Angels superstar Mike Trout (and some other guy)

The streaky Jays have streaked their way home after a streaky road trip and find themselves smack in the path of a runaway Trout. Under normal circumstances, of course, that’s not exactly the worst place to be in– I mean, when I was a kid I remember hearing about some girl being bitten by a muskie, but a trout? Pffft.

Ahh, but the Los Angeles trout is no ordinary Oncorhynchus. Still just 20 years old, the Angels outfielder has put up 3.8 fWAR in just 53 games this season, thanks to some spectacular defence, 21 stolen bases on 24 tries, a .402 on-base, and 166 wRC+, which is good for fifth-best in the Majors. At age 20!

Sure, Brett Lawrie produced similarly gaudy numbers in his first crack at MLB pitching last season, and nobody should expect him to continue being quite this good, but… he might continue to be this good. He’s really, seriously, effing good.

Your move, Staff Ace (TM) Brett Cecil.


Yes, that’s Jeff Mathis pencilled in to catch tonight. According to the team he’s not Cecil’s personal catcher quite yet, but given the success they’ve had, they’re together again, tweets Mike Wilner.

And… um… that’s all I got.

Oh, but lastly, for your between-inning viewing pleasure, it’s today’s edition of Getting Blanked…

TV: Sportsnet

And now the lineups, by way of the live box score at And for those of you who’ll be out and about, be sure to follow all the action on your phone with Score Mobile

Toronto Blue Jays

B. Lawrie 3B
C. Rasmus CF
J. Bautista RF
E. Encarnacion DH
K. Johnson 2B
Y. Escobar SS
R. Davis LF
A. Lind 1B
J. Mathis C

B. Cecil LHP

Los Angeles Trouts of Anaheim

M. Trout LF
T. Hunter RF
A. Pujols 1B
M. Trumbo DH
H. Kendrick 2B
A. Callaspo 3B
E. Aybar SS
P. Bourjos CF
B. Wilson C

D. Haren RHP


Image via Stephen Dunn/Getty.

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  1. I guess they’re going to need to score 9 runs every game, aren’t they? So many good teams in the AL and even the Royals have been starting to play better. Season isn’t totally lost but at this rate it is pretty much inconceivable to see them making any noise in September.

    Also, I know this is incredibly shameless, but could it’d be awesome if you guys could click on the link below and vote for a huge Blue Jays fan and longtime reader of DJF. It’s super easy. I’m trying to become Canada’s next sportscaster for theScore’s drafted competition.

  2. Great comments about Brett….bang on

  3. Lets get this sweep over with.

  4. At least Mathis plays good defence…

  5. Reynolds hasn’t been pretty good? I am pretty sure he is worse than Hardy this year and still K-ing a ton. He wouldn’t be an Oriole now if they could have found some prospect of use in a trade because they clearly were shopping him at the beginning of the year

  6. good podcast — although I get the sense that weighted on-base has become like the new bar on ossington — make sure you get the use out of the patio as much as possible now because soon everyone is going to be lining up

  7. Here’s the start where Cecil shows his true self and the hitters start denting the left field seats again.

  8. So the Angels have the 8th best offense in the AL this season, with 321 runs scored. However, they have the best pitching staff in the AL at 272 runs allowed.

    This would seem to indicate we shouldn’t worry about giving up 9 runs a game against them; but we may have issues scoring.

  9. Hopefully the Angels tired themselves out last night putting a beating on the Orioles.

  10. Hey Romero, how about studying a REAL pitcher like Brett Cecil? That’s how you do a first inning. Shitbag.

  11. Brett “meatball” Cecil

  12. Or is that Brett “belt high” Cecil?

  13. That looked like Callaspo taking BP.

  14. That was a Frank Drebin call if i’ve ever seen one.

  15. Cecil does seem to have a good curve today.

  16. Mike Trout. Dint LAA have Tim Salmon too? Mike Carp next? ANy other fish names LAA can add?

  17. wtf is with this annoying random crowd noise……

  18. What’s going on here? Jeff Mathis?!

    • He’s playing the Angels. This is clearly one giant “screw you” to an entire fanbase that doubted him.

    • Considering the murderer’s row of starting pitching we have, is Mathis the best choice for everyday catcher? He knows the league better than Aaron Cibia, who doesn’t hit or catch worth a crap anyways.

  19. Good for Mathis–I was just checking out one of the Angels’ blogs, and they were having tons of fun at his expense.

  20. buck sure makes a lot of mistakes

  21. It’s almost like Mathis says “I feel like hitting a homerun right now” BOOM…

  22. Brett “up in the zone” Cecil

    • Someone should tell Cecil that it’s a compliment when they say a guy’s got a lot under the belt.

  23. Ladies and gentleman……. Mr.Brett Cecil

  24. Hey look at our staff ace and his wheels falling off.

  25. Brett pulling a Romero here.

    • only in fenway lol

      • Farrell is giving a lecture to Cecil about not shaking off pitches from Mathis.

        Buck said that Cecil should listen to Mathis because he knows Angels hitters wel.

        I don’t know about other fans, but I have come to terms with the fact that the Jays won’t make the playoffs.this year.

        I feel like I can relax & not stress out about every dumb move that Farrell makes or worry about dumb baserunning errors or the fact that Romero has lost his mojo.

        I hope the Jays try & make some moves around the all star break to improve for 2013 & I will save my rants for the winter meetings if AA doesn’t make a serious effort to improve the team in 2013.

        On a humorous note, did anyone listen to pts with Blair tonight when a caller demanded that AA be fired because he hasn’t played the game & AA should be replaced with someone with major league playing experience. Blair ripped him & said that Theo Epsten & Andre Friedman aren’t baseball players but have done a good job.

  26. Albert can still hit meatballs apparently.


    What the hell did he do in the minors? seriously,,,,

  28. Brett Lawrie just charged the infield and bit the head off that pigeon!

  29. Cecil just slammed his glove against the wall! The sign of a true ace!!!!

  30. I think Jose may get some consideration for player of the month

  31. I swear to god Farrell if you send Cecil back out I’m hiring a hitman.

    • What a worthless fucking cunt on a manager

      • Yes because its HIS fault that he has to throw shitballers out to start and relieve games you fucking idiot.

        Winning games for John Farrell would be like someone telling you to make a finely tuned automobile out of legos and crazy glue.

    • I’ll chip.

  32. so… this bautista character is pretty good.

  33. Bautista is on fire. Mental.

    • Yup. Bautista may break his own record of 54 HR’s in 2010. Edwin may hit around 40 HR.

      Yet the Jays will finish with a below .500 record.

      It reminds me of 2009 when Lind & Hill carried the team.

      Farrell left Cecil in 1 inning too long.

      As a stats geek, I wonder what the runs given up by Jays starters in in the inning that Farrell removes them.

      I suspect that Farrell waits 1 inning too late before removing a starter.

      • Saying Farrell left Cecil in an inning too long is like saying you always find a lost item in the last place you look

  34. bomb

  35. Cecil is on fire. Literally. Self-combusting from the inside.

  36. Can we bring up Moyer……to be the new manager?

  37. yeah, great

  38. its hard to believe that the Jays come back to win this one

  39. Hey here’s a riddle. How many runs does a jay starter have to give up before mcfarrell will take him out?

    today’s answer is 8!

  40. If sean o Sullivan starts for the jays Farrell should be fired

  41. Im glad that once again Farrell values the preservation of easily replaceable AAA level relief arms over actually WINNING FUCKING BALL GAMES

  42. Bye-bye Cecil. don’t let the door hit you too hard on the butt on your way back to the clubhouse. It’s not even the poor schmuck’s fault. He should not have been out there this inning.

  43. Wasn’t even a good tantrum by Cecil there.

  44. It ain’t over yet, because Haren is still in the game!

    …Now those are words I never thought I’d say before the season.

  45. Las Vegas numbers for Cecil tonight.

  46. Wow I go to take a shower and leave with the score 4-3 for the Angels and come back to find out we actually had the lead but the Mr Hyde-Cecil took over well and proper and gave the lead right back. Still not sure why Farrell let Cecil even come out for the 6th. It wasn’t like he was fooling anyone tonight.

    Should have stayed in the shower longer and pleasured myself a second time.

    • Bautistas 3 run homer to take the lead was a really awesome moment.

      Giving 3 runs RIGHT back within 10 minutes was …. depressing.

  47. So how many dingers is that cecil gave up in all of 5 innings of work?

    lets count:


    that is not bad. 60 percent homer rate by inning.

    strong work. strong work

    he does indeed remind me of cole hamels

    • Actually Trumbo hit the middle HR. all Pujols did was smash two balls to the power alleys

  48. Can Cecil stop fucking it up? If we’re going to lose, stop trying to lose and just get blown out.

  49. Not a ton of comments here tonight, must be over raptor fans killing colangelo right now

  50. Lind looks pretty much the same. Bad.

  51. Nice Pick-off

  52. Please everyone refer to my post at the start of the thread (takes a bow)

    Scary thing is,,,, he will stay in the major league rotation because there is no one else.

    Its a shame because he really could be a good pitcher if he could keep the ball down, not sure how his main and major problem since coming up to the big leagues has never been dealt with or fixed.

  53. That would be my assessment. Lind has teased us for going on 3 years now…cant someone throw him under a bus…..really?

  54. no matter win or lose…..bautista is worth the price of admission. this month is unbelievable. reminds me of the beginning of last year. he is special. i still prefer mathis over JP.

    • This is about the time over the past two years that I stopped looking at our wins/losses and only watched games to see whether or not Jose hit a home run.

  55. Now a double. Jeff Mathis is a wrecking machine.

  56. What’s more unlikely, Mathis hitting for the cycle or the jays rotation to pitch well?

  57. Jose’s going to be the only player in the league to stare down his own starting pitchers after every home run he hits.

  58. Seriously…… LOADS of blame on Farrell in here from exceptional members of the mentally handicapped community.

    Tell me Farrell bashers… who would YOU start right now? Whats Farrell doing wrong with the starting pitching? What’s he supposed to do? He has NOTHING but Romero in the rotation and even he sucks and then down in the pen he has Casey who he cant really use because he is the closer now.

    Sooooo…. please instead of bashing, tell us all what you would do. If there’ s blame to place here it should be on AA for not making any kind of move.

    • what you do is not expect every fucking starter to go 6 innings. cecil clearly was done after 5 and you had the lead so go to the bullpen, hold the god damn lead. even if you wear them out there are lots of arms in the minors you can call up. instead he was more concerned about saving the bullpen arms instead of winning the game.

      • He has done this shit so many times this year. Young starter looks gassed… barely makes it out of the inning? SEND HIM IN FOR ANOTHER!

      • That’s true. Farrell is concerned about saving the bullpen arms. Cecil is more reliable than the rest of the scrubs in the rotation now.

  59. Rasmus looked safe.

  60. Blown call. Should be tied.

  61. Classic Tabby, sees the replay, opinion begins to change. Still sides with the umpire.

  62. Swing from the heels now Eddie

  63. I’m thinking that too…tag was very high….that foot was through before he got it down.

  64. If that was Lawrie everyone would be freaking out. Never change Rasmus loving baseball hipsters.

  65. Fuck me another base running out. Wasnt watching was it a bad out or just one of those things?

  66. hey buck. he didnt break his leg especially for a regular season game against the jays.and his body was in the basepath which technically is blocking the plate.he doesnt risk jamming his leg in the dirt. so fuckin leave it alone colby was called out so he did his job.not all catchers want their career ended on a nothing play fuckhead.think sf wanted posey out on a broken leg?

  67. For all you disappointed sports fans in Toronto, fear not. Come Winter, Terrence Ross will lead a Toronto based franchise to the playoffs. Who is Terrence Ross you ask?

    No one has a fucking clue. But he was selected 8th overall for the Raptors. Over Austin Rivers. For a player projected to go in the late teens, perhaps even the 20s. So there’s that.

  68. I wish that we would get Fenway calls in Toronto. But no, that would never happen.

    • Jays need a “park factor” like Fenway…
      Fenway is a bullshit park that they can build their team around, so I figure the Dome with it’s “retractable roof” can use that technology to the benefit of the Jays…

      The walls come in 20 feet when the Jays are batting, and out 20 feet for the opponents…


      • Jays have the better park factor for hitting this year according to Baseball-Reference and last year as well. Prior to that it was all Boston.

        • You know that’s not a thing right? Either one stadium has a bigger park factor or the other does. It doesn’t change year to year because its a giant fucking concrete structure! This is why I hate so many park adjusted statistics.

  69. hey farrell, did you notice that there was a lefty on the mound and kj bats left? and did you notice that visquel can bat right? and did you notice that it’s a 1 run game?

    • Meh, if you’re expecting Visquel to do something awesome, you’re really not doing much for your team…

  70. That first throw over was a really, really obvious balk… He moved his front foot before he moved his back foot, even though Davis got back, it was still a balk…

  71. Wow, that was a pitch you have to swing at JPA… That was strike 3 and you just watched it go by… Terrible AB….

  72. Thanks JP. You piece of shit.

  73. Not sure why he didn’t go with Fransisco in that situation over JPA. Fransico actually hit righties better than lefties last year.

  74. Wow, so apparently any pitch that Pujols doesn’t swing at is a ball.. Good to know….

  75. And that’s the ball game ugh.

  76. By the time the season is over, the pitching numbers are going to look so brutal that AA will look like a genius next year if they get even mediocre numbers out of the staff in 2013.

    • I sincerely hope that that isn’t the plan.

      • This is the new Moneyball. Set those expectations so fucking low that the following year looks amazing by comparison.

      • I think the rash of injuries is good news for AA because it keeps expectations low for this year & next year.

        However, it will be interesting to see what AA does at the trade deadline & in the offseason.

        The canadian dollar is around 96 cents & projected to go as low as 86 cents with the drop in commodity prices.

        This should give Rogers 1 excuse to not contend due to bad F/X rates.

        The injuries to drabek & perhaps Hutch who may require tommy john after all.
        could provide more excuses.

        The loss of Kelly johnson & Edwin could give more excuses for AA.

        • that is a lying bullshit excuse if the jays go that way.the govt set up tax breaks that essentially wash the difference in lost money due to a weaker dollar.loophole to be used to launder money. it is exactly setup like the waste management is illegal for the govt to audit a union or waste management corporation, blood clinic and another entity i cant remember. so a contractor keeps seperate books for waste bins and laundered money.keep switching numbers on the bins and make fake ones too. it legitimizes drug money coming in and nobody can track if the bins exist.60% of the feds are criminals.

  77. Does anyone else want to find the heckler/loud mouth thats been overly audible all game and feed him a beating? Fuck

  78. All these PCL scores of late are making me thirsty? 9-7, 10-4, 9-6, 9-0, 10-9, 7-6,

    I am drinking some Haterade, the blue one. (Fucking pitchers)

    On the bright side, Jeff Mathis makes me smile today/

  79. …And Jeff Mathis keeps hitting.

  80. and White Sox beat the Stanx, Indians beat the Orioles and the Tiggers are going to beat the TBers

  81. hmm, being the first AL team to score vs Frieri could make this whole miserable night worth it

  82. DRAMA!!

  83. Come on EE. Bases loaded…

  84. meh

  85. Damn EE. Bad timing on that DP. Still my boy though.

    • Can’t even score with the bases loaded and one fucking out.

      • Yeah not saying I am impressed or anything but give the closer props too he got the pitch he needed first on Colby and then with EE.

        Pity Janssen allowed that run, certainly would have upped the pressure on him and Colby might have bunted.

  86. Another lost year.

  87. Well we just need Boston to lose tonight and it will almost be like the game never happened lol

  88. Good gawd. Zaun thinks that Mathis can play full time.

  89. Well Moyer the shit balling mentor is trying to out-shit ball Cecil tonight. He’s given up 3H 1BB and 2ER in the first inning already at Tacoma.

  90. Wilner doesn’t belive in ERA, or RBI, of wins by a pitcher. Guess the game changed somewhere, but some of the predictive analysis looks exreeeemly suspect to me. I like a pitched that wants wins- means he’s got to go deeo in games. ERA and RBI numbers tell me (maybe not you) what a player has. Guess it ain’t sexy anymore.

    • Even though Bautista led the league in HR’s last year he wasn’t even in the top 15 in RBI’s in the AL, so he must just be a mediocre hitter, only good hitters get inside thew top 15 in RBI in their own league.

      Yep, great stat.

      • Yeah, 103 RBI’s sounds mediocre. If you can’t draw a positive conclusion from that stat, then there really is little more to discuss.

        • Yeah but compared to 15 other hitters, according to this stat, he’s an inferior hitter. Do good hitter’s collect a lot of RBI? yes, absolutely, but there’s way better stats to really tell you if a guy is good or not. What if a guy knocks in 50 runs on sac flies because great hitters are hitting in front of him in the lineup and hits 200 all year. Is that guy still a good hitter because he was able to rack up the RBI’s?

          • Remember Jose batted 3rd, and many of the higher totals came from cleanup hitters. But you know that

          • Frank, we need 850 runs to win the division, if you can’t understand the importance of 103 RBI from i player, I can’t help you. It is as they say self evident.
            Make up all the hair-brained scenerios you like 103 sac flys, 103 bases loaded walks. 103 soingles with 309 stolen bases – it doesn’t matter. Get out you slide rule, your therems, and an abicus to make something that is easy, into something complex. Knck yourself out

          • birddawg

            These scenarios are good and all but most people dont argue about the very best. Its more or less trivial who the top 5,10,even 20 offensive players are. And even if one does, they use more than RBI to evaluate players. Its more the fact that praising a guy that hit in 65 RBI hitting .223 and another guy hits .302 and gets 65. we have to look at other stats

            Its the evaluation of those platoon players,bench players, guys that miss time. It easy to tell the difference between Jose Bautista and colin cowgil by looking at RBI. But are you going to always take the guy with the most RBI’s?

            We get RBI is a stat and it tells you the guy knocked in a run or whatever..thats great. But Im not going to take jason kunbel over albert pujols because he has more rbis

            Im not going to take aaron hill over ian kinsler.

            The point that keeps being missed is its all well and good to keep track of how many RBIs a guy got and praise him for it even if he hits really shitty and lucks out and gets a good amount .

            But we look at a guy that gets 80 RBI with .223 avg we’d like to think there are other stats that will tell us how we could have gotten more RBIS in those situations.

            We already know someone is pretty good if they get 100+RBI. But we can probably know hes good by other measurements.

            but when I look at 2 guys 1 got 23 rbi and another that got 52. Similar amount of games. Can you really tell which player is better?

            One bats leadoff on a team in a rebuild and hes 23 and the other guy bats 6th and is 38 and plays in colorado.

            Basically you can look at RBI’s alone and even you wouldnt only look at RBI’s

            SO why bitch that we just skip RBI and look at the shit that matters anyway instead of delaying the enviable and looking at the other stats right away?

        • I’m not saying RBI’s aren’t important. But it’s not the BI of the stat that’s important, I know that sounds dumb, its the R. To win baseball games, you need to have more R’s than the other team does, where and how that comes from is irrelevant. Thats just basic common sense.

          At the end of the day, are RBI’s important? yes because they create R’s, but measuring them from a player is such a dumb stat. If you bat behind good hitters and come up to the plate with runners in scoring position a lot then if you’re a good hitter you will inevitably get RBI’s. but so much is dependent on where your coach puts you in the lineup, and how your teammates hit in front of you. Using it as the be all and end all of hitting performance is just plain dumb.

          • Bautista hit 43 HR’s that year, I don’t know how many were solo shots, but lets assume 20 extra RBI on top of his homeruns came from having runners on base when he hit those HR’s. There’s 63 RBI just from HR’s alone, and thats probably being conservative. that’s not unsubstantial but it means that only about 40 RBI came from every other type of hit he had that year. Considering he had the most homeruns, yet Martinez who only hit 12 homeruns had the same amount of RBI’s is pretty telling. 31 total RBI from homeruns alone less and he was still able to produce the same amount of RBI to me debunks the RBI as a useful stat. Jose got on base a lot more, had a higher slugging percentage, and had a higher batting average, but you’re gonna tell me Martinez was basically as good a hitter as Jose was last year because they were equal in RBI, notwithstanding Jose played on a much shittier team, and hit with runners on base waaaaaay less often then V Mart. RBI’s tell me absolutely fucking nothing about who is a better hitter in this scenario, or in any scenario which compares Jose to the guys with more RBI than him last year, Was Martinez as good a hitter as Jose last year? not even fucking close. But V Mart played on a much better team with better hitters hitting in front of him.

          • Put V Mart in the 3 hole on the Jays last year and his magical RBI number probably drops by 40 at least. I have nothing else to say on this stupid subject.

    • RBIs don’t really tell you anything that many other stats already don’t. RBIs don’t give me much insight into a player at all. Might as well skip them and go right to the stuff that is relevant.

  91. jesuscristo says: 06.28.12 @ 10:25 PM EDT
    Another lost year.

    This could have been avoided if the Jays Braintrust would have went out and got a goddamned #2 pitcher in the offseason like a lot of us asked for. I’m still 99% behind GM AA but it’s been obvious that the team needed a #2 pitcher and another bat (LF, !b, DH) since last December. The equation never changed.

    When GM AA can in, he immediately filled the SS hole the team suffered through for years and years. He has shown he can fill holes if he wants to, but now is it just a question of having a blind spot in the organization? I know it takes two to make a trade but that’s what the scouting department is for and to have more information than the other team.

    • I agree up to a point but I want to see what he does come the trade deadline first, as frustrating as watching starts like tonight are.

      Once again I am huge supporter of Farrell but his decision on bringing Cecil out in the 6th tonight, desire to get starters deeper into the game or not, kind of frustrates me. Surely he’s got to realize Cecil just didn’t have it tonight. At what point does the current game situation outweigh the management of the “potential” use of the pen in future games? I’d love to be having that conversation with him as he makes that decision to try and understand the rational. He removed Cecil after 5 innings the first game he pitched and he was dominating the Philies more or less. Why go another inning tonight?

  92. I know GM AA is looking into what happened with regards to the injured pitchers, but I wanted to see this investigation after letting Napoli slip away.

    I firmly believe that if Rogers isn’t going to commit to winning in 2013, the team should consider trading Bautista, Romero, Morrow or Escobar. The team can play along at .500 ball just fine without one or two or three of these players while they can get back some goodies that might be ready for 2014-2015 when the team might get serious.

    • if Rogers isn’t serious about winning, then maybe they should sell the team to an owner that has the money and actually gives a shit about winning instead of the BS that Beeston spews about.

      • Amen, I’m fine with the situation this year. Yeah I wish they would have gotten Darvish, or Wilson or Jackson, not because it would have pushed them into the playoffs this year, I really dont think it would have, but it might have next year. This year was never going to be a competing year, but if they cheap the fuck out this upcoming offseason it’ll be very, very clear that winning anything in the future is not a priority. Until that time comes I’ll reserve judgement.

      • Why should Rogers sell? They’re making tons of cash with a mediocre at best product.

  93. anyone see Zaun’s tweets about rogers and their building within equals we’re making money, comfortable being a average team and not willing to stick our neck on a free agent? sometimes I wish Wilner was more critical of ownership not wanting to do anything instead of breing the eternal optimist.

  94. Preach on Ed srague etc. The Jays needed a 2 right from the start. He’ll, they make a trade now for one of these controllable guys that AA likes, they have a shot. Trade for two and they are the favourites for a WC. The offense has enough juice to carry them until morrow is back. Then you a (hopefully rejuvenated) RR, a Wandy and a Garza or something similar and morrow.

    If AA practices what he preaches there are guys around that will or can still be Jsys when they are a top contender and wr still get a shot this year.

    Okay maybe not favourites but they’d have a shot

  95. I’d take a chance a deal a top end prospect for a pitcher like Garza. in Garza you know what you have, there is no guarantee that these hot shot prospects will beable to be productive once they do get here.

  96. Edwin, Jose, KJ, Yunel and potentially Morrow (depending on how he looks after recovery) have to be approaching their peak value to THIS cycle for the Blue Jays… I really don’t see how they plan to blend SP depth that’s still 2-4 years away in with these players. I know butts in seats are important (unfortunately), but I would love to see AA really go all-in on this farm system. Watching these Blue Jays games in the post-JP Ricciardi era with the paucity of depth isn’t fun for anyone.

    Do it, AA. You’re not a veteran arm away.

  97. and if the kids don’t pan out your even further away then they were to begin with, they’ve spent the last 19 years in rebuild, time to shit or get off the pot.

    • I was gonna write something to prove why you should fuck off, but decided to be direct. This adds nothing to a discussion and says nothing about the Jays reality or past. This is the equivalent of quoting RBI as a stat. So fuck off.

  98. Please fire this manager.

  99. Maybe this will cheer you up, it works for Drew Hutchison

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