The Jays continue their series in Milwaukee with the Brewers tonight, because…


There’s still no word on who will get the start for the Jays tomorrow, according to John Farrell himself, though Mike Wilner has a favourite horse in this race…

Barry Davis of Sportsnet adds in a tweet that Luis Perez is another possibility.

MLBTR passes along a tweet from Troy Renck of the Denver Post, who says that the Jays have been the most active team when it comes to asking about available Rockies starter Jeremy Guthrie– ex of the Orioles. I’m not sure he could offer much help, but he’s got a working arm… technically. With Mike McDade the rumoured price,

Jared Macdonald of Jays Journal was in Las Vegas recently, and he scouted a start by tonight’s lucky contestant for the Jays, Jesse Chavez– who, he reminds us, had a contract offer from Japan earlier in the season, which the Jays rejected. Looking like a smart move, given the circumstances.

And in case you somehow missed it below, we cobbled together what little background on tonight’s Milwaukee starter, Tyler Thornburg, we could find… you know… from the people on the internet who know that kind of stuff.

And lastly, for your between-inning viewing pleasure, here’s today’s episode of Getting Blanked…

TV: Sportsnet

And now the lineups, by way of the live box score at And for those of you who’ll be out and about, be sure to follow all the action on your phone with Score Mobile

Toronto Blue Jays

B. Lawrie 3B
C. Rasmus CF
J. Bautista RF
E. Encarnacion 1B
K. Johnson 2B
Y. Escobar SS
R. Davis LF
J. Arencibia C
J. Chavez P

Milwaukee Brewers

N. Aoki RF
C. Gomez CF
R. Braun LF
A. Ramirez 3B
C. Hart 1B
R. Weeks 2B
M. Maldonado C
E. Maysonet SS
T. Thornburg P


Image via movies older than guys playing in the Gulf Coast League.

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  1. I’m calling it. Tonight’s the night JPA and KJ go yard. They’ve both been stuck on nine HR since May 28th. C’mon boys – beat up the rookie!

  2. For those of us who wish to discover new, overlooked stats to evaluate the Jays.
    Updated, as of Monday morning, Win Frequency per Uniform Type.
    Frequency Wins in Uniform Win %
    Grey on Grey 24 14.81% 11 45.83%
    Blue on Grey 8 4.94% 4 50.00%
    White on White 24 14.81% 12 50.00%
    Blue on White 10 6.17% 7 70.00%
    0 96 59.26% 128
    Note from the author.
    “Looks like Blue-on-White is the best combo so far this season. Judging from the latest trend I might start asking myself if the Jays actually read DJF… Or at least their equipment manager.”
    Sorry, no pie charts.

  3. Looks like Guthrie is going to the pen for the Rockies so that trade rumor is just about dead now. As well how stupid can Jim Tracy be for not replacing him with someone else? LOL

    • Was never true to begin with according to AA. Says he’s in no trade discussions right now.

    • That whole 4 man rotation thing is the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard. 4 man rotation limiting the starters to 75 pitches per game is supposed to help SAVE the bullpen?

      I’m no mathamagician, but something isn’t adding up there.

  4. I’m listening to the Bluefield game and the broadcaster for the Bristol White Sox makes Pat Tabler look like Vin Scully

  5. interesting…two game threats in back to back days. And just when we get used to them…..Saturday rolls around. GO Jays!

  6. If it wasnt obvious before how much sportsnets sucked Lawries cock…they just posted the avgs and Lawrie had 4 decimal places while everyone else had the standard 3.

  7. This Thornburg kid has some nice AA numbers. Hope he doesn’t do the usual and make the Jays look chumps against minor league starters.

  8. This Thornburg guy is Walter Johnson’s great-great-great grandson right?

  9. Some hard hit balls but they’ve still sent the minimum to the plate through two. Let’s hope this doesn’t turn into “one of those” games.

  10. I missed it earlier…did we get a final prognosis on Hutchison?

  11. Dead horse beating time but Jerry just talked about Lind’s great AAA numbers and how he ‘will soon be back in a jays uniform’. We all expected Lind to mash at AAA but is there actually a chance he gets a call in a non injury crisis situation? Become a trade chip? is this even worth thinking about?

    • My thoughts are you will see Lind up with the Jays again. Why not see if he can put something together?

      • I’ve had it with the guy…

      • How many fucking times are we going to see if he can put it together? He’s had fucking years. He ain’t putting shit together other than shitty plate appearance after shitty plate appearance. He’s a platoon player at best, and would probably do decently in the NL.

    • AA pretty much said he expected Lind back fairly soon in that interview on PTS the other day.

      • Same was said about EE, I’m no Lind fan, but I’ll hate him less when he comes back and is hitting 8th or 9th. Lind get another shot, one time silver slugger with no value now, Jays have to give him mlb at bats to hope he gains some kinda fucking value.

      • If Lind gets called up before Snider I’ll puke

  12. OMG Just imagine if I get a win against this feared American League East Jays hitting lineup. They’ll be terrified of me next week back in the minors.

  13. Jesse Chavez, 20 K’s tonight!! You heard it here first

  14. Jesse Chavez is already looking like our staff ace.

  15. The only thing I would say is this: Chad Mottolas a good batting coach. I’m sick of waiting for Lind.

  16. Not bad, Chavez. Not bad.

    At least if he’s planning on doing his Alvarez or Drabek impression, he’s saving it for later.

  17. How many necklaces above replacement is this Chavez guy?

  18. Looks like we’re in for a real pitcher’s duel tonight fellas.

  19. Great at-bat, Davis. Good lord. Gave him his first career strikeout with a ribbon on top.

    Also, knowing our luck, Chavez will get beaned and injured.

  20. Now it’s time for the question that gets asked every time a rookie is making his first career start: can he maintain effectiveness the second time through the order?

  21. Ok Lawrie scored…can I turn off the game now?

  22. Your move, Marcum.

    • OK, I heard Marcum talking on the Fan today about his injury. It didn’t sound too serious, but if I was a pending free agent I would say the same thing.

      Should the Jays try to sign Marcum as a free agent in the offseason?


      • Soft tossing righty… might be a good stop-gap/innings eater. At this point we need anybody. Which arms in our minor league system could be ready by next year? Any?

  23. Chavez is just peppering that low outside corner.

  24. There seem to be a lot of fat people in Milwaukee.

  25. aaaand so much for that lead.

  26. Question is are we going to give back 6 runs like last night after taking the lead?

  27. Remarkably, the guy who couldn’t cut it as a reliever in the NL isn’t so great as a starting rotation option

  28. Chavez looked great for two innings

  29. I guess CV isn’t starting tomorrow

  30. This is the worst.

  31. Its at moments like these I feel for the arms of those in the bullpen for the remainder of the year.

  32. Giving up a double to a minor league pitchers is pro.

  33. what is the deal that no matter who we put out there, nobody can throw a motherfucking strike?

  34. Paging Jeff Mathis.

  35. Fucking bum

  36. What the FUCK is this shit?

  37. Bring Laffey in!

  38. Come on Chavez don’t let Alvarez top you in runs allowed. You can do it man!

  39. 4 walks and a hit batter all in a row impressive.

    • Anyone watching a feed with pitch f/x? It looks like fucking Chavez was getting squeezed on some of those calls… Regardless, he shouldn’t have been afraid to pitch to some contact there.

  40. looks like tonight is the bullpen day. Also, how much says Villanueva is the next Jays pitcher on the DL with elbow problems?

    • He was sidelined last year after getting tossed into the rotation.

      • Yep…. he’s not going to give us many innings. Looks like Drew will need TJ so we’ve probably lost 40% of the rotation for the next 1.5 years.

        Maybe Morrow comes back in 1-2 months.

  41. ok now would be a good time for AA to pull the trigger on a starter, anyone would be better than that.

    • Seriously, anybody.

    • Anybody? LOL. You really think Moyer/Guthrie is going to be that much better than what we just saw? We knew that starting pitching was going to be an issue going into this season, and very little was done to shore it up. Obviously I’m not privvy to the “inside infoz”, so maybe some of the available FA class refused to play in Toronto — but money talks and I fear that offers were not made to veterans that could have ate innings.

      Of course hindsight is 20/20, but we fucking KNEW this coming into this season. I remember all the April talk, “wow, the starting pitching is doing a lot better than expected!” and “we thought this would be our weakpoint!”

      Now we’re in a shitty spot. What do we do? Trade prospects/future away for stop-gap measures and rentals? No. The only other option really is to throw this season and let players like Cecil/Chavez/Villaneuva, etc. take starts.

      Strap yourself in boys. It ain’t gonna be pretty.

      • Yeah it’s basically going to be a bend over and take it month until at least Morrow gets back and or Ricky can return to form. Maybe they can run a cross promotion during Gay Pride week.

        • Ok, Morrow is ONE starter. What about when Alvarez/Cecil/Bullpen_guy_02 gets their turn in the rotation?

        • Oh fuck off with your fucking bullshit . Jesus Mary and Joseph. You don’t want to take it up the ass. No one else cares. You’re the only one thinking about it. What could it … mean?

      • what I mean by anybody, is anybody who can throw at least 5 innings, even if they`re giving up 3 runs/start. If not to win games, just to make our bullpen survive.

        Good thing every commenter on DJF is a fucking genius

        • Starters that can go 5 innings with only giving up 3 runs/start aren’t that terrible. Players like that don’t grow on trees. Chavez was doing really well and didn’t even last 3 fucking innings.

      • I agree with you that the team did not have enough depth in the starting rotation in April.

        They were relying on McGowan & Cecil .

        The cost of a free agent vet was too high financialy & AA didn’t want to give up high prospects for young pitchers.

        Lawrie for Pineda was not acceptable.

        Since AA values the prospects, he will have to approach Rogers & ask for extra money from Rogers to sign some 1 or 2year contracts to vets.

        Based on the new tv contract signed by the Astros at 80 million per year over the next 20 years, rogers will have to provide more money to the baseball club for the next few years.

        The dog & pony show from Beeston can no longer be tolerated.

        • Here’s the list of the 2013 FA class:

          Who do we think we’re going to get that can buoy this rotation on a 1-2 year deal from this list? Who can we trust in the AL East? Are we looking at not competing again next year?

          I agree we shouldn’t have traded Lawrie. And that trading away Noah for Gio (at the time) would have been ridiculous given Gio’s peripherals.

          But relying on fucking McGowan? Given his injury history? We knew that Cecil fucking shit the bed last year…

    • Just bring Scotty Richmond up, at the least he’ll throw strikes.

      • We’re just going to have to keep playing these shit-ballers for the rest of the year. Clubs can’t wait to pad their stats against the Jays!

  42. Sadly we’re going to have to get used to this for the rest of the year. It’s going to be one giant roll of the dice each and every start. It’s probably not going to help the hitters either. They’re going to be putting even more pressure on themselves when they end up down 3 or 4 runs by the 4th inning every night.

    • Yeah, this is the new normal. Not that we REALLY expected to compete this year, but this is the nail in the coffin.

      We just have to look to the offseason and hope that players will be made available. You can forget about spending on starters like Grienke, Hamels, Oswalt and EJax — that ain’t fucking happening. What starting pitchers could really be made available? There are SO many potential buyers, and very few sellers. Obviously AA would target players with a few years of control available, rather than simple rentals — are there really many of those available?

      • Sorry I don’t see it that way to be honest and until the trading deadline has come and gone I’m not really going to pass judgement.

        I still think there’s a great chance to land an impact player and I also think that AA will have no choice but to spend money on a starter come this winter. That said, I am kind of doubtful that it will be a 5 year type of deal pitcher since AA has stated he hates to spend that kind of money on a player.

        • AA will have no choice but to spend money — but these arbitrary rules on years/dollar figures are going to be placed. Does anyone really think, that with the current need for starting pitching across the league, that lowballing impact FAs like Hamels/Grienke, etc. is going to work?

          There’s an interview out somewhere where AA stated that 5 year rule is for position players, and that Beeston actually wants 3 years only for pitchers. He stated that he had to beg Beeston to allow up to extend Ricky for over 3. So are we going to be picking up any pitcher of value with these parameters? Even “non-aces” like McCarthy, EJax, Colby Lewis are going to want better than that. All its going to take is for one GM to offer them another year or a little more cash and we’re out of the running.

          Also, one starter isn’t enough. We need like, 3.

        • AA is stuck. The new CBA won’t let him get away with accumulating veteran players & turning them into comp picks at year end.

          He has built a farm system, but the two pitchers he needs at AA are not ready for the club.

          Does AA trade the farm for young MLB ready pitchers/

          Does AA get more money from Rogers to sign free agent pitchers?

          Does AA try & get fans to delay the competing process till 2015??

          Will the new fans that have pushed tv ratings to 590K per game from 437 K in 2010 & the extra 5,500 fans per game stick around till 2015??

          It will be an interesting offseason.

          • People are not going to stand for another fucking 3 years just for an ATTEMPT at contending.

          • Hindsight sure is 20-20 isn’t it? How convenient to bouy your fucked up delusion that this franchise needs over priced FAs. Even if we signed Gio, Latos and Fielder this team would still be a .500 club due to a rash of bad luck. That’s baseball. If your alarmist horseshit drives fairweather fans elsewhere you should be prepared to shoulder a good chunk of the blame.

  43. fuck miller park is beautiful. is there anything we can do with the skydome to make it look more aesthetically pleasing?

    tear down the outfield stands for glass panneling?

    • I’ve always wondered about the sheet metal roofing. I’m not engineer, and have no idea if it adds the the structural stability of the facility, but I’ve always wondered if those could be replaced with translucent panels (similar to whats used on the retractable roof at wimbeldon.

      • kind of like a reverse Allianz Arena in Munich?

      • Don’t do it, we’ll get Tropicanna Field North. New ground rules when players lose the ball in the gleem of the sun off the sheet metal

        • That’s a good point. Just spit-ballin’ is all.

          I’m sure there are things that could be done to spruce up the place.

          Personally, I don’t mind the Dome. It’s not perfect, but it could be much much worse.

    • Also, I’m sure that SOMETHING could be done with Windows/Hard Rock to make the outfield into… something.

      • it’s just a big soulless cavern, no warmth or personality. Funny, when it was brand new it seemed so state-of-the-art, but I guess compared to exhibition stadium it was a palace

    • It looks like they have real grass with a retractable stadium.

      Rogers could do this but they would lose revenue from concerts & football etc..

      Do they open the roof in winter in Milwaukee?

  44. Norris pitched four hitless, walkless innings with 5 k’s in his pro debut tonight. (Musgrove was good too. 1ER)

  45. Rays put Hellboy on the DL with shoulder issues, may be minor but . . . . . you know

  46. Is Scott Richmond a possibility?

    • What do you mean? Can he throw the ball? Yes. So can Mike McCoy and Jeff Mathis.

    • Hopefully. He seems like the best option for 5 inning starts. He atleast won’t piss his pants and fall apart when a couple runners get on base.

    • I remember Richmond was a pitcher ofthe month in April 2009. I think he won 4 or 5 games in April 2009 when Litsch went down.

  47. That a pretty pimp leg kick by CV.

  48. That leg kick was fucking sexy

  49. will the complaints of skydome ever stop?

    • are you offended? did you design the fucking thing?

      its a shitty stadium. the worst? no, not even close. and it looks awesome from the outside. but it sucks, so people are gonna bitch.

      whats with this attitude on DJF like nobody should complain about anything. Praise be to Rogers, in AA we trust

      • what are you, a girl who likes pretty things? the dome isnt eye pleasing enough.the fucking thing cost alot of money, it was the best design to be had at that time and it makes sure we dont freeze our asses off in 4 feet of is practical over looks. more of a manly take your complaining vagina somewhere time you come onto me im really gonna embarrass you.

  50. Well typical Jays vs newbie pitcher just 2 runs through 5 innings and only 4 innings. That’s some magical power this team has to buff these guys up.

  51. guys, mike trout and albert pujols are okay, but you know who really turned that angel shit ship around?


    • That’s a big simplification if there ever was one. Their starters were awesome in May with a 3.16 ERA and have been 4.00 or under all season. Yes the their pen really turned itself around in May when they got Frieri but they have 4 other relievers with ERA’s under 2.00 and 3 of those guys have ERA’s under 1.00.

      • you didnt hear Tabby. he lifted the whole bullpen up. so i guess he.. taught the whole bullpen how to pitch too?

  52. WTF Hutch is thinking of getting TJ surgury? When did that happen, thoght it was a strain?

    • A strain is actually a tear when it’s in a ligament. Since it’s already partially “torn” anyway there’s a good chance it will get worse. He could just be delaying his eventual return. If it was me I’d risk the surgery now. At least he’ll get paid at the full major league salary for rookies until he gets back. Good chance he could be back by next summer and close to fully healed by the start of the 2014 season.

      • i could be wrong, but once you appear in the bigs, dont you start making you 414k until the end of the 6 years, even if you get sent down? that was my understanding for ootp12

        • No that’s when you become a free agent. Prior to that you have to make at least the major league minimum.

        • I think the major league money (minimum) is only if you are on the 40 day

        • It’s up to 480K now, so if I was him I would take the surgery.

          Dustn Mcgowan is a role model for these pitchers. He is on the DL everyyear & is securing his kids financial future with his rehab assignments.

          I had plantar fasciatis this spring & spent $600 on orthotics.

          I wish I could turn that into a 1 year DL assignment at work.

          I like Dusty, but the jays have spent millions on an injury prne pitcher. Hopefully he can pitch few games in 2013.

          It just goes to shoe you how valuable starting pitching is, which is why Rogers will hav to eventually increase payroll if they want to compete.

          • when you put it like that it sounds shitty, but look at how few innings he has to pitch through the life of the contract to make it worth it.

      • Sad to hear that.. AA is going to have to get his thinking cap on for the balance of this year and 2013. If not, there is no hope for any playoff run that I see with so many pitchers down. Good Luck AA

      • Yep. A sprain *IS* a tear. (strain = muscle, sprain = ligament)

        It’s a matter of degrees. If you hear the word “sprain”, you know there’s been a tear of the ligament, regardless of reporters saying “there’s no tear”. They simply means there wasn’t a tear significant enough to warrant immediate surgery.

    • I thought I read it was a sprain not a strain.
      Acoording to Karen,who’s a nurse not a doctor,and is not the kind of nurse you perverts are thinking about, there is a difference.
      Acording to Sportnet, he’s thinking about TJ but Farrell was in an interview on connected ,pregame and he’s NOT going for TJ but will think about it if it doesn’t heal.
      So I don’t know about Hutchinson.
      Don’t know about Karen either,maybe she is that kind of nurse.
      We may never know.

  53. Best Photo EVER!!!

  54. And now it’s the third time through the order. Jays have seen this kid twice now, let’s see if they can string some hits together.

  55. Colby Rasmus!

  56. JOSE!!!!!

  57. Bang! Bang!

  58. Back to Back Jack!


    (i wrote the exact same words yesterday around this time)

    (lets hope there is no Brewers comeback this time)

  60. Lawrie hits it to the wall, and then back-to-back homers from Rasmus and Bautista. Time for EE to add another!

  61. Gotta tell ya, Farrell has managed his pen well so far tonight….oh wait CV ain’t comming out. Forget this post

  62. who didnt see that jack coming from Joey Bats after that first pitch foul?




  64. Don’t stop believing.


  66. hahaha look at Brett Lawrie trying to live vicariously through other peoples homeruns. this fucking guy

  67. Edwin trying to hit the slide again?

  68. They can swing it… Boom, Boom, Boom!!!

  69. Triple Back Jacks.


  70. Man I’d love to see top 4 guys stay hot like this for the rest of the season and then possibly see a resurgent Lind added to that.

    • It would be nice to see Lind hit well again, though I have my doubts. If he finds himself back in the Jays’ line-up eventually, I’d rather see him batting near the bottom (to start, at least – then how he hits will determine if he should be moved up).

    • “A resurgent Lind.” I’ll take a double order of that.

  71. This is Blue Jay FUCKING baseball. Str8 Arm and Hammer smashing shit!!!!

  72. Close game? Time to get Cordero in there ASAP.

  73. Fuck work, those 3 hits just made me stay up to watch the rest of this game.

  74. I could get used to this.

  75. that was a sweet walk by rajai. some swag with the bat drop too… jays management should show that to the hitters as an instructional video. ‘see guys you can look cool taking walks.’

  76. J.P. 3for3bia

  77. Well it’s time for the old P R O S P E R I T Y shout for the pen. Come on guys try it, you’ll like it, honest. Don’t give it away.

  78. I remember this exact scenario happening last night.

  79. Cueao or whatever the fuck his name is, is getting screwed, good pitch gets jacked last night and two texas leaguers tonight, horseshit

  80. What a buzzkill.

  81. Could Darren Oliver start? Or would Farrell’s anxiety attacks over not having a dedicated LOOGY make it not worth it

  82. No pressure Frasor.

    • In retrospect, it might not have been the best phrase to pump Frasor’s tires. (or were you suggesting he was a tad limp?)

  83. I don’t like this.

  84. Well at least Jenkins stopped shitting the bed at AA the last two starts. Maybe he’s realized this is one true chance to pitch in the show over the next few weeks.

    13 IP 1ER 9H 7BB 7K


  86. fuck

  87. Aw fuck, CoCo Time now

  88. Fuck me in both ears.

  89. Listening to this on the radio but let me guess — Jason pounds his glove, looks up and gives the world his little pouty face?

  90. Awesome job Frasor, join the Coco school of fail.

  91. hell of a pitching staff we got here

  92. No Alan, it’s not a bone-crusher, it’s a ball-breaker.

  93. Don’t even know what to say at this point..

    • how about

      “can we PLEASE get a manager who has even a rudimentary understanding of the concept of WPA and leverage. im fucking sick and tired of us losing ball games cause we have shitballers and assholes pitching in the most important situations because Farrel cant stray from the ridiculous arbitrary roles he’s placed on certain relievers. “

  94. How long has this 6th inning been going on for? An hour? Having Frasor out there isn’t helping matters.

  95. Think about it.

  96. I hate this fucking team.

  97. On a positive note, Post-op Drabek live tweeting the game is pretty fun.

    Gotta find some ray of light here.

  98. there is not going to be anything pretty about the next couple of months.

  99. At least we have the right bats ready to reply. (he said hopefully.)

  100. 6 runs just doesn’t cut it anymore

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