Game Threat: Jays vs. Angels

Holy Adam Lind. Keep it up, why don’tcha?

This is your Game Threat. (No, really.)


Image via Abelimages/Getty.

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  1. Wow, Hill hits for the cycle again!

    • Yes, it is wonderful but let’s focus on the current jays.

      • You remind me of fatass Wiggum from the Simpsons. “Show’s over. nothing to see here”. And so on.

        • Don’t call him “fatass”! Have you no respect? He is Chief Wiggum! And he is a non-offensive, hilarious, fictional character.

    • Yep. Never thought I’d see Hill’s name and “one of the best second basemen in the majors this year” in the same sentence.

      • Its the RBI’s

        • Fuck you.

          Fuck you sideways with a stick.

        • Hey Captian, you must be delighted Bautista’s DP means no RBI. I hope today we can have an RBI free game. Those kind of games are the most meaningful of all.

          • But then how are we going to evaluate payers against eachother? How are we going to know if a player is good or not?

          • We use all the latest in forensic statistical analytics. We can predict the outcome of the game before it is played. This will save a lot of wear and tear on our pitchers

          • You amaze me. In a sad sad way. And your ignorance is unbelievable. I enjoy baseball. I enjoy stats. Im not even a sabrehead Im just not so fucking unbelievably asinine to correlate the bullshit you do and ignore sound counter points. There are so many other stats that allow you to compare players and reflect on success and failure that also gives you so much more information. When I look at RBI regardless of the number, I have to look at some other stat as a qualifier. So why bother looking at a stat that has to be viewed with so much situational context? I have enjoyed reading ideas and opinions on this site for a while now, but think I will stop. Not just on this sole topic but youve made the site completely unejoyable, daunting and frustrating. Your trolling has been successful and I am admitting defeat. You have made me dislike something I use to enjoy and longer have an interest. To the others, thank you for giving insight and opinion, ive willingly changed my views on certain topics due to the discussions.


            Fear the beard

          • I fear no man!

          • By the way you amaze easily

      • Oh really? Because it hasn’t already happened several years ago has it??

  2. Anybody else have trouble accessing the Score’s blogs over the last 12 hours?Or was I banned and didn’t know it?

    • Yup They were off the wide world web

      • I guess you get what you pay for.
        Thought I was banned again,I hate having to divert through proxys.

        • What the hell do you have to do to get band here? (For future reference). Language doesn’t seem to be an issue so whatever could it be?

          • Disagree with Parkes.Drives Stoeten nuts.
            Seriously though,since the move to the Score,people have been banned for disagreeing with Stoeten,comments have been removed for fear of libel,PC seems to be the order. etc.
            Even Stoeten has toned down the language in his posts.
            It’s the price of progress and popularity.On the positive side , most of the comments are about baseball and the commenters themselves are very knowledgable.More posts by the authors.

          • Racism and blatant trolling seems to be a good recipe for getting banned.

          • Exessive continued trolling, racism/homophobia/bigotry, really just anything that crosses the line that isn’t funny, just mean. You just know them when you see it.

          • My IP seems to have been banned. I imagine it’s because I’m not afraid to tell the truth!

          • I was banned and had to ask for reinstatement. Didnt troll or use racism, just said some things about about Stoeten. he didnt like it and that was it. had to promise not to do that anymore.
            Going forward if they do get a better commenting site, it would be useful to have an ignore feature so you could block a user out that is driving you nuts. Actually registering with a name and valid email would be good.

    • Well thank god for that…gettin so you cant have a good rant here without some asshole jumping in and blaming some minority. (“Assholes are still fair game arent they? )

  3. That series of plays by Rajai was pretty awesome last night. He didn’t score, but successfully stealing on a pitch out and then delayed steal of third. Fun watchin’ that guy. I mean, I want to see Snider playing, but Rajai’s been pretty fun right now.

  4. I had the Jays getting owned in this series so I won’t even pretend I know what I am talking about anymore. Maybe

  5. Lmfao I fucking love how everytime Lind takes a good swing or gets a hit how Buck and Tabby are like “Lookin like the Lind from 09″

  6. I wanna run down there and punch Zaun in the mouth….

  7. What’s the over under for how long Alverez lasts today before his visit to the Doctor for TJ surgury?

  8. We’re going to have to hope that all the Angels lines out to someone right?

  9. That was close.

  10. 1-0 brett lawrie

  11. Anyone else think Henderson Alvarez kinda looks like a Koala with glasses?

  12. Two Ks looking?! Cool.

  13. That hammy must be feeling better.

  14. Sometimes these doubles don’t jump into the stands.

  15. Yunel!

  16. Yescobar!!

  17. off to a good start!

  18. Well on our way to the required 9 runs for a victory!

  19. Nice to see Escobar stepping it up of late.

  20. Yunel’s blowing a kiss to the dugout camera post-HR was kind of adorable.

  21. A gorgeous error

  22. A P-rod?

  23. Man, they’re hitting everything on the proverbial button. Line drives to straight CF means balls gonna be flying off Richards all afternoon.

  24. Does anybody else find this picture hilarious, or is it just me?
    It is the definition of “contrived”.

  25. Colby with the cheese!

  26. Lawrie needs to slide into the dugout too when he comes in to score.

  27. fuck rasmus looks good these days. how sustainable is this run? are pitcher adjusments gonna regress him back?

    • He will go through slumps but what you see is the real deal, IMO.Mentioned it in previous threads and it’s not just his new batting stance.Very different player from last year.
      He’s no longer a boy ,he grew up.

      • He seemed pretty beat up when he arrived here last year. I think he has a hard time letting things go; he has made several references to “thinking too much”, and is still bothered by the stuff that went down with TL et al.

        I think we are seeing a more content colby playing to his potential.

  28. The Maple Boner & Cletus are quite a pair.

  29. The Jays can really set the Angels up for more trouble this weekend if they can get into their bullpen early and often.

  30. Angelols.

  31. The Jays keep battleing this season and thde fuckers in Management sit and wait in their all-lnowing ways. The unemotional leaders of captial….get some fucking piching now AA!

  32. holy crap this is wonderful

  33. Mike Trout is overrated.

  34. This noob on the mound is getting his shit pushed in.

  35. Trout envies Shannon Stewart’s arm…

  36. Its fun to be on this side of a pitcher meltdown.

  37. Happy Canada Day. Ya Sum Bitches!

  38. Richards: Is that 3 outs? Oh okay, it’s 3 outs.

  39. Holy Fuck Batman! I would love to see the bats do this more often.

  40. Got to love the bat around inning especially when the jays aren’t pitching.

  41. Please don’t have Alvarez pitch to the score.

    • Jack Morris says that’s what Hall of Famers do son.

      • Jack Morris otta be the pitching coach. Come out after pitching 5 innings? Hell I pitched 6 all the time in Little league…get back out there. Except you Dave Stieb, you never could go finish a game anyway.

  42. Again, Jays can never have a big inning without giving up runs the next half.

  43. Can you imagine what the record would be right now if the team was hitting like this when we had five actual MLB starters?

    • If they keep KJ and Edwin for next year, everyone else is under control….and then there’s Snider and d’Arnaud waiting in the wings. Could be good lineup. Still don’t like Murphy. Get some pitchers healthy, add through trade or signing, and could have something here.

  44. Is the Jays Shop never packed during games? Every time they have the camera in there and jeek to jowl.

  45. Alvarez needs to be taught a strikeout pitch and how to spit.

  46. Give him the kiss of death, Yescobar.

  47. if only we had some pitching……….

  48. Holy crap! Lind took a walk!

  49. You Beauty!!

  50. Good news, with the Lawrie homer and factoring in our bullpen we now have a 52% chance of winning the game.

  51. Schwing Maple Boner Time no blue pill needed.

  52. Is it safe to say Francisco isn’t as good a hitter as Bautista?

  53. “Canada Day is hockey day”

    fuck you, sportnet

  54. Ump’s thong is riding up apparently.

  55. if i were a normal human being, i would try to be just a little less of a cunty bitch when a borderline strike call goes against my way while my team is up by ten runs. but i am yunel motherfucking escobar, and my face constantly betrays my state of emotional pain.

    • I get the point about the game being a blowout (although with our pen who knows), but last I checked the batting stats count the same regardless of whether they’re accumulated in an 11-1 game or a 0-0 game. These guys know every hit makes them money at contract time and every out costs them. There have been some pretty abysmal strike calls today, even taking the score into account, and I don’t blame these guys for being a bit heated.

      Also interesting to note that both Farrell and JPA appeared reasonable when talking with the ump, but the guy continued to be a belligerent asshole by the looks of things. That’s usually a telling indicator of who the real bitch is.

  56. Great start by Alvarez would be awesome if that is him back on track.

  57. Free Jeff Mathis.

  58. Lind looks like he has been working with Cooper’s running coach

  59. I’m confused as to why we’re using one of our better relievers in an 11-1 game. Is Janssen going to come in for the 9th too?

  60. Wilner just tweeted ‘I don’t understand why Perez is warming up and not Pauley. Perfect situation for him’.

    The replies were ‘um did you see his performance against Boston’ and ‘do you really think YOU know more than John Farrell?’

    You can’t blame this guy for being a dick to callers. Some unreal idiots out there.

  61. Cecil picks up his first save! I knew there was a reason we brought him back up.

  62. Holy Fuck, Batman. Razzamatazz.

  63. Colby!! Doing it all over the field!

  64. Rasmus just made an unbelievable catch against Pujols. Wonder if JP Morosi will tweet about it.

  65. i hate zaun

  66. Anybody think Pujols gave Rasmus a hard time in St louis? Fuck you Albert

    • Pujols was quoted as saying something like ‘he’s got a bad attitude. We don’t need that in this clubhouse.’ not long before he was traded. I’m paraphrasing, but I’m sure the quotes out there somewhere.

    • Poo Holes. Hahaha.

  67. The emergence of Colby Rasmus might be my favorite thing of the 2012 season so far.

    • Ditto. Gose best get used to waiting for CF to open up.

      • Actually for me it’s probably a tie between the emergences of Rasmus and Morrow. Two ‘potential’ guys that look like they may be taking the next step.

        • I’m with you, although I had total confdence in colby from the get-go. I can’t say I’m surprised by his re-birth.

          Morrow I wasn’t too sure about, so this is good.

      • Snider-Rasmus-Gose with JB to 1st

        Has to be

    • It’s a toss up between EE and Rasmus and Morrow turning the corner for me. There’s certainly positives to take away from a frustrating first half.

      Lawrie’s play also since he went into the lead off spot is also especially heartening. For a while he looked like he was going to have a Snider or Thames season and regress badly. What we’ve seen in June is what we saw last year.

  68. Question regarding trading for “rentals”

    Who the fuck is going to give up anything of value for these guys with the current system? Is ANYONE?

    You get nothing in terms of compensation for a guy walking if you dont resign him UNLESS he was on your team the entire year, regardless of whether or not you give him a qualifying offer.

    Everyone overvalues their prospects.

    SO, I would tell any organization asking for anything more than second tier prospects for a renal guy ,like Dempster, to go fuck themselves.

    • There’s more to it than that. In the Cubs case they’ll get a decent prospect but it will probably be a guy 3-4 years out in High or Low A ball and maybe another middling type player. It make no sense for the Cubs to keep him as they are in year one of a rebuild and it’s unlikely they’d risk him accepting their one year qualifying offer of $12 million+ to get a first round draft pick. In that regard they are in a little different spot than the Jays who wouldn’t stand to lose as much if say EE and KJ both accepted similar type qualifying offers.

      Even a lottery ticket prospect is probably worth more to the Cubs at this point in time not to mention the few million they’ll save for the rest of the season. That’s money they can divert instantly into extra scouting or pay a year of Soler’s contract.

      • hahaha need to put my reading hat on. Read your post entirely the wrong way.

        As for what the teams will pay you could be correct that most will say fuck you to the Cubs but as we’ve seen with free agency in the past there’s always some desperate GM out there driving the price up and ultimately willing to pay too much.

        • I was confused by your initial response. My point is that, I seriously doubt the price is going to be very high for rental players (those who are free agents post 2012) on sellers, particularly those carrying 7 figure salaries (even with more than 1/2 the salary paid).

          Someone like Garza is a different story because he has an additional year of control AND if he leaves after 2013, and you make a qualifying offer, you would get a pick back.

          As long as some idiot GM doesnt go out there and offer zach wheeler for Beltran type deal, I dont see why the jays could not land one or even two decent starters. the rotation could potentially look like this:

          -Dempster type

          that is now a rotation you can compete with if the offense continues to be as prolific as it has been.

          and remember, the teams were are competing with for the wild card spots are ALL FLAWED.

    • Look at what happens in other sports ( I guess hockey is the best example) where players are acquired as rentals at the trade deadline and often the return is good to very good to “wow, all that for Dustin Penner?”. The NHL is a league where you don’t receive compensation for free agents and teams manage to get satisfactory returns for their rental players. I guess one of the issues is that team’s are willing to trade picks, which carry a bit of uncertainty and are a random variable, but prospects/young players are dealt as well.

      There’s no reason to think that compensation is the only driving force. Flags fly forever, and if a GM thinks he’s one player away, then they’ll do what they need to do. The other aspect that people seem to forget is that GM’s have jobs that are on the line. Making/not making the playoffs might be the difference between a contract extension or a firing. So when you take into account that type of pressure to perform, it’s reasonable to expect that the team’s holding the rental players at least have a few cards they can play to get what they want.

  69. The Wildcard Race Shapes Up as this (as I see it)

    -One spot will almost surely go to the Angels because
    1. they are good
    2. their schedule is a joke.

    -The additional spot shapes up like this

    -Al Central is wild card team coming from here, in my opinion

    -Al West: only angels are wildcard ready and I gave them the first spot already

    -AL East:

    Baltimore, Rays, Sox, and Jays ALL competing for ONE spot.

    does anyone think that ANY of those teams are not beatable with a couple shrewd trades and some luck?

    • Conceding 1st to yankees?

      • I’d love to be facing the Yankees right now with the way our offense is going and with their top two starters on the DL – now is the perfect time to kick some Yankee ass.

    • Don’t think Jays can beat any of those with the roster as currently constructed, except maybe Baltimore if they start playing like the 2006-2011 OriLOLes.

      What trades? Give an example of who we would get and who we would give up. A couple of video game trades, sure we’re competing.

    • Red Sox will run away with it in the 2nd half imo especially when they get Crawford Elsbury and Bailey back.

    • forget about time travel for a second. Even with the pitching woes having gone on for some time thus far, the Jays are three games out of a wild card spot. That’s not a bad spot to be in.

  70. Every game this series I keep hearing the announcers talk about the Angels’ third base coach and I hear “See No Evil” – really Dino Ebel, how often does this happen to you?

  71. Keep working on the off speed, son. Especially the slider.

  72. Looks like the OriLOLes just picked up Thome from the Phillies. Will be interesting to see what they gave up.

    • Was just about to post that they didn’t give up much according to Keith Law.

      Really, really low. “@PapaDominic: @keithlaw what’s the ceiling on the prospects traded for thome?”

      So there’s the first sign you might not get much for a rental player. Of course with Thome’s age and limited playing time the Philies didn’t have a lot of bargaining power. That said, it’s a very early move as these things go so I’d still expect the price to rise as demand and timing come into play.

    • Ahhh, the Philadelphia Phillies, second in payroll among all MLB teams at $175 million, presently 36-44, 3-7 in their last 10 games, and in last place in the NL East.

      And we’re pissed off with the Blue Jays? Well, actually I am somewhat unhappy with several aspects of Jay management … but imagine how they feel in Philadelphia.

      • Yeah that’s the risk with big payroll obviously. You can get situations like the Philies where a few key injuries among the higher salaried players really devastates a team or you could be like the Yankees and not have it be such a big deal.

        You’re always going to find cases where having a lot of payroll looks bad or too little does. I guess if you take a look at things over the long-term and see what the results are you’ll find your chances are much higher of making the playoffs if you spend more. I think FanGraphs did a study a while back showing that your chances were 5 times greater of making the playoff if you’re spending in the top 10 compared to spending in the bottom 10.

        Injuries certainly seem to be the great equalizer. We saw a perfect example of it with Boston last year. For nearly 3/4 of the year they were juggernauts and then injuries got them in key areas and boom, they don’t make the playoffs. Maybe you could say the same for the Philies this year, maybe not. Just have to compare the starting pitching in 2012 to 2011 and it’s pretty ugly.


    So that’s a very interesting article regarding Bautista’s views on what he’d like the team to do but at the same time making it clear he knows where management is coming from in terms of their show up first caveat.

    AA has said all along (going back to the winter meetings) he’s going to target the July deadline for a trade. We’ll have to see what happens.

    Might be interesting to make a list of all the pitchers that play for teams that could conceivably be in rebuild mode already or those that are heading there and see what pitchers they’ve got that and are actually worthwhile trading for. After that you can whittle the list down once you looked at contracts.

    As this winter showed even young stud pitchers aren’t out of reach these days if the price is right.

    • He’s pretty candid in that interview.

      I wouldn’t say he was calling out Rogers … but, its not too far from that. Seems like he basically said: we should go for it, start spending more, and the place will be packed.

      • Given that AA supposedly has a good relationship with his players, I wouldn’t be surprised if he’s aware of Bautista’s views. It’s understandable to have that view as well given that the team has one of the best offenses in the majors. It’d be pretty frustrating to be a part of an offense that is playoff worthy only to watch your pitching staff not able to match that calibre.

        However, I really do think the Jays need to stay the course and not dive in and part with their young talent. The goal is long term sustainable success and dealing those players isn’t the recipe for that.

        • I agree about staying the course. I think a reactionary move to the injury situation for a stop gap would be a huge mistake especially if weakens your ability to get a better player later on. Still it’s a tough line to sell to fans for another season right or wrong.

        • One of the reasons you stock pile talent is to create a situation of “relative excess” by which you can deal a prospect for intermediate to short term gain while not going off the rails relative to long term goals.

          The jays have enough arms stockpiled in the low minors such that they can easily afford to pick one out and have it be the big piece of a deal for an upper rotation level starter.

          There is no point in just accumulating assets in order to hoard them. Odds are the prospects wont turn out anyway which creates sort of a dichotomy.

          On the one hand, the low probability of success of any one given prospect makes trading one seem like a good bet, if the return is number 2 or even 3 starter.

          On the other hand, the low probablity of success means you want as many lotto tickets as possible in order that at least one hits.

          I will say this, it will take some balls for AA to go and pull the trigger on a deal that invovles giving up one of the three big arms in Lansing, but if it gets you a Garza, why not think about it? He’s signed through the end of 2013 and can be extended at some point. what are the odds any of the three is better than garza at any point in their career?

          • Well Syndergaard and Sanchez are 19 and Nicolino is 20 and all three are putting up as good or better numbers at A ball than Garza did as a 21 year old. Does that mean they’ll be as good or better than Garza? who knows. But just because they are prospects it doesn’t mean you rule out their ability to become good pitchers at the MLB level. And given AA’s reluctance to deal those players, he must see something beyond just their numbers that suggests there is something worth holding on to.

          • No such thing as “enough” arms.

      • Should be interesting to see where attendance goes from here. I noticed it slipped a little over the last couple of weeks. We were averaging around 29k now we’re down to 27k. Even with 80k over the next two games that will just bring us back to an average of 27,743 per game. Still a ways to go but obviously a good first step for management to see the fans are doing their bit, especially with the TV ratings.

        • Even if attendance cools off, it’s still a big leap from last year, and night and day from 2010. Its going in the right direction, and this season has been a nice step to build on.

        • It’ll pick up again when the Sux and Wankees are here.

      • When Joey says a lot of people have forgotten about the extra wildcard, I sure he was refering to AA

  74. The 29,287 in attendance pushed the Blue Jays over the 1,000,000 mark for the year, the fastest they have reached that total since 1998 (

    • That’s good to hear though I was hoping they’d get closer to 40k today, tomorrow, and Monday.

      • I wouldn’t expect a big crowd in Monday against the royals … I would guess itd be quite small actually.

        • I thought they would have gotten closer to 40k today too, I imagine tomorrow should be close to a sell out with all the pregame activities beforehand.

      • I’m doing my part to boost the numbers – I’m taking Thing1 and Thing2 with me to today’s Canada Day game! Woooot.

    • Yeah I was just going to say, saw that on twitter.

      Tomorrow should be 45k+. Monday probably not so great.

  75. Wanna hear something pretty amazing? Henderson Alvarez has walked the grand total of four (4) right handed batters in his major league career to date.

  76. interesting story to listen to in light of all the pitching injuries

  77. Some good news via Jim Callis from the draft to start the day:

    Jim Callis ‏@jimcallisBA

    #BlueJays sign 2nd-rder Chase DeJong for $860k (pick value=$620,300). Calif HS RHP is 6-ft-5, flashes plus FB & curve. #mlbdraft

    Jim Callis ‏@jimcallisBA

    In case you’re wondering, #BlueJays can pay Marcus Stroman as much as $2,131,340 without forfeiting an #mlbdraft pick for 2013.

    • Thanks for the info NM.Can’t see Stroman not signing but weirder things have happened.
      I’ll get this out of the way now.
      Ahem, I was wrong with my speculation about signing the seniors to less than 25k.
      They say it only hurts for a little while but dammit, it still hurts.I’ve brought shame to my friends,my co-workers and my family.They say time heals all wounds,so I will refrain from speculating about the Jays and AA for 15 minutes.During that time,I will wallow in self-pity.
      Woe is me.

      • Times up, by the way since when did you own the corner on being wrong?

        • Sorry,I got wrapped up in the self-pity and it turned into self-loathing and time flew.. I hate when that happens,it interrupts my chanting but it does aid in the self-flaggellation.

          • I really begining to wonder if Nurse Karen is a real nurse. Radar, you’ve been going steadily down hill since you met her.

          • I’m old. I’ve been goin downhill since 1973.I still got my jumper cables and a good battery so I can get up everyday.A morning bath in WD-40, gets the joints moving,followed by 6 or 8 cups of coffee and I’m ready to go.
            My rapport with nurse Karen is strictly professional and platonic..
            Knowing she is a nurse of the head, I was hoping for some free treatment for my DJF addiction, maybe I need a full blown intervention.

          • Careful Radar. They also say “time wounds all heels.”

          • On the other hand, they also say “what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger,” so go ahead and roll your tumbling dice.

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