Now it’s time for all the stuff I don’t figure on making full posts out of, with the spiffy graphic by Matt English (aka @mattomic). It’s your Afternoon Snack… er… Afternoon Hangover… er… links!!!

At his North of the Border blog, Gregor Chisholm has the full run-down of the conversation Alex Anthopoulos had with the media in Miami. Or was it Milwaukee? Whatever the case, it’s must-read stuff.

Gregor also writes, at, about how Jeff Mathis could become Brett Cecil’s personal catcher.

Ken Fidlin of the Toronto Sun highlights comments on Travis Snider made by Alex Anthopoulos in the wake of Sunday’s recalls. The GM insists that he wants Snider to be up for good the next time he gets the call, and says that Rajai Davis has done nothing yet to lose the job. So… he’ll keep on waiting until Davis gets traded I guess.

Elsewhere in the Sun, Bob Elliott reports on the Canadian Baseball Hall of Fame induction ceremony from this weekend in St. Mary’s, where Brewers GM Doug Melvin joked that he was being inducted for trading Brett Lawrie to the Blue Jays. “But seriously,” he quipped, “the Brewers’ minor-league development people teaches players to never throw a helmet — unless they are 50 feet from an umpire.”

Elliott also looks in-depth at the Jays three injured rotation regulars, examining what’s going on and when we can expect to see them back.

In Lansing, Noah Syndergaard was perfect through five innings in his start over the weekend. “It would be very easy to say that the slider is why Noah Syndergaard is back on track,” explains. “Three weeks ago, he started developing the pitch on his own. On Saturday night, before his 15th appearance for the Class A Lansing Lugnuts, he threw it so well in his off-to-the-side bullpen session that pitching coach Vince Horsman allowed him to finally break out the breaking ball between the lines.”

John Sickels has some glowing praise for Syndergaard as well, at Minor League Ball– including a video clip of some warmup pitches.

Nick Cafardo of the Boston Globe includes the Jays among suitors for Matt Garza. Quelle surprise!

Holy what? It’s a post from Jon Hale over at the Mockingbird! Genuine quelle surprise! And in the post he lays it down hard on Buck and Tabby, so that’s pretty fucking terrific too.

Around here we tend to scoff at Major League equivalency calculations… when we don’t like what they’re telling us! But when Brian Cartwright of the Hardball Times tweets that, by his calculations, the MLE line for Lind’s time in Vegas is .256/.326/.423.

Seems as though Friday’s loss to the Jays really drove Ozzie Guillen to drink. Of course, according to comments relayed by the Sporting News, there’s not a whole lot of things that don’t. He doesn’t care much for your psychiatrist, either, for what it’s worth.

Asked about concerns that draft pick Marcus Stroman may not sign with the Jays, Keith Law tweets that he sees “no reason he wouldn’t sign.”

“Don’t be deceived by the fact they remain two games over .500,” writes the Toronto Star’s Richard Griffin of the Jays. “They’re on a tightrope.”

Elsewhere in the Star, Brendan Kennedy looks at the possibilities the Jays have in front of them as far as rotation help goes.

John Lott of the National Post writes about Adam Lind and the positive reports on him since his demotion to Las Vegas. Back into the fire ya go.

At FanGraphs, Eric Seidman looks at Jose Bautista’s strange season, and wonders if he can be the first player since 1962 to finish a season with a .380+ wOBA and a BABIP below .225.

Bluebird Banter examines Chad Jenkins as a possible rotation candidate for the Jays, as he’s been decent in his last three starts, if not– y’know– the season as a whole.

The Blue Jay Hunter is sick and tired of Travis Snider being in Las Vegas, and wants him freed. Meh. I’m sure he will be as soon as Davis is dealt. And you can’t stop playing Davis until that happens, or bring up Snider to play part-time. So… what are you gonna do, really?

Second lastly, the Little Red Umbrella reminds us of Toronto’s rich and varied baseball history. Or… wait, did I say baseball history? I meant donkey baseball history.

And lastly, not Jays-related, but Scott Miller of CBS Sports relays an anecdote from RA Dickey’s book which makes Alex Rodriguez look like quite the fucking fuckface. Delicious!

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  1. well they made davis a bench player for Eric Thames

    sooo you know, they can go ahead and do that for Snider.

    • Davis wasn’t playing as well then, though. Right now he’s making himself a legitimate trade chip. You don’t stop that train, because… holy shit, they might actually be able to use him in a package for something decent.

      • I really don’t understand this “Rajai Davis as a trade chip” idea that has taken root the last couple of weeks. No team is going to give up anything of substantial value to land Rajai, and if the Blue Jays intend on competing in 2013 he’s the perfect 4th OF (at 3m) to have as a caddy for an outfield that could potentially feature 3 lefties in Snider/Gose/Rasmus.

        If all the Red Sox could get for Kevin Youkilis at a bargain basement salary (the White Sox are picking up the majority of his remaining salary) was Zach Stewart and an irrelevant MI, I have no interest in seeing the Jays move Rajai.

        If you’re merely suggesting that more playing time might help the Jays include Rajai in some sort of Rasmus-type swindling, well with that I disagree. Any contending team acquiring Rajai knows exactly what skills he brings to the table and one month of stats one way or the other isn’t going to change much.

        • Should we keep Davis if he can be part of a package that brings back a significant piece, say a 1B or a SP?

          He is a higher value version of Corey Patterson last season.

        • I would have thought that about Alex Gonzalez, too. And Corey Patterson.

          I’m not saying he’ll bring back a lot– certainly not on his own– but yes, he can be part of a package and can help a club a lot more this year than he can the Jays, who need to clear some of that logjam anyway and get Snider some playing time in the Majors.

          The likelihood of the outfield you suggest actually being in place next year is really, really small, I think, so his right-handedness is just not a convincing factor to keep him. He’s a nice player, obviously, but I wouldn’t be surprised if he’s played well enough to make other teams think twice.

          I agree that a month’s worth of stats probably shouldn’t change much about a team’s evaluation of a player, but I think it sometimes does. It can’t hurt to have him out there every night playing decently. And I mean, what is their evaluation of Davis? Is he the guy we’re seeing at the plate this year and in 2009, or the shitbag of the intervening and preceding years? How much weight are they putting on what they thought of him in March and what he’s done the last three months? Davis has had some pretty wild swings in value over his career, and if he’s doing something at the plate now that he wasn’t before, teams would be dumb to not consider that when assessing his value– and to do so they need to see him.

          Sorry, it’s a pretty easily plausible way to view it.

          • Why the fuck should they trade davis? Hes very valuable as a 4th OF vs LHP’s and pinch runner. I think you are just believing what you want to believe. No reason to believe he is on the trading block. I think the Jays fully intend to keep him around unless hes part of a package for a player like rasmus.

        • Rajai will most likely bring back more than you think simply because he’s under control for next year with his very reasonable club option of $3 million.

          Teams know he’s not just a rental player therefore they can give up more in the deal compared to just a rental player for the final 2 months of the season.

          Rajai is also pretty versatile with his ability to play Left and Center.

          At this point Youklis is a 3 month rental with no compensation coming back to the Sox if he leaves.

      • stoeten – with due respect and everything bro… in an era when kevin youkilis (and $5M) gets traded for brent lillibridge and zach stewart rajai davis is not getting traded for anything significant. the new CBA has significantly altered the trade deadline landscape.

        • … or… what NYJ said. :)

          • Except, that’s one trade. And it involves a very motivated seller and a declining asset. Youk is a big name, but look beyond that to what he is: a guy who can barely stay healthy, was wasted on the bench, and a has fugly .233/.315/.377 line.

            The landscape may well change monumentally, but it would be asinine for a club to just assume that it has at this juncture. We don’t know yet, and the Youk deal is hardly a good barometer.

          • “The landscape may well change monumentally, but it would be asinine for a club to just assume that it has at this juncture.”

            you know about the rule changes, right?

            take a guy like grienke… if the jays acquire him tomorrow and he walks as a free agent the jays get nothing. last year they would have gotten grienke + two premium picks if he walks as a free agent. i’m going to go out on a limb and suggest that this sort of change will impact the market.

            do the cardinals do the rasmus trade last year with the two supplemental picks for dotel and jackson? maybe… but it has to be a consideration.

          • Yes, I know about the rule changes, Ryan. But it remains to be seen how big of an impact they will have on this year’s deadline. The Giants traded Zack Wheeler for a couple months of Beltran knowing full well that part of the deal was that they couldn’t get a compensation pick back for him later. Most teams won’t be that stupid, but obviously teams desperate for a piece or a package they think can put them over the top or into the race will still trade young for old, regardless.

            And let’s remember, the compensatory draft picks we’re talking about were for the following year’s draft, and with the old, late signing deadline, we’re talking about guys who wouldn’t be hitting pro ball for two years from the time of the trade in a lot of cases, and then just starting out. We’re talking about some long timelines before clubs might, maybe, hopefully see MLB production from those picks. Not that anyone should turn up their nose at a piece like that, but for a contending team, I have a suspicion that the compensation picks weren’t as big a part of the equation as is often presumed.

        • Rajai Davis is more valuable than Youk, Youk is having all types of injury problems, and his value is his bat, Davis plays OF and has speed, he is more useful to a team making a world series push. reminds me of when the jays traded for Henderson, (note, the comparison between the two ends there) note if Karsay did not have the injury problems he did he would have been a much better pitcher,

    • but, but, but… davis has had a good month.

      the front office obviously puts a higher value on doing right by rajai davis then it does finding out what they have in travis snider.

      odd when you consider the lengths AA and company have gone to express to the customers the importance of the long view for this club in this division.

  2. Or you could, y’know, give Snider more than a week of rehab to get back up to speed. It’s frustrating to see people lamenting how the Jays ‘screwed’ the guy, how they’ve rushed him. Yet, here we are again. Couple of good box scores and it’s time to charter a flight.

    Give him a chance, let’s see him have a few more weeks to really get up to speed, and then face the top competition in the world. Otherwise it will be his return to AAA you’ll be lamenting.

  3. I don’t consider this a measurement of the quality or potential future performance of the player, BUT!

    Jose is on pace for 100 runs, 100 rbis, 100 walks, 100 strikeouts and 50 homers… which is…. kinda neat.

  4. I honestly can’t remember the last time Bautista made an out that wasn’t a tall pop up. Skying fly balls ever other at bat will really hurt your BABIP

    • Well, I can recall nearly a groundball to third a game. The guy has been hitting a lot of grounders to third this year, and an inordinate number of them have not gotten through for hits.

  5. Seriously, what would someone have to do to have Vegas numbers translate into something good at MLB? Hit .700?

  6. Anyone catch the ‘Wins vs ERA’ argument on Tim and Sid on Friday?

    I generally like those guys a lot, it’s a really fun show … but with the Win vs ERA stuff, Tim made Greg Brady sound like Dustin Parkes.

  7. I’m sure AA will find a way to turn Rajai Davis & Darren Oliver into Peter Bourjos and then find a way to flip Bourjos to a team desperate for a CF and get back something even better.

    Travis Snider is merely a pawn in AA’s master game of chess. As he should be.

  8. If Snider had a future here, he would have been here at the start of the year instead of Thames. Snider has had his chances and crashed and burned here. I agree with Jays 2010 about AA using Snider as a pawn.

  9. Obviously, the Jays are not expected to get a great haul for Davis. But a package including him would gather interest from other GM’s, especially at the trade deadline where teams who are going “all in” for the playoffs. Davis would be a GREAT addition to a playoff contending team as a secret weapon off the bench for his speed and versatility.

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