The Jays and the Red Sox are back at it this afternoon, and thank fuck for that, because it means we can turn the page that much more quickly on last night.

While sometimes after a clusterfuck of a game like that, I might be tempted to assess the damage, point fingers, and call out a bunch of commenters who couldn’t have had it more wrong. With the quick turnaround, though, I’m not going to do that. Except the last bit, because Oh My Fucking God, this morning I read through a good portion of the comments left on last night’s Game Threat, and I can assure you that I am vastly, vastly fucking stupider for it.

Today the Jays look to Ricky Romero to get them a series win, and last year and the one before, you might have felt pretty good about that possibility. This year, however, Romero looks a ways off from the pitcher who put up a 3.64 in both FIP and xFIP two years ago, and a 2.92 ERA last year (and a 3.78 SIERA). Right now his FIP sits at 5.01, his xFIP at 4.39, and while most of the plate discipline numbers for the batters he’s faced are stable, he is throwing 5% fewer first-pitch strikes, and generating 1.6% fewer swinging strikes than last year. Those numbers would seem to fall in line with the more basic facts: his walks are up (11.3% from 8.7% last year), strikeouts are down (16.9% from 19.4%).

Add in the fact that he’s been plagued by the home run ball, and… yeah… things haven’t been so hot. Then again, after staring blankly for too long at his FanGraphs page, not a whole lot is jumping out that screams that he can’t go back to being a lot closer what he’s been in the past. So… hoping for the home run problem to end in Fenway might be a bit too much to ask, but maybe today’s the day he finally stops walking guys so damn much. Fingers crossed.


Shi Davidi tweets that John Farrell told reporters today that Brandon Morrow’s oblique pain is subsiding, and that he played catch two days ago, and will continue to throw with increasing intensity. But don’t get too excited, “That will be a slow process,” he adds.

No Adam Lind in the lineup against a left-hander. That’s good!

Ben Francisco in at DH, batting fifth. That’s baaaaaaad!

I should mention at least one thing about yesterday: Aaron Laffey was, surprisingly, pretty good. And it means he’ll get another chance to turn back into a pumpkin, according to John Farrell, per a Davidi tweet.

Lastly, just as soon as it’s ready, we’ll have today’s episode of Getting Blanked up, for your between-inning viewing pleasure. In the meantime, you can have a listen to the mp3, either below, by downloading here, or by subscribing to Getting Blanked on iTunes

TV: Sportsnet

And now the lineups, by way of the live box score at And for those of you who’ll be out and about, be sure to follow all the action on your phone with Score Mobile

Toronto Blue Jays

B. Lawrie 3B
C. Rasmus CF
J. Bautista RF
E. Encarnacion 1B
B. Francisco DH
Y. Escobar SS
R. Davis LF
J. Arencibia C
O. Vizquel 2B

R. Romero LHP

Youk-less Massholes

D. Nava LF
D. Pedroia 2B
D. Ortiz DH
C. Ross RF
A. Gonzalez 1B
W. Middlebrooks 3B
M. Aviles SS
D. McDonald CF
K. Shoppach C

J. Lester LHP


Image via Abelimages/Getty.

Comments (245)

  1. why Vizquel why????

  2. Last nights Fangraphs after dark chat… Swydan stating the earliest the Jays will be competing is 2014. How many more years of. 500 with upside?

  3. But he’s 8-1 and has the second best winning percentage in all of baseball. Romero’s having a great season!

    • Shut up Tim MCcallef.

      Did anyone hear that nonsense the other day on Tim and Sid? Tim said pitcher wins was a much more important stat than ERA in valuing a pitcher. Everyone from about 99% of listeners who tweeted and emailed in, to Sid, Wilner and even JPA, disagreed with him. It was pretty astoundingly stupid. But fortunately reason and common sense won out when McCallef finally admitted he was wrong because JPA said ERA is a lot more important.

      • Arencibia pissing on the notion of pitching to the score was my favourite part of that whole discussion. The media just doesn’t get it.

        • That was brilliant, I was actually expecting JPA to say wins, only because it makes Ricky look better and I didn’t think he would say anything that could be considered a slight diss on Ricky. Ricky has admitted numerous times this year he’s been lucky to have as many “wins” as he does because the hitting has been sop good behind him.

      • I like Tim and Sid a lot..

        But it almost seemed like Tim didn’t understand that a starting pitcher doesn’t always get the win, even if the team wins. It was weird.

        • Agreed, I like their show, and still find it entertaining but I definitely lost respect for Tim as a sports analyst after that segment.

          • Yeah. I can kind of live with a guy like McCown being out of date on baseball analysis because the guy is 60 years old. (Although I’ve never heard him say wins are more important than ERA).

            But that’s a pretty bad take for a young, supposedly stats savvy guy like Tim.

        • It’s almost like they were getting a lot of reaction to the discussion and were going on about it to keep people listening…..

  4. How can Laffey NOT get another start? Who else is there?

  5. There’s nothing wrong with Ben Francisco batting 5th today when the alternatives are an ice cold Escobar and the free swinging Arencibia.

  6. Laffey looked descent last night. Why not give him another chance besides who the hell else could the Jays give it to? I know they need the pitching depth right now but they should be playing every possible player that could be thrown into a trade in the hopes of acquiring some more talent.

    • Why?

      • I assume you are replying to me? Play so that the Jays can Corey Paterson them into something better. I know they are playing them out of desperation but it does also serve the purpose of getting people interested in these players as potential trade bate. Yes Laffey has largely sucked in his career but a stupid GM, there are a lot of those still around, might look at a start against the Red Sox and say “hey this kid looks alright, look what he did against the Sox.” It might help come around trade deadline to help put the icing on the trade cake.

        • I know I used this notion yesterday regarding Davis, but that’s a pretty gigantic stretch.

    • They are.

    • I say we invest that money back in the nuclear plant!

  7. I am definitely not an injury expert, let alone know anything about arm injuries, but it seems surprising that they are letting Morrow play catch while he is still in pain, no?

  8. Holy fuck a break from the Lind hate coming any day soon? My god. For all the love for Snider and his “upside”, Lind is a guy who actually did perform at a high level once. Look at Hill this year. No reason Lind can’t rebound at least somewhat and “at least somewhat” would still provide a better option than anything else we have right now.

    Yeah he has sucked bad. But other than keeping him away from the top half of the lineup, there’s not much we can do except hope for a turnaround until we can replace him for real.

    • There’s only one way to stop the lind hate: Lind has to stop sucking, or a trade. Sorry, two ways to stop the lind hate.

    • Yes, Lind actually did perform… 2000 plate appearances ago. Save for like 35 games, over the last two-and-a-half years he’s been either fucking terrible, or in the minors.

      Holding out hope for Lind at this point is easily as, if not more, ridiculous than doing so for Snider.

      • Do you not beat the drum for calling Snider up? (Note: I wish they would call Snider up, I am not against Snider at all).

        At least 2000 PA ago he could hit. Same with Hill, who seems to be decent again.

        What is the alternative? I would love them to go land a premium 1B. But as the roster stands, I’ll take Lind over whoever else. And for SSS awards I’d point out 2 hits yesterday and EE just missed a ball that Lind would at least have knocked down.

    • I don’t think saying it’s good to sit Lind today was actually Lind hate. I think it’s more that, for all Lind’s time in Vegas may have done him some good, it’s insane to put him in against lefties – at least until he’s shown he really has turned it around against righties.

      If one wants to set Lind up to succeed, in other words, then sitting him against lefties is probably not a bad idea.

      If he never sees another left-handed pitcher, that’s ok by me.

      • Ok maybe it was just Lind hate.

        /reminder to self, don’t overthink it/

      • I agree, just tired of hearing how bad Lind is every day. This is our team, it ain’t there yet. If Andrew has an actual insight to provide (even a negative one) on Lind, fine. That’s why I read this blog. Plain vanilla “he sucks” is hardly of any use. At least be indifferent to the guy.

        • Thing is, Lind has shown that he’s terrible, and I’m going to keep talking about it.

          • Guess who is worse than Lind? Every other option we have right now. At least with LF you can argue Snider is better than some of the people we’ve had out there. You can’t do that with Lind. So you just complain. What is the value-add in that?

  9. Oh shit. Get the fucking pen warming up.

  10. ” but maybe today’s the day he finally stops walking guys so damn much. Fingers crossed.”

    – maybe next outing

  11. 4-pitch walk, double, 4-pitch walk.

    Even factoring in Ricky’s usual shit-the-bed tendencies against the Sox, something’s got to be broken for him this year. Put him on the DL so he can get it figured out and be good to go for next season. We’ll have Moyer and Hill up soon enough, and they’ll do just as good a job as he can right now.

  12. Wow. That E5 play was just a joke. They’ve completely given up.

  13. Nice work E3…

  14. Terrible error, but those runs are all on Ricky Ro. 0 first pitch strikes against a team that is notorious for taking pitches.

    This is going to get ugly. Hope the bats are prepared to score 10.

  15. Be nice to Ricky…this is all Twitter’s fault..

  16. Over/Under 7 runs by the time this inning is over?

  17. Dont worry guys Ricky always sucks vs the Red Sox, this is nothing new

    • So you’re saying as long as he’s consistent we should all relax? Thanks.

    • He has sucked every game this year.

    • They’ve always hammered him but the walks are new. And most of the guys so far who haven’t walked were swinging at balls out of the zone. If this was the Sox lineup of old he might be up to 6 or 7 walks already. That to me says something’s fucked up because it’s pretty rare that pitchers who have had decent BB rates for a few seasons in a row suddenly forget how to throw strikes.

  18. Well this is going well.

  19. The pressure has finally gotten to Ricky. He has Steve Blass syndrome. Turn him into Ankiel.

    • Romero’s looking like the D-Train, Dontrelle Willis, today. He just can’t find that strikezone, and when he does it’s getting squared up nicely by the Red Sox.

  20. Oh Jesus Christ and I was all prepared to forgive and forget. Why this guy is allowed to play a position when we have a perfectly good 1st baseman available who’s great in the field and hits so well is beyond me.

    Wait, what?

  21. Wow. Ricky might not make it out of the 1st.

  22. I guess Darnell McDonald and his .210 average is now a pretty tough out.

  23. I’m sure Ricky will add to his lead leading ‘Benches hit with Glove’ numbers after this inning

  24. On a postiive note, Ricky made it past 9 pitches.

    Wait…that might be a negative.

  25. I’m not sure I can recall ever seeing an inning that bad for Romero..

  26. I’m not sure how accurate mlb gameday is at showing pitch location (its all I have sitting in my office), but it looks like Romero is seeing some good ol’ Fenway umpiring.

  27. Ricky is a bag of hammers this year. Shit hammers.

  28. Over 40 pitches and only 2 outs so far. This is not an ace. He’s hurt no? Has been for a while. Who forgets how to throw strikes?

  29. I think they don’t want to use Villanueva as resting him for Friday.

  30. Jenkins gets called up after today’s game u can book it

  31. Fuck me.

  32. I wish Tabler would shut the fuck up

    • For sure, Buck and Tabs will spend the next few innings providing excuses for Romero or extolling the few positives of Romero’s so-far craptacular outing.

  33. Nice quick inning for the Jays bats. At least Ricky won’t get rusty or stiffen up.

  34. At least he got Pedroia out. This time.

  35. Our “ace” is has become a shitballer. Hey Ricky, time to stop throwing the glove and yelling at people on Twitter and remember that you’re supposed to be good. Hell, I heard Cy Young predictions by some on ESPN and MLB Network Radio before the season.

  36. Christ, way high pitch count. Way more balls than strikes. Walks 2 batters. This isn’t Ricky’s afternoon.

  37. Just checked out the game on Gameday. Ricky has walked Big Papi with one out in the 2nd. Down 6-1 and he’s thrown more balls than strikes. Way to help out the bullpen Rick. When is he going to be diagnosed with left-arm-shitiness?

  38. Today’s strike zone is half the size of yesterday’s

  39. Welp, the Euro game is almost on. Lemme know if something good happens.

  40. Doesn’t matter. It’s now 7-1 and still only one out. In the second. Welcome to the basement, Blue Jays Fans! Baltimore officially climbed out this season and now it’s all ours. Whoopee goddamn’ fuck.

    • As much as today sucks, I just couldn’t care less about last place, when you can get into the playoffs by finishing third and all five teams are over .500..

      • What I mean is – all I really look at is games back from the 2nd WC.

        • I get that. But unless Balto and Tampa completely fall apart, I doubt we’re gonna make that WC2 this season. And, OK, no one could have predicted the starters would collapse as they have. But Lord God, if Baltimore can at least look legit, why can’t we? Just once. Or are all TO teams completely and irrevocably snake-bit now and likely to remain that way?

          • Yeah… I don’t think we’ll make the 2nd WC either. I think we’d have a shot if Morrow hadn’t gotten injured.

            I still 100% believe Baltimore will fall back down.

      • LOL you are talking about the WC?? We will be lucky if this team wins 75 games.

  41. Pathetic. I’m stuck wtching this mess on MLB Network today. Romero is awful and hasn’t been right since that afternoon game at home against Texas last month. When a guy hits the skids like that you always wonder if it’s permanent, like the aforementioned Steve Blass. I used to work with the AAA teams down here in Columbus and they told me Blass had his career fall apart when he came home one day and caught his wife in bed with one of his teammates and it went to his head. (Dave Cash if you really need to know who it was) It’s probably true because Cash was promptly dealt to Philadelphia. In any case, this season is fast having it’s wheels come off. I can watch the Indians or Reds today, but I’ll probably stick with the Jays in case they come back.

    Sudden thought: maybe Ricky came home and caught his wife in bed with Dustin Parkes. Nah, can’t be true, Ricky’s not married.

  42. The Pat Tabler Cliche Festival is in full gear.

    Shut the fuck up

  43. After some of the pitching performances of the past few weeks, guys like Moyer and Guthrie don’t sound that bad. The Cubs DFA’d Randy Wells today, what are the odds AA tries that band-aid on for size?

  44. “No Adam Lind in the lineup against a left-hander. That’s good! Ben Francisco in at DH, batting fifth. That’s baaaaaaad!”

    Hey Stoeten, what if the lineup had potassium benzoate in it?

  45. This game threat contains Potassium Benzoate…

    (Blank stare)

    … It’s Baaaaaaaad.

  46. God I hope its Spain vs. Germany in the final

  47. Why is Farrel making Ricky throw 100 pitches?

    • Why not? Game is over. Lets save the bull pen.

    • Because fuck it, today’s game is already lost and the Jays need the bullpen for the home stretch against the Angels when Trout and Trumbo beat up on the starting rotation.

    • He SHOULD make him throw until his arm falls off, as punishment for shitting the bed. Sure it’s a hard game, but fuck off.

  48. I hope this team loses so we can trade everyone for prospects.

  49. Stoeton!!! what is the name of the closing song on the podcast and who is it performed by?

  50. I’m done being a jays fan any new teams I should root for?

  51. Bautista smash!

  52. THAT is a beautiful swing by Joeybats!!

  53. So Romero averages 10 runs of support, so in theory we haven’t seen the end of the Jays scoring. If we can hold them to seven, and if we can just hit that average, we should win.

  54. Yeah, he’s amazing. Be nice if the starters were amazing as well. You know, at the same time.

  55. I really don’t want to be a drooling lunatic right now, and its easy to see doom and gloom in a game like this, but isn’t it clear that the Jays need to find a number one starter from outside the organization? With Ricky how he is, and despite Morrow’s fleeting awesomeness, isn’t that THE hole in the Jays organization? I know Greinke isn’t realistic, but there’s gotta be someone, somewhere. This isn’t even on Anthopoulos; our pitching situation is diametrically different than it was 4 or 5 months ago, when he could afford to pass on someone like Latos.
    Having said that, holy shit I’d take our first four batters over almost any other in MLB. Its a shame all our pitchers apparently jerk off so much that they all blew out their elbow tendons.

  56. I think if the Jays overpay per year then they could get the 5 year contract that the covet while picking up another starting pitcher. Everybody wants a number 1 starter but the truth is there are not that many out there. Some teams are lucky and have multiple ones i.e. Philadelphia and Anaheim but most do not and there are not enough to go around. The Jays are going to have to pay for a “number 1″ or be patient and hope that there prospects turn into a number 1.

    • I don’t really know how true that is. Every year at least 2 or 3 potential aces move around. This year its Greinke and Hamels (and maybe Felix), last year you had Jimenez, Latos and Wilson, etc. I agree that it’s expensive to get one, but shit, if you need a tux for your wedding day you gotta just bite the bullet and pay for it. You can’t just buy a couple tuxedo tshirts and hope one of them gets fancy in a hurry. I mean, that’s THE area of need isn’t it?

      • I am not talking about potential Aces I am talking about Ace’s. Latos and Wilson are not Ace’s. Wilson is the third best pitcher on his team now. There are not alot of Ace’s. I guarantee that you could not name 30 pitchers who you could call an Ace or a Number 1. Romero is the number 1 pitcher on the Jays but does that make him a number 1? or an Ace?.

        As for paying, yes the Jays are going to have to pay and they are going to have to pay big because of the 5 year limit they put on free agent signings. I think like what was said at Getting Blanked that a 5 years $110M deal for Greinke which is in line with Cain is a good deal that the Jays could do while keeping in line with there 5 year policy. My point is that if you want to sign a pitcher, who usually is going to want a long contract, you are going to have to pay extra per year to make up for the lack of length of the deal.

  57. Joses on pace for 52 and 124

  58. wow Ricky is getting fucked up

  59. another leadoff walk….I’d bet $1000 it comes in to score!

  60. I miss Ricky Romero. This is clearly an imposter. The real Ricky has been abducted by Aliens.

  61. And with the way Ricky has turned to shit, don’t think that’ll ever happen again. 3 years max.

  62. Fuck me – a piece of shit bloop single….I really fucking hate the Massholes

  63. The good news: Romero didn’t blow out his elbow.
    The bad news: Romero still pitches as if he blew out his elbow.

  64. It should be interesting to see what they’re planning to do in the off-season. If they don’t sign any worthy free agent and keep talking about stuff like we’re not there yet, I’ll be really pissed. After Roy Halladay this organization hasn’t produce anything.

  65. This is ridiculous! Our ace can’t get anybody out. I’m not watching this fiasco anymore. Chavez is the saviour? The season is finished. I’m not coming back and I mean it this time.

  66. Rajai davis has been playing exceptional defense.

    • Agreed. Credit where it’s due because a lot of people, myself included, berated him for brutal defense last year.

  67. Our new rotation : Laffey, Carenno, Chavez, O Sullivan, and Villanueva equals Farrell being fired!

    • Shouldn’t the fucking training/medical staff go first?

    • That might be the only positive thing to come out of this season. Only I doubt it will happen since he’s under contract for next year and Rogers isn’t going to eat the contract and essentially pay for two managers.

    • Farrell will be given a 5 year extension by alex bucause you cant have a lame duck manager and farrell is the best looking manager in the league so he can sell more tickets.

    • Right, because Farrell’s the one who got these pitchers injured, and not mere happenstance. If you’re being sarcastic, fine. If you’re not, you’re a complete idiot.

  68. So Stoeten, what comments, in general, are you referring to as being stupid? Rather than hide behind blanket comments such as “alot of the comments” and say nothing of any meaning that leads to no discourse, could you please list ONE? Are you claiming that Farrell McFuck’s bullpen use was anything other than completely fucking dumb as shit last night? I would LOVE to hear your defense of it.

  69. On a different note if this team goes in a tailspin, who would be the fall guy

  70. I was watching an old timers game and a blue jays game broke out.

  71. Problem is that Farrell’s no longer thinking like a pitching coach but he’s not thinking like a manager. He seemed to be handling it much better at the beginning of the season. But now…

  72. Wouldn’t it be ironic if the jays swept the angels at home this weekend?

  73. Ugh that was brutal start by Ricky. 2nd worst of his career in terms of ER’s but might be the worst when you factor in all the walks.

  74. It’s really sad that I’m shitting on Ricky because I really like the guy. I don’t think he is just another Lind that signs a contract and shits the bed. Hopefully it’s just a small bump on the road.

    • What are the betting odds Ricky posts on twitter tonight either

      A) a backlash rant against fans knocking his performance

      B) some cliched drivel about how he has 1 goal, and he’s determined more than ever to get back on track

      C) both

  75. Can we just forfeit the game? Is that allowed? I think it would be much less painful.

    • lol still not the worst beating the of day. The other Sox are putting a worse hurting on the Twins, at least so far.

  76. I just can’t get enough of Edwin’s chicken wing.

  77. Jose and Edwin are just going to sack-up and make a game out of this.

  78. Wow, the Jays are so bad that I’m actually going to watch soccer.

  79. Can’t we get one of those cocoon eggs and have visquel and moyer touch it and turn into arod and clemens?

  80. Here is a serious question to certain posters who still feel the Jays need to try and trade EE this year. I’ve seen this posted a lot lately. WHAT IS YOUR RATIONALE???

    EE has been the best hitter all season on this team, and it’s not even close. He leads in just about every category, and is only slightly behind Bautista in HR’s and Lawrie in average.

    Who the hell else is going to replace his production at DH next year, not to mention he can play first and occasionally third. What you’re giving up is nowhere what you’d get in return for him. Sign him immediately.

    • +1 million. Its time to make the team better, not worse in the hopes of being better in the distant future. Having said that, if they don’t think that they can/will sign him, trade dat shit.

    • You’re preaching to the choir here. I totally agree.

    • You would not get anything for edwin. In fact if he keeps hitting at this monster pace, it might be an option to offer him the QO and at worst get 2 picks. Otherwise 3/30 sounds fair deal to me.

    • Woot another convert for my EXTEND EE CAMPAIGN!

      • I really think they need to offer him something legit. I’m afraid AA isn’t gonna want to even slightly over pay what “they value him” and let him go, or trade him instead. They took a risk with Bautista last year, and it paid off as we now know, but if it hadn’t, it still wouldn’t have been the worst contract in the world to have on the books. I’m hoping they do a similar thing with EE this year. Slightly over pay what they value him at in order to keep him around, but not to the point that would cripple you like Wells and Rios.

        • I have similar feelings and that scares me the most about AA at times even if it’s not all that rational.

          That said, AA knows if he doesn’t trade him this year he’s not going to get a ton back. He’s really only got 2 options. One would be to sign him to a deal that’ll be acceptable to EE. The other would be to offer him $12 million for a single season and watch EE walk and get a draft pick back.

          AA I think is certainly smart enough to know that the pitching has a chance to be dodgy once again and he’ll need a good offense to counter that.

    • We should trade EE and Jose and get some prospects and then develop prospects to Major Leaguer and trade them for more prospects. If we go through this cycle for like ten years then we’ll have lots of prospect in our farm system and that would sound really cool. Don’t you agree?

    • Fuck you guys have lost you mind…the answer to the question of the rationale is in the anwswers you write. If you can’t sign him then what do you think will happen. You do know what free agency is right? Maybe your question was something else.

      • Well, I guess with this ultra quiet Anthopolous regime, we never hear a peep about what’s really happening behind the scenes, so if they do offer a contract to EE and he turns it down, we will either never hear about it, or never hear what was offered. Although in a desperate attempt by AA and Beeston in the off-season, to quell outrage amongst the fanbase, they did let slip that Beltran didnt want to come here.

        All I’m saying is that they sure as better fuck try their hardest to resign him. If they offer him legit money and he doesn’t accept it, then there’s nothing anyone can do. But trading him without trying really damn hard to sign him just signals to me that AA isnt acting in the best interest of putting together a winning team, and budget constraints once again will have won out. And if thats the case, thats really unacceptable. Bottom line is, he is the best option at DH maybe in the American League save for Dunn this year and Ortiz, and losing him would make the team much weaker.

  81. Batters 1-4 tonight; 5 hits 4 runs and 4 RBI in 12 ABs
    Batters 5-9; 1 hit and zero RBI in 12 ABs

    The craziest thing is its much better than last year’s Nix, Hill, Patterson, Molina clusterfuck.

  82. Well the great pitcher curse of 2012 is spreading to the Yankees now. They’ve lost 2 in the last day with Pettitte breaking his ankle. Now all we need is for the same to happen to Lester, Beckett, Price, Shields, Hammell and whoever else is shit balling for the Orioles.

  83. Can anyone remember the last time this team was either five games above or below .500? We are in total purgatory here.

  84. Last night we had a good starter and a shitty pen. Today a shitty starter and lights out pen.

  85. What return would KJ plus a prospect get you at the deadline?

    • Nothing. The reason KJ was traded to the Blue Jays was because Arizona was contending and he was a weak link. Why should a contender trade for Adam Dunn minus the home run?

    • I’d say no for a couple of reasons. One being the new CBA, and two his bum hammy is killing his stats or his play for those scouts watching him.

      • Plus, AA and Beeston are already salivating at the below market, option packed contract they’re gonna talk Kelly into after this shit show of a season. I bet Davis and some relievers are the only ones to go at the deadline, barring something crazy

        • Imagine Davis for Brandon belt if we throw in a decent prospect

        • Hope you’re right about KJ (who was just robbed of a homer.)

        • I think you’ll see AA send out Coco and Frasor for whatever he can get. He could save around $3.5 million if he does. He’ll probably be satisfied if he gets a couple of warm bodies back.

          Davis holds the most value and is a player the Jays can afford to trade the most imo.

          • LOL Davis has the most trade value. Are you kidding me??? Have you seen this idiot on the basepaths? Not to mention, his average D and poor hitting approach. Other teams know davis is a shitty hitter with no plate discipline thats had a good 3 or 4 weeks.

          • The guy is a 4th OF vs lefties and a pinch runner. Might as well keep him around for those reasons.

  86. Don’t know if you guys heard yet, but Andy Pettite took a line drive off his ankle this afternoon and fractured it. Probably out for the season.

  87. Maybe Ricky is hurt and is hiding it.

  88. All I gotta say is Jose Ortiz is the man!

  89. Bobby V is a good manager as long as he keep his god damn mouth shut.

    • Fifty million Japanesemen cant be wrong!

      • Well, there was that time they tried to take over Asia and the Pacific. That was a little misguided…

    • Being a good manager has nothing to do with this team. It’s extremely talented. They’re only lower in the standings because of all the injuries they had. Boston if they remain healthy is at least a WC team. Write it down. Of course that’s what you get when you spend $175 million and spend a lot in draft over a decade.

    • Kinda like Rob Ford as a mayor.

  90. kinda glad i missed most of this game. ohly fuck me sideways with a steele toothbrush.. what happened today?

  91. ricky is the only ace in the world that knows how to give up a six spot in the first inning and not raise his era

  92. Can’t believe the Jays are still somehow a game over .500

    Looking at how Rickys pitched, all the starting pitching injuries, the bullpen injuries and fuckups, bad offense in April … That is literally amazing to me.

  93. Missed the game….did Ricky throw a strike?

  94. I want Farrell fired.

    • I don’t. I think he’s been very good for a lot of the young players. That said, he needs improvement on the handling of the pen without question. For a team that’s so progressive in their defense with all the shifting, I don’t understand why he holds to so many of classic bullpen decisions but hopefully he can change. I’d be harder on him if the team didn’t have a lot of these injuries and had a realistic shot at contending this year without everything have to go perfectly.

      • This is stuff he should know. It doesn’t take a molecular scientist to manage a bullpen–especially when you’re a former major league pitcher and pitching coach. What more do we need to see from this guy? He just doesn’t get it. I don’t know why we can’t admit that to ourselves now, promote Fasano or find someone else. Because this isn’t working.

        • Well all you have to do is look around at the majority of other teams and they seem to be stuck making the same mistakes like saving a closer for only a save situation. The Jays are far from the only team mismanaging the bullpen.

          As for Fasano, there was rumblings going around earlier in the year regarding the poor attitude of the players and team in general.

          Farrell isn’t the reason this team is a game above .500. There’s plenty of injuries to account for that and poor performances that need to be looked at first. Then you can look at upper management next and see what tools they gave him to compete with.

          • Just FYI guys, that ‘I want Farrell fired’ thing wasn’t me. Some clown is doing a funny. Unfortunately, this board doesn’t allow avatars so this crap is gonna continue.

  95. So Romero sucks now, or what?

  96. Any option years left on Romero? Should have fucking got Tulowitzki. FUCK.

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