With interleague mercifully behind us, the Jays move to… not necessarily a pivotal part of the schedule, but one that you’d sure as fuck like to see them not cock up too monumentally, as they face a tough Kevin Youki-less (see what I just did there?) Red Sox team who sit above them in the American League East race, yet still inexplicably behind the fucking Baltimore Orioles and, of course, the Rays and Red Sox.

With Henderson Alvarez bumped back to start today, and the bats– until yesterday’s goalless draw that was settled on penalties thrashing at the hands of the Marlins– seem to be ready to carry the club, things in this series don’t seem quite so dire as when it first looked as though Jesse Chavez and Aaron Laffey would be cannon fodder before a not-quite-himself Ricky Romero rode in to salvage a win against Jon Lester on Wednesday afternoon. But… that doesn’t mean the outlook is exactly great. Yes, the Jays get Felix Doubront and Daisuke Matsuzaka in the other two games, with the lefty Doubront going tonight, but that’s not a whole lot of consolation as they send to the hill a pitcher who has given up 27 earned runs in his last 35 innings, while striking out just seven in that span.

Hey, but Ben Francisco is at DH tonight, everybody!


Yes, Adam Lind is back with the big club for tonight’s game, but as you can see from the lineup below, and as I mentioned above, he’s not getting any action at DH, as Ben Francisco gets the call against the left-hander Doubront. Whoopee!

Get your maple fingers maple clicking over to mapleBlueJays.com, because as Getting Blanked shows us, the club will be rolling in some nice-looking bright red duds for Canada Day.

Parkes also has a thing or two to say– eventually– about Jon Morosi calling the Jays 2010 draft “anti-Moneyball.”

Tim Britton of the Providence Journal previews the series from a Red Sox-ish perspective.

And lastly, for your between-inning viewing pleasure, it’s today’s edition of Getting Blanked…

TV: Sportsnet

And now the lineups, by way of the live box score at theScore.com. And for those of you who’ll be out and about, be sure to follow all the action on your phone with Score Mobile

Toronto Blue Jays

Brett Lawrie 3B
Colby Rasmus CF
Jose Bautista RF
Edwin Encarnacion 1B
Kelly Johnson 2B
Yunel Escobar SS
Rajai Davis LF
Ben Francisco DH
J.P. Arencibia C

Henderson Alvarez RHP

Youk-less Massholes

Daniel Nava LF
Dustin Pedroia 2B
David Ortiz DH
Jarrod Saltalamacchia C
Adrian Gonzalez 1B
Will Middlebrooks 3B
Cody Ross RF
Ryan Kalish CF
Nick Punto SS

Felix Doubront LHP


Image via Google Maps.

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  1. Wow, really surprised Lind isn’t in there. Hopefully they stick him and Francisco as a fulltime platoon.

  2. Farrell: Welcome back, Lind! You’re not playing tonight.

  3. Does anyone else think that the game threat is probably the worst place to put the Getting Blanked links? I watch it to waste time waiting for the game to start. I could care less about it once it’s actually started.

    • Duly noted. Seems a waste of a standalone post and often isn’t ready for the afternoon snack.

  4. Wait, the Red Sox are behind themselves in the standings? If only that were true…

  5. peeked at lineup hoping not to see lind in the 4 hole.still dont trust farrell for a braincramp

  6. I am a closet Lind fan….well at least as much as most around here. Which isn’t saying much I guess. But Holy fucking shittballer….his brief TV time on BJC…fuck can he sound a little less like a fucking bonehead in his interview….’yaaaa…well…it helped to have different eyes on me and I think I improved’. Fuck…can we here some enthusiasm?!!?

    • Bro I have no interest in trolling you but … what you are noting about Lind here is precisely one of the reasons I am emphatically not a fan of the guy.

    • When I listen to Lind in interviews, I can’t figure out if he is dense or rude. I think a bit of both.

      • lol I certainly get the dense part when I hear him speak. He certainly seems to give the worst interviews.

  7. Sweet Jeebes if Lind could only sort hisself out that would be finer than a fine thing from grand, eh?

  8. The team (management, minor league evaluators, etc.) seem to be somewhat set in their views once they take a position. Hutch was talked up a lot before within the organization and boom, he’s in the big leagues before no time. Did Snider even have a legit chance of making the team out of spring training (it’s fair to ask!)?

    I mean, we’re going to see Laffey and Chavez in the rotation. What’s wrong with seeing if Jenkins or Deck could make a go of it. They are certainly old enough anyways to make a debut. These are pretty special circumstances so why not have them get their feet wet in a season that is starting to get away from them.

    These guys are supposed to be innings eaters, let them eat them.

    • I suggest you visit each of their milb.com pages and see how they’re doing this year in AA. That might answer some Q’s.

      • I am assuming they are going to take some lumps, I just mean you need pitchers, they need to get their feet wet… I’m just putting one and one together is all.

  9. First time hearing Buck’s voice in 2 weeks. I did not miss it.

  10. Doubront ha a June ERA of 5.40. We can take him

  11. With Youkilis traded, I’ll be using this series to designate a new least favourite Red Sox. Pedroia is the heavy favourite, but I think I owe it to myself to give some of the kids – Middlebrooks, Nava, Aviles – a shot.

    • Such an embarrassment of riches to pick from!

    • Schilling and Papelbon are both gone…I cant dislike a player just because he’s good

    • I still don’t understand why Youklis was traded? His performance has gone down this year but he’s not horrible.

      Is this a payroll reducing move?

      Why couldn’t the red sox get more for him than Zach Stewart?

      • He’s been shite, they have a young player in Middlebrooks to replace him, they need pitching at all levels because their farm has been depleted, and they can benefit from both a utility player in Lillibridge and a swing arm with their injuries in the rotation.
        They shipped a whole bunch of cash along with Youk, so no, it has nothing to do with salary.

  12. Go Cletus!

  13. See what protection will do for you!?

  14. Felix Dubront is giving a little welcome to Boston present to us Jays fans! How kind?

  15. Already setting the pace for a standard Red Sox 4 hour game.

  16. Well, that’s .. karma?

    Rasmus is a double anywhere else. But EE is See Ya Bingo anywhere else

  17. single, stolen base, homer, reached on error, double.
    3-1 lead, none out.
    Fuck Boston

  18. this right here is one hell of a start against boston. maybe it’ll be enough to keep Alvarez’s nerves calm and his pitches down.

  19. I can’t believe how many hits Alvarez gives up on 0-2 or 1-2 counts.

    • Because people keep reaming his ass about trying to make strike outs rather than just making that weak contact.

    • he has no out pitch, no change of plane/high movement breaking ball. hitters know they’re still going to see a fastball/changeup with minimal motion, so they they can assume that as long as they protect the zone they’ll put it in play without worrying about a curveball dropping out of the zone or a slider tailing in/away from them.

  20. Get the pen warming up. ASA fucking P.

  21. I was kind of hoping that EE was in the running for Player of the Week award (a little extra notice just before All Star selections) – he had a SHTRONG week – 1.262 OPS, 4 HRs, only 6 RBIs tho. But this Middlemarch kid for the Sux had a 2.007 OPS with 3 HR and 10 RBI.

    My two puns of the night:

    Sux to be Youk

    Yuckey Way

  22. Ok watch after Ortiz gets the HR, Alvarez will get the Yips and the rest of the Jays will follow!

    • DFA this “stinker-ball” pitcher.

      • and bring up who? you? fuck off.

        • Ok, you’re right. Let’s fucking run this shitballer out every day instead of having him fucking go back to the minors and learn some command/out-pitch while regaining his confidence. Why fucking damage a future asset? We’re not fucking competing this year.

          • Seriously? Who the fuck do we bring up? It’s a valid question. McGuire and Jenkins are pitching worse at AA at the moment, Chavez is pitching worse up here, the AAA arms don’t have any realistic candidates. There just aren’t any options. If he can figure shit out up here, great. If some kind of depth presents itself and he can be sent down, great, but until that time comes (and Chavez needs to get back to the ‘pen first), there just aren’t the arms right now.

          • Let either Laffey/Villaneuva/Chavez/Carreno take the starts. Fuck it. Tank Nation this fucking thing and lets get a #1 pick this year. We’re not making the fucking playoffs regardless.

          • A few things to that:
            1. there’s no way the Jays finish worse than at least 6 other teams in the majors, if not more than that, without ditching a whole bunch of pieces that they can’t afford to ditch, so Tank Nation isn’t going to work.
            2. The Draft class next season, while supposedly stronger than this year, isn’t going to have a Harper/Strasburg/Moore near the top, so the utility of a higher draft pick is doubtful
            3. With the length of time and difficulty of developing prospects in baseball, with even the first ten picks of the average draft only having a 50% rate of success at reaching the major league level successfully, the value of “Tanking” is questionable at best. Transferring the whole tank nation narrative over from the Leafs isn’t a simple transfer.

  23. fuck Alvarez, could you possibly just hit Ortiz – get out the 1st without an HR to energize that fucking crowd

  24. Does anyone know if Bruce Walton or any pitching coach in the entire blue jays organization knows how to teach a pitcher to keep the fucking ball down in the zone.

    Seriously… fuck sakes.

  25. and here is musical accompaniment to my Sux to be Youk pun:




    • Who would you be willing to lose? Johnson? Yunel?

      • Both.

        • Easy guys, we have an elite farm system of players that can help us 5 years from now.

          Im trying here, I make calls all day long asking about every possible player available but the other teams wont accept offers of Mike McCoy and Robert Coello, they always want a prospect and I am not willing to part with any prospect of any kind.

          I mean just the other day I was on the phone with the Mariners and said hey guys, Ill give you Mike McCoy, Robert Coello, Chris Woodward and Brian Jeroloman for Felix Hernandez and they said no.

          My hands are tied.

  27. WTF Alvarez up to 97.

  28. Alvarez may have found the “sink” at the end of that inning…too bad it took 2 runs to find it.

  29. Interesting his pitch selection looks like Brandon Morrow 2011. 97 mph heat plus a slider.

    • Let him throw a fucking eephus.

      • It’s just unusual for a sinker baller to be throwing that hard and that many 4 seamers. It’s also what I think has been getting him into trouble because he seems like he’s been overthrowing and losing the sink on his fastball. Oh well, just have to wait and see how the rest of the game pans out.

      • I remember Oil Can’s Eephus pitch…got them every time…

  30. 50 pitches combined between the two pitchers this first inning, 27 for Doubront and 23 for Hendo.

  31. Francisco!

    On the team!

  32. You Beauty!

  33. Come on Colby me love you long time if you hit another. Missed the first one.

  34. that looked like a double play. Soooo glad it wasn’t yeyeyeyeyey

  35. Damn there goes a promising inning.

  36. Lind isnt starting against a left handed starter?? Get out of town… :)

    • Yeah and he wasn’t even hitting cleanup. Damn Mayans were correct about 2012 after all. World is going to come to an end for sure now.

  37. That was dumb. Dumb, dumb dumb.

  38. Hey gang, I bet you dopes still wish I was around.
    I could give you five innings in a pinch.

  39. Yeah maybe it’d be a good idea to stop running into outs.

  40. Wojciechowski really seems to have turned things around the last few weeks in Dunedin. Might be another candidate for a quick rise.

    Last 6 starts covering 34.2 IP he’s got a 2.08 ERA with a 0.95 WHIP and nearly a 4:1 KK:BB ratio.

  41. My boy EE, fast Eddie you’re not.

  42. I wish this team would stop trying to steal altogether. They’re drilling Doubront and the manager calls for a hit and run with KJ vs a lefty. What the goddamn hell. Just keep slugging the ball.

  43. Karen–

    I don’t think Lind is necessarily dense. I have actually heard him described by people who have talked with him as “sweet.” He’s a midwestern guy who is just not going to show a lot of charisma. It’s not in him. Who knows, maybe he has social anxiety.

    • Maybe. Not everybody is a great interview. I get that. He just comes across as rude to me, as opposed to shy. Just my impression. But apparently I’ve been wrong before :-)

  44. Wow ump was really squeezing Alvarez on Pedroia that time.

  45. WTF it can’t be -not again

  46. Here we go again.

  47. Sure, let’s have another injured pitcher, what the hell….

  48. You’ve got to be fucking kidding me…

  49. oh fuck… the trainer out to the mound… this is not fucking good

  50. Hey, man, I know the feeling. I pulled my groin muscle doing yoga this morning, dressed in nothing more than an Incredible Hulk t-shirt.

  51. Escobar pretty clearly got Pedroia’s foot there. Wasn’t even that tough to see.

  52. Are you fisting me right now

  53. Great fucking job middle infielders.

  54. smh

  55. And that should have ended the inning, again.

  56. Kelly Johnson, ladies and gents.

  57. Well they say you cant have 5 outs in an inning and still win…

  58. Time to get Alvarez out. He’s down to 90 on the 4-seamer after that injury scare.

    • Put him on the 60 day DL.

      • Nah but if he’s tentative when he’s throwing he’s going to be that much more hittable and he might even do more damage to himself by altering his delivery.

        To be fair the D hasn’t helped at all.

  59. There’s your ‘yips’…they’re spooked now…game’s over

  60. If Kelly Johnson isn’t gonna hit the ball either we might as well start Omar.

    You’re better than this you motherfucker, step it up

  61. This feels like an appropriate time to point out that the 2B we ran out of town currently has an OPS about 150 points higher than Johnson.

    • and yet again a good time to tell one of you shortsighted twits that 1 month ago KJ had a 100pt lead in OPS a month ago. Neither of them are studs, they’re going to have streaks during a season.

    • Really?

    • He should have gone on the DL with that hammy problem. He’s been in a downward spiral ever since. You can see it at the plate and certainly in the field.

  62. Just fucking release KJ. He’s so fucking bad.

  63. your basic 6 out inning

  64. On the bright side, we’re still in the lead

  65. 3 Errors. Horrible.

  66. Tabler – “…..Blue Jays have to regroup and put some more POINTS on the board.”

    Last week – “….game is going into OVERTIME.”

    Seriously…maybe I shouldn’t be surprised by this….but I am.

  67. Time for a homer Brett we’re going to need the runs for the bottom half.

  68. I see there are many bad posters that need chasing since I last visited here.

  69. lol that didn’t take long

  70. Get Alvarez out, he’s not fooling them one bit now.

  71. Good game.

  72. Yep, put someone else in…it’s a forgone conclusion. I wonder if i should even stick around to watch the inevitable.

  73. if the starting pitching wasn’t completely depleted i’d be in favour of sending Alvarez down, unfortunately it is so he stays.

    • Why not just send him down? He fucking sucks and we need him for the future. Might as well let him get his shit together.

  74. Sucks u can’t send alvarez back to the minors due to the pitching shittiness and injuries

  75. Who gets chavezs spot in the rotation? It can’t be Charlie v as he would probably be needed tonight :and/or tomorrow

  76. GingerCampell = troll

  77. Wish KJ could do what Ratface just did.

  78. Arbitrary end point alert:

    Dating back to May 17, Kelly Johnson’s line:


  79. Joey Bats speedy D saves a triple

  80. I can’t fucking wait until Alvarez is demoted. I think he has the potential to be something special, but he’s just a pile of Venezuelan shit when he only has 2¼ pitches, and that ¼ being the slider he never, ever uses anymore.

    I suspect this will/should happen once Morrow gets back. There’s just no progress being made.

  81. Yay! A home run! Thats a good thing, right?

  82. Well there’s the Arencibia homerun. Now nothing but outs for the next week.

  83. Was about to free Travis D’Arnaud but then JP hit a home run and I’ll wait until his next strikeout.

  84. I will bet money we see a Jenkins call up in the next couple days

    • Last time I saw a picture of Jenkins, which admittedly was over a year ago, his neck looked like a pack of hotdogs and I thought he was pregnant.

    • Most likely, the barrel is pretty empty at this point.

  85. Are you shitting me? C’mon, another elbow!?!

  86. The funny part is, and I use the word funny loosely, is that Alvarez was pointing to the inside of his right elbow there. Like it wasn’t the back issue, but arm.

    • Hope he didn’t try and compensate for the earlier injury. That’s why I was saying they should have taken him out immediately the first time.

      Man what a season. Has to be one for the team record books.

  87. Oh sweet merciful fuck. Not again. Listening on radio, they keep saying he’s hurt around the “back of the right ribs”… sounds like oblique again.
    Fuck Fuck Fucking Fuck.
    And now Jason Frasor comes in. I predict this game will end sometime around midnight.

  88. Fucking shitting me

  89. I’m oddly less distressed about the Alvarez injury than I was the Morrow/Hutchison injuries.

  90. At least he made it to the 6th without getting injured. 5 runs, not bad, not bad!

  91. hey guys what’s up? don’t mind me dropping around do you?

  92. Jays starting pitching is like the old Christmas light string….one bulb goes out and the whole string goes down.

  93. Not that i wanted Alvarez injured, but is anyone surprised that he’s most likely blown out his elbow? (I didnt watch it, just going off previous comments made here). His delivery has so much effort in it, and multiple people like Goldstein and KLaw warned us 18 months ago.

    • Really? I know they said that about Drabek and Hutchison, with the inverted W and all that. I don’t remember about Alvarez.

    • Yep. Super violent delivery. I think they also stated because of this he would be much better suited to a bullpen role.

  94. Before this year is done our rotation will be Laffey, Richmond, O’Sullivan, Carreno, and Jamie Moyer.

  95. Does Dr James Andrews own his own country yet with a GDP?

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