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Well, that was fast. John Lott tweets that Anthony Alford has finished his first season for the GCL Blue Jays… after five games. He’s back in Mississippi, getting set for the upcoming NCAA football season, where he’ll be the quarterback for the Southern Miss Golden Eagles.

His Baseball Reference page informs us that Alford finishes his first pro year with three hits, one of them a home run, in 20 plate appearances. He struck out four times, took two walks, and stole four bases without having been caught.

“When the mind interrupts the movement of body parts and a consistent delivery, that’s where you get inconsistent release points and inconsistent stuff overall,” says John Farrell of Ricky Romero’s season, according to Lott’s wrap up of yesterday’s game for the Post. Romero, according to FanGraphs, is third last among qualified pitchers in terms of first-pitch strike percentage.

Surely you’ve seen it a few times already, but I don’t think it’s ever going to get old: via the Score Buzz here’s Jose Bautista hitting a bomb that dents a car parked in a $40 lot outside of Fenway Park.

Jesus, is John Lott the only reporter working this week? He also profiles Scott Richmond, who has shown great perseverance in making it back to the Majors– as, y’know, the Jays’ 20-somethingth option– and elsewhere still he provides a nice profile of the efficient and, perhaps surprisingly, awesome Casey Janssen.

In a small digest article, Ken Fidlin of the Toronto Sun gets more words of disappointment from John Farrell about the slow progress of Sergio Santos’s recovery– he’s back playing catch on flat ground, after having been pitching off a mound and suffering a setback in May– and thoughts of disappointment from me, as he points out that the Jays’ scheduled starters against Anaheim are Cecil, Villanueva, Alvarez and Laffey. Yikes.

Bluebird Banter takes a mid-season peek at how the top five prospects in the Jays system have been doing.

Danny Farquhar continues to get passed around like a thing that gets passed around a lot at a thing-passing competition. The Yankees have picked him up off waivers from the A’s, says MLBTR, less than a month after they claimed him from the Jays. Meh.

In a video for Sportsnet, Arash Madani sits down with Jose Bautista and David Ortiz to talk about the latter’s influence on the former.

The Blue Jay Hunter swoons over Bautista’s June.

At Sports Illustrated, Jay Jaffe looks at Omar Vizquel’s Hall of Fame case, and concludes– astutely– that despite a very good career, he’s just not quite worthy.

Lastly, more from the Mockingbird, as Jon Hale rails at the prominent false choice being past around the Jays-o-sphere– that the Jays must either gut the farm system to trade for pitching help, or do nothing– and the tightwads in charge of Rogers Baseball Operations. Throw us a bone and take on some damn salary, he says, even if it’s not good value. “It’s only a ‘waste’ if you don’t consider any of the intangibles.”

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  1. Yeah throw us a frikkin’ bone here

  2. Enjoy this quiet time right now. Damien Cox is away covering Wimbleton.

  3. Thanks Jon Hale. Now tell me which team, in the new extra wildcard era where every team still has a chance, is willing to give up pitching depth and give up some of those “intangibles” you speak of for a bottom of the pile prospect and cash?

  4. Just trade everyone on the major league roster besides morrow and lawrie.

    you can get some kickass majorleague ready prospects for bautista, Encarnacion, Johnson, Rasmus, JPA, Davis, Frasor, etc.

    this team doesn’t and wont have the pitching to compete next year, so you can move up the timetable to be a power house in 2014 if you make some tough and unpopular moves now.

    • Take Bautista and Rasmus out of that trade list, and I’m onboard. I could put up with Mathis as the star….wait….give me a minute – I can do this.

    • Thanks for the “prospect porn” promo. Lets get more can’t miss prospects like Drabek and Snider and build it the “right way”.

      • This. 1000x this. There are no sure things in baseball — especially when it comes to prospects. This team may not be “one” piece away from competing… but a few solid pickups and we’d be right in the thick of things.

  5. It’s a false choice because b) isn’t a real option. They’ve had to do many somethings in order to be able to field a team.

  6. Hale has got it right to a certain extent. Though I won’t go so far as to say take on terrible value. I won’t even go so far as to say do it this year. Come winter that’s another story. Spending on a solid veteran like C.J. Wilson who was my preference over Darvish this past winter, sure would have looked great now IF they could have landed him of course. That said, $75 million over 5 years wasn’t really crazy money in the grand scheme of things. It was certainly considerably cheaper than Darvish with far more certainty in what you were getting and it’s likely to be a few million a year less than what the Cole Hamels of the world will get.

    I am hoping we can land a similar type of guy this winter. In fact, betting man that I am, short of him acquiring one or two starters via trade, that’s where I see AA spending his money this winter. Not that injuries are ever a good thing but I believe it might actually force his hand to spend on a starter this winter.

    • I fully expect an economic realities and falling Canadian Dollar speech from the Jays just before the winter meetings followed by a ‘look how great our farm is’ pep talk.

      • lol the pessimist in me fully expects such corporate shenanigans. However, my faith in management is still pretty strong. I am hoping that the generous bounce back in attendance and huge TV numbers will show that further investment is the right course.

    • Completely agree. Right now with the second wild card, many teams in contention and all injuries, there are few sellers and lots of buyers. Lets not panic and add some pieces VIA FREE AGENCY in the off-season. If they don’t sign any free agents in the off-season, we all can agree that they’re not in it to win it.

      • I think what they do with EE will be a huge indicator of what there intentions are. I expect them to offer him a legitimate extension, hopefully before the season is out. I’d have serious concerns if they were to trade him or just jerk him around with a good one year offer.

    • It is too late for AA to shore up the rotation this year. But he will be forced to add 2-3 arms next year. Even if that means FAs.

    • Amen. Had the same conversation today with a friend of mine.

      I don’t understand how they thought that this rotation would hold up whatsoever. It was extremely fluky for the first 2 1/2 months, and now things are unraveling due to pretty much foreseeable (hindsight) injuries due to the young starters. Now that our bats our there, our pitching is toast.

      I really don’t see how signing a solid starter like Wilson who you will have until 2017 would be a bad move. Again, the money wasn’t all that outlandish. This “we need a world series contender to spend any money” talk is complete shit. Due to the marketing and hype, fans are flocking to the stadium in big numbers. Throw us a fucking bone for christ’s sake.

  7. So does this mean we need to follow Southern Miss games to make sure he doesn’t get hurt? Love the tools he has, hate the lack of focus on one sport.

  8. The Jays won’t win another game this season. It’s all over and we should all kill ourselves.

  9. You’re surely going to get a decent pitcher for a “joke of a prospect.” I’m also a big fan of terrible value.

    Why did I read that garbage?

  10. A buck says Vizquel gets in before Barry Bonds.

  11. I think Ricky isn’t over Rima.

    Get on that next model Ricky.

    /end armchair psycho analysis

  12. I agree with Hale %100.

    its absurd that they’re going to do absolutely nothing given the challenges they are facing. they expect the team to not give up right? how about as team management and financial management you show a little bit of the same?

    help out a team that seems to still be giving their all. I want to see them do as best as they can this year. not to the point of sacrificing the future…but to the point of doing what you can given what you have.

    they’ve been presented with a pretty big obstacle. how about even a token showing of some support to these guys and their fans huh?

    • What exactly would you have them do? Name an option better than what we currently have that will only cost cash or fringe prospects?

  13. where’s Stoeten’s half-decent opium link when you need it?

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