Now it’s time for all the stuff I don’t figure on making full posts out of, with the spiffy graphic by Matt English (aka @mattomic). It’s your Afternoon Snack… er… Afternoon Hangover… er… links!!!

Mike Wilner tweets that the official word on Brett Lawrie, who left this afternoon’s game in the eighth inning, is that he “left with right knee soreness, but it’s in the back of his right knee, which is kind of hamstringy.” Fun!

At Getting Blanked, Parkes has a follow-up to the story about Brett Lawrie and the heckler last night– who may have been “Guido the Doorman,” aka @RickeyH35, who was tweeting about it, and was definitely close to Lawrie at one point, as this picture suggests. Evidently Jose Bautista intervened and stopped the exchange.

Bob Elliott tweets that he hears Jays scouting director Andrew Tinnish is going to be promoted to assistant GM, joining Tony La Cava and Jay Sartori in that position. “Best bet to take over for Tinnish? Jays pro cross checker Brian Parker, ex assistant scouting director Nationals, former Expo scout,” he says in a follow-up tweet.

According to Jon Morosi of Fox Sports, the Jays were one of three clubs with scouts at the last start for Wandy Rodriguez of the Astros– the Yankees and Giants being the others.

The Blue Jay Hunter wonders if the dreaded “inverted W” pitching motion is behind the arm troubles plaguing Kyle Drabek and Drew Hutchison. It’s an interesting thought, but even if you do believe there’s something to the “inverted W” theory– many don’t, given the circumstantial nature of the evidence– I’m not sure we can apply it to the two Jays, as Chris O’Leary comments on a picture of Carlos Marmol in his Death to the Inverted W essay that “his [pitching arm side] elbow does not seem to actually get above the level of his shoulders, which is a key characteristic of the Inverted W.” That doesn’t appear to be the case to me with either Hutch or Drabek, as the photos linked show.

More from Getting Blanked, as Parkes thinks about the changes we’ll see to the hot stove season this year, thanks to the CBA. And Chris Creamer reminds us of the crazy 90s-era promotion: future uniforms.

Jays Journal profiles some of the players on this year’s edition of the Bluefield Blue Jays.

At Minor League Ball, John Sickels gives some background on Dan Norris and Joe Musgrove, on the occasion of the former’s pro debut, which came last night. Kevin Goldstein also talks about these two at Baseball Prospectus, noting that “there’s no team in baseball with as many talented young arms as the Blue Jays, and frankly, it’s not even close.”

Speaking of guys in the low minors, points out that Anthony Alford hit his first pro home run last night.

JP Arencibia tweets that he got himself a pretty nice watch for being the AL Player of the Week way back when he had a really good week that time.

David Ebner of the Globe and Mail looks at the Vancouver Canadians, an affiliate the Jays have high hopes for, as their partnership moves into its second season. Bob Elliott goes on a similar-ish tack at the Toronto Sun, writing that the New Hampshire Fisher Cats are in good hands.

As per a team release earlier today, the Jays picked up RHP David Pauley off waivers from Anaheim. Rejoice!

Lastly, in a piece at FanGraphs on the Diamondbacks we’re shown a graph of each team’s WAR this season, split to show the contributions from each club’s pitchers and hitters. The bar for the Jays’ pitchers appears to be bigger than only the Astros’, Twins’ and Padres’. Ugh.

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  1. Hope it’s not a ligament injury!

  2. Always get excited when Goldstein talks about the Jays system. It definetly makes the struggles now much easier to take.

  3. Did anyone expect the Jays rotation to be good this season?

    it was by far the biggest question mark going in.

  4. Is lunchbox back in vegas and if he is how is he doing?

  5. Wow, lots of position prospects in Blufield.

  6. An inverted W is an M

  7. Wow, Kelly Johnson sure does know how to strike his way out of a rally in mind blowingly bad fashion. He looks terrible at the plate right now, swinging at everything.

  8. AA’s killing this team right now. Why doesn’t he trade some picks for a starter? Oswalt would look really good right now.

    • Because you can’t trade draft picks in baseball– though if you meant prospects, because the market isn’t really active yet. Heard of any other major trades yet? Teams wait to sell off their players until they’re certain they’re out of it, and also until there’s enough teams interested that the prices start going up. It’s just not so simple.

      Neither is Oswalt: he was never interested in coming here.

      • Not this year, but some memorable June trades…the Midnight massacre June 77; June 1989 (Lenny Dykstra and Roger McDowell) to the Philadelphia Phillies for Juan Samuel. Rare time to trade but desparate teams will do desparete things. AA isn’t desparate.

      • Desperate times call for desperate measures. Matt Garza please!! We have a surplus of minor league arms some of which will eventually be expendable. We need a pitcher now, why not part with some possible promise or upside prospects for much needed help? We are not out of it yet, but will be without a major league arm in the rotation.

    • Which picks for which starters?
      You can’t trade draft picks in the MLB so I’ll assume you mean prospects.
      So what would you like?

    • I didn’t realize AA injured his pitchers and can trade draft picks… go smoke some more hash oil, Oshawa Ollie

    • Trade picks? For serious?

  9. It’s a good thing you can’t trade picks, our teams like the Yankees and Redsox would trade for the first overall selection and take terrible players with large salries in return.(cut them loose)
    As long as there’s no real cap, trading picks should never be allowed.

  10. Regarding the aggregate WAR thing, does that mean the jays have a bunch of shitty players on the roster who are barely above replacement level? That would make sense as to why they’re always hovering around .500

  11. What kind of watch do you get for having a .263 OBP? A broken timex…

  12. you know the more i watch JP catch the more I wish that I could watch D’arnaud catch..

  13. July 20 2012, great Scott

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