Game Threat: Jays vs. Angels

Could this Game Threat possibly be lamer than yesterday’s? I think I’m already proving that it sure can. But I assure you it’s for good reason. Huge congratulations to the Hammsters. Chris and Liz, you guys are truly awesome and that was one king hell of a day.

OK, back to baseball…

Um… y’know… at 3 o’clock.

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  1. Awesome. I’m not even angry.

    Farrell 100% deserved this. You use inferior relievers, you deserve to get burned.

  2. that pitch to Trumbo was a bp fastball at best.

  3. wow wow wow WOW

  4. Keep him in I want to see how far CoCo can take it

  5. Why do they continuously trot out this fat fuck. fml

  6. For the love of God, will somebody get rid of this fucking guy. This is ridiculous…..

  7. If the Leafs (Brian Burke, to wit) can dismiss Colby Armstrong, then surely Alexander the Great can EXECUTE THIS FAT FUCK

  8. Really. DFA Cordero please.

  9. fucking piece of fat shit

  10. And that is the ball game folks. Hate to have those games anytime but on a big day like this – ouch.

  11. about 4 batters to late there Farrell

  12. Fucking Angels. I feel like grabbing a rifle and going on a shooting spree through Los Angeles now.

  13. Fucking Cordero. Didn’t blame him for Trout but he was terrible after that.

    • Pitchers don’t get close calls all the time, they’re still responsible for the next pitches they throw

  14. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA coco fuck off fat shit

  15. Don’t waste good relievers now Farrell

  16. Anyone have a link to a stream


  18. 3 run differential is like nothing for Toronto. Hopefully the bats can wake up and salvage this wreck.

  19. Designate him for death

  20. I think especially given the fact that there`s alot of people watching for Canada Day, try and GIVE YOUR TEAM THE BEST CHANCE TO WIN.

    It`s a shitty move in all regards, but putting chubs out onto the mound is a terrible move especially since you have better relievers ready to go.

    • I wonder what percentage of times Cordero has had a 1-2-3 inning, or not given up a run in an inning.. he`s gotta be near worst in the league for that.

  21. Dont know if Farrell was thinking about having those guys fresh for KC (Janssen, Oliver etc)….but given the choice – a chance to win against LAA or the Jays not needing them against KC – I wouldve used them today. Def another bad call by Farrell.

  22. Coco ruined canada day for my family.
    We are at the game and I warned my kids that I would start sweaing if coco came into a tie game. Sure enough coco gives up 3 runs.

    Farrell sucks for bringing him into a tie gam

    Stop pissing off 40000 fans

  23. Sloppy game all-around for both teams, jays’ managers/coaches and the umps.

  24. Meh. Even if the jays lose a 2-2 split is OK. The Angels have been fucking awesome coming into this series. When I saw we were throwing Cecil, Villa, Alvarez, Laffey against them I was worried we’d get swept.

  25. As someone noted, Farrell is to blame here…….you run that shit out there time after time, you gotta take the blame. I swear, Coco is getting paid by someone else.

  26. And of course Scioscia shows Farrell how it’s done by bringing in their closer in the 8th to take out meat of Jays’ lineup.

  27. I thought Farrell just looked at Coco’s last month totals, pretty impressive at 1.59 ERA… managing by the numbers should be prudent, but this sucks in every way.

  28. Did that fuck just opt to IBB Encarnacion by plunking him? If yes, what a punk!

  29. Tying run at the plate here though

  30. Ahh Hunter why did he have to catch that

  31. One time Lind. Prove the haters wrong

  32. Geez i was just about to say what a great fielder Hunter was… must be the red uniform confusion… and Pujols!.

  33. Ok that shit about Lind being back????? I take it back. But then, he’s made a career out of that……

  34. Wilner pulling out some massive arbitrary endpoints arguments on twitter now.

  35. pujols is 2 yrs older than what he claims.runs like an old man for that ball

  36. So it seems the Phillies have made Cole Hamels available, per MLBTR.

  37. Brutal.

  38. Ugh!! This game is so painful to watch.

  39. Ugly ugly game all around.

  40. Please send Chavez to AAA pronto please. Beck is a far better pitcher even if he can’t start.

  41. Hey at least it won’t be a one run loss.

  42. YAAAAAAAAAAAA Bitchmond is coming in!!!!!! YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA

  43. What’s the attendance for the viewing at the afternoon performance of “How To Wreck A Ball Game In One Inning”?

    • About 34,000 which is low for Canada Day. Last year was against the Phillies & I think peopel bought tickets to see Halladay during one of the games.

      This year had a world Cup as well.

      Fans in the section I was sitting were blasting Coco. I sit near the VIP section, so any complaints are quite surprising.

      Laffey is pitching better than expected. The poor baserunning continues.

      I am shocked that we didn’t use Frasor or Oliver in the 8th inning.

      • a World Cup? uhh… It was Euro. Also, the Pride Parade was on. Combined, you’re talking about a good reason for the entire city to have something exciting to do yesterday afternoon, so to get 35k is pretty decent.

  44. Scotty Bitch is back jack!

  45. Utterly disappointing.

  46. JPA looks like a little leaguer right now


  48. Fucking Angels. I hope they lose all their games against Texas and fall out of the wild card. I hope Jays fans mob their bus after the game and I hope customs makes their flight six hours late. And I hope that their GM trades Bourjos to make room for Vernon.

  49. MLB Gameday is showing a lot of pitches in strike zone being called as balls. Seems like it’d been one erratic both for players and umps.

  50. Well injuries aside to one guy in the form of Santos, the only real area you can criticize AA in his time as GM is bullpen construction. I don’t know if it has more to do with bad luck or just a high degree of risk taking on guys like Rauch, Tallet, Cordero and Frasor in hoping that they might be something that they once were. I’m kind of in between personally but for a club that certainly seems to have a ton of plus arms, I’m not sure why they can’t find a handful that can dominate over an inning or two.

  51. 20th cetur-Leeroy I wanna be yo toy

  52. Cletus still has heart.

    • He certainly needed that shot, considering his little mini slump the last few games. Great game today though on base 4 of 5 times.

  53. Too little, too late my boy Colby, but nice shot all the same!

  54. Well, tomorrow is Christmas in July for AA when International Free Agency signing opens, though with the new cap limits I think.

    Need to go 6 and 1 or 5 and 2 this week – Royals for 4 and then WSux for 3.

    On July 15th, 70 games left for season, 16 vs Stanx, 10 vs Rays and 9 vs RSux – half the remaining games where they can impact the standings all by themselves – their non AL East games include Indians, A’s (7 games), Mariners (6 games).

    Everything is still controllable if they get some pitching


    Is AA aware that Oliver, Frasor and Janssen cant pitch every relief inning and when they dont, shitty things go down and games are ruined.

    For fuck sakes, even this make shift frankenrotation is managing to put up legit numbers and keep the Jays in games, but the pen… wow, the only thing today was missing is a shitshow inning from Coello.

  56. Great breakdown. It dosn’t look good for our hometown hero’s, but then the playoff picture has looked grim for some time.

  57. Ahem…Wilner is doing his best to protect CoCo from the barking hounds. Perhaps it is the sight of blood that is weakening him, but how do you shield a set up guy with an ERA over 5, and who has history this year of being unproductive. Yes if you take away his bad games he looks pretty good, but com’on he’ll be lucky to last the season even with the BJ’s pitching woe’s.

    • Wilner’s support of Coco is hilarious. His ERA in close games this year is over 9. He’s blown 4 games out of 6 or something like that.

      Pitch him in blowouts & no one will complain.

      Why do the Jays go out of their way to lose games when there are 40K fans in the seats?

      It’s very annoying. Why was Visquel in this game? Why was Lind resting?

      I thought the new Adam Lind can hit LHP???

    • everyone looks good if you take away their bad games!!

      • Yes, thats the point. Wilner was saying if you take away CoCo’s games pitched before May 19 (or thereabouts), don’t count todays meltdown, and ignore all the inherited runners that have scored on him, then he looks like quite the prize.

  58. I am honestly in disbelief at the countless mistakes this bonehead manager makes. Shall I list them. I must

    1 – benching jose vs a tough pitcher likely to be a close game where defense would be at a premium and a team that like to run and instead putting 2 noodle arm outfielders instead. rajai cost the jays 1 run, which ended up the deciding factor.

    2 – bringing in coco in a tie game is a disaster waiting to happen

    3 – even after home run, still had a chance, could have taken him out, but had to open the floodgates first

    4 – putting edwin in left field? In what planet do you willingly do that unless it’s your last act of desperation?

    And now I find out chad qualls ends up with the yanks. How the fuck does alex think that chavez, pauley, richmond are better options than qualls?

    Do alex and farrell know that we are in a playoff hunt? Because they are all to happy to just throw games away.

    • Qualls is basically Cordero. I’m seen him pitch a few times. He is not effective. I’m only bringing in Qualls if I want a higher draft pick for next year

  59. Scotia and Hoye are fags.

  60. @night

    when you keep signing 30+ year old relievers, they are more likely to be on the decline phase. He was more concerned abourt flipping them for picks than actually helping the team

    Alex has had 3 years to get a young power arm and gotten just one in santos. That is unforgiveable.

    • Actually Oct 3, ’09 to Jul 3. ’12 is 2 years 9 months and you ‘re completely
      ignoring that the 2012 trade deadline is still to come: nevermind that
      AA and Beeston have made lots of moves to acquire help in other areas.
      I like the moves they’ve made to ensure the system will be stocked with
      for a number of years

  61. MLBtraderumors has the Jays signing Chase DeJong.

    Now it’s just Kellog and Stroman still in the wind that are notable.

  62. So the Dodgers’ attempt to get Carlos Lee fell apart. They were dangling Garrett Gould, a righty starter, second-round pick for 2009 who’s currently in A+. Depending on who you believe he’s between their sixth and tenth-ranked prospect.

    Encarnacion is obviously better so that shouldn’t get it done. If I were AA I would ask for Gould + Angelo Sanchez, also an RHP in advanced A, currently ranked their fifth-best prospect. Plus, because the Dodgers have said they’d prefer to take on salary than give up a lot of prospects, they take Lind.

    So E5 and Lind straight up for Gould and Sanchez.

    To me this makes a lot of sense, assuming (correctly) that Rogers Baseball Operations has zero interest in extending Encarnacion at market value.

    • Get Zach.

    • Why don’t we wait and see if we can extend him before we go after some middling prospects. The only reason this teams has been anything close to .500 of late is because of guys like EE. Keep EE and sign or trade for another pitcher and this team is entirely better next year.

      • There is no way we can afford EE’s bat after this year. Face the facts. We’re working under payroll parameters here.

        • So after keeping Edwin through tough times since 2009 & having refused to get a legit power bat to protect Bautista, now the Jays are willing to let Edwin go somewhere else because they can’t afford 10 million per year?

          That is silly.

          How many times did we hear about AA bragging that we had to keep Edwin because he could ht 30HR in one season.

          Now , they want to get id of him??

          Who will replace his offense? Lind?

          • That’s how it works in Bud Selig’s MLB. The Jays (and Pirates, Royals, As etc.) are farm teams for the rich clubs.

            It’s been made very clear that the Jays will look to make trades at the deadline but cannot take on any salary. One would assume that if they got the opportunity to shed salary they’d jump on it.

            We haven’t signed Stroman yet and I would guess that has something to do with the budget assumptions AA gave to Rogers at the beginning of the year and how those have worked out. I’m sure Rogers was told that Coco, Oliver, Frasor etc. would all be gone at the deadline (in addition to EE and KJ) so the payroll would effectively be much lower than it appeared on Opening Day.

            Now, Coco has no value, KJ has very little, Frasor probably very little as well, so those guys may not get moved. Hence, we may not get to sign Stroman. Such tradeoffs also likely led us not to sign Beede last year (ended up taking on salary at the deadline rather than shedding it –> no money for Young Beedah). And it was only by dumping Wells that AA was able to do the Bautista deal. This is just a fact of life with Rogers, you have to make your budget numbers somehow.

            Moving EE + Lind in the scenario I outlined would free up quite a bit of cash from this year’s budget, as well as 2013 and even 2014 (Lind’s buyout).

            Personally I’m not that excited about spending a first-round pick on a guy who projects to be Jason Frasor, but if Stroman really can help this year and next, we can’t let him walk just to keep a couple of guys who won’t be with the Jays next year anyway.

            The young arms I picked are about the same age/level as the best prospects coming up, and that’s no accident. We’re toast for this year and next for sure, and even 2014 is too soon for those guys to be here. Getting more prospects at the A/A+ level puts us into good position to be ready for a run in the 2015-6 timeframe.

            This also likely means flipping Bautista for prospects, which should also please the bean counters. The marketing guys should be ok with building around Lawrie and Rasmus.

        • Sorry I am not buying that argument quite yet. I ran the numbers (quickly) and even with a healthy raise for EE and even a modest one for KJ, we’d be close to this year’s payroll after dumping Frasor and Cordero’s contracts and Tehan’s dead money.

          That leaves excess money that we won’t be spending in the 2013 draft plus increased revenues from attendance and tv ratings this year to sign a starter or two. That could get you in at around $95 million next year with the $15 million over the 2012 budget spent on starters. You could even get in at less than that if you went with Hech over KJ.

          • KJ will not be back. Alex will not spend 7 mil on him. He didn’t even want him in the first place remember? This frees up that 7 mil to give edwin a raise without bumping payroll.

          • Lets not do another Adam Lind here. EE’s one good season isn’t worth 10 million. KJ isn’t staying so they would certainly help a team in the playoff hunt, but we have to take some salary back in return. A 3 way deal is in the works, can’t you just feel it?

            • EE has had more than one good season now going back to last year. He is a guy you go forward with, not let go over a couple of million especially when the money is there.

          • It’s a crapshoot in my mind. EE performed well when he was on the brink of obilvion. He, like many others, may well fall back to his bad ways once he gets a big fat contract. Don’t forget he is, for the most part a one demensional player, with 1.5 years of offensive production.
            I say lets get something for him now. Let some other sucker roll the dice.

          • I take that back EE was not so hot the first part of 2011, so his offensive stats are good for 1 year only.
            Either way he will be an FA this off-season, cause the Jays arn’t bitting.

  63. Are you getting more hits or less hits now that you’re at the Score?

  64. Really disgusting listening to wilner defend coco. Almost all the times he’s pitched well it’s either been behind or in a blowout. When he’s had a 1 run lead or tie game he usually blows up. when you have one of the worst whips in the league you can’t be trusted in close games.

  65. So this guy is someone who actually gets paid by a “real” newspaper to write articles? Check out this from his write up today..

    “In the sixth inning, home plate umpire James Hoye confused everyone on a foul tip call on Jose Bautista’s strikeout with the bases loaded. That gave Bautista a second chance and he grounded to second in what should have been a sure-fire double play, but Angels second basemen Howie Kendrick let the ball get past him.”

    ….what really happened..

    The bautista foul ball that was actually a strike occurred in the FIRST inning..not the sixth. Zwolinski has merged two at bats together here in a complete misremembering of what happened.

    “A run scored, and that should have halted the remaining Jay baserunners in their tracks. But Rasmus was motoring with his head down and kept coming for third, leaving Brett Lawrie with no choice but to vacate third and head for the dish.”

    ..what really happened..

    Lawrie fucked up…not noticing that the ball kicked past Kendrick quite some distance. he should have scored easily and rasmus was just doing the right thing by taking an easy third. it was lawrie and not rasmus who fucked up.

    “As the outfield relay arrived, Lawrie hammered Angels catcher John Hester but failed to touch the plate. Hoye, however, ruled that Hester had missed the tag, and Lawrie scrambled back and touched home for the Jays’ second run. That brought out Angels manager Mike Scioscia out of the dugout.

    “I don’t know what he said, I couldn’t tell what he was saying, I couldn’t read his lips,” said Lawrie, who no doubt surmised that Scioscia’s commentary wasn’t exactly complimentary.”

    ..what really happened…

    Lawrie was referring to what Angels coach BUTCHER was saying and NOT to what Sciosia was saying.

    What kind of shit write up was this my man Mark? I could do better while taking a shit and eating a snickers bar.

    • I love Snickers bars. He also fucked up because the ump called Lawrie safe the first time, he didn’t have to go back and retouch home.

  66. Some intetesting news, Jays signed #1 and #9 propects on BA’s International Amateur Top 20 list already. Wonder if there is more to come

    • Seems like #1 and #9 will blow their entire international budget for the year.

      Regardless, #1 and #9 is a pretty good haul. Since the Jays pick too low every year to get a #1 prospect in the draft, it appears they’ll be getting them from Latin America here on out.

      • What is the spending cap for the Jays this year?

        • Think it’s something like $2.9 million for all teams on international players for one year starting July 2nd, 2012.



        • Any time you can add talent, no matter their age, it’s a good thing.

        • Why the negative waves TTJF?Is a different than signing high schoolers from the U.S.?Is it your cash?It’s not like the Jays expect them to be up with the big club next year.They’re prospects and maybe trade chips.

          Like chill out dude.If you think positive, then positive things will happen.

          • Think positive thoughts are great, but some of us would like to win before our demise. I’m way more interested in this year and next, thanfuture trade chips or 2018 talent.

          • 2013,birddawg,2013.It’s easy to figure out.
            By the time these guys are ready,if they ever are,very few of the currrent roster will be there.
            Besides remember that j.Chavez was a trade chip.

    • Okay NM, don’t tease me with prospect porn without providing a link, you lazy SOB.
      (I’m too lazy to look it up myself, so I guess you’re in good company)

  67. Anyone seen the probable pitchers for the Royals series? I’m stunned that it’s quite possible that the Jays have the better starter in every game in an entire four game series against an actual Major League team.

  68. Why can’t coco ever get injured and be out for the year. You could beat that toad witha baseball bat and he’d still be able to pitch. I also find the hypocrisy of the jays disgusting. Cecil has to lose weight topitch well but coco can weigh 300lbs and it’s no big deal.

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