With interleague mercifully behind us, the Jays move to… not necessarily a pivotal part of the schedule, but one that you’d sure as fuck like to see them not cock up too monumentally, as they face a tough Kevin Youki-less (see what I just did there?) Red Sox team who sit above them in the American League East race, yet still inexplicably behind the fucking Baltimore Orioles and, of course, the Rays and Red Sox.

With Henderson Alvarez bumped back to start today, and the bats– until yesterday’s goalless draw that was settled on penalties thrashing at the hands of the Marlins– seem to be ready to carry the club, things in this series don’t seem quite so dire as when it first looked as though Jesse Chavez and Aaron Laffey would be cannon fodder before a not-quite-himself Ricky Romero rode in to salvage a win against Jon Lester on Wednesday afternoon. But… that doesn’t mean the outlook is exactly great. Yes, the Jays get Felix Doubront and Daisuke Matsuzaka in the other two games, with the lefty Doubront going tonight, but that’s not a whole lot of consolation as they send to the hill a pitcher who has given up 27 earned runs in his last 35 innings, while striking out just seven in that span.

Hey, but Ben Francisco is at DH tonight, everybody!


Yes, Adam Lind is back with the big club for tonight’s game, but as you can see from the lineup below, and as I mentioned above, he’s not getting any action at DH, as Ben Francisco gets the call against the left-hander Doubront. Whoopee!

Get your maple fingers maple clicking over to mapleBlueJays.com, because as Getting Blanked shows us, the club will be rolling in some nice-looking bright red duds for Canada Day.

Parkes also has a thing or two to say– eventually– about Jon Morosi calling the Jays 2010 draft “anti-Moneyball.”

Tim Britton of the Providence Journal previews the series from a Red Sox-ish perspective.

And lastly, for your between-inning viewing pleasure, it’s today’s edition of Getting Blanked…

TV: Sportsnet

And now the lineups, by way of the live box score at theScore.com. And for those of you who’ll be out and about, be sure to follow all the action on your phone with Score Mobile

Toronto Blue Jays

Brett Lawrie 3B
Colby Rasmus CF
Jose Bautista RF
Edwin Encarnacion 1B
Kelly Johnson 2B
Yunel Escobar SS
Rajai Davis LF
Ben Francisco DH
J.P. Arencibia C

Henderson Alvarez RHP

Youk-less Massholes

Daniel Nava LF
Dustin Pedroia 2B
David Ortiz DH
Jarrod Saltalamacchia C
Adrian Gonzalez 1B
Will Middlebrooks 3B
Cody Ross RF
Ryan Kalish CF
Nick Punto SS

Felix Doubront LHP


Image via Google Maps.

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  1. a big dump of rain ending this after 6 would be the best thing in the world

  2. Nurse Karen is now her own patient having lost her mind to all these injuries. Hopefully she will give us a status update soon though


  4. Seriously, didnt Stoeten say something about the jays picking up Shawn Hill the other day?

  5. I love how bautista pretends hes gonna toss the ball in the crowd, then doesn’t

  6. Hey guys.

  7. You’re next, Romero!

  8. The manager has to listen to his player. If he says he feels ok, what can Farrell do?

  9. Whats going on here

    One year with no pitching injuries and now everyone’s going down.

    Only link is that all the pitchers that went down have plus velocity and are kind of young.

    Walton? No, everyone was fine last year.

    My brain is full of fuck



    say hello to your AL Player of the Month for June 2012

    • Say hello to wasted value!

      • Jesus jesuscristo! When was the last time a ray of sunshine managed to penetrate your pessimism?

        • Oh okay. You’re right. We’re not wasting Bautista right now.

          I feel bad for him actually. He’s going to be playing on a last place team with upside for his entire peak.

          • He sure as fuck hasn’t given up. What’s your excuse?

          • Well, actually no, I haven’t given up. I’ve been a fan of the Jays long before Bautista ever got here.

            Just tired of opportunities being wasted is all. AA had a chance to add pitching depth in the offseason and instead he was relying on Dustin McGowan and Brett Cecil. We could have easily competed this year.

    • He should win the NL player of the month too with those numbers lol

  11. Joey is having an awesome June. Just set the club record for HR’s in a month – 12

    • I think he saw those early all star votes in his favour and felt really guilty, decided to step on the gas.

  12. Just like I said the other day, top 4 really starting to look like the WS years top 4.

  13. so the Blue Jays pitching staff will be starring in the latest reboot of the Saw franchise

  14. Remember how I said it’s all over a while back??

    …….nevermind !

  15. Alright everyone, just relax, we are still in this without having to make any trades we can compete with Jesse Chavez, Aaron Laffey and I just called up Sean Hill as well, I am actually bumping him to the top of the rotation.

    No trades are necessary, Ill keep making calls to every team about every player but no moves will be made for any prospects. Now is the time to put faith in the guys we have.

  16. Weird stat of the night:

    Before tonights game, Jose has a 1.179 OPS in June with the aforementioned 11 HRs and 23 RBI in 21 games with, wait for it, a .179 BAbip (knowing full well that BAbip is more a pitching-predictive stat, but still . . . just imagine if he was REALLY connecting).

  17. This is a first for me – rain delay on DJF…exciting

  18. fake don cherry twitter:



  19. While we start the rain delay show, here is a musical interlude, with the Blue Jays leading the Red Sux 9 to 5:


  20. wrong musical interlude, here we go: 9 to 5


  21. So Fenway doesn’t have a retractable roof or what

  22. They should have one of those Survivor reality tv shows based on the Jays rotation. I guess RickRo is the winner this season.

    Argh now someone just posts that idea on twitter.

  23. Alvarez left with right elbow soreness. Per Wilner.

    • You really do just have to sit back and laugh..I mean what else can really go wrong?
      Final Destination go after position players now?

  24. as far as rashes of injuries go, this is fucking herpes

  25. GM AA: Hey, Jaime, how’d you like to pitch in the majors again?
    Moyer: Hell, yes!
    GM AA: Well, welcome to the Jays.
    Moyer: Jays? Fuck, I like my new elbow just fine. No need to go through that again.

  26. I wasn’t going to drink tonight. Fuck. Ah Well.

  27. the sign on the Rogers center wall: 8 days without a workplace injury just had the 8 taken down and a 0 put up by a cursing Alex Anthopolous

  28. More pun fun: the original word on the radio from Jerry was precautionary removal from the game with right elbow tenderness:

    Tenderson Alvarez, this song is for you:


  29. So when Christopher Columbus landed in the Caribbean in 1492, he thought he had reached some islands just east of Asia. He had no idea he had actually discovered the New World.

  30. how are you, Alvarez?

    Tender, son!!

  31. Someone needs to be held accountable, or at least an effort needs to be made to investigate these elbow injuries. Whether it’s their throwing program, off-season program, rehab/recovery between games….whatever it is; something…..is…..wrong.

    • God? Because these have been act of God kind of injuries.

      • Agree. A bunch of terrible coincidences.

      • Time to blame God instead of seeing if perhaps something the organization is doing isn’t working.

        • How many pitchers go down to injury over the course of a season? How many in Major league baseball are currently on the DL? The Red Sox currently have two there, The diamondbacks, multiple. The Yankees lost their #2 starter and closer before the season began, and their setup man before the end of the second week of April. Pitchers perform the least natural motion in sports. Unfortunately some of our have gotten hurt.
          It fucking sucks, but shit happens.

    • I agree. Responsible management practice would dictate that you try to find out what is going on with these pitchers. All signs most likely point to freak injuries but it has to be looked into. These pitchers are highly-priced assets who have a ton of resources invested into them. Again, while they are probably only freak injuries, responsible management would be looking into possible causes.

      • “Again, while they are probably only freak injuries, responsible management would be looking into possible causes.”

        You want them to investigate the causes of “freak” injuries? I’d be willing to bet my house that the programs the Jays Ps are on are no different than 90% of the MLB.

        • If 80% (4 out of 5 starters) of your assets went down in a very short period of time, wouldn’t you do a little research to try and at least figure out what *might* be the problem, even if you know that you may not find any probable cause?

          • I was saying that the last time it happened a few years back.

          • Why on earth are you suggesting that no one in the entire organization has even considered this?

          • As much as I really and truly think that pitcher injuries are almost entirely unpredictable, I think that if you think that some questions aren’t being asked you’re probably wrong. I also think that if anyone thinks they’d hear anything about such an investigation from the outside, they’re probably mistaken. Why would the team come out and say “oh, and by the way, we don’t know shit about taking care of pitchers”.
            Because that would go a long way towards attracting talent.

          • Nope dude. Clearly GOD Is at work.

      • It’s no secret that Nolan Ryan has his pitchers (and the entire Rangers system) on a special throwing programme to build arm strength. He stresses long toss , among other exercises. He also doesnt like pitch count. At one point in his career he averaged 158 pitches per game .
        I forget the name but one pitcher in the darft asked Pittsburgh specifically NOT to draft him because he was afraid that their pitch counting would lead to his losing arm strength.

  32. Jays must have some MRI machines to rev up after every home game. A radioactive arm is better than a broken arm.

    • True, the Jays will need a group of superheros (…the Fantastic Four perhaps? To steal a Stoeten…’see what I did there?’) to carry the pitching staff for the rest of the year.

  33. Dating from at least the time of Ptolemy, many geographers in the ancient up to the early modern world thought the Indian Ocean was landlocked. They thought southern Africa streched way out to the east, and essentially made it a giant lake.

  34. Never throw harder than 90% effort.

    -Greg (never on the DL) Maddux

  35. There is a crater near the Yucatan pensinsula in southern Mexico, that dates to about 65 million years in age. This is thought to be the crater left by the asteroid or meteorite that hastened the extinction of the dinosaurs.

  36. Telling you it’s bad karma for all the evil things the Rogers executives do down in the bowels of The Rogers Centre. How else do you think they are making so much money in a down economy?

  37. GM AA: Hey, Stroman. Want to pitch in the big leagues this year?
    Stroman: Hell, yes!
    GM AA: Here, just sign for slot and you will be making your big league salary too!
    Stroman: Great! Wait a minute… are you with the Blue Jays?
    GM AA: I’m the GM for Toronto- okay?
    Stroman: Let me double check with my advisor first.
    GM AA: For Fuck’s Sake! (Throws chair through window.)

  38. There is no widely-agreed upon date for humans in the Americas before about 15 000 years ago. Interestingly, some of the oldest sites are in the southeast United States, not near the Bering Strait, where it is believed hunters and nomads crossed over from Asia in the depths of the last glacial period, when the sea level was lower and there was a land bridge there.

  39. Just go get any Joe Schmo at this point: Joe Saunders, Joe Blanton, hell Joe Kelly (Cards)

  40. Never wanted them to go after Wandy Rodriguez, but not sure they’ve got a choice now…

  41. In organic chemistry, a common class of acids is carboxylic acids. They have the -COOH functional group. Vinegar is essentially a dilute solution of acetic acid.

  42. As much as I’d love to see some more baseball I hope they just mercifully end it.

  43. Can they call the game now or do the Massholes have to bat again?

  44. Do they pick the game back up later? Or does it all get erased and a new game is called for later?

  45. Spanish is a language that belongs to the Romance group, along with others such as French, Italian, and Portuguese. These developed from vulgar Latin over many centuries during the Middle Ages in different geographic areas. This group of languages is part of the larger Indo-European family, which also includes English, Dutch, German, the Scandinavian languages.

  46. Holy shit that Bautista missle almost knocked over the Monster.

  47. farrell is reponsible for these pitching injuries. pull your head out of your asses.

  48. Jose, I doubted you and I was wrong. Sooooo wrong. And I’m sorry.

    But I can’t help but notice that our boy started hitting again once the Lind monkey was off his back. I will be beyond not pleased if Lind hits anywhere other than 8th.

  49. Universal Grammar contains the ‘core’ principles of language, i.e., principles that are manifested in all human languages. In addition, Universal Grammar spells out particular ways in which human languages can vary; these points of variation are called parameters. Taken together, the principles and parameters of Universal Grammar establish the boundary conditions on what counts as a possible human language.

  50. even Ashby and Wilner are joking about Tommy John surgery, sounds like Fenway is utterly waterlogged according to Ashby.

  51. Could zaun be any stupider? Why haven’t I changed the Chanel??

  52. according to Ashby, Alvarez has been having elbow discomfort most of the year.

  53. I guess a rain delay really brings out the freaks at this site.

  54. re: hating on Kelly Johnson now, here is just one typical comment from DJF last year:

    Mike Wilner’s Cat says:
    05.24.11 @ 6:26 AM EDT

    I don’t hate Edwin, don’t dislike him and don’t feel sorry for him (the guy is rich and will die rich). But we do have to get him off this team somehow.

    Angry says:
    05.19.11 @ 4:06 AM EDT

    I would like to come out and pat myself on the back and say that I always hated the E5 signing and that it was the biggest mistake of the off-season. He is the perfect guy to disprove all of you advanced-metrics masturbators: watch baseball, he is shit, was shit and will always be shit. Cut him today, 2 for 1 deal if you cut Rivera too!

    ndestructible says:
    05.19.11 @ 4:47 AM EDT

    -0.6 WAR, no home runs, 3.1% BB rate, 77 OPS+, -5.1 UZR

    DFA this motherfucker already!

    Chewy says:
    05.19.11 @ 5:34 AM EDT

    rays sign johnny damon, alex signs EE

    one GM is trying to win, the other GM is forever trying to manipulate the system to get draft picks.

    Gee didn’t mike napoli play first? oh but we promised EE 500 ab’s and franky francisco might get us that juicy pick.

  55. Just one second there dm. EE was horrible last year throughout most of the year and he was desperate in the field. He’s better this year and I’m glad to see it. But let’s not allow all this EE love to get out of hand. If he’s good for the season I’ll be happy to make a public apology to him. But at the end of the season, not now.

    • The thing is he’s been good for over a year now going back to last June. This is no fluke.

    • wait, what?? you do know that he had a .858 OPS with 16 HRs from June 1st on (4 months of a 6 month season), so no, not “most of the season”

    • Your apology is way down the list of the things EE will garner at the end of the season.

    • The mistake was to put edwin at 3B. Remember he was suppose to DH last year & then the Jays freaked out because Juan Rivera could not play in the OF, so the jays moved Rivera to DH, & put Edwin at 3B because he lost weight.

      It was a disaster. They moved Edwin to 1B & that was horrible for the month of May.

      Edwin’s struggles on the field affected his performance at the plate.

  56. Scott Richmond is comming

  57. Scott Richmond has been called up, Wilner says on radio Baseball Canada has tweeted it??

  58. Jays have called up Scott Richmond according to Wilner and Campbell.

  59. Things are Grimm in Texas: Alexi Ogando’s replacement, Justin Grimm called up to start, just HAMMERED by the Tiggers for 6 runs in 1 inning of work,

    52 pitches, 1 inning, noice

  60. Ugh Scott Richmond bleh

  61. Wilner figures that Hutch gets put on the 60 day DL to make room on the 40 man for Richmond.

  62. WOW. Batters were hitting .270 with two strikes against Alvarez. If you were student of the game, you’d know that. Well. It’s very low.

  63. Strangest hit I ever saw was that of Jim Sunberg’s triple off Stieb in Game 7 ALCS – thought it was in infield pop-up. Won the game and the Series for KC

  64. Wow my daughters grade 8 grad is over quicker than the Sox Jays game.

  65. Fuck, someone tell Wilner to quit towing the company line for fuck sakes.

    • Oya, Wilner will use every excuse possible to defend this teams performance. The reality is, theyre in last place with no SP depth and a weak batting order from 5-9.

      • I sincerely hope that one day your glass will reach ‘half full.’ It will do wonders for your perspective.

  66. At this point, almost every GM in the game should be calling Alex to offer pitching for a decent prospect. There is no team more desperate than the Jays and maybe no team with more prospects. It’s a perfect storm to secure future talent.

    • AA should stand pat. Don’t trade away the fucking future for rentals.

      • I agree that he shouldn’t make a bad deal, I just meant it could be a huge opportunity for another organization, though.

  67. Wilner’s going to town on a clown questioning bro

  68. Okay so I got a good one here:

    From 1405 to 1433, China reversed their previous policies, based on Confucionism (probably spelled that wrong), and sent seven “flag waving” voyages around the south seas in order to display imperial power. These were headed up by the Admiral Zheng He, a Muslim eunuch of Mongol ancestry. These are known as the voyages of Zheng He. These were suddenly discontinued in 1433, and historians to this day debate the reasons why. No one really knows. China never again was a maritime power, leaving the discovery and exploitation of North and South America to Western Europeans.

    • He needed to grow a pair I suspect

    • Every time Ive read about it the reason they stopped was Mongol invasions which necessitated bolstered internal defenses. What is the debate? Humans never again created ships that large until after world war 1. Baseball huh?

    • The generally accepted explanation for this is that, due to the extreme hierarchical nature of the Confucian system, the character of imperial Chinese activities reflected the character of the emperor. Thus every couple of generations you would have an emperor with seafaring inclinations who would spend half his life building up his fleet, and then send it out. his successor might not agree with it and, due to the demands of maintaining a massive land based empire on the continent surrounded by hostile neighbours and made up of fractious regions, transfer his (and the empires) focus on domestic matters, thus ending the exploration, which happened more often then not. There are records of numerous trading fleets of massive sizes as far off as the south east coast of Africa, as well as the entire south east Asian Archipelago, and speculation that at least one fleet may have ended up on the West coast of South America. The lack of continuity in purpose, as well as a lack of need for the items that exploration could have acquired (unlike the Europeans who had to range far and wide for the items that they were quite expensively purchasing via the overland Silk Road routing across Asia for straight gold and silver), is largely considered to be the reason that Chinese sea exploration never reached its full potential.

  69. Note to people close to GM AA:

    Keep all sharp objects and ropes away from him.

    I know that if it was “my” team, I would want to hurt myself. I don’t have to watch, I don’t have to listen or get injury updates, etc. He won’t be able to escape it.

  70. Now with his legal troubles over, The Return of Roger Clemens is ready for to go, do it AA, Jerry can do his Suzyn Waldman impersonation: Roger Clemens is in Alex Anthopoulos’ box


  71. It’s more like:
    GM AA: Roger- it’s the Blue Jays- that’s right, us.
    Roger: Give me back my son!
    GM AA: He’s not harmed. We just need you to pitch.

  72. Maybe Richmond gets the start Canada Day for that extra maple boner factor. They can trade for Jeff Francis to relieve him after the 2nd inning.

  73. I propose that the Jays fold their entire farm system and MLB squad for 2 years, and get everyone in for Tommy John surgery now. Might as well get it out of the way since it’s inevitable for it to happen to all.

  74. I’m kinda torn about this game.

    On the one hand, if they call it, we win. Guaranteed wins are nice.

    On the other hand, if they call it, we lose two runs, and a Bautista bomb that may or may not cost him at the end of the year if he’s in the running for awards.

  75. Hmmm d’Arnaud out of game in Vegas. More bad news or is he on his way? Odds are bad news the way things have been going.

  76. Brett Cecil: “Oh gawd no! Send me back to New Hampshire with my two fucking mint elbows!”

    • Baseball Gods: “Mwah, ha, haaaa…we got a 4th starter tonight…let’s see if THIS can take out their position players!”

  77. I am going to assume that Richmond replaces Villanueva’s long relief role in the bullpen and Villanueva starts – has to be

  78. Fuck a 2 hour rain delay, sure is tough on the liver

  79. On the plus side… Game restarts in 14 minutes

    • even better, won’t have to listen to Wilner tow the company line…till at least after the game.

      • um, you toe the company line, not tow the company line.
        And as much as he’s a homer, he’s not wrong. What could anyone predict about being down to your 13th option in terms of starting pitching in June.

  80. boy oh boy a caller advocating moving Janssen to the rotation, have people lost their minds.

    • Maybe his intention was for him to get hurt again. He must have thought it was “Theme Night”

  81. Barny’s movie had heart, but football in the groin had football in the groin..

  82. There has to be an easier way to frefresh the screen than the previous page button, no?

  83. Whoever complained about the games in Boston going on for 4 hrs., didn’t know what he was talking about

  84. on the good news front Josh Hamilton is joining the 21st century and quitting dip tobacco


  85. ok so…… let me get this straight…

    2012 blue jays rotation…
    2. Cecil
    3. Richmond
    4. Laffey
    5. Chavez

    Holy fuck…. thats a beauty right there, I literally dont think I have ever seen a more horrible rotation in all my years of watching baseball.

    Seriously… I wouldnt want to be AA right now but if I was, I would wish there was a “force trade” button in real life.

  86. Is this Sux pitcher the love child of ESPN personalities Chris Mortenson and John Clayton??

  87. I think Nick Punto embodies definition #6

  88. Stoeten’s gonna have to start to do overflow threads or I’m gonna haveta buy a new computer.
    Maybe one of those “smart phone” things too.
    Could I get an HTC on the 4G to watch the MLB in 3D with an EIEIO?

  89. atta boy CoCo, with help from EE and JoeyBats

  90. and Lind flies out in his return at bat.

  91. Ashby said lind just missed it.

  92. D.O. will pitch to D.O.

  93. Sounds like there is still alot of fans that stuck around.

  94. Seriously its not going to deplete the farm system to obtain two capable starting pitchers. Make some moves or fuck right off alex.

  95. fuck

  96. Ortiz hitting over .330 against lefties this year.

  97. Damn Big Papi is playing for his “retirement contract” this year in a big way lol

  98. I think Oliver just wanted to get Janssen a save opportunity.

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