Podcast the Sixteenth!

And now a little something to kill time on a Thursday afternoon, and to fill you with rage over Dustin Parkes’ hating-on of Eric Thames Adam Lind the Toronto Blue Jays’ chances: it’s the latest episode of the DJF podcast!

We’ll be be back again on Monday, and we still want to hear from you, too! Call us (hammered) at 1-855-FOUL-TIP, or email us (hammered) at GettingBlanked@theScore.com with whatever is sticking in your craw, and next Thursday we’ll dissect the best the Monkey Army has to offer– like we did today!

If you’re more inclined to download today’s podcast, hit up the mp3 link.

The DJF iTunes page is up and running, so get on over there and subscribe– or update the subscription you already have to find the latest episode (once it’s up). You can also find it via our podcast RSS feed.

Mintmusical interludes courtesy Toronto’s own Optical Sounds. Be sure to check them out and buy every single fucking thing you hear at their site.

Comments (18)

  1. Thanks for continuing to do this twice a week. Good stuff.

  2. Fairservice is a douche…. this guy seems like hes the boss of the show that no one likes but has to put up with in order to receive the cheques… Douche Mcalister OUT!!!

  3. Highlight of the podcast: Parkes’ solution to the rotation problem being the same as Jim Tracy’s. Incompetent dumbfucks think alike, I suppose

  4. If you guys want Parkes to really suffer in proposition hate, make him watch a CFL game or in the winter make him watch a maple leaf game.
    I watched this on purpose Toronto Maple Leafs take on the Montréal Canadiens.

  5. That was great…

  6. It’s time for us all to work on our knuckleball.

  7. “Yeah well you’re a dickhead”

    hahah, couldn’t have said it better myself Stoet

  8. Why is Parkes on this show other than to say pointless shit, and to annoy the listener.

  9. Great podcast. It is amazing how much you guys have improved on air since the first ever DJF podcast (and Drew since he started).

  10. I think Drew raised a good point about service time. Although I still think you need to take a pragmatic approach, like Stoeten said, the service time shouldn’t be as big of a factor for the Jays as it is for a team with a very hard budget constraint like Tampa Bay. Tampa needs to maximize player control for budgetary reasons, whereas the Jays should be able to afford to maximize player development subject to budget considerations.

  11. For everyone who whines about the Jays not being in the playoffs for 19 years.

    You can’t count the “lost years”.
    From the GM of the Jays 1995 to 2001.
    “In stating he had no plan, Ash is indirectly indicting franchise ownership and the muddled leadership of then team president Paul Godfrey as the team transitioned to Rogers from Belgian absentee proprietor, Interbrew.”

  12. Is there any tangible reason Parkes is on the DJF podcast other than the fact he was one of the founders?

    I’m trying not to be overly critical of Parkes…I just think he’s better served on his own GB blog. I think DJF fans would prefer it and Parkes has two less tasks a week.

    On another note, Drew has been an excellent addition.

  13. Parkes should call in sick when he’s menstruating

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