God Bless Jose Bautista. Hitter of opposite field home runs only when it matters most: when a baseball fan from a Midwestern state stands to have their heart broken. Over the last three seasons, Jose Bautista has five opposite field home runs. Hit Tracker Online has the “oppo taco” details: three homers at Minnesota’s Target Field, one at Busch Stadium in St. Louis and now another at Miller Park in Milwaukee. Must be the clean air and faint smell of methamphetamines.

If there is any rhyme or reason for this strange phenomenon, I’ll be damned if I care about it. All I know is Bautista comes alive in Middle America and there isn’t anything anyone can do about.

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  1. Who the heck is starting for the Jays today???

    • Careno

      • He’s coming off a terrible start and it was in New Hampshire.
        Might be another slug fest tonight…. Actually Gallardo is pretty good.
        Gallardo has faced Johnson, Yunel, Rasmus and Jose according to sportsnet and has fared well against all of them but Rasmus. Sportsnet providing more statistics that mean nothing.
        According to Sportsnet Gallardo as owned Joey Bats when he was with the Pirates. Didn’t everyone own Bats when he was with the Pirates

        • Today, not tonight.

          • Fuck can’t watch it, didn’t DVR it.
            I don’t watch every game(a lot during the week) but after that game last night I was looking forward to today’s; only I thought it was tonight.

            Might try to get a little phone action.

        • its crazy to think that 4 years ago Bautista was basically Mike Mckoy

  2. I really wish I could watch MLB videos at work… stupid security.

  3. What a thrilling night that was. Finally beating the Brew Crew. They do have better food there tough.

  4. Why did i go to bed after the top of the 8th when i knew the top of the order was coming up for the 9th. stupid, stupid, stupid

  5. so…anyone thing Bautista goes 5 for 5 with 5 dingers today?

  6. It was fun – at THAT point.

    It was also fun when they went back- to back- to back.

    It was also very not fun when Chavez melted down, when Coello melted down, and when Frasor melted down.

    It was such a weird fuckin game.

    Here’s hoping Carren-YO! can at least get them into the 7th inning tonight to give these bull pen arms a break.

  7. holy shit, carreno was so bad he was sent down to AA. Now they think he’s a ML starter? talk about desperate

    • Where do you think Drew Hutchison was pitching before he came up…and yes they are desperate.

    • Actually Carreno was ok in his one start. Wilner alluded that there was more to his demotion than just on field performance.

      • yes, he’s fat that’s why. his last 3 starts he had 1 good one then 2 bad ones, but not really getting bombed.

    • Brett Cecil was also sent to AA at the start of the year. In all honesty its probably better to bring guys up from AA rather thent he Sluggers Paradise that is the PCL and AAA

  8. Gomes got sent down, possible snider/lind callup in the cards for the Miami series?

  9. Can’t the jays just sign that ump from last night? He was throwing seeds back to the pitcher. I even saw him allow maldanado the privlage of throwing back to his own pitcher once or twice.

  10. Surspiring to think of something like that

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