Well that was a refreshing victory last night, huh? Now all need is for Brett Cecil to not soil himself in his second start since being cast off from the team in Spring Training because of a horrible case of left arm shittiness. I mean… fuck, we win this one and maybe we can even start feeling like this team isn’t completely fucking doomed, or something.

Y’know, until they get mauled at Fenway next week, that is.

Ahhh,  but let’s enjoy it while we can.


Shi Davidi tweets that John Farrell told reporters today that Sergio Santos has resumed throwing long toss, but there is still no timetable for his return.

Davidi also has a lengthy piece at Sportsnet on a talk Alex Anthopoulos gave with reporters yesterday, regarding where the team is at, and in last night’s game story he lays this one on us about Brandon Morrow: “Until that pain is completely gone (he can’t start throwing). I would expect the pain to be gone in the next few weeks,” says Alex Anthopoulos of Morrow, who is continuing his recovery in Dunedin, and has no timetable for return. Once he does start throwing again, he’ll have to get his arm in shape. “It’s like Spring Training all over.”

And lastly, in case you missed it last night, be sure to check out that doppelgänger shit in the post below.

TV: Sportsnet

And now the lineups, by way of the live box score at theScore.com. And for those of you who’ll be out and about, be sure to follow all the action on your phone with Score Mobile

Toronto Blue Jays

B. Lawrie 3B
C. Rasmus CF
J. Bautista RF
E. Encarnacion 1B
K. Johnson 2B
Y. Escobar SS
R. Davis LF
J. Mathis C
B. Cecil P

Miami Marlins

J. Reyes SS
H. Ramirez 3B
G. Stanton RF
L. Morrison LF
J. Ruggiano CF
O. Infante 2B
G. Sanchez 1B
B. Hayes C
J. Johnson P

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  1. I actually think chavez is ok. He throws strikes. Hes just not a starter. Hes better suited for the bullpen. I think villanueva takes his spot next time around. What I really dont like though is the jays batting order from 5-9.

  2. This is just one of those games unfortunately. Some hard hit balls by the Jays were right at people and your emergency starter shows why he’s an emergency starter. Sadly, there’s going to be more than a few games like this going forward as long as the Chavez types have to pitch. Hopefully Alvarez can bounce back in his next start against a hot Boston.

    • Yup. Just gotta hope the Jays can squeeze 2/3 in Boston. Probably not with Alvarez and Laffey going, but you never know.

      Man, I really don’t want to see Chavez start again.

    • You guys are making it seem like the offense is blameless for todays loss. You cant expect chavez to be perfect. Your not going to win ANY games by scoring 0 runs. Yeah they hit some balls hard but realistically if you look after their top 4 hitters, they have a WEAK offense. Not sure how many runs can be manufactured by those 5 hitters in the bottom portion of the order.

      • Sorry going to have to disagree with you there. Not many offenses are going to overcome 9 runs and the offense has been exceptional of late in scoring runs.

        They are scoring nearly at a pace of 5 runs per game this year which is more than any time in recent years. You have to go back to 2006 before you get higher production and this is being done after a long stretch of interleague games. Get the DH back and that should rise further going forward.

        As for the OBP it’s sitting at a decent .337 for June so far and the OPS at .787.

        Pitching has been the killer this year. At the start of the year it was the lousy pen and now it’s the lousy starters which is mostly due to injuries. Other than Morrow and sometimes Hutch the rest were scuffling.

        • I dont think the offense is THAT good. The jays offense is too reliant on the home run. The offense would be sooo much better if they didnt have hitters like davis (.338 OBP-WTF?) and Arencibia in the lineup. Hitters that swing at everyting and suck at getting on base. Theyre rally killers along with johnson’s strikeouts and escobars groundballs. Maybe replace davis with snider and JPA with danaud then its a deep lineup.

      • Seriously?

        Chavez was awful today. And the offense has been fantastic over the past couple weeks.

  3. FUCK!

  4. Jenkins had another good start at AA making that 3 in a row. 6IP 5H 2ER 0BB 4K

    Maybe you’ll see him in place of Chavez but they’ll probably have to move an additional guy off the 40 man roster for him if they use the last spot for Lind. So that might factor in him not getting a start as soon as we thought.

    • If they’re not willing to start Villanueva, I’d be happy to see Jenkins get a start. Why not?

      • I have no problem with that. Maybe Jenkins has turned the corner and needs the challenge of being in the majors to shine. Some guys are like that. It might be a bit optimistic to say that (most likely it is) but they’ve got nothing to lose. If the team lost someone like Chavez or Coello to waivers I say no big deal.

        • Yeah. At least maybe there’s some potential with Jenkins. It’s not just watching a scrub get shelled.

  5. So Lind recalled along with Fransisco and McCoy and Cooper sent packing.

    Sorry to see Cooper go, I really think with a safe spot in the lineup he’d be a very productive major league hitter. Sadly he probably won’t get it with this team.

    As for Fransico, I was hoping they would DFA him and bring up Snider. Other than being a right handed bat I just don’t see what function he serves right now. I think the team would be better off with Snider going forward simply to give him a solid kick at the can. He’s shown he’s healthy again and seems to be taking plenty of walks of late. Who knows. Maybe they just want to him to play everyday right now.

    • I agree, it’s unfortunate to see Cooper go. He had some decent at-bats here.

      As for Snider, I think Zaun is right that he’s being cock blocked by Davis. My bet is that Davis gets traded by the deadline and we see Snider up for the rest of the season.

      • “As for Snider, I think Zaun is right that he’s being cock blocked by Davis. My bet is that Davis gets traded by the deadline and we see Snider up for the rest of the season.”

        Kind of cock blocked by Lind too. If Lind is in AAA, you could play EE at 1st, Snider in LF, and Davis at DH.

        • Yah… uh ok, trade a crazy fast guy with outfield skills and diversity thats finally putting up good offensive numbers and getting the chance to run… and give the job to a slow underachieving failed prospect.

          Solid idea. Once again… Im super glad youre not a GM

      • As I was saying the other day Davis might actually get the best returns out of the Jays possible trade chips because of his strong play, versatility, and cheap club option for next year. The latter point being the most enticing for clubs because if they’re going to have to give up something worthwhile they’ll get more out of it than a 2 month rental.

        • Good points. Might be able to swing an Alex Gonzalez for Escobar type deal.

          Davis has good numbers this year:

          .282/.343/.450 17sb

        • I kind of want to keep davis around as a 4th OF vs. LHP’s and pinch runner. His spped is very valuable IF he can get on base.

    • I agree. It’s frustrating that Francisco is up and not Snider. What are they going to do? DH Francisco? Ugh.

      Put Snider in LF, lets see what he can do, and DH Rajai.

      • Oh, I forgot about Lind coming up…

      • Are you Travis Snider’s Dad?

        Seriously why all the Snider rim jobbing here? What the shit has this guy done at the major league level, uhm,,, ever to deserve any of what youre saying. I think youre still madly in love with the potential of what Snider could have done if he hadnt been destroyed by this organization.

        Right now at this moment, there’s no numbers or stats that suggest Snider should have gotten the nod over Francisco. Is Francisco better than Snider, naw he’s not but Snider does not deserve a call up.

        And another thing, why the shit hasnt the jays organization tried to turn Cooper into an outfielder yet?

  6. Maybe trading francisco and then calling up snider, or until Davis shits the bed is the only situations in which Snider gets the call up. As well, who plays first, EE or Lind?

    • I think Davis is more likely to be traded. He actually has value. Toronto only has Francisco because nobody else wants him and it seems the Jays don’t even know what to do with him other than providing another crappy bat off the bench.

      • The possibility of Davis being traded is the only reason I can think of for Fransisco not getting sent down. They’d need a right handed bat off the bench if Davis were to go. Meh I hate having to keep him on the roster at Snider’s expense.

  7. ‘Snider’ is trending on twitter in Toronto. Funny since he wasn’t the one called up.

  8. If snider was healthier by a week or two sooner, Francisco probably gets DFA’d and snider gets called up and Lind stays in Vegas probably

    • Yes, Snider just hasn’t been back long enough. Another few weeks of hitting well in AAA and it could be different. What I notice is no other clubs seem interested in Lind. Too bad. It’d be nice to package up Lind and Davis and get a pitcher from a club that’s struggling offensively.

      • Yes please trade away a great defender with amazing speed who’s finally hitting with potential and getting on base to run and give the spot to a slow career AAAA baller. Thats just what the doctor ordered.

        What this team needs is more solo homeruns dammit, that should fix it.

  9. Ah yes… another fucking year where AA isnt sure whether to be a buyer or seller.

    Someone should tell him that there’s more to the game than having a great farm system. But hey whats another year of wasting Bautista’s efforts and numbers and this year the efforts of others.

    BUY or SELL,,,, quit tap dancing on the fucking line.

  10. Anyone else remember how good the pitching looked at the start of this season? Anyone else remember how Rosenthal called the bullpen an all star pen and the best in baseball?

    Now we have Romero, two struggling rookies and 2 losers in the rotation, yes I am calling Cecil a loser because it’s only a matter of time before hitters around baseball realize that Brett Cecil is still throwing an 89 mph fast ball that he still for the love of christ cannot locate or keep DOWN in the zone to save his life and begin to pepper the left field seats once again. Carreno and Alvarez shouldnt be developing in the big leagues, they should be in AA or AAA doing that. Chavez can fuck right off and even when Morrow comes back he’s only good for what, one good start out of every 5? He has ace stuff but we see it so rarely.

    Moving on to the bullpen, Cordero just flat out sucks, he is literally Francisco 2.0, loads of hype coming in, past success and so on and then comes into Toronto and pitches like he literally couldnt care less. He is still trying to blow away hitters, only issue is, no one has told him he cant throw 97 anymore. After that you have Santos, wow what fucking piss off that shit is eh? shits the bed a few times and hits the DL. Didnt anyone in the Jays organization think something was fishy when the white sox gave away one of the best closers in baseball signed long term for peanuts for a single prospect? You know someone called up mr.williams in chicago and said hey man we should trade Santos because his arm is about to fall off. After that there’s a rag tag bunch of up and downers and once again the only bright spot is Janssen with Frasor also pitching well.

    But yeah AA, there’s a wicked farm system full of arms to help out in 5 years after all the offense is dried up and then in 5 years the question will be why dont we have anyone that can hit and why wont AA make a move for a few bats.

  11. btw,,, i think it’s absolutely hilarious as to how much Snider rim jobbing is going on in here. Dude has never proven himself at the MLB level but bahhh that doesnt matter, push Davis aside and give Snider the job. :S

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