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Following today’s 9-0 speedball drubbing at the hands of Mark Buerhle and the Marlins of Miami, the Toronto Blue Jays recalled first baseman Adam Lind from Triple A Las Vegas, while activating Ben Francisco and demoting Mike McCoy and David Cooper back to the Minor Leagues. Sergio Santos has been placed on the 60 day Disabled List to make room for Lind’s return to the 40 man after clearing waivers early this month.


Over 138 plate appearances for the Blue Jays Minor League affiliate in Triple A, Lind put up a rather astounding .476 wOBA, getting on base more than 45% of the time while slugging a mean .658.

Those are gawdy numbers, no doubt. And it’s certainly better that he put up those kind of results than not putting up those kind of results, but Lind’s problems have never been about not being able to feast off of lesser pitching. It’s been about swinging and missing or making bad contact off of breaking pitches and against left handed pitching.

So forget for a second that the pitchers he hit against at the Triple A level were lesser than they are at the Major League level. And forget that hitting in Las Vegas is supposedly easier than anywhere else on the planet. What makes his numbers lack meaning when talking about his return to the Major League level is the fact that approaches in the Pacific Coast League aren’t the same as approaches in the American League.

Pitchers aren’t so concerned with pitching Adam Lind the types of pitches that get him out. They’re concerned with working on pieces of their repertoire that are going to get them to the big leagues faster. Certainly, it would be better for opposing pitchers to do well against Lind than not well, but their main focus is to do what the pitching coach at the behest of the organization wants.

So, while it’s nice to quote Triple A numbers and suggest that Lind is ready for a return, the truth of the matter could be quite different. To quote fence sitters and laissez faire endorsers, we’ll have to wait and see, but my money is on seeing the same Lind that we’ve seen for the last two years, and not the Lind who won a Silver Slugger Award more than two years ago.

Oh, and the Blue Jays finish their interleague schedule with a 9-9 record.

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  1. Why did they call Lind up? Like Parkes said their is a 99% chance he is the same hitter. Are we going to have to see him put up a sub 300 obp in 4 hole for several months FOR A THIRD FUCKIN SEASON IN A ROW?

    God dammit man, honestly I don’t think I’ve ever been so pissed off by a decision ever by the Jays in AA’s regime.

  2. This is going to be… something?

  3. Anthopoulos on whether Snider was considered: “No. I don’t think that right now there’s playing time. Rajai has played so well.”

    If there’s no playing time for Snider over Davis and Francisco, I’m not too sure there ever will be for Snider.

    Trade the man.

    • It could be that AA is playing to sell high on Rajai?

    • He also stated that he’s only just come back from the wrist injury and wants to see some more at bats before a callup. And trading Rajai frees up playing time.

    • he wants Travis to continue to get full time atbats right now because next year he’s out of options and they want him to break camp with the team as their 4th outfielder at the very least, but they are hoping he’s the starting LF next year. its the only explaination that makes any sense.

    • I agree – the Blue Jays have to see what Snider can do in the Bigs – the plan was to have Davis come off the bench and be the 4th outfielder – Snider’s upside is better than Davis – lets see him play – we put up with Thames for so long – we can at least give Snider a chance

    • It sure looks that way – by bringing up Lind they are saying the season is lost and they are still looking at how assets will play out – if so why not bring up Snider and see how he plays

  4. AA says Lind has made some adjustments. I think it’s a little premature to predict going back to the Lind of the last two years, Stoeten. I’d say that the results of his AAA trip are completely inconclusive, and that we should expect anything.

    What is your secret for having such a nice beard?

  5. Maybe AAAAdam Lind will look good for long enough to warrant a trade?

  6. It has to be said that Farrell said he will be on the bench

    • Well that’s something at least. If it were Cito, he’d be starting at 1B immediately (or would have never been sent down).

      EE has definitely shown he can play a decent 1B this year. And certainly better than Lind had shown earlier.

    • Don’t think so. They just sent down the only other option at 1B/DH. Unless Francisco is the new full time DH

  7. Even if its AAA in LV – maybe all he needed was a confidence boost in hitting the ball.

  8. AA is the biggest troll of all time saying that Lind has made adjustments. Lind was terrible for his previous 1300 abs, please keep him in vegas.

  9. Sell high on rajai for a higher level player kind of like Alex Gonzalez for Escobar kind of deal.

  10. So we quote AAA numbers for Snider, but not for Lind, totes seems fair.

  11. Goodbye Mr. Cooper, you have just been replaced by Adam Lind, your carreer is in shambles. I would be srprized to see you here again. Nor does this speak well for Mr Snider who is duking it out for the LF job in Vegas with Thames.

    • Yeah I think Cooper is saying to himself “just give me an extended period to prove myself” but as you said he’s not going to get it here unless we see more injuries or they do the unthinkable (at least to me) and trade my boy EE.

      • Meh… Cooper’s career is as a quad A player at best, so getting yo-yoed comes with the territory.

        • Yeah, I personally didn’t see much in Cooper’s performance at the MLB level this year or last that makes me think he’ll be an every day player.

          • He’s an ideal NL player. Can come off the bench late in a game and be counted on to at least put the bat on the ball.

    • Travis snider isnt duking out anything with Eric Thames, Snider has the priority to get those AB’s,

  12. Oh, and Lind was putting good swings on the ball about the last week before he was demoted, just wasn’t getting results

  13. All Snider has to do is keep playing the way he has, and he’ll get called up. Rajai is probably playing at his peak right now, either he’ll cool off or he’ll be traded. I think the organization is pretty well aware of what Snider’s potential is.

  14. Don’t think I would go so far as to say we should expect nothing from Lind. If he can come close to the guy he was last year before getting hurt then it’s a huge win for the team. At worst you’ll know whether the reclamation project was successful or not by the end of the year and can move on from there. Considering the chances of a playoff spot this year were honestly spotty at best and seem to have got worse with the pitching injuries now is the time to find out.

  15. Getting set up for a trade would be my guess.

  16. He is last year’s Aaron Hill. The Hillmeister is doing quite well in Arizona the last time I’ve checked.

  17. Even though its not Jays related, now that Youkillis was traded to the White Sox, it’s suggested that the Red Six might get Zach Stewart back in the trade!

    • I’m mostly just happy not to have to watch that fat bastard jiggle through his hideous batting stance anymore.
      And if they get Stewart out of the deal, double plus. Zach’s been shitting the bed with frequency this season.

    • Interesting to look at the stats of the two pieces the Jays gave up in the Rasmus trade:

      Rzep has a 5.47 ERA, 1.45 WHIP, Zach Stewart has a 6.00 ERA and a 1.5 WHIP

      • The cards would be more pissed at the trade if they lost the WS last year.

        • Oh of course. Even if Rasmus wins MVP next year, I’m sure they’re happy with the trade because they won the WS. I doubt any of us regret the Kent for Cone trade in 92.

          But from a Jays perspective, it looks like an absolute steal right now.

  18. *Red Sox

  19. So, we are to the point where Snider is not getting called up because RAJAI DAVIS HAS HAD A FEW GOOD GAMES!

    Does anyone else find this pure fucking stupid?

    In fact, if there were a “STOETEN ANSWERS GRIFFS MAILBAG” question that went like this.

    “He richard, Snider is tearing it up in vegas right now..but Davis is playing solid right now…any chance Snider gets traded or kept down because of this resurgent Rajai?”

    Im pretty sure Stoeten would answer something like this “what are you fucking stupid? Snider is a potential core piece to this team for years to come, Davis is a stop gap 4th dont stunt development of potential core players for stop gaps in “building” years.”

    but since AA did it…im sure it will be regarded as a prudent move

    • As numerous people have noted up-thread, the rationale for this is likely not that Rajai is better, but rather that he is currently trade bait and therefore the team benefits by his getting at-bats while he’s playing at his best.
      Also AA specifically addressed the Snider question y stating, much as he did around the Lawrie call-up demands last season, that they want to see him put together a sustained level of consistent success following the injury before he’s called up.

      • I’ll bet that if Davis gets moved it’s to the NL west with the sabean and colletti still having jobs

        • Actually he’d be a nice pickup as a 4th outfielder especially for an NL team… I’d say that Sabean or Colletti are more likely to maybe take on Lind

          • Imagine if sabean gives up belt for Lind!

          • Davis would probably slash .300/.350/.450 in the NL West and end up with about 40 triples in AT&T Park. Hill might make people look twice at Lind as a reclamation project.

            Davis and Lind for Lincecum, maybe throw in Belt to really even things out. Makes sense to me.

    • You need to chill out; Davis has put together a decent season so far with the play time he has been afforded, and Snider has been the perfect picture of inconsistency at the MLB level each and every time he’s been given a chance. This IS a prudent move, regardless of what you think.

      • This is the stuff I don’t get, somebody takes a swipe at Snider, and its a hit and run from a first time, never to be seen again blogger. Its OK to have an opinion that isn’t mainstream.

        Look, I don’t believe Snider is the answer to LF. There is a reason he’s in Vegas at 24 years of age, and it isn’t because of Cito. Snider isn’t good enough. Believe all you want but his K’s and incosistence at the plate arn’t MLB stuff

        • all i can say is jose bautista. 30 more homeruns in 3 yrs than anybody else. some develop later

          • Jose is the exception that proves the rule. The reason it blew us all away is that it almost never happens. We can’t count on things like that happening in order to build a winning team.

    • “Rajai davis has had a few good games” ?? look at his stats, especially since thames went to AAA – they’re somewhere between good and very good, i wanted snider in LF from the start but even I cant say we should bench davis for Snider right now, Davis’ numbers have been too good

      • Ok, let me spell it out for you guys. Rajai davis is a stop gap nothing. He is not someone who should be keeping someone like Snider down in AAA no matter HOW well Davis is performing. As far as increasing Davis trade value, do people really think GM’s are that stupid that they suddenly offer more for Davis because he is in a hot streak?

        Get Snider up ASAP before some more bullshit happens in the suboptimal world of AAA baseball

        • corey patterson.

        • And Rajai Davis is trade bait.

          If you want to maximize the amount of value you get back in a trade, you play the person you’re hoping to get rid of, not bench them.

          Relax, Snider will be up here as soon as Davis gets traded. (Hopefully.)

    • Why are you trying to put words in someone’s mouth? Rajai has been a pretty decent player when he has gotten at bats. Nothing wrong with keeping him around while he is swinging a good bad and as always, is a terror on the basepaths.

  20. Is this it for Cooper this year with the Jays?

  21. players who get sent down never sort it out ever…but at least 1) people are stupid if they think he will unabashedly replicate vegas because AAA is not the majors and 2) people are stupid if they think that their isn’t a chance he turned it around……two straw men for the price of one today!

  22. I’ll bet the people at SOSH are fucking losing their minds over having Zach Stewart on their team because he’s so shitty lol!

  23. This thread/post on Snider: Look at him ripping up AAA, why isn’t he in the majors?
    This thread/post on Lind: Look at him ripping up AAA, that doesn’t mean anything.

    • +1

    • @wat: umm it’s a little different when one guy I 24 and hasn’t been given a full season at the MLB level while the other guy is 29, has a tiny sample size and has been given tons of rope and performed brutally. So yay for invalid comparisons!

    • If AAA is so shitty at least it figured out Vladimir Guerrero enough to have him hopefully retire for good.

  24. FORZA ITALIA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1!!!!!!

  25. I like Chavez. He has a good down in the zone fast ball and his breaking balls are not too shitty. But the problem is when someone gets on base he goes from Pedro Martinez to a pure shit baller. With that being said I think he’ll bomb against Yanks and Bosox.

  26. If you’re ever confused by alex, just think did you ever grow ideas in the garden of your mind?

  27. Here’e a riddle, how many jays AGM’s does it take to figure out jess chavez can’t start?

    • At least one more.

    • You have a better idea?

      And before you say Perez or Villanueva, don’t forget last time we started Villanueva he got injured; and we need long men in the bullpen right now, what with all the garbage we’re using as starters.

  28. First Thames over Snider out of ST, now Rajai keeping him off the roster.

    Seems the Jays like their LF to be black for some reason. A new market inefficiency?

    • You’re an idiot.

    • I guess the doc, never sorted it out when he got sent down?

    • Rajai is the 3rd best hitter on the team right now in terms of wRC+ and he’s already worth 1.2 rWAR. Is it really not obvious that AA is trying to showcase him for a potential trade?

      Imagine the lack of progress in this world if everyone had such tunnel-vision.

    • Comments need to get taken off when there racist. Guess they don’t teach respect at school or home anymore

      • Pretty sure it was a joke. And it’s a huge stretch to deem that “racist”. Unless of course you’re referring to another comment that has already been removed. In which case….nothing to see here.

        • It was @ BJW…don’t know why this stuff has to be taught on line but, if you identify a position is reserved for a particular race , then, yeah, that’s rasism. It implies a quota system, it implies that a player isn’t good enough to get the position through his own skills. It demeans the character of the players you are slandering. Fuck whaere have you guys been. The Jays have retoired one number in franchise history. If you don’t know what it is, I suggest you read up on it and become enlightened

  29. +1000

  30. Let me reiterate what I said earlier. FUUCK!

  31. I don’t have a huge problem with Lind being recalled. I mean, you’re paying the guy millions, NO ONE wanted to take him off your hands for (basically) free, and this season is pretty much a lost cause with the injuries.

    Hope some of this confidence he’s apparently regained (and yes, I get everything Parkes wrote) can positively impact his big league performance. What’s the likelihood of that happening? Probably very low. But, maybe he rebuilds just enough value for someone to take a flyer on him at some point.

  32. What’s the reasoning behind all of this Lind hatred? He is a long-time Blue Jay and clearly likes Toronto, what with him marrying a woman from the GTA. Not to mention his walkup song a couple of years ago (85 by Youngbloodz was the best I have heard since Alex Rios used Don Omar’s ‘Bandeleros’. I imagine him riding in his Jag down 85 smokin fatty blunts. Lind is good dude, and he has shown that he can be a very good hitter. Yeah he has been mediocre overall, but the fact that he is tearing it up in AAA is something that should only make us optimistic that the boost in confidence will lead to a boost in numbers. And if it doesn’t, then he will be sent packing, something which many thought was already a sure thing a couple of weeks ago. He is not “done” as a player yet. This is not a bad move in any way, especially since Linder has the potential to play better than any of the other options currently available on the roster, even if he only gets to start against righties.
    Here’s hoping he surprises all the a-holes who are inevitably going to chirp him when he comes back to the Dome.

    • That Vegas ballpark makes everyone look like Jose Bautista. Lind’s stats down there don’t mean dick. However, if we keep him down there, and he keeps hitting down there, maybe some dumb GM might give him a whirl and take him off our hands. If we bring him up here and her reverts, we’ll never get rid.

      I think Lind is a true AAAA player. Too good for the farm, not good enough for the majors.

      • No offense but I get a kick out of the “some dumb GM” comments. It’s like most people know the PCL stats are tainted except for a GM and everyone that advises him. What do you think are the chances of that really happening?

        The best way for him to re-establish his value is at the major league level. Believe me I’m hardly the biggest Lind supporter in the world but saying that, if he comes close to what he did for a couple of months last year and half of 2010 then he’ll be far more valuable as trade bait or for this current team with his performance.

        Considering the season is probably close to being a write-off once again, they might as well find out once and for all. Maybe being DFA’d and having nobody make a move for him is the kick in the ass he needed. Plenty of talented people have used such a wake up call to their benefit in the past but they all needed a second chance to make good on it. Of course there’s no guarantee that will happen but imo there’s not a lot to lose. If the pitching is going to remain mediocre to poor, then any chance they have is going to be on the backs of a totally dominating offense.

    • I have a lot of longtime friends who are pretty good guys too. Wouldn’t trust them to do anything that required any skill whatsoever though, so…don’t really get your point.

    • Is this Adam Lind?

    • He was a Silver Slugger….

  33. gawdy -> gaudy

  34. Hopefully this recall will be the next step in helping Adam Lind get his whole life turned around:

    I didn’t realize we had a Josh Hamilton-type situation in our own backyard!?

  35. I think rajai’s situation really has to be a trade showcase thing. I doubt a GM will think he’s a team savior bc he’s on a hot streak, they’re not that dumb. But certainly i think he’s exceeded what people thought he was capable of and has more value than on opening day. With Lind, who knows. Hopefully he can at least be average in the back half of the order. If they fuck around with the top 4 tho, I’ll be seriously pissed

  36. Yes Lind’s AAA stats don’t mean shit but they wanted to see certain things worked on and heres what we got:

    1.183 OPS against lefties
    12% Walk
    1 SB

  37. I’m not going to suggest that Lind is going to tear it up when he gets back, but I don’t see how pitchers in the PCL are more “concerned with working on pieces of their repertoire that are going to get them to the big leagues faster” than getting outs.

    It’s triple A, they’re all pitching to get a call up. How does letting Adam Lind rip the cover off the baseball help them get to the big leagues faster?

  38. Lind is a big leaguer, maybe just not an AL East player. That means he’s a Quin-A player.

  39. I just had a horrifying thought. Is farrell that stupid to put lind back in the cleanup spot? Yes.

  40. I’m pretty sure Lind’s gonna be back at 1B, with EE DH’ing. Hopefully, he sits against lefties and Gomes or anyone else honestly takes that spot.

  41. “We’ve got the ability to DH Francisco against some left-handers, with Eddie at first,” Farrell explained. “Then, against right-handers, Lindie at first or Eddie at first. But we wanted to get the additional left-handed bat. The way Lind’s been swinging the bat in Vegas, he had gone down and done exactly what we hoped he would do.” – John Farrell

  42. Guys its a month to trade deadline Lind comes up hits and at deadline maybe you can send him with a top prospect to a team in the race for a piece to help in the future. cooper is better getting everyday at bats in Vegas for next month.

    • Makes sense to me.

      Just please, please, please DON’T let him face lefties. That doesn’t help his stats, trade value or the Blue Jays chances of winning the fucking game.

      • I don’t know, the league already knows he’s ass against lefties, might as well run him out there a couple of times and see if those adjustments he’s talked about help at all against them. The back-end of the batting order was weak before anyway. If he can show some improvement against lefties, it’ll only help his trade value. If it’s the same shit, well, it’s as expected.

  43. Jesus. So yesterday was about the worst day ever: Jays come in to the day 1.5 out of 2nd wild card (shared by TBR and LAA), tied in the standings with Boston and CWS. So the Jays lose, Boston wins, Chicago wins, LAA win. Tampa wins…TWICE. Oh and Baltimore and NYY win as well.

  44. argh

  45. Adam knows he cleared waivers and that if he doesn’t turn things around now it could mean the end of life in the bigs. When faced with that realization a lot of guys dig deep and end up putting it all together.
    I hope he turns into the power bat the Jays would like at the five spot.
    If so their bats 1-5 would be amazing.

  46. He doesn’t need to be a different hitter, he was in a slump that’s all. Look up every good or great hitter who has ever played, 90% have had down years like Lind this year. Guys like Pujols are very rare, in which he never had a bad year until his career worst slump starting this year. Lind’s only problem is that he is too laid back at times, just like Cecil he needs to say to himself…Man up Bitch…Im never going back to Las Vegas again. Playing with Lawrie will help, cause he never takes a play off. Same intensity level all game every game, i expect Lind to tear the shit out of the ball and not look back!

  47. Linds stats in Vegas highlight just how different it is to hit there compared to MLB. In this light, fans should temper their enthusiasm for what to expect from guys like Gose, Hech and D’Arnaud who are currently raking there.

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