I somewhat scoff, but it’s not exactly going to be an easy task tonight for the Jays, as we’ve learned from Tom Haudricourtt of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel that they’ll be taking on one of the Brewers’ better prospects, Tyler Thornburg, who comes up from Double-A Huntsville to make his Major League debut in place of Shaun “North of Steeles” Marcum.

Marc Hulet of FanGraphs had him as the Brewers’ number two prospect, while Keith Law had him at number four at ESPN.com. In mid-May Hulet wrote that “Thornburg has defied the early scouting reports that pigeon-holed him as a future reliever because he was a short right-hander with a less-than-smooth delivery,” while Kevin Golstein of Baseball Prospectus spoke to a scout in April who was optimistic, because “with a 91-94 mph fastball, good curve, and change, we’re talking about three plus pitches.”

Hulet’s write-up adds that “on the down side he doesn’t get a great downward plane on his pitches, in part because of his size, and he tends to leave pitches up in the zone, which leads to more fly-ball outs than one would like to see,” so… maybe we’ll knock the fuck out of him. But the feeling I get based on completely unscientific remembrance of past Jays performances against barely-known rookies that they very well might not.

The Jays send Jesse Chavez to the mound.


Image via Cooper Neill/Getty.

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  1. Que applause.

  2. Looking through all the excitement for Jesse Chavez’s start, do we know who is going to be pitching for the Jays tomorrow against Gallardo?

  3. Not sure where to post this so I’ll do it here. I’ve been trying to make a maple-dick team (for the show and that could contend probably in ML) and haven’t been able to finish it figured you guys would know best. So far I have:

    SP – R. Dempster (CHC)
    C – R. Martin (NYY)
    1B – J. Votto (CIN)
    2B – ?
    3B – B. Lawrie (TOR)
    SS – ?
    LF – J. Bay (NYM)
    CF – M. Saunders (SEA)
    RF – ?
    DH – J. Morneau (MIN)

    CP – J. Axford (MIL)

    All I need are a couple position players, a bullpen and to finish off the rotation. Also trying to think of a lineup, but I’m not too good with that.

    You guys think this team would have any chance if it were a real team?

    (posting this from phone so sorry for any mistakes and if it looks bad)

  4. Need an arm? holla!

  5. Backflippin’ Courtney Hawkins (from MLB Draft night fame) goes up against the Bluefield Blue Jays tonight (Norris and Musgrove slinging for the good guys)

  6. Alford hit his first HR this afternoon

  7. so with Cecil and Villanueva likely making starts, they should pair them up for a post-fat pitcher, they both lost over 30 lbs from end of season last year – have them pose both standing in a pair of Prince Fielder’s pants

    The Slimfast Twins

  8. post-fat PICTURE I meant

  9. I played college ball with Thornburg!!!! FUCK YEAH REPPIN CSU!

    Today marks the only day I will be rooting against the Jays… sorry fellas

  10. Guthrie now in Colorado’s bullpen. Enjoy your pitcher, Denver.

  11. Chavez looks like a heavy smoker…is that racist?

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