Angels superstar Mike Trout (and some other guy)

The streaky Jays have streaked their way home after a streaky road trip and find themselves smack in the path of a runaway Trout. Under normal circumstances, of course, that’s not exactly the worst place to be in– I mean, when I was a kid I remember hearing about some girl being bitten by a muskie, but a trout? Pffft.

Ahh, but the Los Angeles trout is no ordinary Oncorhynchus. Still just 20 years old, the Angels outfielder has put up 3.8 fWAR in just 53 games this season, thanks to some spectacular defence, 21 stolen bases on 24 tries, a .402 on-base, and 166 wRC+, which is good for fifth-best in the Majors. At age 20!

Sure, Brett Lawrie produced similarly gaudy numbers in his first crack at MLB pitching last season, and nobody should expect him to continue being quite this good, but… he might continue to be this good. He’s really, seriously, effing good.

Your move, Staff Ace (TM) Brett Cecil.


Yes, that’s Jeff Mathis pencilled in to catch tonight. According to the team he’s not Cecil’s personal catcher quite yet, but given the success they’ve had, they’re together again, tweets Mike Wilner.

And… um… that’s all I got.

Oh, but lastly, for your between-inning viewing pleasure, it’s today’s edition of Getting Blanked…

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And now the lineups, by way of the live box score at And for those of you who’ll be out and about, be sure to follow all the action on your phone with Score Mobile

Toronto Blue Jays

B. Lawrie 3B
C. Rasmus CF
J. Bautista RF
E. Encarnacion DH
K. Johnson 2B
Y. Escobar SS
R. Davis LF
A. Lind 1B
J. Mathis C

B. Cecil LHP

Los Angeles Trouts of Anaheim

M. Trout LF
T. Hunter RF
A. Pujols 1B
M. Trumbo DH
H. Kendrick 2B
A. Callaspo 3B
E. Aybar SS
P. Bourjos CF
B. Wilson C

D. Haren RHP


Image via Stephen Dunn/Getty.

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  1. The plan, as I interpret it to be is:

    be somewhat competitive and hope the team stays in the race to make a deadline deal (2012 + 2013).

    have enough help from the minors and some increased payroll for definitely being competitive (2014 + 2015)

    The problem with the plan is that the team isn’t competitive enough to stay in the race long enough (2012 + 2013?)

    The team may face even more fan backlash this winter than last if they sit on their hands. There is no good reason not to drop a couple of nice 2-3 year contracts that overpay. This team has a pretty good core that could really explode.

    • That’s true. The Jays have acquired many new fans this year. People are paying more attention.

      The injuries this year have derailed the team because it doesn’t have enough starting pitching.

      I wonder if AA will be allowed to make a move for net year.

      The Jays marketing dept can’t waste the goodwill they have acquired this year.

  2. they need to aquire some pitching. won’t matter how good the offence is if they cant pitch.

    • Now instead of typing that here, write it on a post it note and staple it to AA’s fuckin forehead.

  3. who gives a shit if the fans leave. The opposite has been happening. I could give 2 fucks what other fans think of the team I choose to cheer for. It wont be enough to make the team not profitable for rogers. The team isnt going anywhere. The fans will jump back on when they start winning, which all evidence shown is that the team gets better even with set backs, doesnt have a high payroll because there are a lot of young controllable players that have skill much higher than their salary would suggest in an open market. You cant predict injuries. Addressing the need with one or 2 pitchers doesnt mean they wouldnt have got injured either or that the magical #2 guy would have made a difference. Theres 7-8 pitchers on the DL and a lot seem to shit the bed. Let rogers make some profit when they can so when AA does better the team and asks for payroll they are comfortable with it instead of constantly pissing it down the drain to make stupid fans happy all the time. Yes more money makes it easier, but I dont think the teams down falls for not being a WS contender ahs anything to do with the Jays budget. Hell we arent that far off Bos and they have a lot higher payroll. I bet there may even be a team or 2 that has a lower pay roll than the jays that does better.

  4. Again…. this is not John Farrell’s fault at all. Fuck sakes, the man isnt a miracle worker, he can only work with what he has available to him and what he has is a dominating offense that would be putting up more than enough runs to win damn near every game. Farrell has done wonders with his line up and found ways to make them produce consistently this season.


    Even when healthy, the Jays starting rotation is inconsistent. Romero is a solid number 2 starter at best, he isnt and never has been an ace, Morrow has ace type stuff but we only see it 2-3 times per season, the rest are kids being forced to develop ahead of schedule because there’s no other option, christ didnt the jays organization learn their lesson with Travis Snider, Brett Cecil and others?. Look at all the successful organizations, they let their prospects develop at a medium pace, occasionally getting called up and sent down and then when theyre ready to stay, they move an older player out of the organization. They dont call up a 21 yr old kid and say hey kid, spot is yours, now get out there and hit me 40 homeruns or win me 20 games.

    But,,, theyre not healthy at all are they, Farrell is being blamed for poor pitching management. LOOK WHAT THE FUCK HE HAS TO WORK WITH!!!! Seriously, how the fuck do you properly manage a pitching staff like this, please somebody fucking tell me that. Instead of bitching pissing and moaning about how Farrell sucks and so on please enlighten all of us dummies as to how the fuck Farrell is supposed to work with this…

    Romero – pitching shitty because he has the franchise on his shoulders pitching wise
    Cecil – Garbage
    Laffey – Below average at best
    Villanueva – Conditioned for the pen, doesnt have consistent starter stuff
    who the fuck is even the 5th pitcher in the rotation right now?? And even when Alvarez gets back, he is still just a kid being forced to develop in the majors that’s hit a wall.

    Pauley – SHIT
    Coello – perhaps the SHITTIEST reliever in Jays history
    Cordero – SHIT
    Chavez – SHIT
    Richmond – SHIT
    Frasor – inconsistent
    Perez – good but again,,, inconsistent
    Janssen – Reliable but he’s a closer now so he’s not readily available…

    So, geniuses… please tell me how to properly manage this pitching staff. None of those starting pitchers are going to give you 7-8 strong innings, youre lucky to get 5 strong out of any of them thus you need to hit the pen and with the pen being absolutely fucking piss poor and dreadful to put it nicely, what can be done here?

    Do you leave the starter out there to get rocked up more because you have a completely justifiable void of confidence in your pen full of shitballers in hopes that the starter can pull through??? OR do you go to the pen and watch the shitballers fuck your game up time and time again. You cant go to mr.reliable Casey because your GM traded for a closer who’s arm fell off shortly after his wheels did at the beginning of the year. You cant always go to Perez, the minor league system is a barren wasteland as far as relievers go sooooo what?? what do you do??

    You see your pitchers making the same mistakes time and time and time again so what do you do? Do you fire your pitching coach or perhaps have a meeting with him and the others involved to figure out just why the fuck some of your pitchers are making the same mistakes as they were last year and nothing has been done.

    Then you have to figure out a way to keep up the confidence in your hitters which is dwindling more with every game because they know no matter how many runs they put up and how hard they try, there’s nothing but complete garbage on the mound.

    After all that being said,,, let’s hear it know it alls, how would YOU win games with this pitching staff, share with us all how you would manage it effectively enough to win games.

    • Oliver/Perez/Villanueva/Frasor are pretty decent starts to a pen. I think Cecil probably belongs in the pen. He can probably give out a solid inning or two’s worth of work while his velocity is “up” (like tonight).

    • Worst ever? Have we forgotten Scott Service already?

  5. +1
    You keep slugging along and hope to stay competitive (.500 at best) and hope your fans realize you cant throw money at this and make the team magically better this year.

  6. Let’s be realistic.

    AA could blow up the roster, trade Bautista/EE/KJ/Yunel/etc.,etc. but there is a lot to think about. Attendance/ratings are up. You run the risk of isolating a lot of the casual fans. Casual fans are not going to come to the ball park to see Rajai Davis and Eric Thames. Rogers/AA could burn all the goodwill they have spent the last few years gaining with their fans.

    Moreover, what kind of return could we get for these players? Bautista would cost a king’s ransom in prospects — but that’s all they are. I will never argue the fact that Halladay HAD to be traded, but so far Drabek is looking like a bust more and more each day. We still have to see what we have in D’Arnaud and Gose. They appear to be hitting well in the PCL, but so did Lind/Snider/Cooper/JPA. What I’m getting at is prospects are never sure things. They carry risk. Veteran players do as well (decline, injury) — but we’re talking about trading one of the best hitters currently in the game. Players like this don’t just grow on trees. We have no idea how Jose is going to age. Look how well David Ortiz is producing right now at 36(?). Jose could be with this club even after his deal for another few years as a DH and clubhouse leader.

    We could have easily had a contender this year with a few starting pitchers added in the offseason. Obviously its impossible for us to know exactly how much effort was put into the hunt for arms, but we know that a lot of talent was available and they didn’t come to Toronto for whatever reason. AA will have a similar opportunity this offseason. We don’t know who may be available on the trade block, but multiple FAs including McCarthy, Greinke, Hamels, Jackson, Marcum, Lewis, Anibal Sanchez, etc. etc. should be considered (barring extensions). Bullpens can usually be put together on the cheap. Adding a couple of these players, or trading for pitchers of similar value will poise us to compete in 2013.

    And compete we should. Honestly, are we going to sit around and say “2014-2015 is the year”? What if the players we hope develop, don’t develop? What if the Lansing rotation “McGowan’s”-out on us? These are young kids who are showing promise — not fucking sure things. Rogers/AA/Beeston would be really fucking stupid to waste what has been developed hoping that these prospects develop into all-stars. Rogers/AA really need to shit or get off the pot so to speak. I think its ridiculous that they state we need to show up to the stadium in droves before they put a winning product on the field. That’s fucking ridiculous. Who is going to pay to see Eric Thames butcher left field? Who wants to pay and see the fucking rotation in shambles?

    I know the philosophy has been that free agency will be used maybe for that last piece to get us over the hump. Obviously we’re not at this “last piece”, but fuck if we’re not just a few away. If Snider can perform, and some of our rotation returns next year, we are what? A SP or two, and a first baseman away from a competing team? Is that too much to fucking ask?

    • I think the point of the post wasfor you to make a real suggestion.

      We know there are holes. WHo are you going to fill them with and for how much? And does it beat the teams ahead of you? Its great and all to say fill the hole at first.

      With what?

      What are you trading to get Morneau here? What are you trading to get someone better? How much are you willing to offer Josh Hamilton? Whats the package youre willing to offer Garza? Grienke? How are you gonna ninja mike trumbo from LAA?

      Its great and all to point out the holes and criticize and say nothings being done when you have no idea what is being asked for.

      We could say who cares and alot 20 million a “hole” and add the missing 100 million lack of budget. Are we willing to clean out the farm for Felix and trumbo and dempster, and make a run (hopefully) next year, the year after? (Try and get it though with what is available to you)

      Hope the gutted system is able to fill in the holes when the position players start going down? I think the poster is just saying instead of telling rogers/AA to shit or get off the pot, for you and others to put up or shut up with real actual deals..which no one really ever does..including me..because we cant call a GM to hear the laugh we’d all inevitably get.

      • EE at first, sign Ortiz as DH.

        Yunel to second, bring Hech up for short.

        Trade whatever we can out of JPA/Davis/KJ/Oliver/Cordero. Keep who we can’t trade (except Cordero).

        Put Snider in LF.

        Sign any 2 of the FA starters I listed.

        What’s the problem?

        • +1 million. Simply saying its hard to trade for or sign guys is obvious and a cop out. Not trying in the first place is whats pissing people off. What you just stated is a realistic expectation. I dont know about Ortiz, but there’s guys of his ilk you can get to DH.

  7. How many outs can you recall made on the basepaths the last two years?

    Dozens. Literally dozens.

    When’s the last time you saw Farrell outmanage someone? Be real honest.

  8. Kinda funny reading Raptor forums right now. It’s a lot like reading this blog after a few losses.

  9. I am as frustrated as anyone, but we are screwed this year. Only the 200 million dollar Yankees can rebound after losing a couple major pieces. The 160 million dollar Phillies couldn’t – what makes you think a team in a rebuild year would make the playoffs after losing the whole starting staff and its closer?

    They need to
    #1 – deal one of Johnson or Escobar (contract to Johnson or move Escobar to 2nd for Hech)…
    #2 – Give Lind 10-15 games to either build a little trade value or prove he is a stiff and then cut your losses
    #3 – Sign EE to an extention now!
    #4 – Bring Snider up – i don’t have an issue keeping Davis around as a #4 OF / LF vs LH. We need to find out if Snider is a MLB player or if we need to find a LF in off-season
    #5 – If you can get a solid prospect or young pitcher for JPA, do it… I’d like to see them hold on to Mathis, but I think if he catches more than 50-60 games, he gets exposed – nice back-up for our young stud next year….


  11. Why does everyone think they can trade Lind if he has 10 good games. Teams could have had him for free before, why would they give up anything for him now?

  12. My random thoughts include:

    - the Angels can hit but it’s only Cecil
    - so can the Jays but not always in the clutch
    - Jose is God
    - Colby was safe
    - umpires are having a horrible year but especially when it comes to the Jays (coincidence?)
    - Farrell did leave Cecil in one inning too long and is showing this to be his fatal flaw
    - bottom of the 9th was symbolic of 2012 for Jays fans
    - I still love the Jays tenacity despite the general doom and gloom

  13. I dont care about this season anymore, Im done with hoping to contend now. But this off season there will be some fantastic starting pitching and fantastic offensive talent up for grabs, seriously,,,, if AA does nothing this off season I will refuse to watch next season.

  14. Why??? AA must know this roster, as constructed, has tens of millions of dollars worth of holes. Sure, he could go out and overpay left and right to get people to come up here and play but didn’t he watch JP do that and get the spotlight pointed squarely at him?

    AA knows that peddling hope is the safest way to preserve himself. If he’s smart, he calls up one prospect in Sept that looks likely to make it look like we’re on the right track and get the casual fan salivating. It’s tough to imagine how he can deal EE, Jose etc without the fanbase turning on him, but it has to be done. He waited years and gave a seemingly infinite amount of rope to Edwin waiting for this kind of a year and to do that only to overpay a DH would be folly.

    • This is one of the dumbest things I’ve ever seen posted here. Please tell me exactly where these gaping holes exist. Starting pitching yes, but as has been stated in this thread, there are NUMEROUS starters available this summer. Where else in the lineup are there holes so gaping this current roster configuration should just be blown up and rebuilt from scratch. I mean it. I want you to explain your rationale for thinking this roster is so hopelessly bad.

      Show me any team in the entire fucking league that doesnt have a hole somewhere. There’s enough pieces here on offense and coming up to have a solid team for the next couple of years if good pitching was added.

  15. A proper mix of developing prospects and flashy producing players to keep the heat off the prospects, that is how its done, plain and simple.

    This off season will be interesting. I say extend EE, let Johnson go, bring up Hech, move escobar to 2B, sign and overpay if needed for an ACE starter, sign a couple reliable relievers, Gose comes up to compete for LF role, D’Arnaud and JPA catching, rest of line up the same…. not so bad.

    I dont want AA to blow up this team but the Nats pitching staff is a fine example of how going out and making moves for starting pitching can really help out.

    DO NOT mortgage the farm system to compete now, sign some pitching next season.

  16. The Jays are causing me to care about the Raptors again.

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