Or so the Jays draftee says on Twitter…

Since we’re still a couple weeks out from the deadline for signing draft picks, I have a pretty good feeling that it’s not going to be that he’s through with negotiating and is announcing today that he’ll be back at Duke next season.

Shit, at this point I’m pretty sure it’s far more likely– to steal a joke from @seancole22– that he’ll be starting for the Jays next week than committing to go back for his senior year in college, then re-entering the draft next year with a shit-tonne less leverage to negotiate a deal.

Obviously I have no idea if it really means he’s signed– he could have taken a dump shaped like Elvis, for all I know– but I don’t think it’s a terrible guess, eh?

I’ll keep ya posted if anything looks imminent.


Image via Twitter.

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  1. Maybe we signed his dad?!

  2. Lol his dad was huge! He will sign soon makes zero sense to finish college and sign for a small fraction of what he will get this year.

  3. I’m on the “dump shaped like Elvis” train.

  4. Assuming he’s signed, the burning question becomes: “When do we see him?”

    ‘Safe’ picks like Jenkins and McGuire have taken the full amount of time to be added to the 40 man roster (Jenkins needs to be added this off-season, McGuire next). This gives a few years of development before the 4 options need to be burned.

    Other options like Hutchison and Alvarez, who appeared ready even with minimal exposure to AA, were added to the 40 (heck the 25!) more aggressively.

    Keith Law thinks he could bolster a bullpen this year. And lord knows the Jays need it. His frame probably suits the bullpen better than a starter anyhow. BUT IS IT WORTH IT? Let’s face it, the odds of competing this year are minute, and burning a year of control (or 3) on Stroman for a few months of relief pitching may seem really, really stupid in a few seasons.

    My bet is the Jays take it slow, and he starts next season in Lansing/Dunedin before making his debut in 2014, on a young and exciting contender.

    • Since there’s a good chance he’s still stretched out from starting in college there’s a possibility he could even start this year and certainly end up in the pen if he doesn’t start. Of course a lot of that will depend on how he does in the minors. Due to the need at major league level they could be very aggressive with him and start him at Dunedin or New Hampshire right off the bat. If he’s successful there anything after that is possible at this point.

      One more possibility is that instead of offering him over slot money upfront they could promise to get him on to the major league roster say within a month. The last two months at a major league minimum would be worth an extra $160k plus all the additional benefits of being with the major league club. The key one being the start of his service time clock.

  5. I disagree, I think they’re a good chance he’s put on the 40 man right away. This may be the deal he was looking for to take slot. Given the jays relief problems, is he really going to be worse than pauley, chavez etc? This would also give you the flexibility to trade frasor. The trade deadline is a month away and they need to see if stroman is a viable option before trading frasor.

    • I’ll agree that he could be added to the 40 if that was part of negotiations so the Jays could afford the Smoral/Alford/deJong over-slot picks. I also agree that he would certainly improve the bullpen (couldn’t make it worse anyhow). But it might just be better asset management to keep him off the 40 this year (they aren’t making the playoffs), and maybe part of next season too. It’s basically like trading him in 2012 for a year of him in 2019.

    • Jesse Chavez has 2nd best K/BB ratio on the team, behind Casey Janssen. Just sayin.

  6. hey,

    is that picture of him? if so, how/when was he pitching at fenway?

  7. Personally hoping AA can dump Frasor and Coco. It would save roughly $3.5 million for the rest of the year. Would love to see guys like Beck, Stilson, Farina, Stroman, Jenkins and McGuire get some innings for the rest of the year as there’s a good chance they’ll be part the core group of right handers for you bullpen in 2013..

  8. I’ve heard that someone has a hard on for me.

    • Just a chub. But hey, it’s all prospect porn right? Can’t blame a guy for getting turned on.

  9. Bah…He’s probably getting married or bought a car or something.

  10. Did I just hear Gregg Zaun suggest the Jays should trade Travis Snider for Jeremy Guthrie? Um, wow.

  11. I think he’s probably just trolling the hyper-active Jays fanbase and mocking them for their fake “Stroman signed” tweets and news reports that have been on and off for the past few weeks.

  12. Elvis Dump!!! Bahahahahahahahhahahaha!!!

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