Welp. If you’re going to start Aaron Laffey in the jokingest of the joke stadiums of the American League, you might as well do it against the pitcher they used to call Dice-K, and hope that you can keep on lining your cannon fodder up against theirs, giving you at least a shot to out-slug your opponents. I don’t see how the fuck else the Jays are going to manage to keep their heads above water, especially when staring down the prospect of Scott Richmond and Jamie Moyer joining the rotation at some point in the near future.

It ain’t good.

Ahh, but maybe it changes once we get the word on Henderson Alvarez. And hey! Adam Lind is back! Not that I’m… y’know… hopeful, but at the moment, I don’t think see how we’ve got a whole hell of a lot but hope. At least as far as 2012 is concerned.

Let’s shitcan these fuckers!


Here’s the only scuttlebutt we need: Shi Davidi tweets that it’s good news for Henderson Alvarez: he has mild elbow inflammation and will make his next start. Phewf.

TV: Sportsnet

And now the lineups, by way of the live box score at theScore.com. And for those of you who’ll be out and about, be sure to follow all the action on your phone with Score Mobile

Toronto Blue Jays

Brett Lawrie 3B
Colby Rasmus CF
Jose Bautista RF
Edwin Encarnacion DH
Kelly Johnson 2B
Yunel Escobar SS
Rajai Davis LF
Adam Lind 1B
Jeff Mathis C

Aaron Laffey RHP

Youk-less Massholes

Mike Aviles SS
Dustin Pedroia 2B
David Ortiz DH
Cody Ross RF
Adrian Gonzalez 1B
Will Middlebrooks 3B
Jarrod Saltalamacchia C
Darnell McDonald LF
Brent Lillibridge CF

Daisuke Matsuzaka RHP


Image via Winslow Townson/Getty.

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  1. As for Pauley, this is where I’d rather see the guys like Beck or other younger guys with the good arms. Let them get their experience starting out in the pen the way they used to break in rookies. Pauley has no future on this team.

  2. Good thing he got Luis Perez out of there so quickly. Facing 1 batter on 5 days rest is a lot to ask. Better just concede this game and put in trash like Pauley. Try again tomorrow.

  3. …will we get a TV-dive in the 9th???

  4. Just have to look at the WHIP’s for our pen. Only Oliver, Janssen and Beck had ones that are decent – that’s below 1.20. Even Perez at 1.35 isn’t that great. Just too many base runners allowed late in the game.

  5. Bad news fellas, Rogers is going through tough times, so there chopping over 300 jobs. Don’t count on any FA signings this year. I’m hunkerin down myself, and starting with cuttin by cable bill. Guess I won’t be on the net either. Rogers is setting the example and I will follow their lead. See ya.

    • just saw that, guess when Beeston and AA said that when they were ready they would spend the money, sounds like more bullshit and lies….

      On another note my cell package went up in the last few months.

    • Companies are going to spend where the profits are. With Jays attendance and TV ratings up so much there’s a good chance nothing changes.

      Lets face it they cut about 1% of their work force which could be in areas that aren’t profitable anymore or even relevant. I wouldn’t read too much into it. A lot can change in the next 6 months. BTW they still made a net of $300 mil last quarter. Watch for the Media Division’s numbers this coming quarter.

      Don’t forget there’s a very good chance there’s more money for major league salaries next year with the cutbacks in the amateur spending not to mention that Teahan’s salary comes off the books after this season. Those 2 alone would cover $10 million easily not to mention another $8 million for Coco and Frasor.

    • @birddawg – maybe you should actually wait to see that they don’t cut payroll before jumping to the conclusion.

  6. I think AA is the one who should be DFA’d, he’s the one who acquires all of these garbage pitchers including his recent pickup Jamie Moyer. But he’s Canadian and he’s got a baby face that fan boys love to fap too. AA is the real problem.

    • I agree…fuck him and his major league roster full of young, controllable players with potential and a farm system that has gone from one of the worst to one of the best in a few short years.

  7. Lets look on the brightside… after tonights performance, we probably wont have to worry about offseason Farrell-to-Boston rumours.L

    • Worry?

      Fucking shit-can his fucking ass and get Dave Martinez in here asap. Sick of this fucking shit.

  8. so, how many callers has Wilner blown up at tonight?

  9. Hard to defend the indefensible and excuse the inexcusable. Not that Jays would necessarily have broken a tie game, but the managing is incoherent.

  10. i was fine with the bullpen moves up untill taking Perez out after one batter.

    • It was forgivable and excusable up to that point.

      Over-managing like this has to work; if it doesn’t, there should be punishment.

  11. You cant beat the red sox at home by scoring 1 fucking run. Yeah, pauley sucks balls, davis is a fucking moron on the basepaths, and farrell makes terrible bullpen decisions sometimes but I got to say, when the top 4 arent hitting this offense is shit. They still dont take enough walks especially against DICE K of all pitchers. Mathis is turning into a black hole when hes in the lineup. Before morrow, drabek and hutchison got injured this team was doing basically the same it is now. Hovering around .500. I just want a fucking winning baseball team.

    • I don’t get why you’ve been complaining about the offense in light of the last two weeks.

      Last 11 games the Jays have scored: 1, 9, 0, 7, 12, 3, 10, 6, 6, 6, 3 runs. Couple weak games in there, but it’s hard to ask for more than that.

  12. Ok… so…

    The pitching staff sucks huge fucking balls.

    2 starters and 2 relievers for a team thats going to get fist pounded in the ass by whoever they try and deal with.

    Were done for the year

  13. Folks, Farrell does a GREAT job of explaining why he went to Pauley in the 7th..

    read on:

    “Groundball pitcher in this ballpark, if we continue to let Luis (pitch) against (Brent Lillibridge, who was lifted for Nava), that’s his strength, that’s why Lillibridge is in that lineup,” Farrell said of why he went to Pauley.


    Im not sure because I dont think it is English but I THINK he was trying to say that he went to Pauley in order to get the very dangerous Brett Lilleibridge out of the game. Yes. That was his logic. That he wanted Pauley in there in order to force the sox to remove the future hall of famer from the lineup and introduce nava instead.

    Let me tell you something Farrell, when you start going to a much shittier pitcher than the one you currently have in the game because YOU WANT TO GET BRENT LILLEBRIDGE OUT OF THE GAME BECAUSE OF HIS GREAT BAT..you have already lost the battle against cretinism.

  14. The way things have been going, the least of our worries are Farrell’s in game decisions. The real choices are who the team is willing to package up with Oliver or Johnson or Davis or EDH or JPA to maximize returns.

    Some players like Gose or Hechavarria you need to decide if you’re going to sell them at their height of prospect value or if you’re going to keep them and go through the development lumps with them. They already lost that option (for this year) with D’Arnaud.

    This team absolutely is not going to compete to be first in the division without a bridge to the new talent in the minors. The GM AA and Beeston need a decent payroll boost to fill out the rotation and not leave any black holes in the lineup.

  15. Yeah that’s his answer…he was ascared of big bad wolf brent lillibridge because of his numbers against lefties.

    I couldn’t fucking believe it either.

    I know that Laffey was a on a pitch count and had looked a bit tired, fine. But for fuck’s sake, when you are down to two major league relievers left in your pen, be judicious dumbass!

    You either leave Frasor in in the first place because you only need one more out or you leave Perez in BECAUSE YOU HAVE NO MORE FUCKING PITCHERS LEFT WITH ANY QUALITY!!!!

    I guess Farrel thinks Pauley IS major league calibre–that is the only explanation. How he thinks a guy who was released not 2 weeks ago from a bullpen that was already terrible is an appropriate response in a tie game with a major competitor at the point—I am flabbergasted. That might be the stupidest move I have ever seen from a manager.

  16. so let’s see, in 3 offseasons, alex has managed to acquire no young power reliever other than santos, totally shitty bullpen, no veteran starter, and an idiot manager who does have a nice chin.

    so what’s the game plan next year greek boy? if he pulls this same shit next year he needs to be fired. and if he doesn’t resign EE then that would be a slap in the face to all fans.

  17. I miss Shawn Camp.

  18. One bright side to the game was that Laffey was stunningly actually good tonight. I was expecting a Carreno/Chavez type start – especially at Fenway.

    Maybe he can tread water for a while and give the Jays a few decent starts.

    • Treading water is a good analogy, as the BJ starting pitiching ship is submerged. Lets hope Rickey doesn’t fall off the mound and break his leg in todays game.

  19. Oops Lind had 2 hits. Maybe he is better than you guys think. I love the hypocrisy here: Snider should be used over Davis because he has more upside, yet anyone is better than Lind because he has no upside…. except he HAS actually hit well in the majors where Snider has not.

  20. John Farrell looks like George Reeves. The original Superman for TV from the 50′s. Probably as smart as George. Wonder if he will suffer the same fate after decisions like last night.

  21. Ok….. well there’s a SHITLOAD of blame being placed on John Farrell here and to all of that I say bullshit. This cant be blamed on Farrell.

    Someone said he puts pitchers in a position to fail and to that I say that the pen only has like 2 good pitchers in it so really the pitchers are failing because they suck ass. Pauley, Coello, Cordero etc etc, only Frasor and Janssen have any talent down there.

    Bottom line here is the blue jays need pitching, they need 2 starters and at least 2 relievers and well ALLLLLLL know AA isnt going to do fuck all about it, he will sit on his hands and then give us some dumb fuck bullshit excuse about how the prices were too high and blah blah fucking blah then next year we do it all over again.

    • You got significantly fucking dumber over the course of this comment, but your core notion was at least right: it’s hard to blame Farrell for this, though it was a pretty awful job by the bullpen, and not great management of it.

      Still, if the team scores just one run, the pitchers’ margins for error are so minuscule, how the hell does the blame possibly go there?

  22. Why do you guys post so infrequently? Too much bong water on your keyboards?

    • Frequent posts by the editors will create more doubt about their abilities. The post above is a good example:
      Buck: Its not Farrell’s fault; he has little in the way of pitching talent in the pen; Management will not get Farrell any pitching help.
      Stoet: Your post is of poor quality; Farrell shouldn’t be blamed; Farrell did a lousy job Managing the pen; the offence is to blame.

  23. The offense isn’t the point, though. Yes, they should have executed a little better…and had some tough calls go against them (especially the out call at second that could have blown the game open earlier, given the spot in the lineup where the Jays were).

    And given the fact that the Sox pen isn’t god’s gift to bullpens (Matt Albers?) I don’t think they Jays would have had trouble eventually getting theirs. Especially since the Sox had to blow their match-up lefty already.

    It just wasn’t “not good management” of the pen. He made (possibly) three errors in the same inning against a top opponent at a key time. First of all, although Laffey was tiring, his last inning wasn’t nearly as horrible as Wilner and others were trying to paint it. The “walk” he gave up to Pedrioa had three straight strikes called balls. He did give up two doubles, but given the fact that any fly ball counts as a double in that Park, calling him done is a huge overstatement. The fact that he has been a starter his whole career meant that he probably could have been asked to face ONE more batter in the seventh without his arm falling off. I don’t think 5-8 more pitches would have destroyed him nearly as much as has been offered by pundits. I will give Farrel that one, as it is arguable, and it is possible Farrel asked and he was unavailable.

    The other two errors were horrible management, especially given the lack of pitchers. Farrel got caught up in the match-up game and let himself get out-coached by Valentine.
    Taking Frasor out after an opposite field home run was the first mistake, but then compounding it by taking another long relief guy out in a tie game with only minor league support staff behind him and the closer just reeks of over-management.

    Pauley shouldn’t have seen the game till extra innings, if at all. And this baloney of “we have to see what we have” is complete horseshit. No, Farrel, you don’t. You know what you have in Pauley, and if you don’t then you haven’t been paying attention.

    And this isn’t the first time he has made egregious decisions with the bullpen, as you well know. Quit giving the man a pass. When he deserves to be called out, call him out.
    Sugar coating it with–well the offense didn’t do it’s job is a cop out.

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