Now it’s time for all the stuff I don’t figure on making full posts out of, with the spiffy graphic by Matt English (aka @mattomic). It’s your Afternoon Snack… er… Afternoon Hangover… er… links!!!

MLBTR passes along a tweet from Jon Morosi, who tells us that the Jays are heavily scouting the Majors in search of pitching help, and that they are still in “buy” mode. Of course, they’re always kind of in buy mode– it’s not like they’re looking for rentals.

Kevin Gray of the Manchester Union Leader talks about the two current Fisher Cats with the brightest futures– according to him they’re reliever Sam Dyson and first baseman Mike McDade. And at his Grey Matter blog he talks to new Fisher Cat John Stilson about the crazy workload he put on his arm while at Texas A&M,

Don’t look now, but according to tweet from Roch Kubatko of MASN, Jamie Moyer can opt out of his minor league deal with the Orioles if he isn’t called up within a few days. Might the Jays be salivating for the 49-year-old who has given up three earned runs in his 16 innings at Norfolk? Did you watch the last two games? Fuck yes, they’re probably actually that desperate.

Brendan Kennedy of the Toronto Star talks in great detail about the ins and outs of Vegas and what’s happening with the current 51s. Great stuff. A companion piece gives a background sketch of the players on the roster.

At Baseball Prospectus (Paywall’d), Kevin Goldstein looks at the Midwest League All-Star Game, which Lansing’s Noah Syndergaard pitched in– though the Jays declined to let Aaron Sanchez and Justin Nicolino throw. “His secondary offerings are still works in progress, but his fastball is a weapon,” he writes. “It’s hard not to wonder if that will equal a bullpen role down the road.” Whaaaaaat? But I thought he was one of the 15 Roy Halladays we have down in the minors!!!

Elsewhere behind the BP paywall, Goldstein has some nice things to say about Adeiny Hechavarria, who is “not just proving the bat is for real as he’s also getting better; 22-for-55 (.400) during 12-game hitting streak.” This is still the PCL we’re talking about, though.

And sticking with prospect-y stuff, Jeremy Warnemuende of tells us that Travis d’Arnaud and Anthony Gose will be playing for the US squad in this year’s Futures Game, which will be held at Kaufman Stadium in Kansas City, as part of MLB’s All-Star festivities.

By way of John Lott of the National Post, and presumably others, David Pauley, just claimed off of waivers from the Angels, is on the Jays’ active roster. They’ll announce the corresponding move at some point prior to Friday’s game against the Marlins.

Mike Rutsey of the Toronto Sun writes about a chat with John Farrell that helped Colby Rasmus tremendously, back when he was given a two day breather last month. Of course, I’m pretty sure the mechanical changes have helped too.

Elsewhere at the Sun, Caitlyn Holroyd has a lengthy– well, by Sun standards– feature on Jason Frasor.

From the non-Jays division, Matt Swartz of FanGraphs has an interesting piece on why first basemen get paid so much.

And lastly, since there’ll be no Game Threat for me to slap it into, here’s today’s edition of Getting Blanked…

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  1. holy fuck i’m sick of parkes.

    • Caaaaaannnnnaaaaaaaadddiiiiaaaaaannn Dreaaaamm
      He’s just a common man working hard with his hands
      he’s just a common man working hard for the man

      Hey He’s Canaaaaaaaaddddiiiiann Dreammm
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    • And I’m sick of Adam Sandler. Somehow, I manage to avoid his work. If I can make that work with a super-rich ubiquitous celebrity, surely you can manage with Dustin goddamned Parkes.

  2. I’d just thought I’d post this 2009 mock draft from cbssports commentary to see what could have been:

    10. Washington Nationals: Chad Jenkins RHP Kennesaw State

    Jenkins is a bit of an overdraft, but not too badly, since many think he could go to the Blue Jays at twenty also. The Nationals have also been attached to Mike Trout and others with this pick. The idea being to sign someone at or below slot since Strasburg is going to cost $21.5 million. Jenkins throws his fastballs, two and four seamers, in the low 90s. He adds a low 80s slider and changeup.

    20. Toronto Blue Jays: Eric Arnett RHP Indiana

    This was a tough one. I’ve been hearing college arm. The Jays would have liked Jenkins, Minor or Brothers, but none of them fell. I also think Chad James is an option, although history would show the Jays shy away from HS arms in the early rounds, and Matt Hobgood is still an option. Kyle Gibson, post-injury, has been rumored here and I think Mike Trout or Tim Wheeler are options here. Trout has one of the highest upsides amongst position players and Wheeler is the next best college bat. I went with the college arm route and took Arnett, although I am far less than confident with that pick. Arnett is a 6’5” righty, who throws in the mid 90s, he also throws a slider in the high 70s/low 80s which can get batters out. His changeup needs some work. I’m not in love with this selection, but that’s mostly because I’m not in love with Arnett, who has risen this season, after an increase in velocity. I also am not high on his secondary pitches or command, but he has to go somewhere in the first round… I guess, and he could go as high as 15.

    25. Los Angeles Angels : Mike Trout OF Milville HS (New Jersey)

    Another back-to-back pick, remember if Skaggs goes 25 or Trout goes 24, I’m still counting it as a correct pick. The Angels, like the D’backs have an abundance of early round pick, so they could do almost anything with them, but based on their philosophy and lack of talent in their system, they’ll go HS, HS, HS, early and often. Skaggs is a California arm. He throws a low 90s fastball, but should add more velocity as he matures; he is 6’5” 180 and offers plenty of projection, and some. Skaggs also throws a plus curveball in the low 70s.

    Trout, like I’ve said is one of the ten best bats in the draft and I’ve heard it said that he is the most likely guy in the class to join the 30-30 club. He’s a five-tooler with solid defensive skills and a plus arm.

    • Their strategy at that time was to still take safe college picks in the first round .
      I hate, how they use the word safe when talking about a college pitcher, sure you get more insight on what they are, but college kids fail as much as High school kids.

      In hindsight, there were alot of good high school arms in that draft and obviously Mike Trout.

      • Funny how the last 2 “safe” college picks for the jays have been complete busts so far

        • If only we had a do over… No highschoo player or college is safe especially not pitchers.

          You look at what divison in college Jenkins pitched in, I can’t imagine he faced a Bryce Harper or even a Chris Woodward type hitter very often.

      • also funny is that “safety” is based on their having thrown enough innings to provide a relevant sample size to make evaluations, yet not only are those innings against (largely) vastly inferior competition, but quality college arms are often grotesquely over used with crappy conditioning programs along with them, leaving them more prone to injury. A funny definition of safety.

  3. “While Blue Jays have been out looking for pitching, they’ve been telling teams they can’t take on any money. Hard to find it that way.” – Danny Knobler

    • This is just SAD. Why are we so poor?

      • Probably cause of that 1 billion dollar side project, also known as MLSE. Idividual owners are way better cause their egos make them SPEND BIG! Corporations are all about bottom lines and profit margins, MAKES ME SICK!

        • Yes I agree. When an individual owner owns a club, it’s basically his hobby. It helps him to influence the local economy and regional politics.

      • Look at the source and tell me when the guy has been correct on anything regarding the Jays.

    • seems about right.

    • So much for Tv ratings and Attendance being up factoring in spending money- lied to again by rogers and AA… cue sad music and tears.

      They most likely are telling this to the Astros or the Cubs, yes Dempster and Wandy are fine, but they make way too much fucking money.
      No team would take their entire salary, well maybe Dempsters.

      I do expect witht he New CBA, payroll will go up next year regardless of attendance and tv ratings now that the international spending has been capped and the new draft layout.(assuming there’s a player they want(Cole Hamels) not happening.

      • The way the new CBA cuts the big fat revenue stream, it should be interesting to see how Blue Jays payroll is going to look like in 2016.

        • *Revenue Sharing

        • That’s right. It should though, honestly how a big city like Toronto regardless of the attendace received assistance is beyond me.
          Especially with a big corporation(Rogers)and not an individual majority owner.

          • I meant they shouldn’t have. WTF!

          • The thing that scares me the most is the fact that the Blue Jays doesn’t operate as a standalone part of the Rogers. I remember AA had an interview in the of season and was describing the free agent signing and said when we need a player I tell Beeston that how that player can make the team better and then Beeston (after approval) makes a proposal, goes to Nadir and present it to him. This is really effed up because I don’t think that Beeson challenge Rogers to get a reasonable TV contract.

          • The rest of the MLB caught up to Beeston’s accounting tricks. The Jays must have showed lower than FMV broadcast revenue in order to qualify for revenue sharing.

            The elimination of revenue sharing to the Jays could give them an excuse to cut payroll.

            However, I doubt the fans will believe them.

            The fact is that Cincinatti & San Diego are getting major increases in broadcast revenue will hurt he Jays ability to go sign better quality players.

        • They’ll probably have an identical payroll, but communicate the message that even though the payroll figures are still the same, they’re spending far more than before because of less $ from revenue sharing.

    • This has to be considered in the context of the types of pitchers they’re likely going after. This isn’t them shying away from quality pitchers like Garza and Dempster. It’s insane to move the prospects necessary to acquire pitchers like that. This is about shitballing inning-eaters like Guthrie and is partially posturing to get the other team to eat as much salary of the targets.

      • It’s insane to move prospects to acquire pitchers like Garza? No.

        • In the context of where the season is headed right now, yes it is insane.

          • Well, you’d get Garza for 2013. Morrow, Romero, Garza sounds pretty good.

            I’d rather someone with even more years of control of course… but with the 2nd WC making the playoffs a lot more achievable, I don’t think going for a guy like Garza would be the worst thing in the world.

          • But the context of where the season is headed right now is determined in large part because of a lack of those assets to begin with.

        • This offseason coming up, if AA feels the price isn’t too high, pull the trigger. Better to start the year off with a good pitcher(Garza) than hope and pray your still around the wild card hunt in July and then trade for him.

          I’d rather a full season than half a season obviously.

        • depending on the cost. Yes.

      • Exactly, if you ran a team(anyone on here, regardless of how much money you have) give up prospects and take on Guthrie 8 millon or Wandy 30 million or whatever he has left on his deal- just to get a guy that will eat inings and may not even be better than what you have.

        Wandy hasn’t been bad but he makes way too much and would probably get destroyed in the AL EAST.
        I feel Dempster would too.

    • This is probably an extension of what AA said on the Fan the other day. It’s not that they can’t take on money, it’s that they won’t take on money for a pitcher whose production isn’t really a guarantee (insomuch as that’s possible), like Guthrie.

      • Not sure what you’re getting at. There is no better guarantee for a starter who can take the ball every 5th day than Jeremy Guthrie. 5 Coors starts, where everyone is getting hammered this year, does little to change my impression of him – he’s a middle-to-back of the rotation starter who has proven he can handle the workload and the AL East.

        • He’s been crappy on the road away from Coors this year as well. Just have to look at his WHIP to see that. His splits also show he’s getting worse. He’s damaged goods right now. Would rather let a prospect like Jenkins or McGuire or Stilson pitch than give up something for Guthrie.

          • “He’s damaged goods right now.”

            I haven’t seen any suggestions that Guthrie is injured. There’s no question he has an ugly statline in 2012 thus far, but that doesn’t tell me much about how he could be going forward. That’s what the Jays have professional scouts for.

        • Why take on money for someone who doesn’t feature in your plans for 2013 and beyond? I think Guthrie would be okay at the back end of the rotation but he’s an impending free agent, so picking up the full tab of his remaining contract and a mid-level prospect seems to be a bit too much for half a season in which the Jays probably will not contend.

          • “Why take on money for someone who doesn’t feature in your plans for 2013 and beyond?”

            To get better in 2012 without a long term commitment that so many people seem determined to avoid? I don’t like giving up on the season when you are 3.5 games out of the playoffs. Many of us have been hoping to be in that type of position come August/September.

          • I don’t see it as giving up on the season, I see it as not wasting capital on a stop-gap solution. The Jays are a game over .500…while I think it’s way too early to evaluate where anyone stands (Baltimore is 9 games over, and the fucking Pirates were in 1st place until July last year), you have to believe that Tampa, Boston, LA, and Detroit will be much better than they have been so far. The odds of sneaking into a playoff spot even with the addition of a shitballing, innings-eating, 4-5 starter are astronomically small, and you’re delusional if you believe otherwise.

    • Just love twitter. You have to spend 5 minutes trying to figure out what the hell was said.

      Anyway, Who the hell wants to get their balls squeezed by some weasel organization with some almost DFA’d pitcher with a fat contract? no one
      is giving up great pitching at this point.

      I hope we get Moyer and he can drive some other teams absolutely fucking crazy.

  4. As much as I’d love to believe that Hechavarria’s stats will equal greatness, he’s playing in a league where JP Arencibia managed to hit over .300, so I’m not buying the numbers. His glove work is good enough to get him on the major league roster though. I see a gold glove caliber player who will probably be an 8 hitter at best.

  5. I’d take Big Papi at $15 for two years for sure. He’s Joey Bats best bud.

    • Honestly I would take papi over EE.
      Papi has been very consistent; while EE not so much.
      EE is probably looking for a four or five year deal(his agent) while Big papi is looking for maybe a littel more money per season than EE but will take a two year deal.

      Although EE can paly 1B( what we need) Would like EE or whoever to DH and have a legitimate First base ball player(please AA) Ee could be that maybe his bat is here to stay.

      • I realize it’s hard to get a legitimate big bat 1B, middle of the order hitter without free agency.
        There really isn’t anyone available, well maybe Morneau if he’s healthy.

        • Why not pick up Ortiz as a DH and Make EE the 1B. Not long before Bautista is the everyday 1B any way. I want Yan Gomes to stick so the Jays can have an emergency 3rd catcher in the lineup/bench allowing JPA and d’Arnaud in the lineup at the same time. I still believe an outfield of Rasmus, Gose and Snider, infield of Bautista, Escobar, Hecch, and lawrie, d’arnaud catching EE DH with JPA, Gomes, with a bench infielder and outfielder would be a decent enough offense with upgraded pitching.

          • I was thinking the same thing eventually Bats will be moved to first base.(shame about that great arm being wasted though) He’s getting old.

      • Papi will be 37 next year. No way I’d take him over EE considering Papi likely to be more expensive. EE is far more versatile than Papi.

        • I”m jsut not sure on extedning him for four years based on one year. I know he has been big in stretches for us but not consistent.
          That being said the extension for Bats is looking really fucking good.
          EE does seem ligeit but who knows how much years or money he want’s.( or agent)

  6. “Might the Jays be salivating for the 49-year-old who has given up three earned runs in his 16 innings at Norfolk? Did you watch the last two games? Fuck yes, they’re probably actually that desperate.”

    haha… how sad (But true) is that?

    Remember when Morrow and Alvarez were throwing back to back shutouts? Seems like a long time ago!

  7. AA ” we don’t want to take on any money and we wont give you any good prospects, lets make a deal”!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

    • Sad but seemingly true. If AA’s philosophy of team building is to only make deals when they’re a steal (Escobar/Rasmus) for guys on the cheap part of they’re salary life, overpaying for relief pitching, and drafting then we’ve got a lot of years of mediocrity in front of us.

      Sometimes if you want to get better you have to bite the bullet and accept that things you want will often come at a cost that’s higher then you might find ideal. If they have a limited budget and Rogers Corp. isn’t willing to shell out more I’d like them to flat out say that Rogers Corp. isn’t shelling out for more.

      • That will definitely loosen Rogers purse strings. Call them out for being cheap. Probably get you fired before the give a fuck head calling them out more money.

        • Don’t need to “call them out”… I mean don’t say “yeah, my bosses are cheap fucks” but if they won’t spend more I’d rather be told that matter of factly then have a bunch of shit that just ain’t true thown at me.

          • But stating to the media that you dont have more money is calling them out, even you put it “nicely” You are in fact stating the owners wont spend which makes them look bad no matter what. Can’t do that in the public media and expect to keep or job or get handed a larger budget. There are guys that will come in and cut more costs for a job. that what JP Riccardi promised to get his job. Cut and slash and then raised the payroll with mild success on a low budget. yes granted he fucked up when he got the money but none the less he got the job first by slashing budget and not calling out the owners.

  8. I hate how people cry about rogers not spending money every other month, its an ongoing process. With all the injuries that have happened recently and the players available at the moment, spending money right now would not solve the problem. If rogers doesnt make a move next off season id be pissed. If the wasted money on the garbage free agent pitchers last off season people would write off the jays and lose interest. Next year is the year we are slated to be contenders so it would be stupid to spend a shitload of money on mediocre free agents at the moment.

    • its true. even if we would have spent money on a big bat..that didnt solve the pitching issues..and the pitching that was available with any kind of positive track record cost their team a lot. I should go take a look at the free agent pitchers signed and see how they are doing..and pretty safe to assume that they all went to teams that arent facing AL East teams on a regular basis.

      • Getting a big bat in March gets you a few more wins in April & May when you needed offense because Bautista wasn’t hitting as well.

        It is becoming tiresome to hear people say every year in June , the jays are 3 or 4 people away.

        If they had got a veteran pitcher & a David Ortiz as DH they would be a few games better now & still be in a playoff hunt.

        It seems the new Rogers strategy is to give AA just enough money that he can field a team that has the potential to win 85-90 games & squeak into the playoffs. Then if one or two players underperforms or gets hurt, it’s wait till next year.

    • Mr. Magoo, there will be a lot of moves this off-season, as the Jay’s arn’t ready to contend. Starting Pitchers are too young, no first baseman, no left fielder, 2nd, and DH are uncertain, the pen will get revamped again…this won’t make us contenders though. If you are tired of the whinning now, sorry to say, you’ll have a lot more to put up with.

  9. Is the Futures Game typically televised? I wouldn’t mind getting a sneak peak of TDA and Gose before they’re called up.

    • Wondering the same thing, though more because I want to see Dylan Bundy, Zach Wheeler et al. Hope Sportsnet airs it.

  10. I think Laffey can be a solid #4 in the rotation

  11. It would be nice if the Jays signed Moyer, then Vizquel would have someone his own age to play with.

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