Alright! It’s time for our regular Friday trip around baseball to talk about the interesting topics (TM), with a little Jaysturbation (or not), cooking tips, heresy, trains (?), car noises, and even more depressing realizations about just how ridiculously out-of-whack MLB’s alignment is thrown in for good measure (or not): it’s a brand new episode of the Getting Blanked Podcast!

This week we talked Angels with @rileybreck (aka Riley Breckenridge of Thrice and Productive Outs)!

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We’re figuring out the Mintmusical Interlude stuff. For the time being, we’re just gonna keep on using the wrong four letters… no matter how much it fucking kills us.

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  1. re: Gerrit Cole (and Taillon) to the Futures Game

    Both of the Pirates prospects pitched the first half of this season in the FSL (Cole is now in AA -Eastern League, so, hello New Hampshire). That is the same competition the Dunedin team faces and so, Sean Nolin’s numbers look pretty good. This is Nolin’s first time in Hi A ball and is only 8 months older than Cole. Both had 13 starts, WHIPs are almost identical (1.09 for Nolin vs 1.10 for Cole), both have about 1 K per inning, Nolin walked a few less.

    So, Nolin – you can be on my Futures Game team anytime, obviously (even though you weren’t a No. 1 overall pick with a $7 million bonus).

  2. Real classy putting up an AA chip, mocking a serious affliction that devastates millions of people. Fucking douchebags.

    • Yeah, I don’t see the humour in that at all. I know humour and this… this is not humour.

    • go have a beer and relax.or 10

    • Get a grip. Why is it necessarily mocking the affliction?

      • What was the intent?

        • Jeez… I’m loathe to respond to someone with such an obvious stick up his ass, but… um… a) did you listen to the podcast?

          b) Again, why is it necessarily mocking the affliction?

          You’re going to have to tell me why you jumped to this conclusion before I go giving you any ammunition for some circle jerk of an argument you want to draw me into about it.

          • To put up a AA chip on a site called drunk Jays fan where most people like to joke about being intoxicated then…
            Yeah, my bad for assuming it was meant as a bit of a joke. I guess it’s not like you’re playing quarters with AA chips

            I love this blog and follow it religiously. I often find myself agreeing with you and appreciate your humour. This just feels like a Davis swing in the dirt.

          • So Stoeten instead of deflecting the question, can you explain the purpose of the AA coin?
            It’s a serious symbol to some.
            I don’t get it.
            Very seldom do the images you use, at the top of the post, present anything but a bit of fun or irreverence to the subject matter.Photoshopped or stock images, it doesn’t matter.
            So, is it supposed to be funny or irreverant or a metaphor or symbolism or a statement of something serious?
            How are your readers to interpret the image as presented?What thoughts were you trying to convey?
            It’s a simple straight forward question,doesn’t need a big circular answer.

      • i wouldn’t have known it was an AA chip if someone above hadn’t pointed it out. and what the fuck do they make chips for anyways? playing poker or for eating? fuck when that guy put up AA i thought he was referring to alex anthopoulis. people need to stop being so fuckin offended at everything.just fuck off and crawl into a corner

        • you were a kid on Karen Klein’s school bus weren’t you

        • @ gods sidekick

          You’re either a troll looking for a reaction or one of the most fucked-upped individuals on this board.

          Take some meds and keep repeating to yourself.
          “I’m a piece of shit and I should know better”
          “I fucked up and am truly sorry”

          • 1. “obvious stick up the ass”. If you can’t tell the difference between a sensitive type who demands political correctness and someone questioning the appropriateness of using a very sensitive photo which appears to be mocking a devastating disease, then you should attend some AA meetings.

            2. “Did you listen to the podcast”. Fuck no. Is this the answer to my intent question? So this photo is a troll technique to direct traffic to the podcast?

            3. “Why is it necessarily mocking”. Because most of your fucking photos on this site are mocking and you don’t have an explaination in a caption but hidden in an hour-long podcast which some people don’t have the ability to access from work. Plus, many of us come to this site to read, not to listen.

            4. “I’m loathe to respond but…” Actually you didn’t “respond”. The question was “what was the intent?”. Instead your “reply” delved into topics of “stick in the ass” and “circle jerking”.
            A play ground tactic of evading a question by hurling insults and taunts. Weak.

            It’s a simple question for clarification so that we don’t assume you’re mocking a destructive disease.

            What was the intent?

          • Well said on both points Radar

          • hey radar not trolling at all. people need to fuckin chill.its not all about them. and i dont give a fuck who is addicted to anything.they werent addicted before it went into their mouth. and im not sorry and i never fucked up. to each their own

      • I guess there will be no actual coherant response to a legitimate question.

        Good debate.
        Let’s recap:
        1. You post a controvercial picture
        2. I asked a reasonable and legitimate question so you could clarify your intent. There was no judgement insinuated by the question.
        3. You reply by slinging unprovoked inults
        4. You avoid the question with a request to explain the perceived mockery.
        5. I provide the request.
        6. You hide.

        I was really hoping for an insightful response and instead got a reply more pouty than a 10 year old.

  3. one thing I noticed about Chad Jenkins season, given that he may still be a call up for a start or few given the state of pitching:

    He has faced the best hitting team in the EL (the Stanx Trenton team) 4 times in 2 months and that last start was the real killer (3.2 innings, 8 ERs, he had 2 other decent outings and 1 really good start vs them (his 1st start of the year)). His most recent start was vs the Phillies Reading team, the 2nd best hitting team in the EL, and he shut them out over 7 innings.

    We want Good Chad.

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