Game Threat: Jays vs. Angels

Could this Game Threat possibly be lamer than yesterday’s? I think I’m already proving that it sure can. But I assure you it’s for good reason. Huge congratulations to the Hammsters. Chris and Liz, you guys are truly awesome and that was one king hell of a day.

OK, back to baseball…

Um… y’know… at 3 o’clock.

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  1. I’m gonna check out the Pride Parade instead of the game, but I figure I’ll see an equal number of guys dressed as Angels, and long balls

  2. “Canada sucks, nationalism makes me sick! everybody stop having fun today!”

    -the entire score baseball team on twitter recently

    its an excuse to party, why cant i identify with the arbitrary borders i happened to be born in? and more importantly, why does it seem to bother you guys so much that I do? Did Donald Sutherland’s army of maple syrup covered beavers beat you guys up as kids?

    • I must say that I sympathize with Señor Stoeten’s views to an extent, especially concerning the irrational highs and lows of fans, and his just criticism that Lawrie is popular in a way that Bautista does not seem to be.

      One has to wonder, though, with that attitude of reflexive cynicism, why Stoeten chooses to follow professional sports at all. Nationalism is not always jingoism, especially when one has seen just how gentle this country can be relative to so many other parts of the world. Live and learn, I suppose. Bonne fête du Canada!

      • You completely lost me in the first sentence of the second paragraph. What does one thing have to do with the other?

        • You are dubious, justifiably perhaps, about the Jays’ attempts to wrap themselves in the flag, about the relevance of Lawrie’s nationality, or anyone else’s, et cetera. So be it. But we are watching men playing a boy’s game, and those men are encouraged (even in baseball, señor) to show emotion, dress in big primary colours and engage in pranks like high school kids. And all to the bottom line of Fucking Rogers. If you’re going to accept all that sardonically, why not the rest?

    • When the fuck did I say anything remotely close to anything like that?

      • there is the obsession with maple boners…

      • @ Stoeten

        I’m not going to get into it, I gotta leave.
        It may have not been the message you thought you were sending but I also get the same impression from your posts and comments.
        Maybe it was one of your circular arguments where you stated to be a proud Canadian but fuck anything Canadian about baseball and celebrating it.
        Again,just the image you seem to present.
        Happy Canada Day. Enjoy the final and the Jays game.

  3. With the Euro today,I’m pleasantly surprised at a new game threat.
    Now that I’m back from a self imposed exile. I’m still crunching numbers but it could be that AA is ready to make big moves in the off season. He may make some before the trade deadline but 2013 looks very good, both fiscally and team wise,

  4. Happy Canada Day to one and all! Seriously, how can you not be proud of a country whose national symbol is a beaver?

  5. balt death spiral has begun

  6. Zaun looks great. IF EE doesn’t get to go to the allstar game that’s a shame.

  7. Sportsnet’s “Greatest Canadian baseball victory” is against a Buck Martinez managed US team. LOL.

    (I know one game can go either way, yadda, yadda, yadda)

    • with Ernie Whitt coaching Canada… Stubby Clapp* would’ve been better but still, SO cool!

      *ALL TIME GREAT Name

  8. That hot girl who did the rabbit ears behind Barry Davis’ head – towers over him.

  9. Brett Lawrie: very good young player for the Toronto Blue Jays. Who the fuck cares where he’s from.

    Canada Day Baseball: Another excuse for me to drink in the afternoon and Rogers to sell another alternate Jersey to the fans.

    Canada Day: different from the above due to its non-commercial nature. Also an excuse for me to drink in the afternoon. A celebration of the semi-independence of the nation-state we live in. Full independence would be attained some 115 years later. It was kind of like moving out of our childhood bedroom into the garage, and calling it our first “apartment”, where we stayed until we were 30, and our parents finally said “look, wee need you to think about moving out.” But, Still worth Celebrating.

    As for the rest… Why You Mad Bro?

    Happy Canada Day Monkey Army!

  10. balt and clev are the only plus 500 teams with negative run diff. hard to keep that up

    if balt falls fast as \i expect they will, jays will only be 1 game back

  11. Dafuq? Some chump like Laffey shouldn’t be allowed to wear the same uniform number as the sainted Doc Halladay.

  12. Anyone got a stream?

  13. and having Colby on the bench has already cost them a run

  14. The all star process should be changed; how does the cubs get two all stars and have a shitty team but the jays have just one all star ( albeit starting the game) ?

  15. Ugh. Fucking umps again.

  16. Is being deeply incompetent, unintelligent and overweight a prerequisite of umpiring?

  17. Unearned run, umpire fuck up, baserunning mistake….ya this is how you want things to go against a cy young candidate

  18. They should just keep interviewing Olympians and let us watch the game.

  19. Need to lock up Aaron Laffey to a long term extension.

  20. Not watching yet but lets score some runs for old Laffey.

  21. I’m SO F*ING tired of a pitcher being called a

    good athlete if his glove happens to scoop a

    ground ball going 1/2 mph.


  22. Incompetence is the name of the game today.

  23. I’ve never seen an ump do that.

  24. The home plate umpire is not a good person.

  25. the ump is drunk or hungover. refs and umps are fucking brutal in all sports this year. the fix is in, somebody is making them retarded

  26. For fucks sake, stop giving away outs

  27. “Yeah he makes a lot of contact also”



  28. Blue must have Tourette’s Syndrome.

  29. Escobar is seeing everything great, just let him have his AB without having to think about protecting runners, for fucks sake this team only wins when it hits so just let them hit.

  30. Are you fucking kidding me? Double steal? WHAT THE FUCK

  31. Glad we gave that out away. We don’t fucking deserve to win.

  32. So in this game that is:

    -Edwin out trying to stretch a single
    -Rasmus out on a double steal or something
    -Bautista should have been on but ump missed that
    -Davis drops a ball, leading to an unearned run

  33. WTF is it with this team and Callaspo? A team of Callaspos would hit them better than a team of Trouts and Pujolses.

  34. How many home runs are we going to give fucking Callaspo?

  35. This has got to be the dumbest, most irritating “interview” ever.

  36. I never need to hear Buck + Tabby talk about Speedos. Ever. Nightmares forever.

  37. Ok i am home from shopping with the daughters, let the comeback commence.

  38. Another decent start from Laffey….WTF has Laffey got that Cecil hasn’t? …

  39. Well Laffey has been pretty good today. I’m thinking he’s better than Cecil. Certainly his career hr/9 rate is much better. He can actually get the ball down.

  40. Really impressed by what Laffey has done against two great offenses. Don’t see him being useful long term, but mate he can help keep the rotation above water for the rest of the year.

    • Might as well leave him in the rotation for the rest of the year and actually see what he’s got.

  41. C’mon Colby…

  42. How about this time let the runners stay where they are and don’t give away any outs.

  43. All riiight bases loaded. C’mon Jose.

  44. In case you missed my last post Blue Jays, I am home, I am watching, I am ready for you to score a ton of runs. Thank you.

  45. Keep complaining CJ…

  46. Yes! Lucked out huge there.

  47. Booted by Kendrick. Fully DIMED collision at home plate!

  48. WTF was that

  49. Have a good rest of the weekend, Mike.

  50. Scioscia is not impressed with our Maple Boner, but the Baseball Gods have spoken.

    • Looks like they didn’t like the way Lawrie launched himself at the catcher. Amazingly he shoulder blocked the glove arm and managed to not get tagged.

    • Maple Boner on Canada Day the play was never in doubt.

  51. Wilson’s rattled.

  52. CJ’s rattled, can’t let him get out of the inning.

  53. Looks like the glove never tagged Lawrie, and then he beat it back to the plate. Close but this umpire isn’t getting any slack after this game.

    I lol’d at one of the Angels coaches yelling at Lawrie.

    • Totally agree, just find it hard to believe the umpire actually noticed that giving how bad he’s been, probably had his eyes closed when making the call

    • That’s totally going to be in the sports highlights later.

  54. Lol old helmet tosser 13 is going to be even more insufferable after that play.

  55. Lost in all that is that a nice head first slide would have avoided that whole confrontation


  57. Fuck it.

  58. Another fucking awful baserunning play, come on the ball barely left the infield

  59. Should not have sent him. Butterfield been doing that a lot lately.

  60. Aggression is not a substitute for common sense.


  62. Bloody brutal. No outs no reason to risk it.
    Horrible slide by my boy Cletus too. Could be the turning point of the game.

    • Yep. FUCK

    • I didn’t really see anything wrong with the slide. He didn’t have much choice there, he was DOA.

      • A hand first slide to the outside of the plate would have made the catchers job much more difficult there .

        • I won’t pretend that I’ve ever personally done that, but with the plate well blocked, wouldn’t it be difficult to reach the plate on the way in (or by?)

        • True, but just to play devils advocate, Hester really did have the plate almost perfectly blocked.

      • Yep, DOA. Absolutely no need to go head first and risk injury when the ball beats you by that much.

  63. Can’t see game on tv how far out was Rasmus by?

  64. The Jays should be pretty embarrassed about how they played that entire inning.

  65. At least we knocked out wilson

  66. Hey Baltimore and Tampa both lost.

  67. Shame Escobar is such a hacker. Hawkins didn’t throw one strike to him. Should have walked a run in on 4 pitches.

    Also, the legend of Lawrie just continues to grow. He’s now added “catcher killer” to his resume along with “ump killer.”

  68. E5 in left – this could be interesting…

  69. Finally retired Babe Callaspo

  70. The Jays always seem to get screwed by the umps.

    Even that “make up call” could have been arguably correct, in which case it wasn’t a make up call.

  71. John Farrell has nice writing.

  72. Come on perez no more runners ffs.

  73. WOOT!

  74. I get the Angels being pissed at the umps, but don’t really get why they’re pissed at Lawrie. Seemed like a fair collision to me.

  75. Wtg Jp!!!!

  76. Tied!


  78. JP just did the team and himself a world of good.

  79. I missed the HR by JP. Another low pitch hit for a HR.

  80. Missed this while following today’s game, but it appears Edwin Encarnacion has been snubbed by the players for the all-star game, who instead voted in Adam Dunn and Billy Butler.

  81. Top of the order coming up and instead of Oliver, fucking Cordero is in?

  82. Time for COCO B. WARE!

  83. Dammit.

  84. Thanks Cordero.

  85. And the CoCo show returns

  86. aw fuck coco


  88. cordero got screwed on the previous pitch, that was strike 3.

  89. Fuck Coco!! Someone DFA that bastard…this game is (was?) WINABLE!!!

  90. Did Frasor pitch last night?

  91. Wilner just got a boner, he now gets to spend another night telling off Jays fans that wisely wish Cordero had been DFA’d in April

  92. Trout has been quiet, can’t really except him not to wake up a bit at least.

  93. Frasor, Oliver and Janssen all weren’t used yesterday. No excuse to not use your best relievers in a late tie game.

  94. COCO TIME indeed.

  95. fuck, Coco.

  96. Thanks Cordero. Again.

  97. hahahahahahahahahhahahahahahhahahahahhahahahahhahahahahahahhahahahahahhahahahhahahahhahahahahahhahahaa

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