stop gap measures what about Gavin Floyd? He still has a respectable WHIP and xFIP so maybe a change of scenery could help him. Given his over 5 ERA I’m sure the prospect would be of little consequence to the Jays for him as well.

    • Ummm, White Sox are in first place, why would they trade a starter for inconsequential prospect? Are you neighbors with his wife’s cousin or something like that?

  21. Acquiring Guthrie wouldn’t exactly ruin the Jays’ season, and at the very least he’s consistent (consistently mediocre, but consistent nonetheless).

  22. Hypothetically, assuming morrow and hutch are back by around the trade deadline, he can slide back in as our 5th starter and competes with Cecil/Carreno for the job

  23. Put me in. I can touch 90. I can throw a breaking ball.

    I’ve already got a jersey made up.

    Plus I can throw BP to my boy for my side sessions.

    Think about it AA.

  24. Worst.

  25. Guthrie is a decent pitcher when all the stars align. He knows the east, the hitters, the ballparks and IF he could pull it together, this wouldnt be a terrible move I guess. But for what? to contend? sorry but even with a completely healthy rotation, Guthrie wouldnt make this a contending team rotation. Romero is still a number two pitching over slot, Morrow is dr.jekyl and mr.hyde with his good/bad/meh starts and then there’s 3 kids, Drabek is hit and miss, Alvarez has hit a wall and Hutch while good will hit the wall soon, even if they were all healthy and you send someone to the minors and insert Guthrie, this is not a division winning rotation.

    Ive got no interest in this deal.

    • I don’t think getting Guthrie is a move to contend so much as it is a move to fill a spot in the rotation and provide innings without calling up prospect with a possible innings-limit.

  26. I’d rather see Joe Saunders as a filler pitched well last couple of years after a couple off years. He is a lefty and has pitched in pressure situations with Angels and Arizona. Arizona wants to bring Bauer up .

  27. Outside of 2011, Guthrie has always pitched better in the 2nd half than the first half. He was serviceable in his time with Baltimore. McDade is no more than organizational depth.
    Plus, if he rolls off a couple good starts and Blue Jays fall out of the race, we could actually make a profit on him

  28. Saunders for mcdade straight up would that deal work out for both sides?

  29. Who’s Janson Hammel?

  30. Why do they want to trade for this crappy guy? No ex-oriloles allowed, I would rather see farm guys than him.

    • At this point they have lost 60% of the starters in 4 days, they need arms, and let’s not forget that Alvarez can’t miss anyone’s bat and Romero hasn’t been himself. If McDade plays first base for the Jays at any point in his career that means the Jays are still fourth in the division so who gives a fuck. As for the money, that’s what your actually trading. Do you think the Rockies view McDade as an mlber. Fuck No. Guthrie maybe shit, but he is major league shit, which is better then a marginal prospect being thrown to the wolves, or a good prospect being rushed.

      • For being “shit” He was still the best pitcher on the Orioles staff for the last 3 seasons. He is an above average #4 at worst and average #3.

        I don’t get all the hate.

  31. Yuck. This is ugly. Even if he is a free agent at the end of the season, I think this kind of stop gap is a huge mistake, as it displays a lack of desire to keep competing this season. That, and I won’t watch those games.

  32. Guthrie has pitched surprisingly well at the Rogers Centre. Look it up.

  33. Seems fine for a stopgap if it comes to it, nothing to get excited about though. I’m just going to go ahead and think that Joel Sherman’s case for Carlos Gonzalez being made available is iron-clad (, and imagine AA doing a deal for him and Guthrie… heck, if it’s all just speculation, might as well make it worthwhile! Schwing!

  34. please….not….guthrie

  35. fuck off are full of shit. just a made up story so you get a cheque.fuck off again

  36. Hey guys, I was next in line to get called up after Cece

    • “After great success in Lansing, our piggy backing strategy will now be employed at the major league level, nobody pitches more then 3 innings anymore!”

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