You wouldn’t exactly want to watch games like last night’s every night– not unless you win them all– but that was an entertaining piece of business done by the Blue Jays– and the Brewers– and all of those guys wearing their uniforms on the pitching mound at Miller Park, but very obviously not actually members of Major League baseball clubs. I mean… how could they have been, amiright?

Ahh, but shitballers or not, they all count, so… gimme that swagger sleeve, wow, wow, wow, wow, yeah, yeah, wow, wow, wooooo-ow.

Not to take anything away from the even more monstrous exploits of Jose Bautista, but holy fuck, Colby Rasmus has been on fucking fire lately. His performance in the last month even elicited this last night on Twitter…

Nails much?

Of course, with the way the Jays’ pitching staff has been going, the hitters are going to have to be setting the world on fire, aren’t they? Joel Carreno, everybody!!!


Mike Wilner takes us way back to early in last night’s slugfest, when Jesse Chavez thoroughly soiled himself in his debut as a Major League starter. There was some good there, too, though– I mean… I won’t cringe too badly when inevitably he needs to be given the ball again.

Richard Griffin of the Toronto Star fills us in on the dilemma facing Drew Hutchison, who could opt for surgery now, or try to rest his arm and rehab it– the problem with the latter being, a lot of times guys wind up needing the surgery anyway, and this would delay his comeback and potentially derail him for not just the balance of this season, but just about all of next year as well.

Jesse Litsch tells Jeff Sammut of Sportsnet that he had more surgery last week, and is shut down for the remainder of the 2012 season.

Mike Cormack, also of Sportsnet, tweets that, according to a CP wire story, “Rogers has applied to the CRTC to bring the MLB Network baseball channel to Canada.” About damn time. Steve Ladurantaye of the Globe and Mail reports further, and Parkes chimes in over at Getting Blanked.

And lastly, for your between-inning viewing pleasure, here’s today’s episode of Getting Blanked…

TV: Sportsnet, MLB Network

And now the lineups, by way of the live box score at And for those of you who’ll be out and about, be sure to follow all the action on your phone with Score Mobile

Toronto Blue Jays

B. Lawrie 3B
C. Rasmus CF
J. Bautista RF
E. Encarnacion 1B
K. Johnson 2B
J. Mathis C
O. Vizquel SS
R. Davis LF
J. Carreno P

Milwaukee Brewers

C. Gomez CF
N. Morgan RF
R. Braun LF
A. Ramirez 3B
C. Hart 1B
R. Weeks 2B
C. Ransom SS
M. Maldonado C
Y. Gallardo RHP


Image via Mike McGinnis/Getty.

Comments (256)

  1. Mathis. Sixth.

    That is all.

  2. Scary line-up 6-9.

    Good thing 1-4 has been fucking tremendous.

    • TIme for Kelly Johnson to jump back into the party….

      • +1

      • This is why I was against all the ‘extend Kelly’ talk. He had one good month and is still not a bad player by any means, but if you were to extend every guy that has a good month or two and is also set to hit free agency, one of those extensions is likely to bite you in the ass eventually. Too small a sample size.

      • He does strike out way too much. At least he got on base with one of those K’s last night.

  3. Are there ever any radio streams online? Could use one for the work afternoon!

  4. After the first shoulder surgery, the nasty-sounding infection, more surgery… I’ve always liked Litsch just fine as a reliever and would be glad to have him back, but I’m not holding my breath, barring a McGowanesque Magic Disney Comeback Moment

  5. Wow. Vizquel and Mathis should never be in the lineup at the same time.

    • I want to see Mathis homer today. Vizquel, well… just play some good defense? Any hits are icing on the cake.

      • Yeah, but what you’re forgetting is that Vizquel “knows how to handle the bat” Tabby says that all the time, and he’s a “Veteran” he brings a good “Veteran Presence” to the line up. All of those things have to count for something right? right?

  6. In 203 career innings, David Pauley has been worth 0.8 fWAR. Could be worse.

  7. Jays didn’t score that inning. Aw, man, the season is over.

  8. Did a Jays starter just go 3 up 3 down that inning? WTF IS HAPPENING?!?

  9. Chicken wings for all!

  10. EDDIE! Man they’re mashing right now.

  11. Right down the fucking donut hole. EnCARnaCIOOOOON!

  12. Homer time begins NOW. Come on, KJ!

  13. Can we get a fucking extension for EE yet?

    • No budget for that. But now would be an excellent time to trade him for value, along with Bautista.

      • There is plenty of cash imo. No Teahan to pay for much lower spending on draft. Higher attendance better TV numbers etc.

        • Lind will be next year’s Teahen–making 5mil and not even on the 40-man.

          Draft–probably considered a different budget.

          Higher attendance/ratings–maybe, but I suspect both will tank with 3/5 of the rotation done for the season and the other 2 sucking so bad they might as well be. Also, low attendance is only one of many excuses Rogers has used for not spending. They can just as easily come back to any number of others–team isn’t ready, don’t see value in what’s available, etc. I think the team isn’t ready one will be the one we’ll hear most this winter.

      • Trade him do do what exactly? Get another Drabek?

        • Trade him to get an organization’s #1 pitching prospect, who would immediately become one of our top 2 or 3 prospects? Yes, that’s exactly what I’d want to do. Unless the Jays are willing to spend the bucks not only to extend EE, but also build the rest of the supporting cast (which would mean probably extending KJ and getting a couple more starters, as well as solving the bullpen situation) so they can compete next year, they should absolutely do that deal.

          • Not going to happen with the prospect of no compensation for EE at the end of the season. No team will give up that much. The Beltran trade was a perfect example of what not to do last year for GM’s and at least he had compensation attached to him.

            • It’s hard to say what they’d give up. Awhile back I posed the hypothetical that if the Jays were in a playoff spot at the deadline, and the Rangers were out of it, would you trade Anthony Gose for two months of Josh Hamilton? I would. Is there a team in the hunt that would give up a Gose equivalent for two months of EE?

              Given how many holes the team still has, even momentarily ignoring that 40 percent of their rotation won’t be heard from again until 2014, and given the fact that EE is really a DH which should really be the easiest position to fill, and given that a likely sub-.500 season won’t likely lead naturally to a budget increase, I just don’t see Rogers ponying up the dough to extend EE. And we just can’t lose him for nothing. So even if it isn’t a #1 prospect we have to take what we can get at the deadline.

  14. Hilarious Marthis-Vizquel combo right there.

  15. Sac bunt with nobody out and Vizquel/Davis/Carreno due up? Yeah, that makes sense. But I’m sure the Brewers appreciated the free out.

  16. Dammit. I thought Carren-YO! would pitch a shut out.

  17. That was a good pitch by Carreno, hard to take it out that way

  18. that pitch was not so good

  19. Looks like Perez will come in soon and btw who the fuck is malado

  20. take this idiot out. What the fuck is this?

  21. Fuuu-uck.

  22. his hangin sliders are all over the place.

  23. Good thing Farrell let Howarth know Carreno could throw 100 pitches today, final score will be 100 to 1…geez

  24. Wow really? Lol should have started Mathis

  25. Can it really be this hard for an MLB franchise to get someone to throw a few innings without exploding their elbow or allowing copious amounts of home runs and walks?

  26. Its hard to get too worked up about a pitcher shitting the bed given our injury situation, but is it too much to hope that they would at least luck through a few and get a starter further than 2 innings into a game?

  27. This is a joke, right?

  28. Ugly inning. Think Carreno gets an at bat?

  29. So now that we’re losing this is the worst team in the world, right?

  30. Starting Ricky Ro on 3-days rest was the obvious answer. There’s an off-day tomorrow and Romero was the best shot to save the ‘pen. Plus, he hasn’t exactly been over-worked lately. This is on Farrell.

    • Better to have Ricky for both the Miami and Boston series than to run him out on short rest in a season where he’s struggling.

    • Have you seen Ricky pitch lately? He’s as bad as the rest of these bedshitters and that’s on regular rest. Using him on short rest only magnifies the suckage and increases likelihood of injury.

      • What propaganda makes people think pitching on 3-days ONCE increases the risk of injury?

        Anyhoo, if Ricky Ro shuts downs the Marlins, I’ll concede the point..still think he should have pitched today.

        • you are an idiot.the jays are out of it.why would farrell strain more out of ricky for 1 game to please you.stop thinking and printing for awhile.your brain needs a break

    • I love how sure you armchair coaches are of the outcome of things that there is no way of knowing.

      Obvious answer? No. A slightly risky slightly unconventional move? Yes.

      And if he did poorly (hasn’t exactly been tearing it up lately) or got injured, half of Toronto would say THAT “is on Farrell”.

      By the way have you noticed we are still in the first half of the season and that there will yet be more games beyond this one?

  31. Should have started Perez and let Carreno be the long man out of the bullpen so that they could avoid this exact scenario.

    • Was thinking the same h

    • I think a lot of people, myself included, are surprised that Perez didn’t get the start. I think they are just hoping that the bad luck ends, but it’s not bad luck when you throw shitty pitchers out there and they suck – it’s reality.

      • Carreno wasn’t bad in the bullpen last year. That being said move him to the fucking bullpen I know we need SP depth but Carreno has been terrible in New Hampshire and will be going to Vegas once he’s demoted after today.

    • Hindsight is 20/20

      • It sure is. But anyone can have the foresight that putting a crap pitcher on the mound yields poor results.

      • Well if you prefer you can go back to yesterdays thread where this was suggested by several of us. The point was if you’re going to have to use him anyway might as well let the more experienced guy get you through the early innings that have been disastrous for the children.

  32. It won’t surprise me if one of McGuire and Jenkins gets called up after today’s game as innings eaters

    • Nope its going to be David Pauley.,

      • I think we see Pauley prett ysoon until this spot in the rotation coems upa gain. Can’t see it being Carreno, Chavez might get another shot was still hitting 94 before they took him out.

  33. Fuck I hate to watch these NL pitchers bat!!

  34. Keep stocking the farm boyz, keep stocking the farm.

  35. Wow. This is insane. You’d think someone might come out of nowhere and put in a few solid starts. Now what? We’ve got nobody. Richmond? Surely someone in the system could give us 5 innings but maybe not. Do you make a trade just so you don’t get totally smoked every day or do we just get used to having to score 10 or more to have a chance of winning?

    • Off course we should make a trade. No one should even doubt that. We can’t continue this shit show for long.

    • Breathe dude. Take ‘er easy. We are a not even a week removed from losing 3/5 of the rotation. Let them throw some shit at the wall and see what sticks.

      • Thanks. You’re right of course but you must admit that these last two starts could not have gone more poorly.

  36. Pitching fuck ups always starts when the opposing pitcher gets a double.

  37. It seems like when our pitching sucks, our offense comes alive. But when our offense sucks, our pitching is fantastic. They almost never operate in tandem.

  38. Things I hate:

    When players strike out and Gameday doesn’t show you the location of the strikeout pitch.

  39. On the plus side, we now know that Carreno is a reliever, not a potential starter. As such there isn’t any reason to have him in the minors any longer.

  40. Well, if history repeats itself, I should think we can expect the same thing again.

  41. Call up Shawn Hill

  42. Everything is getting smashed.

  43. Every out is like a small miracle.

  44. Does Carreno have to go 100 pitches or 7 innings?

  45. Did anyone just see Laffey hyperventilating or something next to the midget?

  46. Now this is what I call a contending rotation, all they (notice I said THEY, not WE because im not on the team?) need now is Jeremy Guthrie and then you can just hand the Jays the division and throw in the world series trophy as well, its only a formality.

    ………………… uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

    • I remember how excited I used to get when I saw Guthrie would be coming to face us in Skydome with the O’s. The worst part is, he’d probable immediately become our #2 starter.

      • lol maybe Kevin Millwood is available hahahaha he had a lot of success in the AL East.

        I’d probably almost rather see Millwood than Guthrie. Fuck… at this point who cares. Chalk it up as yet another year wasting Bautista’s talent.

        Dont worry, Brett Cecil will save em. :)

      • Guthrie always pitched decently at the SkyDome/Rogers Centre. In ten games started in Toronto he was 2-4 with a 2.77 ERA and a .92 WHIP.

  47. All our good young pitching is still way too far away, AA has to do something.
    Guthrie can’t be worse than Chavez and Carreno, at least Guthrie has had success in the AL EAst before.
    If the Rockies eat his salary allowing us to possibly take on moenya at the trade deadline, then fine trade McDade even know he’s carried that New Hampshire offense all year.

    • Soooo youre willing to give away McDade and 4 million dollars worth of cash for a guy having a terrible year that got wrecked at Rogers center?

      Even with a healthy Morrow, Drabek and others, Guthrie isnt helping anything as a number 5 starter, nevermind as a (ugh) number 2

      • If they eat all his salary I’d do it for a Reilf pitchihign prospect(Evan Crawford).I don’t want to give up McDade obviously I’m not a scout but we’re so low on 1B prospcets and he does have power, so fuck it if people aren’t that high on him.(those same people who were high on Dominic Brown and Tim Beckham were the fuck are they)
        He doesn’t have much around him in New Hampshire, but is still hitting very well… keep him.

  48. Weeks looks like what I imagine Manny’s sister looks like.

    • This made me laugh, so does Carreno Pitching.
      The only thing funnier then Carreno pitching is Carreno with clown makeup and clown shoes pithcing… He’s a fucking joke!
      Every pitch he thorws is in the worst possible location outside or down the middle.
      Fuck our SP depth is terrible and I know hindsight and all that shit, but most people that follow this team didn’t like our SP depth in December …nothings changed..

  49. Holy shit that was funny. I assume Laffey was told to start warming up so he went into some kind of catatonic, yoga breathing routine that freaked the midget Frasor out.

  50. Carreno is lucky that Weeks suck right now, because that was right down the middle.

  51. If frankly sign Livan Hernandez and put him in the rotation over starting these shitbags

  52. Don’t worry people all will be controllable with upside by _____

  53. Unconventional out.

  54. They need to trade Lind and McDade for Stephen Strasburg and cash.

  55. Doesn’t Oakland have some pitchers we can poach? Isn’t that why they still have a baseball team anyway?

  56. Look on the bright side. off day tomorrow and nobody has to start a game.

  57. What the hell just happened? Gameday is useless.

  58. Hey – if you can’t get the batter out – you could always trick the runner on third into trying to score on a wild pitch. We’ll take the out any way we can get it.

    • Thanks and, yes, no help from Game Day at all. Maybe this is a new strategy? Let them get to third and then trick ‘em! It’s our last hope clearly.

  59. Do what Parkes said on getting blanked, teach Eric Thames the knuckleball he could be our # 3 starter.

    As scary as our offence has been in Wisconsin, the Brewers are matching(We can come back)

  60. Aaron Laffey to the rescue!!!! hahah

    Lots of game left here, the Jays can hit solo homeruns like no one’s business sooo maybe??

  61. Muuahhahahahaha it was me!!!! I engineered all of these injuries and soon I will be in the starting rotation!!! (thunder crashes) hahahahaha

  62. As shitty as its been to watch these pitchers, I can only imagine how pissed I’d be if I were a Brewer’s fan. Blowing huge leads is pretty much the worst thing in baseball

  63. It’s like déjà vu all over again.

  64. Laffey’s been good enough this season that he should get the starter’s spot until such time as he shows he’s not good enough.

    Which could be later this afternoon, but still.

  65. Why does getting through 4 innings and only giving up 5 runs feel so good?

    • Just think, we could have Guthrie managing to get through 4, maybe 5 innings as well. Good times!

      • Rockies going with a 4 man rotation… should have kept father time himself Jamie Moyer.
        I can’t see how the Rockies would get Mcdade or anyone now that he’s in their bullpen, what little worth he had has been shot.
        That trade was fucking brutal now looking back on it Guthrie for Lindstrom and Hammel(was terrible)… yikes.

      • Yes, it’s come to this hasn’t it.

  66. Painful that a pitcher had to bat in that situation.

  67. Randy Rodriguez?

    • do you mean Wandy?

      • Stripper name?

      • At this point we should probably settle for ANY Rodriguez.

        • Fucking Baltimore just traded for him… fuck.

        • I went to MLBTR it’s not reporting it.
          I feel cheated I saw the guy put Randy Rodriguez so I typed in Wandy in google, because I was sure that his name was Wandy not Randy and then just clicked on his wikepida page. It was a yellow background and said he was traded to the Orioles on june 20 2012.
          I was just talking about him and saw that so naturally my mind was blown and then I went to MLBTR and nowhere to be found.
          I feel dirty, spit on lied to, cheated.. filthy.

          Sorry about that.

          • Dude makes too much money anyway, I should have known the Orioles wouldn’t get a mediocre pitcher making 13 million until 2014… oh wait… they would.

  68. The one positive is we all get to experience and appreciate how huge the gap in talent is between major league and minor league pitchers. Is there any other sport where a called up player can be exposed so badly?

    • Badminton?

    • Your right, that’s the reason why I love baseball and hate it…. best players can shit the bed some nights.
      Best players can even put up records in a good way and bad way… Adam Dunn

  69. Oops! Laffey’s done. NEEEEEEEEEEEEEXT!

  70. Now they’re talking about a potential injury for Laugh-Fy?

  71. Any chance that the jays go to a four man for a couple of weeks and fit in the mystery starter?

  72. I don’t know why SN doesn’t show pitch count. Really frustrating.

  73. Why did I think Mathis was going to come through there. Must’ve bumped my head.

  74. Man at least JP would have been swinging at those juicy fastballs Mathis got.

  75. Why are you lookin for a walk in that situation Mathis? You’re down 5 runs mofo swing at close pitches! Better yet – why are you in the game the day after Aaron Cibia finally gets 3 hits??

  76. Chad Jenkins could be worse than the bed shitters, right?

  77. Should I have hope?

  78. Damn straight, Colby!

  79. How many times must I say, Cletus me love you long time?

    • I think you seriously have to consider moving Gose to LF, Cletus might be here to stay long time.

      • It’s a possibility especially if it keeps him happy. Same with Escobar, a happy player is usually a productive player.

      • Problem is Gose is considerably faster….

        • No question and it’s going to be a fine line to walk for management as Gose is probably the much better defender even as good as Colby is. Of course you never know, maybe they might be good guys about it and do it for the team and not pout.

    • Puppy love.

  80. Lawrie hurt now as well?

  81. One blast and were tied.

  82. No swinging. This Dullard guy can’t hit the trike zone.

  83. Trike??? Fuck.

  84. Holy fuck…. how many times are we going to see EE’s homerun replay. Ok he hit a homerun, move on.

  85. Man if EE could hit one out here, think Jays fans would have a collective orgasim.

  86. Good start for Dillard here.

  87. KJ has been brutal recently.

  88. Hitting Edwin probably not the worst thing for the Brewers, all things considered. Jays’ 5-9 is pretty fucking weak.

  89. ARGH

  90. Man, the jays got really unlucky that EE got hit right there. KJ has no clue right now. Striking out in that situation just shows how messed up he is. He’s lost.


  92. Probably f rod to face in the next couple of innings right?

  93. Oh well, K King Johnson says no joy for you.

  94. I was gonna buy a Rasmus Jersey back in May… but I worried that AA might get rid of the guy… so I got a no-name jersey… Now I regret it…

    Go ‘SMOOSE!!!

    • No name jerseys are the hallmark of a Toronto sports fan

      • I think you were trying to insult me here… But you failed.
        I prefer the name on the front to any particular name on the back.

        … at least I didn’t put my own name on it :D

  95. What’s going on? The guy throws fast ball but it’s kinda slow and it dies at the plate.

  96. On the plus side, top of the order will be back up in the ninth

  97. Ladies and gentlemen, KKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKelly Johnson!

    There should actually be like 90 more Ks in there, but my hands hurt.

  98. He hits from both side of the plate. He’s amphibious

  99. Yankees lost again. That would be hilarious if they go on a 10 games losing streak.

  100. Ah fuck.

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