Now it’s time for all the stuff I don’t figure on making full posts out of, with the spiffy graphic by Matt English (aka @mattomic). It’s your Afternoon Snack… er… Afternoon Hangover… er… links!!!

John Lott of the National Post talks to Adam Lind about his time in Las Vegas, his workout routine, and notes that John Farrell says the former cleanup hitter will only face “certain” lefties, and will bat sixth or seventh in the lineup. Sense!!

Richard Griffin of the Toronto Star reminds readers, through tweet, that the Jays will not lose their draft pick if they don’t sign Marcus Stroman– the still-unsigned #22 pick from Duke. Thanks to the new CBA, the compensation pick for their failure to sign Tyler Beede last year now has a two-year life. Griff also tweets that the Jays are offering slot money, $1.8-million, to the college junior. He won’t have a lot of leverage going back into the draft next year, and is no lock to make more, so… I’d be pretty surprised if he didn’t sign. Stranger things have happened, though.

Marc Hulet includes Jays rookie ball pitcher Joe Musgrove in his latest prospect watch piece for FanGraphs. “The right-hander can fire his heater up into the 95-96 mph range and induces a plethora of ground-ball outs,” he writes. “At 6’5′ 230 lbs, Musgrove has the build to be a durable innings-eater at the big league level and could eventually become a No. 2 or 3 starter.”

It’s part one of a multi-part interview, as Tom Dakers of Bluebird Banter talks to Jays hitting coach Dwayne Murphy.

Jays Prospects provide us with some nice notes on how things have gone for the New Hampshire Fisher Cats of late.

Some Hardball Talkin’ at Getting Blanked: Omar Vizquel breaks out some dance moves during last night’s rain delay. And elsewhere over there, the Common Man shows us where “member of the Jays starting rotation” ranks among the most dangerous jobs in North America.

The Toronto Star provides us with some fun facts about Jamie Moyer and Omar Vizquel. Guess what? They’re old!

Elsewhere at the Star, it’s more on Ricky Romero’s Twitter outburst.

The Southpaw wonders– nay, dreams– about trading to get Roy Halladay back.

Jake Simpson of the Atlantic thinks that, with all-year interleague play upon us next year, the NL should maybe switch to the DH full time, in order to avoid the multiple roster moves that come with switching between roster setups depending on which league’s rules are being played.

Heading back to Getting Blanked, Parkes watched the Padres play the Astros. Revel in his misery.

Lastly, speaking of, and because there’s a bunch of Jays rotation talk to be had in there, why wait? Here’s today’s edition of Getting Blanked, which… holy shit, is that… ??? After much too much legal wrangling, the Constantines are back! Fucking yes!!!!

Also, double congratulations to our pal Scott Lewis and his wife on the birth of their twins this morning!

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  1. John Farrell says the former cleanup hitter will only face “certain” lefties, and will bat sixth or seventh in the lineup. Sense!!

    It’s not just sense, but it should be common too. Why it takes a demotion for Farrell to figure this out is beyond me, but I’m glad that some thinking power was utilized on this issue here after the recall.

  2. Legal wrangling over the Constantines?
    Fuck I’m old.

  3. Wow.. they made Adam Lind work out a whole 5 days a week!! Monday – Friday! As if he is some regular joe having to work a weekday schedule!

    I always try to defend baseball players as peak physical athletes, and then stories like this leak and it makes it that much harder.

  4. Shi Davidi tweeting that D’Arnaud is out 6-8 weeks after tearing the PCL ligament in his knee sliding into second base. guess that’ll quiet any trade JPA talk

    • Shit the collective value of the entire organization has dropped in the last couple of weeks.

    • For a second there I thought you were making a pun about the league. At least it’s only the PCL. UCL and ACL tears can be career threatening.

    • just read this. Fucking ridiculous shit happening on the injury front.

    • Yeah one giant dose of shitty Karma raining down on the Jays this summer. So that also means get used to JPA for the rest of this season at least.

      • It’s like a soap opera: “Who’s going to get injured next? Tune in to tomorrow’s episode of Jays of your Lives.”

        • Jays Of Our Lives*

          Of course the y key works without any help, but the shift shits the bed.

  5. Throw out J.P.’s numbers. Just fine focus on the production. He’s a producer.

  6. When I heard Jerry interviewing Adam Lind last night, Lind didn’t sound all that enthused about things, particularly about his conditioning. When Jerry asked about what he did down there conditioning-wise, Lind basically just said, “Well, I went down there and did what they asked me to do.” I take this to mean that he would have continued not giving a fuck about being in shape or not unless he was basically told “if you don’t do this, you’re out of a major league job.” It’s amazing that while previous so-called bad-attitude guys like Rasmus, Escobar and Lawrie have found new life here, Lind’s attitude has gotten progressively shittier over the years. I hope the keep an eye out for that.

  7. I kinda like Ricky’s response to the joking around about injuries…this is not the time. It was nice to see Laffey keeping the Boston hitters off balance last night. Too bad the bullpen couldn’t close the deal for us.

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