OK, so the plural “ligaments” in the title may be slightly misleading, but still… fuck me, Shi Davidi with yet another bit of good news for the Jays organization…

So… that’s rather fucking shitty– especially since the Jays have been getting so little (read: pretty much what’s expected) from JP Arencibia this year–  but… I don’t know, let’s not all go throw on the Cure’s Pornography and start making frantic calls to find a halfway decent opium connection. I mean, it’s easy get ungodly gloomy about it, and you certainly have to hate the thought of this injury kickstarting some kind of chronic knee situation for your catcher of the future, but we have no reason to believe this is anything more than a relatively minor setback. It just happens to kinda come at the most depressing fucking time possible.

At the same time, maybe there’s a silver lining here. At the very least, d’Arnaud being down removes the insufferable question about when d’Arnaud’s going to come up and when Anthopoulos is going to deal his current backstop from the mid-summer equation. It also means that, assuming the club follows the pattern we’ve seen with Travis Snider, that even if d’Arnaud is ready to play in six weeks, he’ll probably be kept down to get some Triple-A action before the club gives any thought to bringing him to the Majors, which means he probably won’t be here until September of this year, if at all. Looking at it that way it’s now quite possible that the club can avoid letting him accrue any service time at all this season, meaning they’ve essentially been gifted, if you want think about that way, an extra year of control.

Yes, it might make it more difficult for Alex to deal Arencibia away while still maintaining some pretensions of a playoff run, but with the month of June having made roadkill of the rotation so far, it would have to take a serious bout of opium-fuelled dreaming to start thinking the Jays have the pitching talent right now to hold any kind of realistic position in the race until– if they’re lucky– Brandon Morrow and Drew Hutchison return to health sometime in August.

Perhaps it gives Anthopoulos a bit of breathing room to figure out what to do behind the plate, removing d’Arnaud temporarily from the picture. Shit maybe it even gives him a bit more leverage, should he try to deal Arencibia– y’know, makes it really seem like a club is prying away a key piece, rather than accepting a spare part. Of course, if he does choose to move Arencibia, it means a lot of Jeff Mathis, and I’m not sure I’m ready for that.

Then again, I may not have to be. Jon Morosi tweets that he spoke to Anthopoulos today, and he tweets that the GM doesn’t expect to make any major deals until mid-July, if at all. This echoes something Alex said on the Fan 590 the other week, which was that there simply hasn’t been a lot of movement on the trade front as yet, and that most clubs are waiting until the calendar turns to July before they really start getting very deeply concerned about making deals, and that it may even take until after the All-Star break before stuff really starts happening.

Or maybe this injury has no bearing on the trade situation at all, as many have felt it’s more likely that the club will wait until next winter to decide what to do with their two young catchers. Regardless, though, it’s not exactly the news you want to hear as we continue waiting for word on the results of Henderson Alvarez’s MRI– which, incidentally, Davidi tweets could hit us before tonight’s game starts at 7:10 PM.

Believe it or not, things could still get worse before they get better.


Image via Jonathan Ferrey/Getty.

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  1. JPA can breathe a huge sigh of relief. His job is safe for the rest of the season.

  2. Oh no!

    psych. this is awesome.

  3. I knew we should have traded him while we could !

  4. Will he even be ready for a Sept callup? If not then just wait till May ’13 to call him up for good to get an extra year for service time purposes.

  5. Sounds like we won’t see d’Arnaud till mid April 2013 at the earliest. Before the injury there was a good chance d’Arnaud would be called up in September and make the team out of camp in 2013. Now he’ll likely have to wait a few weeks so the Jays retain an extra year of control, and it’s possible the Jays will want to see him back in the minors healthy and producing before they call him up after the 2013 Super-2 deadline.

    Fuckin eh.

  6. Knee ligament as a catcher…. That might get a lot worse


  8. But did he get one of the “Break up a double play” t-shirts?

  9. JPA definitely won’t be traded until the offseason then. Maybe even next year’s trade deadline, depending on if they think d’Arnaud can catch as a starter next year, which might be risky.

  10. A very pre-fessional description of PCL tears:

    The posterior cruciate ligament controls lateral movement of the knee. It’s the least devastating ligament to tear, compared to the ACL and MCL.

    However, as a catcher, this is less than optimal news (as any injury would be). He might have to get used to taking more reps at first base.

  11. time to learn a new position and keep them both

  12. Go on a tear in the PCL, they said. “Sure thing,” I said.


  13. The irony of the ligament’s name is actually a good thing, because im hearing his PCL tear does not require surgery. It’s still possible D’arnuad is ready to play in the majors at some point in september, even if it’s only for 2 or 3 weeks.

  14. If the Jays are really the anti-moneyball team, they’ll immediately ban prospects from sliding feet first.

  15. So last year he tears up his hand..now his knee..maybe he’s one of these guys with fragile protoplasm that is just going to tear things. Not an ideal makeup for a catcher. Or maybe its just bad luck and no pattern will continue

  16. As someone who has two bum knees that always give me trouble, I’d say d’Arnaud is very lucky that it’s his PCL torn. Obviously everyone knows a torn ACL is bye-bye for a year, but if you’re going to tear any one of your knee ligaments, make it the PCL or LCL. They don’t take as long to recover from and they are far easier to recover from in 6-8 weeks or so. So at least there’s that positive.

  17. Blue Jays 2012: some you win, some you lose, and some you just get blown away.

  18. I see a lot more first base in D’Arnaud’s future. Perhaps Arencibia is here to stay.

  19. Or maybe this means Mathis tears his ACL tomorrow.

  20. Blue Jays’ J.P. Arencibia named American League player of the week… When the kid is hot he is HOT

  21. And apparently Alvarez has mild elbow inflamation and is expected to make his next start.

  22. You people need to stop being so sensationalist about this. He tore his PCL, he’s out for 6-8 weeks, no surgery is required. Unless you know something I don’t, I don’t see how this means that he should move to first base, or how it means he won’t be up from the minors until spring training. This injury has little to no bearing on any of these things. This isn’t a big deal at all.

    • Daniel good point first off people there are very few if any catchers that don’t damage at least one legiment . this is nothing to be concerned about

  23. I could still see JPA being traded this year. It just means the Jays would either need to receive a catcher back in the trade or make a second deal for a catcher. It’s not like JPA’s production is hard to replace at the moment.

  24. Jpa could still be dealt he does have trade value as a controllable young catcher with power. I am so hoping they deal him as a piece for a SP

  25. We’re beating the Red Sox with Minor League pitching. Things could definitely be worse.

  26. JPA can still get traded and Yan Gomes can be recalled to platoon with Mathis as catcher. However I don’t know how Gomes is defensively but he has upside with the stick IMHO.

  27. Could someone explain to me why it is that everyone is calling for JPA to be traded? I don’t really see what it is that he is doing or not doing to be traded right now, if at all.

    • He has a .264 OBP, while provide league average defense at best.

      • Out of qualified catchers JP is currently last in OBP, wOBA, wRC+, BB%, and second last in WAR.

        • “Qualified” – What does that mean?
          His numbers haven’t been great but he’s in a pretty unenviable position, catching different pitchers every week now, including shitballers like Chavez, Coello. He’s done a great job calling Morrow’s game.

          • Averaging 3.1 PAs per game. To be fair, there is only 13 catchers currently qualified, but if you expand the qualification, it only shows that JP has hit better than Kurt Suzuki. Which isn’t saying a whole hell of a lot.

  28. When I heard the d’Arnaud news I put on some Smiths and took some bath salts.

  29. I’d much rather throw on disintigration

  30. Wow the PCL must be a much less significant L than the ACL or even the MCL. 6-8 weeks is not too big a deal, especially considering we are not planning on trading him

    • well the air is thinner playing in the PCL so ligaments heal quicker……haha, jk. Had to make that joke. But seriously, this is demoralizing.

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