The Jays continue their series in Milwaukee with the Brewers tonight, because…


There’s still no word on who will get the start for the Jays tomorrow, according to John Farrell himself, though Mike Wilner has a favourite horse in this race…

Barry Davis of Sportsnet adds in a tweet that Luis Perez is another possibility.

MLBTR passes along a tweet from Troy Renck of the Denver Post, who says that the Jays have been the most active team when it comes to asking about available Rockies starter Jeremy Guthrie– ex of the Orioles. I’m not sure he could offer much help, but he’s got a working arm… technically. With Mike McDade the rumoured price,

Jared Macdonald of Jays Journal was in Las Vegas recently, and he scouted a start by tonight’s lucky contestant for the Jays, Jesse Chavez– who, he reminds us, had a contract offer from Japan earlier in the season, which the Jays rejected. Looking like a smart move, given the circumstances.

And in case you somehow missed it below, we cobbled together what little background on tonight’s Milwaukee starter, Tyler Thornburg, we could find… you know… from the people on the internet who know that kind of stuff.

And lastly, for your between-inning viewing pleasure, here’s today’s episode of Getting Blanked…

TV: Sportsnet

And now the lineups, by way of the live box score at And for those of you who’ll be out and about, be sure to follow all the action on your phone with Score Mobile

Toronto Blue Jays

B. Lawrie 3B
C. Rasmus CF
J. Bautista RF
E. Encarnacion 1B
K. Johnson 2B
Y. Escobar SS
R. Davis LF
J. Arencibia C
J. Chavez P

Milwaukee Brewers

N. Aoki RF
C. Gomez CF
R. Braun LF
A. Ramirez 3B
C. Hart 1B
R. Weeks 2B
M. Maldonado C
E. Maysonet SS
T. Thornburg P


Image via movies older than guys playing in the Gulf Coast League.

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  1. Would another set of back-to-back-to-back homers be too much to ask for?

  2. mmm…Scotch

  3. Strap yourself in boys. It’s going to be a LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOONG season.

  4. I new we would lose this game. I can’t watch this anymore. I’m gone

  5. i think its amazing such a progressive analytical front office can allow such archaic shitty in game managing.

    im not advocating firing Farrell, i think hes a great coach and all that, but can someone please talk to him about optimal bullpen usage?

  6. Looking to next year here, if I may. What is the bullpen gonna look like? Frasor likely gone, Cordero gone, Oliver probably gone. Will it be cobbled together with patchwork signings again? Is there anyone in the minor league cupboard that could possibly be a good reliever? 2 years of disgustingly bad bullpens is demoralizing.

    • McGowan to bullpen?

      • McGowan healthy?

        In all seriousness, I imagine AA will cobble something together that will look about the same as this year’s bullpen, but perhaps with a healthy Santos and maybe even Stroman if he’s as good as advertised.

        By the way, what happened to Santos? Did he somehow manage to get McGowan disease and contract a never-ending series of injuries?

    • Stroman

    • There’s a lot of good arms coming for the pen.

      You’ll get Santos back
      Then there’s Stroman, then there’s Farina in A ball rehabbing. All three have serious heat and out pitches.

      You could be looking at a pen of

      by the end of this year or beginning of next.

      • Could cecil end up in the bullpen next year?

        I wonder if this year’s collapse will convince Rogers to let AA sign some free agents or at least take some extra salaries back in trades.

        if we assume that Hutch & Drabek are unavailable for the entire 2013 season & McGuire & Jenkins don’t get called up,

        who are the 5 opening day starting rotation?

        Romero,Morrow, Alvarez? ??????

        • That’s the $64,000 question. You could possibly see Stroman or Stilson there who is also a possible addition for the pen. I am sure there will be additions from outside and quite frankly I wouldn’t count on Alvarez they way he’s been of late.

          As for Cecil, he’ll probably be a starter either with the Jays or in Vegas. They’ll need the depth too much. Carlos V is a free agent after this season and you might need a long man and Cecil could fill that role or possibly even a healthy Litsch.

  7. This is blue jays baseball, walk batters hit batters then bullpen blows the lead, another 1 run loss. game over.

  8. Can someone explain to me how the angels got frieri? Were the prospects they gave up any good? 19ip 0 er. fuck we could use this guy bad. Why cant alex not pull off a trade like this?

  9. We can all agree…we’ll take that.

  10. Love the scrapiness.

  11. I’m trying to figure out who sucks more: Parra or Johnson.

  12. Come on KJ, strike out quickly so I can take a leak.

  13. Seems like we’re gonna get that shootout that everyone was predicting after all.

    Though I’m not sure letting in four runs on walks and hbps counts as a shootout.

  14. this is pretty awful baseball

  15. “if you had to take your offense right NOW where would you go”

    hahahahahaha Tabler thinks stadiums go on hot streaks. its too easy

  16. Yeah, I thought a shootout based on the starters, not the relief.

  17. I’d like to see a double steal here. if one gets thrown out, Davis leading off isn’t exactly a horrible thing.

  18. Frasor’s meatball was costly.

  19. Man there be something wild in the that Wisconsin water.

  20. 3-0 call to Lawrie would have been nice.

  21. Fuck I’m famous. People are demanding my return.

  22. AA may need to get Stroman signed and on the next plane to Milwaukee

  23. Another 1 run loss. Its all working according to plan.

  24. Johnny? Johnny!! JOHNNY!!!

  25. Imagine how many wins we’d have with just a starter who could go more than 3 innings!

  26. Vizquel siting! DEFCON 3

  27. Typical F-Rod has been shit all year vs everyone else and lights out vs us.

  28. Really Vizquel over Cooper?

  29. another 1 run game, amazing.
    im goign to bed, surpise me with a 1 run win in the morning.

  30. And tomorrow’s starter is…………Jeff Mathis!

    • Seriously they just might as well not send guys down to Vegas at all. Save a bundle on air fare.

      • So you’re suggesting Mathis should join the starting rotation in Vegas?

        • lol god no just that they’ll be sending Coello and others down again for fresh arms. I foresee a constant back and forth for the next few weeks.

  31. Fuck these are 2 wins we just gave away because fucking alex can’t find a pitcher

    • Sad but true. It’s difficult to get quality pitching at this time of year because most teams are in a playoff contention.

      Rasmus & Bautista Back to Back HR’s again… That’s hilarious!!!.

      Feels like 2010. HR’s or bust.

    • Crystal ball not working too well in the heat these days, huh?

  32. The blue jays have announced they are building a slide from the bullpen to the mound.

  33. Cletus show me some love brother go deep one more time.

  34. RASMUS!

  35. WOW!!! Just Wow!

  36. Told you June 15th.

  37. Colby!

    Uh, ‘grats on the baby Axford.

  38. Cletus!!!!



  40. Am I the only one who just had a Robbie Alomar/Dennis Eckersley flashback on Colby’s home run?

  41. Wow… that’s just all I can say === Wow.. Wow wowowow wowowowwowow Wow Wow!

  42. Cletus heard my bromantic prayers.

  43. Jose!

  44. Wow

  45. Fucking right!

  46. I am having some kind of deja vu

  47. Seriously, this is fun/not fun/fun again to watch!

    • This team drives me to drink. Starting rotation is in disarray. Bullpen is inconsistent.

      I heard there is a good bar called School to see Blue Jays games :))

  48. Wow this is just too much. First all that bro love from Cletus and now Jose. Jizzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  49. This is fucking incredible

  50. Joey! Let’s make it a back2back2back to back2back2back

  51. Colby ‘the shit’ Rasmus.

  52. Was going to comment before the game started the Jays were going to have to hit like they were in Vegas but this is unreal.

  53. this is what its like to hit in Vegas

  54. Rasmus’ and Bautista’s shoulders must be sore, carrying the pitching.

  55. Could some veteran please tell Lawrie to lay the fuck off a guy after a dinner. Pointing at the camera with Jose and the games not even over yet for fucksakes.

  56. I meant to say dinger. I hate my daddy.

    • Was he as superstitious as you?

      • Was he? What did old Kelly do superstitious?

        • Na…I misunderstood your comment above. I thought you meant Laurie’s antics would misfire on the team; you’re just calling them douchy. What’s new.

          • I’m just kinda old fashioned with all the celebratory shit in baseball. I guess liked the old boys hitting jacs and being humble. It was cooler to watch and more admirable. And ya, I think its about superstition a bit.

  57. Heaven forfend someone actually have fun out there. They should all act like 70 year old men sitting in church!

  58. holy fuck i watched the 3 homers in a row and then the grand slam happened so i had a nap. were there more homers in a row by cletus and jose?

  59. Thank you, what a game!

  60. Wooooooo!

  61. Wow this game felt like a playoff game!

  62. anyone care to take a guess who pitches tomorrow?

  63. Probably the most exciting game of the year so far. What a roller coaster of a game. Pity the game didn’t start an hour earlier more people might have been awake to watch the end.

  64. Bluejays Baseball: Not for the sober, tender, or young.

  65. What time is the parade?

  66. That was a fun game.

  67. Nectar baby.

  68. Wow Jays are really celebrating Clemens getting off the hook with those homers.

  69. Clemens will pitch tomorrow.

  70. Jays are 4th in runs scored in MLB and have 100 HRs (only 1 behind Stanx)

    HAHA (fucking crazy game, crazy season)

  71. So I think Rasmus should stay in the 2 spot in a while.

  72. i think i wanna get drunk right now…

  73. Somehow our starting pitching carried us through April and some of May. It wouldn’t be the worst thing in the world for our bats to carry us while our rotation is composed almost entirely of shitballers.

  74. at this point I would hope the Jays consider bringing Chad Jenkins up for a start, he has had 2 good starts in a row and 6 of his last 9 starts have been decent. Have to find out what you have with that guy – do it before the trade deadline, maybe you catch lightning in a bottle. Problem could be that schedule indicates Fenway would be where he would slot in next, but get 4 or 5 innings from a guy who the Sux have never seen might work out.

  75. McCoy should be our SP tomorrow. Just sayin’

  76. Holy shit what a fucking game. Kept track on my phone all night, got home just to see the Rasmus/Bautista homers in the 9th. Wow..

    Absolutely loving Lawrie/Rasmus/Bau right now. Killing it.

  77. i will have to watch all the highlights on all the sports channels now.hope they replay all the homers. seems nobody is giving jansen the love.the guy has done the job well in a high profile position especilly after santos hiccupped.santos being out gets more press than casey.fuckin media is logic at all.

  78. Maybe it’s just impossible to stretch these guys out, but wouldn’t we all prefer that the rotation was Romero, Alvarez, Cecil, Villanueva, Perez at this point? The bullpen would definitely suffer, but I’d rather the bullpen have no depth than the rotation.

    • I think they dont want to do that with many of them because of additional injuries and you would still strain the pen in the short-term while they got stretched out as it usually takes at least a couple of starts to get their innings up.

    • Too true. The bullpen is suffering big time now, having to come into the game much too early. (3rd inning tonight.) The pen (whoever is in it) would probably be best pleased with starters going 6 innings.

  79. Lawrie F bombing?

    Heard from more than one fan by the visiting dugout tonight that Toronto’s Brett Lawrie was dropping “F” bombs on fans, including young ones

    • Meh. Seems like sour grapes.

    • when he pops out eveen at the dome you can hear him on tv say fuck.location isnt it. face it lawrie is a caveman. i cringe at the thought of him in a playoff game. hey karen i need my meds after tonights game.

      • Not sure he is a caveman, he is intense, he gets a bad rap. he is no John Olerud.
        I mean Robbie Alomar spit in an Umps face when he was young and was able to mature into a gentleman. Not sure why people are not cutting Lawrie some slack.

    • Lawrie dropping F-Bombs? When the guy is jacked up like Lattimer, what do you expect?

      • Do any of you drunken meatheads ever ante up for better than 500 level seats? I ask because every other player drops “F bombs”. This is the dumbest thing I have read here since the “article” on Colby’s dad not clapping.

    • Fuck em

  80. Pitching sucks. Cletus being Cletus. Makes for one hell of a moodswing-enducing ball game.

    Love it!

  81. Please, please, please just for one season let the pitching be great and the batting be great at the same time. Please…

    • The baseball gods owes the Jays some of these tight games. After the 10-9 win, the Jays are now 6-12 in one run ball games. I’ll take a 10-9 win any day.

    • No fucking kidding. It’s amazing all the good pitching years I’ve witnessed, and the good hitting years, and they never coincide.

  82. GFG. The bats were pulled out of the anally located area and are swinging free. BTW I strongly disagree with all the B. Lawrie aggro. Let the kid be a crazy, sure its a little embarrassing, but he is only 22 and still close to being a rookie..and well, fuck he has been red hot the last couple of games so he kinda deserves to be a little bit nutty doesn’t he?

    But holy shit balls of fire! Rasmus and Bautista! 6 home runs form 1-4 hitters in the line up…I could take more of that please and thankyou.

  83. That fucking guru-like bullpen management from Joe Maddon lost a little lustre with Peralta being ejected for having too much pine tar on his glove:

  84. Hey guys, I hear you’re in need of another relief pitcher. Where do I sign?

  85. For all JF’s boneheaded moves, moving Lawrie/Rasmus to 1-2 almost makes up for it (although really, that was an obvious move to just about everyone, but i’m not going to get picky). Blue Jays 1-4 hitters numbers for last 28 days:

    Lawrie: .323/.375/.521 – .896
    Rasmus: .323/.332/.627 – 1.029
    Bautista: .247/.392/.667 – 1.059
    EE: .303/.369/.539 – .909

    28 HR, combined. Total salary for 2012: $20.2 million.

  86. wouldnt you know it, as soon as i hit post, i read FOR THE LAST 28 DAYS
    but still even 60 for the season for that price is still good.
    But a home run a day is good too. :)

  87. Just checked the 3-0 pitch to Lawrie on pitch f/x. It was a strike.

  88. And the pitch JP struck out on in the 8th was a ball.

  89. Totally late to the party here, but, what a game. Woo woo!!

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