According to Shannon Drayer of ESPN Radio in Seattle, and confirmed by other sources, the Toronto Blue Jays have signed 49 year old Jamie Moyer to a Minor League contract that will see him join the Las Vegas 51s in Tacoma later this week. Moyer recently requested and was granted his release from the Baltimore Orioles after they decided not to call him up to their big league roster after a brief audition in the team’s Minor League system.

News of the acquisition follows Henderson Alvarez leaving tonight’s 9-6 victory over the Boston Red Sox after five innings with soreness in his right elbow. He becomes the fourth member of the team’s starting rotation to exit a game early due to injury in the last two weeks, and the third to do so because of elbow problems.

Meanwhile, as the only uninjured member of the starting rotation, Ricky Romero, lost his temper at fans and reporters alike during a rain delay in Boston, word quickly broke that the Blue Jays had called up Triple A starter Scott Richmond to join the team. In corresponding moves, Robert Coello will go back to the Minors and Drew Hutchison will be put on the 60 day Disabled List.

This is the epitome of the adage: desperate times call for desperate measures, as both Richmond and Moyer at this point in their respective careers, have done a pretty good job at proving they have no place on a Major League roster.

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  1. ahaahhahahahahah. glad the bats are heating up, we’re gonna see some slugfests.

    i’m sad.

  2. Desperate times call for Jamie Moyer’s junkball. Hey if it eats up some innings

  3. Rather throw Hentgen out every 5 days…

  4. Damn looks like I am going to have to get drunk and stay drunk until October.

  5. So is Moyer a better or even equivalent option to Chavez, Laffey, Richmond, Carreno, etc? The sad thing is, despite his past major league success, he probably isn’t.

    Still wish the Jays would stop wasting Villanueva as the 6th man in the pen and put him in the rotation like last season.

    • I think they’re scared by the dead arm this spring, perhaps? Because… yeah.

      • That’s probably it. But when you are forced into starting any or all one of the names above, it might be time to lose that fear for the time being.

        • There’s an interference in the cosmos.

          Stoeten AND BFF both making sense in the same comment thread.
          Can’t pick a side on this one.
          You two debate some more, so I can decide.

          • End of Days for sure, first the Morrow signing and now this.

          • Litsch had ANOTHER operation for the infection from his operation.
            McGowan still screwed with the planter facsitisis.
            Santos is in nowhere land.
            4 starters down.

            Quick, somebody sacrifice a goat or at least a couple of chickens.
            I got a BBQ.
            Anything to get rid of the curse.

    • I would say that Chavez and Laffey are better options, Carreno may be a better option, and it is probably a toss up between Richmond and Moyer, though I may side with Moyer on that one.

  6. Why Laffey and not Carlos? Why?

  7. for the rest of the season they are the Las Vegas 49s

  8. Janssen’s last nine appeances:

    9 IP 4 H 0 runs 1 bb 10 K

    In the words of Larry David ..”Prettttt yyy Pretttt yyy Goood”

  9. Las Vegas: where aging performers go to recycle their act on the strip for drunk tourists

  10. Cher and Bret Michaels Band performing national anthems for Las Vegas 49s for the rest of the season

  11. Is that Ambrigio tweet legit?From his official twitter account?

    Fuck, talk about a career killer.
    If it’s real, he’s gotta be nuts.

    • Is he going to get “Wilnered” by Rogers for that one? As other esteemed members of the media would say “…you gotta ask the question (about the over/under on RR’s date for injury)”.

      • I don’t think that’s the most professional way to pose the question.

        Somebody should ask him “what’s the over/under is on him getting another interview with a Blue Jay player?”

        • Quite frankly I couldn’t believe a guy in his position would tweet anything like that. It just goes to show you that athletes and celebrities aren’t the only ones that can tweet dumb stuff.

        • or another job interview after being fired from this one

    • Am I missing something here? I took his tweet to be a comment (as lame as it was) about how unlucky the rotation has been with injuries rather than a personal attack on Romero. In fact Romero came out looking like a dip-shit for even responding, let alone responding indignantly.

      • @ PD
        You’re missing something.

        It basically implies that Romero will be injured,it’s just a matter of when.
        Even as joke, the comment is out of line for a reporter.
        Shows disrespect not only for Romero but the injured pitchers.
        I can just imagine how his team mates feel.

      • I’m kinda of in between. I know Tony — good guy and didn’t mean anything by it at all… just trying to find some humour in a shitty situation.

        At the same time, I can totally see why Romero would be pretty pissed: rain delay JUST after seeing his friend and teammate go down with another injury, 4th in 2+ weeks and someone insinuates that HE’LL be the next one injured. Not just anyone though but a guy that he interacts with likely on a daily basis, where they have a professional rapport if not a weird quasi friendship.

        I smirked at Ambrosio’s tweet but then was pretty happy to see Romero call him out on it. It’s one thing to be a trolling, ignorant fan who actually @’s a pro and it’s another to be a professional reporter who gets caught up in the twitterverse and says things he maybe shouldn’t.

        • if tony were a just fan, it’s in play. stupid to tweet directly at the athlete in question, but in play. as a reporter who occasionally covers the team in question, its unprofessional and boorish. especially when including the players twitter handle so he’s guaranteed to see it.

      • Yeah you are missing a lot. These guys devote their lives to this game and it is devasting for Alverez to potentially be injured. And it is sad to the whole team. And players naturally tend to fall to some level of superstition, making jokes about being next even more distasteful.

        If your mom died, would you like me to joke about when will your dad die? This is a (much) lesser, but completely analogous comparison.

        Honestly I’m starting to think Leafs fans have more class than baseball fans in this city.

        And btw, Romero simply called this out. He didn’t swear or go JPA and tell the guy to eat a donut. So I have no idea what makes him a “dipshit” (oh look who DID swear: you).

        • I think the problem is that most baseball fans in this city were leafs fans first. hence the spoiled, instant gratification required, grit and truculence passport checking attitude that prevails amongst so many.

  12. The 51′s sign the 49er…do we have a joke there? – Clown Question, Bro

  13. I thought jays already called up Jamie Moyer from Vegas? He started the other day and went 6 Innings? Or am I just nuts?

  14. I may be in the small minority but I actually want to see how he’ll pitch because I don’t think he would be that much, if a downgrade at all, in compared to some of the guys that have been sent out recently.

  15. Wow when I joked the other day about signing Moyer as a shit baller mentor for Cecil I was only joking. Honest.

  16. Now that yet another pitcher has possibly gone down, cant we at least CONSIDER Perez as a starter? When was the last time this guy even pitched in a high leverage situation

  17. The funny thing is, if alvarez goes on the DL(very likely) the jays 4 starters from the may series against the angels will all be on the DL. This time around, the jays will be lucky to split the series vs the angels with all the shitbags they are throwing out there against the angels starters. If Brett cecil is likely your best starter in a series you are FUUUCKED.

  18. Who knew we’d end up with Cecil, Moyer, Laffey, and Richmond in the rotation? What a horrific group of shitballers! However, the wild card is still within striking distance…the chances aren’t good but the way the offence is going maybe they can stay close.

  19. I can just see it…here’s the pitch from moyer…wait….he’s collapsed on the mound of an apparent heart attack….farrell calls for oliver…oliver jogs in…wait…oliver has collapsed in the outfield of an apparent heart attack…oh the humanity

  20. Moyer’s only decent outings this season were against shitty offensive teams: (Pirates, Padres, Giants) save for a game vs D-bags (1 ER, 6 innings at Coors)

  21. Man how long can the Jays season walk that razor’s edge before falling off for good. We start by dodging big bullets with Morrow and Alvarez only suffering bruises when getting hit by a batted ball. Then EE only misses a couple of games instead of having a broken hand after getting hit by a pitch and finally 4 starters go down with various injuries, none of which are of the short-term variety.

    It’s like a sports version of Agatha Christie’s 10 Little Indians.

    • Like I said, sacrifice some goats and start chanting like a banshee.

    • Don’t forget losing one of the better closers in the game after a week or two.

      At least we have the best 1-4 hitters in baseball. If Lind and Snider end up performing half decently (say what you will, they still have more upside than Ben Francisco and Gomes and Davis, etc.) we have maybe the best lineup in baseball.

      • uhhh maybe a little ambitious, i think even with everybody healthy and performing i think the Yankees, Cardinals, and even the Angels (being equal and hypothesizing their whole lineup healthy and playing to their trie talent,) might be a better offense.

        but yeah, our offense is gonna be fuckin gnar, man.

    • I see you avoided the original title of that book.

  22. Did anyone read alex’s comments to davidi where he said he was 10 pitchers deep and you can never have enough pitching? This from the guy who trots out chavez, laffey and signs moyer? He called litsch and mcgowan options even though they were injured? What a complete joke of a comment.

    • To be fair going into spring training there was a lot of depth there even if it was shaky or carried a lot of risk with it. From guys recovering from injuries, to counting on players with only a bit of experience at AA or higher. AA rolled the dice and obviously lost. That said nobody could predict this.

      Boston did the same thing at the trade deadline last year and didn’t get pitching help and had their depth evaporate and it cost them the playoffs.

      Lets look at the list going into spring training.

      Romero – Last man standing, hasn’t been great this year
      Morrow – Was mostly excellent, out with Oblique Strain
      Alvarez – Started great, then shit the bed, out with God knows what now.
      Cecil – Shit the bed to start the year in spring training and in the minors, back now
      McGowan – Never made it out of the gate

      Drabek – Filled in for Cecil well to start the year, shit the bed, now he’s gone for a year
      Carreno – One so-so start to begin with, couple of others later all bad, reliever only
      Hutchison – Took Carreno’s spot, rough start, but was great later on, 60-Day DL
      Jenkins – Shit the bed after a good spring, much better lately, waiting turn
      McGuire – Shit the bed after a good spring, still shitting the bed
      Laffey – Jo-Jo Reyes II. Hoping he wouldn’t get a start, he will, nuff said.

      • depth doesn’t mean AAA pitchers. It mean pitchers who can pitch acceptably at the ML level and not get bombed. You also forget that 3 of the jays starters had little ML experience who were also on innings limits so who was going to pitch in september then? Did you really expect drabek, alvarez and hutch to pitch 200 inning each? Only a fool would think that. Instead of injuries, what if they just sucked? Drabek sucked last year and this year as well.

        GM’s don’t “roll the dice”. They plan for contingincies. Any GM worth his salt knows that pitchers get injured. The only viable option was cecil who had success before. It’s not about “predicting this”. No smart GM goes with 3 rookie pitchers and has no backup plan. This is why alex should have gotten a reliable veteran pitcher and had one of the rookies in AAA as backup.

        Alex also commented on how well mcguire pitched at AA last year. Well look at the stats. He had only 20ip in AA. So why in hell would you consider that a viable option?

        Take a look at positional depth. You have 4 SS’s, 3 catchers, 2 cf’s, numerous veteran relievers. Alex obviously didn’t leave himself open there, but he didn’t bother to get depth at the most important position, starting pitching.

        • As your nocturnal counterpart pointed out, AA took a gamble this year – likely with the view that this year would be a ‘development year’ – that when the limited innings guys were done in August, he would be able to bring up guys like Jenkins and Hutch…on the reasonable assumption that their overall development would at least be passable to the point of getting their feet wet in September at the MLB level.

          That being said, I do believe he relied too heavily on McGowan being able to make some sort of worthwhile contribution and that he missed out on picking up Edwin Jackson as a capable innings eater.

          • to complete my thought (what I was actually thinking in ST…this isn’t some ‘hindsight is 20/20′ BS)…Jackson should have been the #3 behind Romero and Morrow, which would still leave two spaces for the winners of the ‘young talent’ competition between Hutch, Drabek, Cecil, and McGowan…with McGowan being used in the ‘pen. If one or more of the young’ns crapped out/used up their innings, then you could slot in the original non-starters from that group of four and/or called up Jenkins or Hutch if necessary.

        • Of course depth counts for those at AAA or the minors in general. It’s especially true if those players are youngsters that are better served staying stretched out for multiple innings and getting the ball every 5th day.

        • you sir are one dumb ass I think you are fullmer fan recreated. This was a year of building you don’t throw out vets filling innings… you go with rookies and see what you have. the fact we are close is a bonus. AA has stayed true to his plan by next year sanchez and A ball guys will be getting ready at double A . That my friend is working with a plan.

      • The Nationals have two super-stars in Strasburg and Harper. Obviously the Jays don’t have a pitching phenom, but Bautista/EE/Rasmus/Lawrie have been pretty damn good with the bats lately.

        Look at what this team did in the offseason — shored up their fucking rotation. Now they are competing. You give the Jays two of those EXACT same moves — a trade for Gio and signing EJax — and we’re competing.

    • Be logical no team has 4 solid replacement starters..

    • Dude simple math time: we have lost 4 starting pitchers during the season and 2 or 3 that we hoped would be options all turned out not to be options.

      Name one other team that could remotely have the depth to deal with that. It is IMPOSSIBLE. Big League Pitching is a finite quantity and all teams compete for it. You simply can’t have 2 full sets of major league ready pitching. If you did, you would be a flaming idiot because you could trade the second rotation for Votto, Harper and Hamilton. It is hard enough to assemble one good team and now people are ragging on AA for failing to have 2 sets of players? Go back to your fantasy league where supplies are infinite. We’ll stay out here in the real world. Fuck sakes.

    • Listen, this isn’t a case of hindsight is 20/20. We knew our fucking rotation was absolute dogshit going into 2012. We had fucking McGowan and Cecil penciled in. We knew that Alvarez had no out-pitch. We knew that Drabek couldn’t pitch a strike and failed miserably in AAA.

      I cannot speak to the level of effort that AA put into his quest for an arm. I think he would be stupid to sell off our farm for an arm. I know people would love to have someone like Felix or Lincecum — but they are not having ace-level years. Look at what happened with Pineda. Look at Latos. There are no guarantees with these fucking arms.

      Obviously, multiple trades could have been rejected by other GMs. I think its safe to say that at least a few SPs didn’t want to come to Toronto this year (lets start with Oswalt). But offers should have been put into EJax, Colon, Bedard, Buehrle, Capuano, Wilson… etc., etc.

      There is no doubt in my mind that if the rotation had been shored up with a few of the aforementioned FA options, that we would be in contention right now. Instead, we relied on the injured, the green, and the generally terrible.

      • Yeah…. but they were doing quite well until they got injured. Morrow was top shelf. The rest would be plenty sufficient with the offence finally clicking.

        The pitchers aren’t the problem. It is the injuries. And anyone could get injured.

        • Drabek/Alvarez shitting the bed hard long before the injuries. Romero not doing well. Morrow still a little inconsistent. Hutchison rushed.

  23. The thing about so-called shitballers is that they can sometimes pull a good outing out from their asses.

    It’s amazing how many injuries the rotation has experienced this year, what an anomaly of a year. I mean it’s not unusual to lose some guys here or there, usually for short stints on the DL but never all in such a short period of time like the Jays have this year. I can’t imagine many clubs have the depth to deal with this number of injuries.

    At this point AA’s gotta be digging deep through the old rolodex tracking down any lead on pitchers. I can only wonder after Moyer who is getting a call from AA? Jeremy Bonderman? Scott Kazmir? Rich Harden? Ben Sheets?

    • You’re right shit ballers can be effective and really contribute but there’s a lot of factors that go into that. Moyer and Buehrle are good examples but they seem to be the rare ones that do well with below average velocity.

      • Don’t get me wrong, most of the time a shitballer is what the title implies, shit, but every so often they can baffle batters with their shit. Moyer throws junk these days, but a variety of junk that still gets some outs. I wish Moyer the best, but if he doesn’t get called up in the next few weeks he’ll likely ask for his release and be on the move again.

  24. Well DaVidi is now saying the Jays are optimistic Alvarez won’t miss his next start. Wonder if it’s possible he felt his elbow getting sore while trying to compensate for his sore back and he just said that’s enough himself.

  25. Will Richmond start on Canada Day for the maple biner crowd?

    He has been been able to get RHBs out in the big leagues, but lefties destroy him.

  26. Bartolo colon would have been a perfect option. Only signed for 2 mil. No but alex had to get coco.

    • how is Bartolo Colon a good option to pitch in the fucking AL East? How? the dude got lit second half last year, and, had things gone to plan, the team would have been using the 3-5 spots (or at least the 4-5 spots) to audition their internal candidates for rotation spots. 20/20 hindsight now says that 5, maybe 6, guys got injured, 1 lost his velocity, and 2-4 haven’t progressed to the point where they can be reliable stopgaps. But that’s fucking hindsight. The only thing more valuable to a Baseball team than outs and runs is roster spots, and giving one to Bartolo Colon is not a useful way to develop the younger arms that this team needs to have as its future.

      • No you’re right. It’s better to rush Hutchison and Alvarez to the majors, mortgaging our futures. Why even have minor leagues in baseball? Just put those newly drafted teenagers right on the ML roster.

        • Fair play, but I’m not saying that at all.

          But (aside from Alvarez, who I still can’t make my mind up on whether he should/should not have been pitching in the bigs) the guys auditioning were, theoretically at least, supposed to have been McGowan, Cecil, Litsch, Drabek, McGuire, Jenkins and Chavez, with Hutch as a last resort kind of option in there. Injuries and performance jiggled things around like Colon’s belly, and Hutch ended up on top.

          While I don’t advocate rushing kids, I also don’t think that you can hide your prospects forever, Hutch was rated as our most major league ready arm coming into the season out of the top pitching prospects, and among most evaluators top tens in our system.
          People complain a lot about how the team takes forever to develop talent, well here was one guy who seems to have shown he was ready.
          But, Hutch aside, the guys who (as of he beginning of Spring training, hell most of the way through the spring) should have been competing for those last 2 or 3 spots, depending on what you think of having Alvarez up, all deserved at least a shot.

          Unfortunately for most of them that shot has either been anesthetic before being operated on by Dr. Andrews (HOYO!) or a shot to the confidence caused by pitching arm shittiness (bazinga!).

          We really need to stop playing this hindsight is 20/20 game and move on. I’m more interested in looking for solutions at this point than who the team could have gotten for cheap to be the 15th depth pitcher in March.

          • Dude, is it fucking hindsight when people were complaining about this shit in November of 2011? Many in the blogosphere knew damn well that our rotation needed to be shored up. AA is a terrific GM, so I don’t know if the fact that he didn’t add SP was due to lack of effort or not. He could not have predicted Jenkins and McGuire taking huge steps backwards like they did. He probably thought they would be ready to take the next step in their careers this year. But even with that line of thinking, Chad Jenkins only pitched 100 innings total in AA, with McGuire pitching all of 20.

            But fucking Drew had pitched 31.2 innings above A+ ball before being called up. I remember specifically Keith Law saying they are rushing him. Henderson Alvarez had pitched 88 innings in AA before being called up — both not even getting a complete season’s worth of work at this level or above. Alvarez, we already knew, had no fucking out pitch. He’s struggling out there.

            Drabek was shitting the bed hard in AAA. Although he did ok in ST, AA would not have had this knowledge when the majority of the deals were taking place in the offseason. Dustin McGowan pitched OK in his return — but come on. In a year we could potentially compete, we’re going to rely on McGowan? Cecil had struggled all fucking year — how could we be betting on these guys?

            So what does that leave you? Really all we had going into the season that were “sure things” were Romero and Morrow. Romero is struggling and has a loss in velocity, so its entirely possible that he is injured as well.

            I’m not buying into this hindsight 20/20 shit. We knew what we had going into this season and it never looked good. I can understand not wanting to trade some of our best prospects for starting pitching — Gio, for example, had a ridiculous walk rate coming into this season and Latos has struggled. Pineda was injured shortly after being acquired.

            The ideal strategy would have been to acquire as much SP as possible this offseason and let Alvarez season in the minors. Either he develops an out-pitch or he gets designated to the bullpen. Drew needed more time. Chad and Deck, even if they performed well this season, probably needed some more time. There was more than enough SP on the market that the Jays could have acquired. Unfortunately they gambled, and they lost.

            This coming offseason has a plethora of FA SP available. Obviously some of these guys are going to sign extensions. We’ll see what AA decides to do.

  27. A guy could make a pretty good living if he developed a knuckle ball and went from minor league contract to minor league contract hiring himself out.

  28. jamie moyer at 2:30 or so but just watch the whole thing

  29. Considering the Jays are down to about their #11 starter, I can’t imagine why anyone would be surprised by the Moyer signing.. Why the hell not give him a shot? Could be better than Chavez/Laffey/Carreno.

    As BFF said though, I’d really rather see Villanueva. And Lus Perez.

    I guess they just feel those guys can’t be stretched out.

    • We need those guys in the fucking pen is the issue. We don’t have many options in the pen that can eat up multiple innings if our any of our starters (Ricky included, who is having a shit season) go down early.

      Plus, Villaneuva hurt himself last year after making multiple starts. I don’t think he has the arm for it.

  30. I can’t believe anyone took offense to the Tony Ambrosio comment. I mean .. it is not blatant that he’s making an exasperated joke at how ridiculous all these injuries are? No idea what anyone could find offensive or out of line about it.

    • I don’t think I would have taken offense, and I probably WOULD have made a similar joke given half a chance. But the fact is that the actual athletes seem to take offense.

      Clearly it’s something that matters to the ML players and so if it’s offensive to them it probably shouldn’t be done…. Tres PC I know, but that’s what it is.

    • If someone’s mom dies, do you joke about when their dad will die?

      Not as bad, but same class of “tactlessness”.

      As funny as it is to you watching this all removed on tv, this is these guys livelihoods we are joking about. Very uncool.

    • He offended the only person who should be offended by it – Ricky.

      I don’t think Tony should be reprimanded by Sportsnet or the Jays, and good on Ricky for calling him out, but that was a pretty stupid thing to say when part of your job is interacting with the players who you just insulted.

  31. I believe in AA but this is retarded! Get Garza, or someone else and now!! The time to be picky is gone and we need an established starter to come in and help now. He wants us fans to believe in him and his vision well fine get us a damn pitcher now and maybe we will believe!! The vault has been opened now if you have to over spend a little do it, but do it on a good pitcher because we are still competing for the goddamn wild card!! So frustrating!!!!!!!

    • What does getting one pitcher matter right now? We have lost 4 plus 2 or 3 in spring training. We need stopgaps and hopefully the kids in the minors develop fast. This is cope time. Not “we need one piece to compete”

    • Yeah, lets send 4 prospects over to the Cubs for 1.5 years of a #2-3 starter. That’s going to make us compete. No wait, it won’t. As the previous responder said, we would still have 3 other gaps in the fucking rotation. There is no way we’re competing this year, period.

      You don’t think teams are fucking FOAMING at the mouth right now? They want to pluck our farm system fucking dry for a .5-1.5 year rental. Fuck that.

  32. Now that the book is in on AA the league has adjusted and is currently terrified of getting rinsed. Continued success will depend on his ability to adjust back, if that doesn’t happen soon Anthopolous may be sent down to the minors to work on some mechanical adjustments.

    • You clearly don’t follow the trades he has made. Many have worked out well for the other team too.

  33. I guess the only encouraging thing is watching the guys hit the ball like it owes them money. Goodness knows it owes them some pitchers.

  34. Can we teach Moyer to throw a knuckleball?

  35. I’d like to see all of the armchair pitching experts with short memories and a very thin
    grasp of the pertinent facts and stats, have to eat crow when it comes to comments about Scott Richmond.
    He is finally pitching without pain for the first time since midway thru his rookie season, and he’s quietly gone about his business like a professional, gaining wisdom with experience and improving himself as a pitcher in all aspects.
    His GB- FB outs ratio has improved dramatically, as has his change up. He has a plus curve and slider, and his FB touches 94 at times, plus he has big league presence on the mound and isn’t afraid to pitch to contact, while still racking up SOs at a rate of close to one per inning.

    • What are you talking about? Richmond is maybe 10th or 12th on the depth chart of starting pitchers on this team. He has no place on a ML roster, at all. A plus curve AND plus slider? In what world does a career minor league pitcher have 2 plus pitches, good fastball velocity, and still put up terrible numbers in AAA (or MLB for that matter)?

      • No, it’s true! Richmond has touched 94! Well, he’s touched himself 94 times, or maybe it was a 94 year old but that’s just weird. Also, his fastball has hit 79 and 84, so there you go.

    • Are you a Richmond family member?

  36. BLOL Jays :(

  37. Omar Vizquel is starting to feel like a spring chicken

  38. You guys are as bad as the shitty Phillies fans I have to put up with.
    What team can lose 4 starting pitchers & their closer to injury – have their clean-up hitter suck during a rebuilding year in the toughest division ever assembled and still be over .500?

    There is no reason to panic and mortgage the farm to bring in Garza or some mediocre pitcher that might not do us any good (if we can’t win the 3 of 5 Garza or Romero isn’t pitching). If we can stay afloat for the next few weeks with a patchwork staff, Morrow will be back and if might be worth going and getting a decent SP.

    I like Villanueva in the pen – he solidifies a game that is still winnable in the 5th or 6th inning for us

    • Totally agree.

    • +1

    • The last thing AA should do is mortgage our future for a stop-gap/bandaid. I know that he is smart enough to avoid this.

      • that isn’t the point. the point is that we need a legitimate starting arm regardless of the injuries. always did, still do.

        make the trade and let’s start fielding a team that resembles what is hoped will be a contending team…start working on the kinks.

        what is the point of keeping this rag-tag remnants around? JPA, Lind, Davis are not going to be part of the core. get rid of them and bring back the pieces we need.

        no one should be fooling themselves that drabek alvarez or hutch have established themselves as legit starting material. there is still lots of time for that to happen, as with the next crop of arms.

        but in order to smooth that transition we need a couple of legitimate arms to hold down the 1-3 spots. so we absolutely need 1 arm. we have needed this since last year, we need it now, we will need it next year.

        make the trade.

        • and don’t trade the farm.

          trade JPA, Lind, Davis. mcdade? i don’t know. figure it out. no rental, no garbage trade

          • What do you think, GMs are going to falling all over AA for fucking McDade and Lind? JPA? Get a grip.

          • make what trade? so don’t trade the “farm” (by which I assume you mean the high end prospects) but also don’t acquire “garbage” or rental players. So you want to get what? Trevor Bauer? Clayton Kershaw? Matt Cain? For Adam Lind, JPA, and Rajai Davis? With Mike McDade as a throw in. You may have some valuation issues there. Might have to throw in Jeff Mathis to even the deal out.

        • Dude, we’re fucking at least 3, if not 4 starters down. Do you realize how much trading would have to be done to get that rotation back together? Would we really be getting back something that is better than what we already have? Is Guthrie that much of an upgrade over fucking Cecil?

          The problem with just trading JPA is he at least has some experience with game calling at the major league level. You say you want to compete, but you want to go ahead and what, throw the lion’s share of the catching responsibilities to Mathis? Or call up D’Arnaud?

          I’d be surprised if D’Arnaud is even up next year. It all depends on whether or not someone is going to bite on a JPA trade. We know he’s terrible, so you have to think that other GMs know this as well. The best thing about him is he has some power and he’s under team control — that’s about it. If JPA is traded, and you expect to compete, you’ll have D’Arnaud splitting a lot of time between himself and a veteran catcher. If there is a hole at first base still, you can expect him to play almost everyday rotating between catcher/1b/dh.

          • i want to compete…but not all in this year…but I do want some semblance of a clue by next year.

            i see a problem in kind of throwing something on the field with a lot of question marks. to me it seems better when the team has had a chance to play as a team a bit longer…and catchers given the opportunity to work with their pitchers & vice versa.

            so this idea that things happen in the off-season…AGAIN (which was a bit of a red herring anyway) seems ill-advised. get the changes under way and get these pieces that are not viewed as part of the contending team shipped out.

            JPA + Davis + some cash and get us a #3 starter at least.

            i know you’re right about the valuation..which is what is so damn frustrating that given the opportunity to throw $ rather than trade at a top 3 starter the jays fell short and missed darvish. they should have gone 10 mil or more.

            now AA has the unenviable task of turning straw into gold (lind, JPA, davis, cooper, gomes, thames) and protecting the true prospects.

            and now he waited too long he’s taken other pieces off the table through injury. now he can’t use Drabek or Alvarez or Hutch as part of a trade to upgrade.

            its nutz.

            but standing put isn’t going to get us anywhere either, for reasons previously stated (the timeframe of prospects does not match up, nor does it cover replacement, of the exiting existing productive pieces – bautista, romero, morrow).

        • What do you think you could get for Jp, Lind and davis combined…….oh wait we just signed moyer….. your not getting Garza for that. right now Garza would cost us sanchez….. sorry not going there

          • Agree completely. Lind has absolutely no value. GMs didn’t even claim him off of fucking WAIVERS.

  39. Don’t worry guys, I have Wonder Bat.

  40. There’s no point in panicking. We’re stuck with it and we have to deal with it. The upside is that the offence has been amazing for the last while and is carrying the team. I’d love AA to go out and trade for a starter but everyone knows he’s desperate so the price may well be too high in a season where we’re hanging around the WC, but Balto has broken out (and good luck to them) and we’re not particularly close. Maybe better to scrabble for starters this season while what looks like a very promising team grows together and go to town in the off-season for starters and a 1st base.

    • I doubt there are many starters available with multiple years of control left on their contracts. There are so many problems as well. Now that we have the second wild card spot, more teams are feeling like competitors — so there will be less sellers at the trade deadline. Moreover, there are multiple teams looking for starting pitching as well, and AA is probably not going to give them what they want. Look at the GIo/Latos trades — everyone wanted a piece of Syndergaard.

      • This describes a perfect environment for AA to work in. Hopefully he does exactly what he has done for the past 2 seasons in picking up an under-achieving young player for pennies on the dollar. With so many teams “in it” this year, there should be more opportunities for these types of players to become available. Another player like Rasmus and Escobar? Yes please! Over at BBB they mentioned Rick Porcello from the Tigers as a possible example of a starter that fits this mold, which could be a possible target.

        • Detroit needs pitching for this year. I doubt they are going to be selling it. You might be able to give them KJ though.

          I’m really skeptical with all the pitching injuries around baseball this year that AA is simply going to be able to pick up some bargain basement starter with tremendous upside. He’s done things like this before though, so more power to him. I think the more likely strategy is going to be running shit-ballers through the rotation for the rest of the season and hope for the best.

          AA is going to have to hope to pick up some starting pitching in the offseason. If he shies away from free agency again, we might be in for another non-competing season in 2013.

          I know AA favors the trade market, but remember that there are pros and cons to both free agency and trading. With trading, obviously you have to give up assets that may or may not replenish. Will we have another Noah? If we trade Noah, what happens if Sanchez and Nicolino “McGowan”-out. Having all three is an insurance plan… hopefully at least one pans out. Although with trading, sometimes these prospects will hold their highest value while they are just that — prospects. It’s a gamble. No one would rage if KJ or Davis were traded, but what about giving up something we value highly?

          With free agency, all you have to do is give up money and a roster spot. I’m not condoning huge, albatross contracts like Pujols and Fielder got, but I think that there are a lot of starts out there that could be brought on board at a decent price this offseason. McCarthy? Colby Lewis? Someone who can eat some innings for us while our guys get their shit together in the minor leagues and/or get healthy. The main risk with free agency is you are often paying for someone’s declining years. You are paying for what someone has already accomplished, rather than what they are likely to do in the future.




      THE MAYOR IS FAT!!!!



  41. This feels like the first deal AA has pulled since the Halladay deal that was widely predicted before it happened.

    Granted the reason it was predicted was because it made sense, not because someone heard rumours. And this deal does make a whole ton of sense, sadly.

  42. I don’t know if it was mentioned, but Drabek’s tweet in reply to the first one was pretty clown, bro.

    kyle drabek ‏@kyledrabek4

    @RickyRo24.. @iainsut your fucking stupid

    • Any variant of “your stupid” is sadly telling. I guess Kyle won’t be joining Jose and Omar on Team MENSA anytime soon. Shame his elbow’s made of the same stuff as his brain.

    • he also came out with this two minutes later:

      kyle drabek ‏@kyledrabek4

      I’m sorry for my language everyone especially the kids… But thats something you don’t joke about… It can ruin careers.. Sorry everybody

      kyle drabek ‏@kyledrabek4

      We joke about a lot of things with the boys but injury is not one of them… At least to our team… Team unit one team one goal

      So he got pissed off, let it out, and then apologized for the language and explained himself. for a pitcher who’s career is now in doubt, I’d say that’s a prett understandable, and even admirable response. sticking up for his teammate, and then explaining why he did.

      • Oh I have no problems with the language, or him coming out and defending his teammate(s). What I have a problem with is the grammar/syntax of said language.

        RE: your fucking stupid – you’re fucking stupid.

  43. Yessss!!! The Moyer deal was pretty obviously going to happen… It was like storm clouds on the horizon.

    Good thing I like slugfests!

  44. can we get Rasmus’ dad? At least he can throw in the 90s… unlike Richmond or Moyer haha

  45. Parkes loves breaking bad news.

  46. Francisco Liriano, paging Francisco Liriano…..

    • I wonder if Liriano is an option, I’m sure Zaun would like that (he’s admired Liriano before). He’s looked better since rejoining the rotation in Minnesota, but is also a free agent this year as well as being historically injury prone and inconsistent

      • Minny can’t want that much for him. Given his own history with injuries and overall suckitude, grabbing him now after some decent quality starts might be a good thing.

        • It would be interesting if Liriano is someone AA is considering, adding another lefty to the rotation (assuming the Laffey-taffy stays in that role). I think at this point so long as it’s an arm that ain’t broken it’s good news for AA.

      • Because Gregg Zaun is a premium talent evaluator.

    • now this makes sense and type of player that you get for a B type prospect with say Lind or Thames

  47. So…trainer is getting fired right? #scapegoat?

  48. It’s impressive that, despite the injuries, the Jays are still above .500 and still have a chance, albeit small, at the 2nd WC spot.

  49. trade lind, davis, and JPA. and bring back 1 starting rotation level arm.

    Call up d’Arnaud, Snider,

    maybe its worth giving Jenkins a start or two to prove whether he can hack it.

    send this scrap heap crap back where it belongs in the minors (chavez, coello, carreno, moyer(!!!), etc).

    go after Greinke.

    let’s get rolling here.

    • Jenkins will probably be up sooner rather than later I would imagine.

    • I like the Greinke idea, but man, you’d have to give uo more than Lind, JPA and Davis.

      • For a half year rental of Greinke who probably won’t resign? What are we going to fucking get out of that? We’re not going to fucking compete — so what’s the point? All it’s going to do is placate some fucking mouthbreathers who will probably be set off at the end of the year when he doesn’t resign.

        The problem is there are going to be so many other teams looking at players like Greinke and willing to offer packages that are much better than what the Jays are going to offer. The value of Greinke for a competing team is massive; the value of Greinke for a team just hoping to get through the season isn’t very high at all.

    • Chavez, right now, is a significantly better option than Jenkins.

  50. bring back Jim Clancy

  51. this is some motherfucking bullshit

  52. I might just have missed a post or discussion on this, so forgive me if I’m just out of the loop, but is it odd that no one seems to be interested in what’s going on with the Jays’ strength and conditioning program? I understand that the violent motion pitchers must employ is more difficult to train for, but I remember a few years ago having a discussion with someone in the Yankees organization during a time when they had a couple pitchers go down in a short period of time. Apparently, George cleaned house with the trainers and revamped the whole system almost overnight. Now, I would never suggest that the Jays should just start firing people without just cause and obviously this isn’t a permanent solution; you’re never going to completely eliminate pitcher injuries. But when almost every arm on your staff spends a significant amount of time on the shelf over the last couple years and more and more guys seem to be experiencing loss of velocity and ‘dead arm’, is it not worth taking a closer look at their preparation? Or is pitching an activity in which you simply can’t avoid injuries and must just cross your fingers and hope that they’re few and far between?

    • great points and worth looking into.

    • yeah, that was George. A crappy breakfast for the Stein and they would change caterers. The problems the Jays are experiencing are not unique to them, but rather happening more frequently across the league as a whole, especially to young pitchers. I would be inclined to argue that this may well be due to the increased effectiveness of diagnostics (i.e. they’re catching tears and partial tears that previously would have been thought of as soreness, overwork etc.) and the increased reliability of procedures to fix said tears.
      Between these two factors teams are both able to catch and confident in the medical ability to repair young pitchers injuries. Add in increased levels of strength specific training and targeted muscle development, which creates more athletic, harder throwing pitchers but is unable to similarly effect the supporting tendons and ligaments as rapidly (if at all), and you have a recipe for a lot more injuries to young pitchers being noticeable.
      I’d be interested to see research done on the number of drafted pitchers making it to the majors now, relative to previous eras, due to the increased workout regimes they go through. I’m pretty sure that I’ve seen articles highlighting both the increase in velocity among young pitchers (and heard it discussed on numerous podcasts/sport shows) and the increased frequency of early career surgery.

      • That being said, I’m sure there’s a few questions being asked around the team about this. But I’m also sure that, given the Jays policy of keeping team business behind closed doors, we won;t hear shit unless they find Joe Maddon hiding in the team hotel sneaking up on Ricky’s elbow with a pair of scissors.

    • Nope. Act of God per Game Threat postings.

  53. At this point I’m surprised the Jay haven’t gone after Billy Ray ‘Rojo’ Johnson to eat up some innings.

  54. would have been nice to have had that darvish guy right about now huh??

  55. If 1 player was ever going to help significantly increase attendance at Rogers Centre its Jamie Moyer

    • Can we talk Wakefield out of retirement next?

      When you enter the season with your best three AAA starters in the majors, there’s no room for error. AA tried crossing the Falls without a net, and fell badly.

  56. wait — richmond’s numbers at AAA Las Vegas are decent — and we know its a bandbox because we discount it for hitter’s numbers…..ergo we must upcount it for pitcher’s numbers? right? I think my reasoning is sound here

  57. So the Blue Jays at 38-35 are tied for last in the division. The White Sox, at 38-35, lead the Central.

    • with a strength of schedule most little league teams would envy, too. Fucking imbalanced schedule.

    • The Jays did this while having to play the likes of AL East competition too, and it’s not like the Jays also have the shitbagging Orioles either.

      With the Astros joining the AL next season, is it more likely for a balanced schedule next year?

      • nope… because then the Angels and Rangers (against at least one of whom the Jays will likely be competing for a Wild Card slot) get to play a minimum of 54 combined games each against the Mariners, A’s and Astros. The Tigers and Indians get the Royals/Twins/White Sox (although the Sox have been better than predicted this year. And the Jays get… Fucked.

      • The Astros aren’t going to be dogshit forever.

  58. I’m pretty sure the Moyer signing was to help the 51′s rotation. I doubt he will get a sniff up here especially because the PCL will eat him alive. I pray he doesn’t get called up. He has nothing left.

  59. So after Moyer and Richmond blow out their elbows, who’s next in line for a callup?

  60. I think Moyer could be servicable for us. Many pitchers have stunk in Colorado . He kept Phila in many games and its not like he lost any velocity (there was none to lose). I have no problem giving him a start or two and see what happens. At least after facing him, a 89 MPH fastball will look like 95 for the next pitcher.

  61. fat chance rogers is going to invest properly in this team:

    • I fucking hate corporate ownership. Sell the fucking team to someone who has a passion for sports.

    • You mean companies cut jobs in a slow economy? Colour me fucking shocked!
      Seriously though? You have to be kidding me. A company worth billions cuts 675 jobs (announced early in the year) as part of a re-organizational strategy to trim fat and streamline processes and you automatically jump to the conclusion that it has anything, whatsoever, to do with the baseball team? Fuck right off. If they start laying off scouts from the largest department of its kind in baseball, or front office people, or ticket sellers or ANYONE ACTUALLY CONNECTED TO THE TORONTO BLUE JAYS BUSINESS UNIT, then I might be inclined to think of it as a semblance of an indicator of… something. Instead they promoted two guys last week, which can be assumed to increase their salaries.
      So, to reiterate; Fuck Right Off.

      • the point being that this company is practically like a bank…and because it doesn’t want an inch cut from its fat it will cut salary rather than assume some reduced profits in one area.

        with a mindset like that, I don’t see this company viewing investment in a baseball team as means for a return in the timeframe they’d want. so its more of a confirmation that they won’t be putting $$ into the team player acquisition unless the thing is already profiting.

    • This makes my point clearly:
      In 1992, Labatt closed it’s Saskatoon brewery, as part of a “consolidation” process that included laying off or downsizing a staggering 25% of its workforce, including brewers, marketers, accountants… basically every segment of its workforce. Do you know what didn’t get cut? The Toronto Blue Jays payroll. Because it was an entirely distinct business unit providing a different function from the core assets of the company. Like the Jays are to Rogers.
      So calm down with the panic mongering.

  62. What the hell happened to “he’s polished and could be in the bigs soon” Deck McGuire? Sweet baby jesus…

  63. Thanks for bringing up Mike Toth in the latest podcast. Reminded me of how I use to curse my car radio every day he was on 590. Even though I can’t stand Blair, I am still relieved that that dimwit Toth is gone for good. Fuck that tool.


  65. We’re so fucked! We need to trade Bautista and EE for pitching help nao! Wonder if Boston will let us have Doubront for those two and Rasmus?

  66. I wonder if the Tommy John tweets to Ricky are like saying “Macbeth” backstage?

  67. Holy fuck, NO!! I thought Jays management said that if the fans started coming back, yada, yada, there would be money to go and get someone. Well, the last I heard, attendance is up almost 200,000 over last year at this time. SHOW ME THE MONEY!! So is this where the money is going? Signing has beens to minor league deals to try them out? Like the Vlad experiment?And why do we need Adam Lind back? Now Farrell is going to fuck with the lineup, the Jays were doing fine without Lind. Package Lind and Snyder with a minor league player and ship them off and get a real pitcher. Fuck, maybe the Jays should sign Tommy John to a minor league deal. His arm is ONLY 38 years old.

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