Now it’s time for all the stuff I don’t figure on making full posts out of, with the spiffy graphic by Matt English (aka @mattomic). It’s your Afternoon Snack… er… Afternoon Hangover… er… links!!!

Wendy Thurm of FanGraphs looks at Colby Rasmus, and whether his dad Tony may be right in his suggestion that the trade to Toronto has saved his son’s career. “So we’ll have to wait a while longer to know if Rasmus is having a hot month or has made the necessary adjustments to sustain this level of production for the rest of the season,” she concludes, noting that streakiness has been a big part of his past.

Gregor Chisholm of has a transcript of the comments from the elder Rasmus at his North of the Border blog. And so does John Lott in the National Post! Compare and contrast!

Speaking of… Guy Spurrier of the National Post looks at Brett Cecil and how he’ll have to rethink his approach if he’s to succeed in this next phase of his Jays career. Shi Davidi of Sportsnet writes on Cecil as well.

And elsewhere still at the Post, John Lott talks to Brett Lawrie’s dad.

Mike Rutsey of the Toronto Sun talks to pitching coach Bruce Walton about the bitter pill that has been the Jays’ recent rash of pitching injuries.

MLBTR points us to a Nick Cafardo column in the Boston Globe, wherein he wonders if the Jays may consider Manny Ramirez, now that their Vlad Guerrero experiment is officially off. Um… I doubt it.

At Getting Blanked, Bill Parker looks at the Minnesota Twins’ interesting take on social media, while the Common Man reviews the Jays’ plight in the wake of their pitching injuries. Parkes also has a Brett Lawrie/Call Me Maybe parody, which I might totally get if I’d ever allow myself to listen to that song. He also brings some Expos-y sentiment from the newly-christened Gary Carter Park in the Montreal area.

More dad stuff from Bob Elliott of the Toronto Sun, as he speaks to Casey Janssen’s.

Michael Grange of Sporstnet talks to Alex Anthopoulos, who isn’t going to force a move, despite his team needing a bit of help.

Back to Gregor’s North of the Border, where he has in-full comments from Anthopoulos, Drabek, and John Farrell from over the weekend.

The Blue Jay Hunter and 500 Level Fan wonder aloud about Brett Lawrie’s WAR-breaking defence.

Jays Prospects talks to the Jays’ top Canadian draft pick, Ryan Kellog.’s Cut 4 appreciates the lesson on the metric system from a pair of Jays fans who travelled to watch the team in Mil-ee-wah-kay.

Lastly, a word about School, the local bar that I’ve been pretty hard on over the last couple of days, on Twitter and the podcast. Now, I tend to be a bit of a menace when I’m wearing an orange jersey, especially after they lose, and I’m sure that contributed to my gleeful calling out of the establishment where I watched Sunday’s game– and Wednesday’s too, where there was no cover, drinks were cheaper, and a good time was had by all. But as I mentioned on the podcast I was pretty upset even before the disastrous result at having found that the place where on Wednesday I’d gone to avoid the gougetacular prices at another bar known for hosting Holland matches (and whose TVs were way smaller than I remembered!) had upped the ante on us, and were charging $10 to watch the game in the parking lot, while sipping on $9 tall boy cans of Grolsch. I was also told that for a ticket inside the bar, it would cost $45. That’s been the subject of most of the ire from folks I’ve told about the afternoon, yet the bar insists that there was a miscommunication somewhere, and that the $45 wasn’t just for a place inside, but for a “brunch, a beverage, and a $20 credit towards your overall bill.” I definitely wasn’t told that, but I’ll take their word. They have a post on their website about this.

So… while I’m seriously about done with the issue, having gone pretty far over the fucking the top already, in fairness I felt I should make it clear what they’re saying the deal was, and to explain that if you’re upset by proxy about the “$45 cover charge,” you ought to have this information. Of course, if you still want to be upset at charging $10 to get into the lot, and the $9 cans, that’s no error.

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  1. Boozing in the T-Dot is a god damn crime.

  2. Real men drink in parking lots for free. No fancy tv’s or chairs. Just a 6-pack of Laker Lager in a plastic bag.

  3. Can’t believe that you guys can be so cynical about Lawrie after reading that interview with his Dad.

    I love his passport twice as much now!

  4. What the fucking-TommyJohn-is-going-on-around-here!

    I just dont remember pitchers getting injured as much as this back in the 80-90′s.

    SO lets just sum this up, I know its been done before, but I need my Dr. Phil moment too.

    Jeese Litsch, Dusty McGowan, Serg Santos, Kyle Drabek, Brandon Morrow, …..who the hell else am I missing?

    Unreal. Who does The Greek Geek go after? Dempster? Guthrie?

    Ho hum.

    • Just out of interest, anybody konw what the Bluejays long toss policy is?

      • I will try to watch next time Im at a game.

        You know, feel free to laugh at me, but perhaps the future will entail pitchers trying to throw at 85-90% while being more crafty and prolonging their careers.

        Its happening everywhere.

      • That is a very,very good question.
        After talking to some guys in college and reading about Bundy and Bauer, ya gotta wonder.
        I read somewhere that a few years ago, only two MLB teams allowed it. Now, over eight are okay with it.
        Bauer especially seems to have studied it and the dreaded “inverted W”.

        • That was for Brainojack.
          Fuckin stupid comment system.
          No edit button either.
          Gonna stamp my feet and hold my breath until they bring back disqus.

    • Head Grounds Keeper Fired today

    • to be fair mcgowan’s been injured for the better part of a a decade… or so it seems.

  5. That bar is weaker than the Netherlands’ midfield play.

  6. The Call Me Maybe parody is actually a Touch ‘Em All creation.

  7. lol Holland

  8. That saves me. Thanks for being so seiesbln!

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