Holy shit, so… if you listed to this week’s Getting Blanked Podcast, you’ll know that I’ve been taking it easy this week with the sweet, delicious, nectar of the Gods, and had been contemplating continuing it into the weekend. Turns out I have made good on this notion– so far– and was fucking around online during tonight’s game, when I found a little item that I figured was worth a mailed-in post, just for shits and giggles.

Then I checked my email, and there from reader Sebastian was a little slice of awesome. So it’s two for the price of one night, as we’ve got the first one below, and here, a 1990 video by Dominican artist Juan Luis Guerra, who just maybe looks a little bit like a certain player on the Toronto Blue Jays. (Skip to 0:27)

I dunno. I LOL’d.


Aaaaand the second…

Click to embiggen

The Coloseum… Times Square… the Champs-Élysées… the Rogers Centre?

Sure, sure, the Jays took advantage of the Marlins and Ricky Romero look almost not quite as terrible as he has this year (maybe), with a superb display of pitching to the score, giving up seven hits and walking four over seven innings in a 12-5 win. But how the fuck about this!

For those of you too lazy to have clicked the link, I’ll explain: Facebook has put together a nifty graphic of some of the most active cities in the world in terms of check-ins, and their most checked-in-from landmarks, and lo and behold, there’s some kind of a white-roofed concrete mausoleum-type thing. Fancy the fuck out of that, you fancy fuck!

No, you’re mailing in a post.


Via the Atlantic Cities.

Comments (26)

  1. Even his voice sounds similar. LOL

  2. What’s that word? Doppelganger? They say everyone’s got one….

  3. I find the fact that TGI Friday’s in Norway is on there a million times more fucking outrageous. What, don’t they have Kelsey’s over there?

  4. I thought that was a really well photoshopped picture before I read anything

  5. the best part is when he’s green screen dancing with what looks like the latin cast of seinfeld… epic

  6. What might go unnoticed is how the ears on both of them look the same.

  7. Luis Guerra was posing as Jose Bautista for the first month! Jose’s early struggles… it makes sense now. The real one has arrived.

  8. I think Luis Guerra is 70% Jose Bautista and 30% Carlos Villanueva.

  9. And to think, the Air Canada center is right next door!

  10. It’s also kind of awesome that five of the 20 or so places are baseball stadiums. Take that you soccer fucks…oh, sorry Stoeten.

    • You mean 4 of 25?

      Might have something to do with soccer fans being too busy watching the game and/or fighting, as opposed to wasting time on their phone like the typical SkyDome patron.

      • Yeah, soccer fans don’t want to miss out on all that “action”. Coming from a baseball fan, Zing!

  11. God bless the Internet.

  12. I lol’d a little

  13. Aw Zaunie…

    Snider for Dempster?
    I’d do Thames for Dempster, but Snider? No way. If I’m trading Snider, I want a change of scenery piece in return, not a 37 year old

  14. Somebody get Cecil a hamburger

  15. Wow, Zaun’s ways to win are such bullshit.

    You should be looking for 2 to 3 hits against a bad team? Implying you shouldnt be doing that against good teams?

  16. So are they going to bring up snider or what? Its time to give snider one last chance. They cant keep on sending davis out there and expecting to have good production from LF. Davis is fine as a 4th of against lhps or a pinch runner but he has no business playing everyday.

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