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The highlight of just about any week is upon us, as Ryan Oakley surveys the mystical Lovecraftian beast living just below the surface of baseball with his KAPOWER rankings at Getting Blanked.

Elsewhere at Getting Blanked, while not overly Jays related, I think we can all feel for Matt Klaassen, as he talks folks down off the ledge who are in the throes of “prospect panic.”

At CBS Sports, Jon Heyman looks at Edwin Encarnacion as one of the summer’s potential best trade pieces. Shit, make him a proper rental and deal him, then sign him back in the fall… huh? huh? huh?

Jays Journal takes a nifty look at the roster of this year’s short season Gulf Coast Blue Jays.

At, Josh Liebeskind tells us about Jamie Moyer’s win last night in Tacoma, where the uber-veteran sat around 80 and threw at least one pitch that clocked at a magnificent 52. Jesus fuck.

Elsewhere at, Roger Schlueter tells us about Jose Bautista’s ridiculously good month.

In an notebook post for, Chris Toman tells us that John Farrell is having Ricky Romero go back to basics, looking for first pitch strikes, or fastball strikes to his arm side in any count (yes, please!). He adds some praise for Bautista, and the new-look top-of-the-order.

According to the Toronto Sun, John Farrell says that it’s changeups that have been plaguing Kelly Johnson of late. Johnson, of course, has struggled since hurting his hamstring, after being one of the team’s best hitters in the early going.

Robert MacLeod of the Globe and Mail looks at a still-struggling Staff Ace (TM) Brett Cecil.

At the National Post, John Lott looks at Rajai Davis’s season, and how additional playing time has helped him improved. Or, as Rajai puts it, “When you sow sparingly, you reap sparingly. When you sow bountifully, you reap bountifully.”

At FanGraphs, Alex Remington asks a non-Jays question, but a pertinent one nonetheless: is baseball getting too expensive for kids? And elsewhere there, Mike Axisa takes a look at the injuries that have plagued not just the Jays, but the rest of the American League East.

Extra Base Hit informs us that the Denver Beer Co. has started brewing a “Canadian Lager” called “Clown Question Bro.” Awesome. Check out the logo via the link.

Lastly, Bluebird Banter would like to take this opportunity to help folks navigate their way to the Rogers Centre in the absence of the Spadina streetcar– and to make us watch the damn Shuffle Demons.

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    Jayson Stark is reporting that some scouts are saying EE is “gettable for the right pitcher” while another exec is saying the Jays have told him that EE is not available. I suspect the former is accurate and that the unnamed exec was told EE was not available because his team didn’t have a pitcher meeting the required criteria. (Probably a starting pitcher with lots of team control).

    Also that the Jays are “in a full-court press for starting pitching.” But we already knew that.

    • I still dont see this happenig. Looking at the big picture AA has to know he needs a strong offense to compete just as much as he needs pitching. He will have Morrow and Hutch back by August. While that doesnt help this year it doesnt impact next year like trading away EE would. Other executives have said finding a big bat has become tougher than finding pitching especially in the face of a league wide decline in offense. As i said yesterday it would take a very big package for AA to trade away EE now as he has multiple options in dealing with him. All AA has to do is keep him and offer a nice one year deal and he i

      • Opps lost connection with my phone.

        All AA has to do is keep him and offer a nice one year deal and he’ll get a first rounder in compensation if EE turns him down. So what’s offered for EE has to be better than a potential first rounder in addition to the greater pool money the draft pick brings and the benefit of more flexibility come draft day.

        • Not to mention, teams will likely not give up much for EE knowing hes an FA after this season. Although I would try and sell high on EE because I dont believe he is this good. Everyone said the same thing about bautista though.

        • you’re assuming he’s worth 12.5 mil on the free market. If he’s only worth 8 mil then you’re just better off giving him a 2 /16 deal.

          • The one year offer is only a defensive measure after they can’t reach a deal. It gets AA a draft pick when EE turns it down.

          • New CBA rule for FA’s…no compensatory pick unless you offer a departing FA at least the average salary of the 125 highest paid players, which works out to approx $12.5 mill…In addition, the signing club forfeits it’s 1st round pick, unless they’re picking in the top 10. So it benefits bad teams with lots of $$.

  2. I’m sitting on the fence with this trade EE thing. I think the advantages of keeping him trump what we (them) might get in return. My biggest concern is this is his career year and its all down hill from here. It wasn’t that long ago EE was baggage to be sent packing.

    • EE was a top 100 prospect in 2005 though. I wouldn’t be surprised if he could keep this production up. What worries me is how long he would want, I wouldn’t want anymore than 4 years.

      • Another concern is to make sure any contract he does sign doesn’t open up Jose’s eyes to the fact that he got hosed with his.

        • JB signed because even he didnt know if he could repeat. The contract balanced his breakout year with future uncertainty, not to mention long term security for him. As it turned out he’s getting $14 million/yr…. Not Pujols $$ but still not bad.

  3. The Jays should really trade Lind you know the guy no one wanted to pick up for nothing for a stud pitcher. *fart noise*

  4. If an Exec calls on EE and I’m a GM, I’m listening – but to get anything done they would need to absolutely blow me away.

    As long as the Jays are willing to spend on EE, they have a lot of leverage with him in that they gave him his shot after he’d been DFA’d, and the fact that he hits behind 3 REALLY solid players right now. It doesn’t make sense to get rid of him now only to have to replace him with someone more expensive next season. Can he continue to rock a .934 OPS.. maybe, maybe not.. but I like him at 29 years old more than the other older options in free agency next year.

    • None of that is leverage. He’s a free agent. He can go anywhere he wants. Why would he give a shit who he’s hitting behind or who gave him a shot in the past if some stupid GM is willing to pony up mega bucks for him. All things equal maybe those things matter, but this is his pay day. He doesn’t need to care about who he’s hitting behind or how his next contract will look. This is his pay day and will almost assuredly be the most significant contract of his career. He’d be insane to turn down more guaranteed money and/or term because of some sort of obligation to the Jays for giving him a chance after he got DFA’d or because of the players surrounding him in the lineup today.

      It’s a business. If somebody offers him an insane contract in the offseason, EE will take it, and the Jays will let him take it if it doesn’t make sense for them.

      • That’s exactly why I said “as long as the Jays are willing to spend”.

        If the money is equal why on Earth would he not want to hit behind Jose Bautista for the club that gave him his best shot?

        • Fair enough…I think we’re on the same page as far as him staying if all things are equal. I didn’t realize you meant “willing to spend” as matching any FA offer.

          However, I’m not sure that’s fair. EE strikes me as the type that might get thrown a ridiculous contract by a putrid offensive team with money burning a hole in their pocket (read: LA Dodgers). The Jays may be very willing to spend on EE, but may be presented with a FA offer that they can’t justify matching.

  5. Bryce Harper has applied to trademark “clown question, bro” so that lager might get crushed.

  6. On that Bluebird Banter story, in the video it appears there’s another Bautista sighting as drummer for the Shuffle demons. He really must have let himself go.

  7. Trade EE for a nice young starter, then sign Ortiz or/and EE in the off-season!

  8. Ah, but Moyer won the game, didn’t he? That Jamie Moyer is a winner, I tell you. He just knows how to win games. Sometimes he doesn’t have his best stuff, but he still finds a way to grit it out and get a win for his ballclub.

  9. Despite being one of the Jays’ top offensive producers, I’m in favour of trading EE for several reasons, if the price is right of course.

    First off, EE’s value may never again be as high as it is right now. I don’t want to attribute his success solely to his being in a contract year or because he’s finally turned the so-called corner, but if he’s peaking now, why not make a trade while he’s hot and get as much as you can in return.

    Secondly, he’s a free agent after this season and unless the team he’s traded to extends him, there’s a good chance the Jays can get him back (who knows, he may actually like Toronto). I guess finally, the Jays need starting pitching, they’re down to Cecil and Laffey, and perhaps soon enough, Jamie Fucking Moyer, need I say more?

  10. Heres a question: Arent the injury woes of the starting rotation being blown out of proportion? Think about it, Morrow is a huge blow, but Drabek and Hutchinson pretty much fucking sucked anyways. I don’t know, but id be willing to bet they are both negative war players, so basically, this injury sideshow is a blessing for the Jays cause they werent gonna aquire the horses to compete in the AL East anyways. The fucking pitching rotation – outside of Morrow – is bareley any worse than it was a month ago. ALverez, Hutchison, Cecil, Drabek all may be good one day, but in 2012 they all are equally fucking shitty. What pisses me off is that if Santoes wasnt injured, our bullpen would actually be pretty goddamn solid and our offense is among the best in baseball. The ORIOLES are stil lin contention and the red sox are doing it with smoke and mirrors, if this year – you know , when we have two of baseballs best hitters – isnt the time to sell off a couple of prospects for pitching help, then when exactly is it? If AA could add two starters and a decent 8th inning guy there is no reason this team couldnt go on a ten game tear. I mean, I am pretty sure the Jays have set the motherfucking record for most games lost when scoring over 6 runs. If Im Bautista Id be fucking losing my mind. right no. How many times can you lose 10-9 before you just say fuck it and start bunting every at bat in an ironic David Cone style protest?

  11. One more question: Could we aquire Upton, Goldschmidt and Cahill for Romero, Snider, D’aunald, and EE? Would you do it if we could?

  12. I think people are severely overestimating EE’s value on the trade market. He is a rental player.

    Though EE+Davis+CoCo+prospects might bring back something interesting.

  13. I admit my Arizona trade is kind of stupid, but there is potential there. I think Paul G could be the Rasmus of this year. Young, not performing, but loads of potential. If AA could get Upton/ and P.G it could be his Carter/Alomar……..discuss

    • Goldschmidt has a near .900 OPS and .380 wOBA this season. Not sure where you’re getting the idea that he’s not performing or is Rasmus-like in any way. 2012 Goldschmidt makes 2011 Rasmus look like Jeff Mathis. Any Carter/Alomar-type challenge trade would probably start with Lawrie and Rasmus for Upton and Goldschmidt and may require additional prospects going to Arizona.

  14. I don’t care if Moyer wins a game or not (well, OK…I care just a bit) as long as he can go six solid innings without succumbing to the Blue Jays’ Curse and blowing out his elbow!
    I mean, the guy pitched for most of this century…he’s either got elastics for ligaments or his arm is indestructible. Just go six innings, give the bullpen a rest and save what’s left of our farm system.

    • Elastics for ligaments? Apparently one of his rubber bands snapped because he missed all of last year after Tommy John surgery…

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