Not Carlos Villanueva

Holy shit, seriously? Carlos Villanueva gets the nod for the Jays tonight?


I mean, I actually kind of like him and thought that last year the Jays had stolen him from Milwaukee based on his work out of the ‘pen, but to actually have him try and turn over a lineup more than once, or at the most twice? It’s… well… it’s pretty much the exact same situation we’ve been faced with for about two weeks, and since there’s no real end in sight to the Jays’ parade of cannon-fodder– Ricky Romero included now, apparently– I guess I should be a little more used to it.

But… how could you ever get used to a four game set sending Cecil, Villanueva, Alvarez and Laffey to the hill? Especially when you have some sort of bizarre assumption that your team might actually not get completely throttled. I mean, it could happen, but we’re gonna need to see some more fireworks from the offence. Or Villanueva proving me wrong– which I don’t doubt for a second he’s actually capable of.

In fact, you know what? Fuck it! Let’s do this!!! PLAYOFFS!!!!!1!


Oh man, Bluebird Banter already pulled the hack-y Charlie Villanueva picture gag like 45 minutes ago. Fuck me. But also… whatever, as if you’d want to go comment there. ;)

Parkes has his ten stray thoughts of the week over at Getting Blanked. Go see if any are actually Jays-related, or (even less likely) don’t fill up your soul with scorn.

Jays Journal goes out on a limb and points out that Darren Oliver has been pretty good this year.

The puke-worthy right-wing swine at the National Review apparently write about baseball, too, sometimes. Edwin Encarnacion is on their WAR-based AL All-Star team.

TV: Sportsnet

And now the lineups, by way of the live box score at And for those of you who’ll be out and about, be sure to follow all the action on your phone with Score Mobile

Toronto Blue Jays

B. Lawrie 3B
C. Rasmus CF
J. Bautista RF
E. Encarnacion DH
K. Johnson 2B
Y. Escobar SS
R. Davis LF
A. Lind 1B
J. Arencibia C

C. Villanueva RHP

Los Angeles Trouts of Anaheim

M. Trout CF
T. Hunter RF
A. Pujols 1B
K. Morales DH
M. Trumbo LF
A. Callaspo 3B
H. Kendrick 2B
E. Aybar SS
J. Hester C

E. Santana RHP


Image via Fernando Medina/Getty.

Comments (167)

  1. Good first inning Carlos!! Let’s go Jays!!

  2. I swore (fuck) I would refrain from watching this series as I suspect a wreck is imminent. But I love watching the bats in the top 4…..pitching? You are dead to me!

  3. Anyone have a link to watch tonight’s game online?

  4. See Google

  5. Nope, it’s all scorn.

  6. Two decent innings for Carlos V. It’s not seeing him starting that drags me down. It’s having Lind back.

  7. Yeah not as easy hitting big league pitchers is it, Lind?

  8. One run through three. I suppose that’s the best we could’ve expected from Charlie V.

  9. I recall a time when we used to hit this guy santana pretty well. then one day it stopped. and it never ceased.

  10. Big V is almost done….already

  11. Big V is done

  12. great catch cletus

  13. Not bad in a comparative sence 4 innings of work by a starter. Next

  14. wow. what an awful call to send Bautista, he’s dead to rights if pujols doesn’t double clutch

  15. That’s what Rasmus was called out on last night.

  16. wow that was close jose. good bunt kj

  17. Nice, Yescobar.

  18. Why on Earth do you bunt there? You have a lefty up anyway who has a good chance at worse of advancing the guy to third on a grounder to the right..and could actually get a hit and set up a big inning. instead lets play for one more run only to tie the game.

    Im sure carlos and the pen wont give up any more runs.

    well played jays

    • Because he’s one the league’s most prolific strike out victim who isn’t seeing the ball well lately so he chose to surprise the infield that hadn’t come in with a first pitch bunt attempt.

    • So, even though you see the future, you still didn’t believe Lind’s homer?

  19. The only out of this inning was a bunt.


  21. Wow. Didn’t think that was going to go.

  22. he’s baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaack

  23. Jays can tie this game up in the top of the 5th

  24. It’s Lind’s moment in the sun. Nice. I’m trying to lay off the snark and pump his tires instead. The team could surely use his help.

  25. I guess Lind’s earned another few starts at 1B with that.

  26. Just in light of all the trade talk – I’ve always been lukewarm on the idea of acquiring Wandy Rodriguez.

    But if you look at his stats, the guy is alright. Seems like a pretty consistent, above average arm. If we can accept that Morrow can be an ace (I think he can), and that Romero can be a #2 (I think he can), I don’t mind the idea of Wandy as a #3.

    If the price isn’t too high, go for it.

  27. fuck even lind is hitting a homer.if he could just be decent this team is monstrous at wonder AA is searching for a big deal pitcher.this team is clicking.just need pitching help like garza

  28. Adam Lind truly is a power hitter!

  29. One MLB executive confided that the Jays are HARD in on starting pitching help.

    Another said they are NOT.

    so i cannot be wrong if i report both.

  30. Zaun not impressed with Campbell right there

    • I thought he was rolling his eyes at Lawrie’s antics, not Campbell mimicking them.

  31. I’ve gotta say that 4th inning in it’s entirety was some of the most entertaining baseball I’ve seen the jays play in quite a while.

  32. Can we get Villanueva to teach that curve to Alvarez

  33. lets get out of this inning unscathed, with CVs arm intact

  34. Of course. Of course they can’t get out of the inning unscored.

  35. Ugh. Don’t leave him out there.

  36. It seems like every time the Jays have a big inning, they give up runs the next half.

  37. CV done real good.

  38. Man they are really beating on my boy EE this year. It’s like he is the red headed step child or something.

  39. Another fucking awful baserunning call from 3b, watch the fucking ball coach.

  40. Ouch Eddie ouch.

  41. No EE, you’re not invincible, unfortunately.

  42. Wow didnt think Johnson’s hammy was going to let him get to that.

  43. Rajai is a beauty.

  44. Is it just me or does Lind seem a little heavier compared to before he went down?

  45. Any update on Brandon Morrow’s condition?

  46. horrific at bat by Arencibia. Getting tired of watching him.

  47. Arencibia is so terrible. He makes Adam Lind look like Babe Ruth.

  48. JP has bad eyes.

  49. wow wow wow WOW

  50. Fail. That will come back to cost.

  51. Ya, really got no problem with giving Mathis more games.

  52. fuck jp that was at your ankle. started out great,, then the inning turned to shit with jp, and lind the jays leave their brains in the dugout when they are on base? i know i leave mine on the pillow sometimes.

  53. Fuck me hope getting nothing from that inning does not cost them. That was brutal. Especially JP’s AB

  54. Arencibia is worse than The Virgil.

  55. Scott richmond for the rotation if laffey/Cecil shit the bed?

  56. Shocking, how utterly unpredictable that HR was.

  57. Now we’re tied. Lawl. Wish we scored one fucking run last inning.

  58. Wow as per buck 44 runs in the last 6 games

  59. Wow, what a shitty fucking bullpen….

    Everyone seems to think garza or another guy can walk in and save the team. in reality its two starters and two relievers or nothing at all.

    This team is done this year.

    • Meh… not really. The bullpen is not that bad as it was intended to be in the beginning of the year. The problem is, we have to use CV in the rotation instead of in the ‘pen where he is most effective. Taking his spot is shit-baller Scott Richmond.

      Bullpens are not going to be perfect. They are going to give up runs.

  60. Coco vs Pujols (cringe)

  61. From the frying pan into the fire.

  62. Okay you guys go and get CoCo the W.

  63. Nice ab, EE, but a single isn’t going to get Coco the win, unfortunately.

  64. This pitcher always looks like he’s slipping on the mound.

  65. FUCK!! Stupid groundrule double costs them a run, just like the other day.

  66. Yunel!

  67. Fuck yeah Yunel!

  68. Yunel

  69. Yescobar! Nice arm!

  70. Nice double play.

  71. Darren Oliver is the greatest pitcher in Blue Jays history.

    • It’s too bad we’re so eager to get rid of him, isn’t it?

      • It’s not that we don’t love him, it’s that the odds of him retiring in the offseason is higher than 50%, and if he’s not getting us to the playoffs, he’s better off getting us a prospect.

        • Is there no value to helping the team win games this year? Would you rather have a c level prospect and lose more games because the pen sucks all the worse without him, because you aint getting anything more than a c level guy for him.

          people have to realize there is innate value in having people that can help you win games in the bigs even if you arent likely to make the playoffs.

          • How about you explain why there is innate value in winning when you’re not going for it?

            I don’t think you know what kind of return you’d get for him given that we’ve never had a trading deadline under the new cba. I’d also suggest that you consider that by getting worse and winning fewer games, you increase your chances of a better draft pick.

        • Why would he retire? The Jays aren’t overworking him.

  72. Lind! Hit it back to the pitcher!

  73. Adam Lind! Please don’t ever change.


    My mind is full of fuck

  75. Maybe his is back???!!!!!

  76. Huh. Off a lefty.

  77. Atta boy, Lindy Hop.

  78. wow
    I admit I’m surprised by this…

  79. Well for better or worse I guess we’ll be seeing more of Lind

  80. Lind will be hitting cleanup again soon.

  81. Lind HR followed by JP double and Hill just hot for the cycle for the second time in two weeks? You have now entered the twilight zone.

  82. crazy aaron hill streak

  83. I’m back!

    Well, JPA got a hit off the guy too. So maybe not so fast.

  84. Adam Lind gives a big fuck you to all the haters

  85. Yay Lind. Maybe Andrew will mention his name without feeling compelled to remind us he has struggle for 2 years. Maybe Andrew will even cheer for the guy. Just for today.

  86. The Big Country Reeves haircut has given Lind superpowers.

    • I (and the rest of the west coast) remember ‘The Big Cunt’ only too well (and none too fondly, need I say?). He was a true hick.

  87. Believe it baby. Move Atomic Lind up to the 5 spot. That is one kick-ass top five.
    Wooohoooo! Atomic high-fives all around. Fist pump o’death. Bluejays kickin ass all the way to the penant babyyyyy! YEAH!!!

  88. Somebody punch the fuck behind the plate awkwardly waving.

  89. So Janssen is as close to a good closer as we’ve had in recent memory.

    With that said, his last outing didn’t look so hot, though it wasn’t a save situation if I recall correctly.

    Here’s hoping Janssen shuts the door.

  90. So if Lind keeps hitting well, and I know this is going to sound blasphemous, but any chance you consider moving him to the 4th spot between jose and EE vs right handed starters?

    • God no.

    • Personally wouldn’t mess with taking EE out of the 4th spot since he’s been the best hitter overall this year and he belongs there or in the 2nd spot.

      I would think about moving Lind back into the 5th spot if he continues to hit well for another week.

  91. Yay!

  92. Jays win!

  93. Whoo whee!! These bath salts are amazing! I guy could really get used to them. Mmmm, Lind’s face is making me feel real hungry. Real hungry.

  94. way to go aaron hill.

    • In all my years following baseball I can’t remember a person hitting for the cycle twice in a same season and certainly not so close together. Pretty cool.

    • Yes, kudos Mr. Hill. An awesome achievement.

  95. Sportsnet doesn’t exactly allow anything resembling an afterglow in these telecasts, do they?

  96. lol that one felt kind of like the great escape, but I’ll take the win.

    Totally miniscule small sample size obviously but in the 4 games since the recall Lind hitting:


    just throwing some gas on the fire there lol

    Must be the smaller uniform they gave him when he got back. Wonder if that’s the clubhouse guy’s version of short-sheeting a bed.

  97. So here’s a question: does having Davis bat in front of you make you a better hitter?

    Sure Davis doesn’t get on often, but when he does get on, you can more or less assume he’s gonna steal 2nd, if not 3rd. Just having the threat of running would give the next batter a steady diet of fastballs. If you managed to stick a hitter behind Davis who feasts on fastballs… well…

  98. So Scully just told a story about how learning to catch the knuckleball is like teaching a deaf dog how to understand sign language. He told it quite well and also managed to keep us updated on the action at the plate.
    Meanwhile, we’re stuck with Buck and Tabby.
    Nobody is as good as Scully – I’m not suggesting you’d need to get someone half as good as him. It’s quite a steep drop from him, though, to Buck and Tabby.

    I truly hope Buck, Tabby, and Zaun get cleared out at the end of the year but I’m not optimistic.

    The interesting thing about Campbell is if you listen to him on the radio (when he guests on somebody else’s show) he sounds quite decent. He seems to put on some sort of schtick for tv and it doesn’t work.

    • Sometimes I wonder if it’s not better to have a colour or play by play guy who wasn’t a former player. I know some of the insights they can offer from their experience can be interesting and they have a way of relating to the players but a lot of that seems to have a short self life and ends up becoming a series of tired cliches.

    • The interesting thing about Campbell is if you listen to him on the radio (when he guests on somebody else’s show) he sounds quite decent. He seems to put on some sort of schtick for tv and it doesn’t work.

      I’ve noticed that, when he’s a guest on some show on The Fan. Sounds really different. Tougher, almost more like Ashby. On TV he’s like Roger’s Bible salesman alter ego on that American Dad episode.

  99. Well Jenkins had one of those “supposed” quality starts tonight:

    7IP 10H 3ER 2BB 2KK but that’s a lot of runners. Still over his last 4 starts he’s got an ERA of 2.07 and a WHIP of 1.27 and he’s averaging 6.5 IP per start. Personally I’d give him a shot before Ye Old Faithfull Shitballer.

    • Yeah, but supposedly we lose Moyer if we don’t call him up after two minor league starts. Jenkins is supposed to be our long term future, no need to start the clock on him right now if there’s other options to try out first.

      I’m in favour of giving Moyer a couple of starts and seeing what happens.

      • Very good chance this team isn’t making the playoffs, I’d rather see what he can do in the majors than some guy looking for a last kick at the can. Considering Moyer”s splits are actually worse on the road, I don’t see a lot of upside.

        Even if they were to start Richmond and let Jenkins be the long guy out of the pen it’s certainly better than Moyer but of course that’s just my opinion.

    • Which one of the three current shitballers are you refering too?

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