Now it’s time for all the stuff I don’t figure on making full posts out of, with the spiffy graphic by Matt English (aka @mattomic). It’s your Afternoon Snack… er… Afternoon Hangover… er… links!!!

Speaking of Matt Englishes (hmmm), a Canadian of that name got a nice Deadspinning this morning, as he followed that site’s “Bristolmetrics” pattern of breaking down how much time ESPN Sportscenter devotes to particular topics, and how many times certain people get mentioned, but did so looking at TSN’s version of what used to be SportsDesk. The big winner on the night that the NBA championship was decided? Nail Yakupov, who was mentioned 25 times before Matt stopped counting. And Rick Nash came up 13 times– more than all Oklahoma City Thunder players combined. Oh, and last night’s MLB schedule? It got two minutes, following CFL preseason highlights, a piece on the just-released NHL schedule for next year, and just ahead of the second eight-plus minute roundtable on the NHL Draft. Holy. Fuckballs.

Bluebird Banter notes that Travis Snider is 5-for-12 with three home runs and three walks since his return to Las Vegas. A call-up can’t be far off, can it? They also wonder if maybe Rajai Davis has played himself into having some trade value. I could see it…

Jon Morosi of Fox Sports and knowing that talking about the Jays brings lots of web traffic labels the club’s 2010 draft class– that of Sanchez, Syndergaard and Nicolino– the anti-Moneyball draft.

Guy Spurrier does another Sabermetric turn for the National Post, looking at the Jays’ offence, and how they’re picking up whatever slack they can for the banged up staff, and also examines the struggling sinker of Henderson Alvarez.

Jack Moore of FanGraphs thinks Jose Bautista is back, baby– well, maybe not in so many words.

MLBTR passes along Ben Badler of Baseball America’s reporting that the Jays are in hot pursuit of some international amateur free agents. 15-year-olds, dude.

“I can see where that can make a lot of sense,” says John Farrell of the possibility of going to a four-man rotation, according to the Toronto Sun, but he’s sticking with five. And elsewhere at the Sun, Mike Rutsey talks Ricky Romero, the last non-question-mark standing in the Jays’ rotation. Kinda.

Mop Up Duty takes a look at some ex-Jays who are thriving in the National League this year. You might want to avert your eyes before you see Aaron Hill’s crazy line.

In his piece on the amazing Mike Trout for (Insider Only), lays this down regarding WAR and a certain fluffer of maple cocks: “If you prefer Baseball-Reference’s flavor, Trout ranks second in the league in WAR behind onlyBrett Lawrie, who benefits there from an insane (and obviously inaccurate) defensive rating that seems to think he’s Brooks Robinson.” Nothing earth-shattering, but still… yes.

Baseball Think Factory passes along a report that ex-Jay-ish Jeff Kent is supposedly going to be one of the contestants on the upcoming “Survivor: Philippines.” Because apparently they’re still making that show.

At Getting Blanked, Parkes uses Reds prospect speedster Billy Hamilton as an excuse to make us watch some Nicholas Cage gold.

And staying with Getting Blanked, lastly, it’s their always-epic GIFs of the Week.

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  1. goddamit i fucking hate hockey and all you cockfucks that support the fucking sport

    • Well then clearly you hate JPA, romero, lawrie, joey bats and a good chunk of guys on our roster

    • The biggest problem I have with the constant coverage of Hockey up here is that it all feels like its part of one big fucking identity crisis. It’s just shoved down our throats all the fucking time.

      Here we are, a week after the Stanley Cup finals FINALLY fucking ended and do you think we might be able to get some in depth MLB coverage? Nahhh. Gotta have Bob Mckenzie’s ever expanding face blabbering at us for 12 minutes. Does that guy ever see his children?

      I get it, the States are no different with their coverage of football, basketball etc. but for christs sake every commercial, every tv show, every waking our is devoted to our coverage and love of Hockey, because it’s fucking sewn front and center on our “national identity.” I know the majority of the country genuinely does love Hockey, and that’s fine, but do we need to be constantly reminded that that’s who we are? All we are?


      Fuck off.

      • A few things:

        Mackenzie’s kids are adults, so odds are he sees them as much as you see your parents (though by your comment, i’m not sure if you’re out of high school or not…).

        I also don’t think there’s anything wrong with hockey being front and centre in this country’s sporting psyche. It’s really our only major sport (Toronto is the only exception) and it happens to be the thing we’re best at. I wouldn’t argue that it’s being forced down people’s throats. We just finished the playoff (which is always big news) and in the week that follows we have the Awards and the Draft (which are always big news), followed by Free Agency on the 1st (which is always big news). Then you get 2-3 months of basically nothing and a sport like baseball takes the forefront, and rightfully so considering this country only has one baseball team. I’d also argue that in terms of commercials and whatnot, it just so happens that a person like Sidney Crosby is the most marketable personality in this country and so you can’t blame brands for plastering his face everywhere.

        I also don’t think we, or the Americans care that we like hockey. We just like it and it’s the sport we get most excited about in the same way Brits or Italians get excited about soccer. There’s nothing wrong with it being a part of our identity as a nation if it’s honest, and I don’t think there’s anything fake about it. If anything you could argue that baseball’s latching on to its status as “America’s pasttime” is far more fake and quite sad given the depths its fallen to compared to a sport like football or even Nascar.

        As someone who likes hockey, likes baseball, and likes a plethora of other sports, and doesn’t have a hate-on for any of them I find it odd that people get pissed off when others focus on a sport that they don’t want to see at a time that they don’t want to see it. Turn the TV off or change it to one of your other 200 channels if you don’t like it. It’s not that difficult.

        • Not to mention today is the NHL entry draft.

        • “…and it happens to be the thing we’re best at.”

          If you’re speaking internationally, Curling is at the door, and it’s here to smack you in the face.

        • Really, Jim? A 300+ word rebuttal to defend Bob McKenzie’s parenting skill and to state that you don’t mind that Canada likes hockey? Seems like overkill.

          I actually agree w/ Edwinsfrown on this one. I cannot possibly agree with the original poster, IHateMikeMcCoy, because he’s a hateful and obscene twat, but Edwinsfrown makes a good point. Look at ads for Tim Horton’s, Molson Canadian, christ, even f**king Dempster’s Bread!! Hockey is forced down our throat to an inordinate degree and, quite frankly, makes us as a country appear like the many doofuses that live and die by the sport.

          I would go into a more articulate and comprehensive explanation as to why I feel this is a detriment to the country, but I really don’t give that much of a shit.

          Go Jays!

          • Hey baseball fans! It’s J.P. Arencibia here… It’s time to swing into spring…With Discount car Rentals…

          • Yeah, well, if it wasn’t for me getting rich off hockey, Toronto probably would of never got a baseball team… After I tried to buy the Giants, the league started considering the idea of expansion to Toronto, and shortly after I was usurped by those bastards at Labatt. So, like it or not, hockey helped bring baseball to Toronto, now go fetch Yolanda for me.

        • @Jim

          There’s certainly nothing wrong with the fact that hockey is very popular in Canada.

          But I have to agree with the others, that I find the way it’s tied to patriotism (usually through commercials) is fairly gross. The ‘this is OUR game’ stuff makes me want to barf.

          But hey, whatever floats everyones boats.

        • Jim don’t get me started on cable plans!!!

          And yes I am out of high school. Thanks for the jab though.

          I understand the Hockey is the main sport of this Country. I’m just tired of seeing the most minute piece of Hockey news pushed to the front of a broadcast. I’m tired of turning on the radio in the middle of the summer and hearing about what must be going on in Brian Burke’s head.

          I agree with you that I don’t have to listen to it. But it just seems to me that it’s always the time to talk about Hockey, and that we are never allowed to forget that it’s (seemingly) what this Country’s sense of self worth is built on.

          • I couldn’t have said it better.

          • Agreed. As a Jays fan living in Ottawa who prefers the radio broadcast over the Buck/Tabby/Zaun show, I’m constantly frustrated by the fact that the radio station that went through the effort of purchasing the broadcast rights to the Jays will preempt their games for even Junior B games being played hours away, or playoff games involving teams no one in their right mind could possibly give a shit about.

            While I get that Hockey is our national pastime (not our national sport, as some would have you believe), the amount of airtime/print devoted to it over the course of the year is nauseating.

            I mean, this is a baseball specific blog, and what are we talking about.



  2. Jeff Kent on Survivor? Guy was a first class asshole. He should do well on that show.

  3. Well, TSN basically focuses on NHL and CFL (which I guess makes sense for Western Canada?). Sportsnet gives MLB plenty of time.

    • Yes, eat least Snet does that. But then they also alienate most of their viewership by putting Jays games on SN1 while they show a UFC reality show on their main net.

      Also the way that douche nozzle Ken Reid sneers at anything baseball related and jumps at the chance to make fun of the Jays rubs me the wrong fucking way.

      • “But then they also alienate most of their viewership by putting Jays games on SN1 while they show a UFC reality show on their main net.”

        That’s not really true. I think like 20 out of 162 are on Sportsnet One.

        • You’re right, it’s not that many games.

          I still think it takes a lot of gall to put any of them on a network you have to pay extra for. That’s just my seething hatred of Rogers leaking through, but still it’s the way I feel.

      • How much botox does that guy have going on anyway?

    • TSN focuses on NHL and CFL because they broadcast those games and want people to be interested. If they showed MLB highlights all the time and got people lathered up about the Jays, their viewership would turn the channel to their direct competitor. Its the exact same reason why ESPN hardly covers the NHL at all since they dropped the contract to broadcast games.

    • I don’t understand why it’s surprising TSN doesn’t show much baseball. Their rivals own the fucking Jays. Stoeten, ask anyone where you work how competitive Sportnet and TSN are. These two stations hate each other more than Red Sox/Yankees. Though they have to show baseball highlights as a sports network, they are not about to pump up their rivals with meaningful coverage. Plus, as a national station they have to consider the reality that baseball, especially in the rest of Canada, lags FAR behind the popularity of a Toronto baseball team. It sucks but not surprising.

      • It’s the same reason the score is all over everything wrestling/MMA, devoting a much larger proportion of their broadcast content and commentary to it than either of the other two major networks, namely because they have the rights to more of the programming and it’s their niche, the way Hockey is with TSN and Baseball is with Sportsnet.

    • James you know shit lots of baseball fans in the west. In case you didnt notice lawrie, morneau, francis ect ect from west. Next to Riders the Jays are a close second to a lot of Saskatchewan people.

  4. Is there room on the roster for 5OF’s given the pitching issues? If not, what are they going to do with Ben once his rehab is over? We really don’t need him, but it seems a shame to DFA him.

    • Why is it a shame? This is a business. Should they just keep him on the roster because he is a nice guy? Fuck him.

      • Agreed. I was never entirely sure why they picked him up in the first place, and I’m sure that someone else will pick him up off the scrapheap if he gets outrighted.
        And it is not in me to truly feel sorry for a guy who gets paid hundreds of thousands of dollars to play baseball for a living, unless they’re going through a legitimate personal tragedy (which being DFA’d is certainly not). It just isn’t.

  5. I wonder If the obsession of hockey in the Canadian media is the reason why the Jays are so popular on nearly every baseball site. No baseball on tv so we have to look for other options?

    • I love how Jays fans rule the websites. It must be infuriating down South. Raptors fans are appaerently the most vocal too. Love it.

    • I think that’s exactly right, Shockey. As Looper said, basketball as well.

      I think The Score has done a good job of embracing baseball, basketball and soccer while TSN is talking CFL preseason etc.

      • Canada is also considered to be well ahead of most of the US in terms of use of digital media, the internet, provision of Wi-Fi, quality of and access to broadband, and computer literacy. We’re just that much more tech savvy. Plus the long cold winters/theoretical ingrained stereotypical politeness make for a lot of pent up emotions, which are more appropriately taken out online than in person.

  6. TSN invests a massive amount of money in hockey and programming like the draft ties into its World Juniors coverage as well. So it’s not hard to understand why they put their focus there. The other thing is, three Canadian teams pick in the top 5 and four pick in the top 9, so people are maybe more interested than normal. Either way, hockey sells and you can’t blame TSN for going with what sells.

    The Jays do tend to be amongst the lead stories when they play, and for a network that had its Jays games ripped from their hands to still give them a decent amount of attention is pretty good.

  7. Surprised Stoeten didn’t mention the Star article with Ash basically saying the Jays had no plan between 1995 and 2001.
    Between that and Interbrew, the Jays had no chance.

    • you mean the one where Ash basically threw Braun under the bus? I know what Ash meant in both these quotes….but they both could easily be misconstrued.

      “We were never given any details of why he got off…..”

      “To me Ryan Braun is almost the playing equivalent of Roger”

    • I’m expecting Stoeten is working on a post just to rant about Gord “no plan” Ash this afternoon.

    • That was a good read. Interesting that Ash would come out and say that stuff actually… Though I guess it was kind of his way of covering his own ass.

      It must have been a tough time to work for the Jays between the strike and… the mid 2000s I guess. The ship seemed to be sinking, so to speak.

      • Yeah, it’s what I try to keep reminding the Doom and Gloom squad,(and their selective memories), that complain about 19 years of not making the playoffs.You can basically write off 1994 to 2001.To me,”No plan” equates to “no clue” as to how to run a baseball team.
        Then Rogers,seems to buy into the new concept that the Jays can be run smarter and cheaper with moneyball.
        Half way into it,they discover that if they understate the television rights values,the MLB will classify them as a “small market team” and give them 30 million a year.
        Add in buying the Stadium for 25 mil and creating a SN1 with 10 to 15 mil in revenue with new subscriber fees.
        With that cash cow ,it’s no wonder the Jays haven’t made the playoffs.
        Thank God , it’s all changed with the new CBA.

        • Not sure I follow you on those last 2 sentences…

          • An impression that working smarter with the moneyball model will produce a winning team They was getting better and the team was more profitable at the same time,all is well.
            The new CBA has changed the way you classify a small market team.
            Without the 30 mil, Rogers will need to increase awareness of the brand by producing a better product thus increasing viewership and cheap content across all their platforms.

          • I remember when JPR was first hired, it was seen as a coup for the team within the industry as Moneyball was going to be the future way for mid market teams like the Jays to compete with the Yankees and Red Sox of the world. Obviously, as Morosi points out in the article, that hasn’t panned out, and the Jays got the joy of 8 years of chasing he same kind of low-ceiling-high floor talent that Billy Beane has become famous for. Now it’s just a case of sitting back and waiting so see how many of the high ceiling guys can actually make the majors.

  8. ESPN beats the NBA to death down here and I don’t even really know anybody who cares a single bit about basketball. There has been zero talk about NBA finals at work and we’ll talk about anything at work besides work.

  9. Is hockey season finished yet?

  10. Getting my own Deadspin article and leading off a DJF post in one day? Whose dick did I suck last night?

  11. Sometimes the fucking language on here goes a little too far!

  12. Awesome article by Morosi. College players take 2.5 years to develop. We drafted high schoolers in 2010 and due to the old CBA weren’t playing professionally until 2011. When people bitch about AA and his draft picks not helping us now I just shake my head and laugh.

  13. The “Anti-moneyball” draft? Talk about missing the point of Moneyball.

    • fuck i wish oakland won a world series during that time so I didn’t have to read about the moneyball hate

    • From the perspective of finding market inefficiencies in evaluating talen, of course. But from the fundamental draft strategy, polar opposites.

  14. so the defensive WAR of Lawrie must be wrong because it ‘looks’ wrong. Nice to see that we have taken the subjective completely out of statistics….or at least invoke it when the stats feel wrong to us. As long as I can hide behind their objectivity when they feel right.

    And how many MLB games were played yesterday that deserved attention – 6 games isn’t exactly a full slate.

    • The metric he’s referring is baseball-reference version of defensive metrics which is giving credit to Lawrie when the jays have massive shifts. So it appears as though he is far superior than he actually is, according to that version of WAR. Fangraphs has a more accurate version as they ignore those plays but he still grades out as defensively excellent.

  15. WTF happened to Aaron Hill? He puts of ops of 665, 655, 584 last three years here. Since, in 99 games in Arizona, 872. Fuck me.

  16. Sorry Paul, the humour wasn’t clear. Folks are talking about moving Joey to first cause he’s an aging superstar. So if Lawrie is getting to balls in right centre, guess that means Joey is getting old

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