Alright! It’s time for our regular Friday trip around baseball to talk about the interesting topics (TM), with a little Jaysturbation (or not), cooking tips, heresy, trains (?), car noises, and even more depressing realizations about just how ridiculously out-of-whack MLB’s alignment is thrown in for good measure (or not): it’s a brand new episode of the Getting Blanked Podcast!

This week Drew talked service time with @mlbtrben (aka Ben Nicholson-Smith of MLB Trade Rumors)!

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  1. Haven’t listened yet, but the image reminds me to pick up a refill of my favourite “Fuck that, I’m not paying some bullshit 100% markup for Bailey’s” Irish Cream.

    • Fuck Diageo and their liquor mark-ups (not surprisingly…they own Johnny Walker, proud purveyor of JW Blue, the insanely overpriced $250 bottle of whisky…that has now been jacked to $300 a bottle!!

  2. I drink blarney’s because i am from the ghetto (9.99 a bottle)

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