You wouldn’t exactly want to watch games like last night’s every night– not unless you win them all– but that was an entertaining piece of business done by the Blue Jays– and the Brewers– and all of those guys wearing their uniforms on the pitching mound at Miller Park, but very obviously not actually members of Major League baseball clubs. I mean… how could they have been, amiright?

Ahh, but shitballers or not, they all count, so… gimme that swagger sleeve, wow, wow, wow, wow, yeah, yeah, wow, wow, wooooo-ow.

Not to take anything away from the even more monstrous exploits of Jose Bautista, but holy fuck, Colby Rasmus has been on fucking fire lately. His performance in the last month even elicited this last night on Twitter…

Nails much?

Of course, with the way the Jays’ pitching staff has been going, the hitters are going to have to be setting the world on fire, aren’t they? Joel Carreno, everybody!!!


Mike Wilner takes us way back to early in last night’s slugfest, when Jesse Chavez thoroughly soiled himself in his debut as a Major League starter. There was some good there, too, though– I mean… I won’t cringe too badly when inevitably he needs to be given the ball again.

Richard Griffin of the Toronto Star fills us in on the dilemma facing Drew Hutchison, who could opt for surgery now, or try to rest his arm and rehab it– the problem with the latter being, a lot of times guys wind up needing the surgery anyway, and this would delay his comeback and potentially derail him for not just the balance of this season, but just about all of next year as well.

Jesse Litsch tells Jeff Sammut of Sportsnet that he had more surgery last week, and is shut down for the remainder of the 2012 season.

Mike Cormack, also of Sportsnet, tweets that, according to a CP wire story, “Rogers has applied to the CRTC to bring the MLB Network baseball channel to Canada.” About damn time. Steve Ladurantaye of the Globe and Mail reports further, and Parkes chimes in over at Getting Blanked.

And lastly, for your between-inning viewing pleasure, here’s today’s episode of Getting Blanked…

TV: Sportsnet, MLB Network

And now the lineups, by way of the live box score at And for those of you who’ll be out and about, be sure to follow all the action on your phone with Score Mobile

Toronto Blue Jays

B. Lawrie 3B
C. Rasmus CF
J. Bautista RF
E. Encarnacion 1B
K. Johnson 2B
J. Mathis C
O. Vizquel SS
R. Davis LF
J. Carreno P

Milwaukee Brewers

C. Gomez CF
N. Morgan RF
R. Braun LF
A. Ramirez 3B
C. Hart 1B
R. Weeks 2B
C. Ransom SS
M. Maldonado C
Y. Gallardo RHP


Image via Mike McGinnis/Getty.

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  1. Well that is most likely the back breaker, guess it didn’t make a difference if Perez started over Carreno or not.

  2. Sorry, it got lost above, but can someone tell me where Buck is? No, I do NOT miss him. Just hopin’ and prayin’ that maybe it’s not such a temporary move and that we never hear from that drunkard again!

  3. On the plus side we have to pitch only 8 innings.

  4. I think the Jays are missing out on a great oppertunity. There lineup is nearly as solid as it gets. Morrow isnt gonna be gone too long, Drabek and Hutchision hardly matter. They could still get some pitching and compete this year. Get a first baseman and this team is wacky 1-9. Plus maybe Snider? Grab a few pitchers already!!!

    • Absolutely! Power is showing up so power it out till mid July (maybe) Ideally Morrow comes back and then stick it out till Sept. Expanded roster…poof just killed with one stone. Plus RR will become the ace that he should be after he quits throwing his glove do to the fact he is a back end pitcher/pictograph of huge proportionality (looked it up).

  5. I love that the Jays are still in this game despite starting Joel Carreno.

    • Of course that depends what you mean by ‘still in.’ Five runs is a lot of runs, remember we didn’t score that many for like 2 weeks

  6. I hate to be the one to point it out, but Aaron Hill is OPSing over 100 points better than KJ this season…

  7. No Lawrie, fuck. Hopefully it’s just something small.

  8. I’m not watching the game, but can someone explain to me why we just pinch hit Yunel Escobar for Lawrie (and why he grounded the first FUCKING pitch to short)? I thought plate discipline was your thing Yunel!

  9. He’s been great this season but I don’t think he could duplicate those numbers here in Toronto.

    • Why not? What’s the difference?
      He stopped hitting IFFBs this year, and is hitting more LDs

      • may have been due to some adjustment he would’ve only made after leaving the jays org. Impossible to know. He was given a more than fair shot here, and absolutely sucked. Change of scenery did him good.

  10. I’m going down to Miami for the weekend series…it’s bad enough that I have to sit through Cecil and a scuffling Alvarez, taking Brett off the field would just be cruel.

  11. Just saw that Yunel hit for Lawrie. What happened? Is he hurt? Was he on the mound when it happened?

  12. I don’t always give up home runs. But when I do, I prefer Grand slams.

  13. Lawrie to DL and snider up and Bautista tonthird would be my guess if lawries hurt

  14. and the season is over…..

  15. Lawrie out for the season, looks like. Jay’s to be big sellers at the deadline. I predict Rasmus and Romero for prospects. Might as well ship out Bautista and EE while their value is high. Another depressing season.

  16. just simmer down folks we are working on a miracle here. we are lining up the stars for a gift to fall in AA’s lap.dont worry about next year.this deal will put the jays as WS champs in 2 years. it will be a mega deal that most fans think is wrong. relax this group will be unbelievably excellent.the timing of the young studs will coincide with 3 years of greatness that will come.patience fans we want AA to excel too.

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