The Kansas City Royals bring their proud traditions to Rogers Centre tonight, as Ricky Romero will once again try to find himself, looking to rebound from the worst outing of a difficult season last week in Boston. Keep an eye on how often he manages to get a first pitch strike over, as his failure to do so this season seems to be the key to what’s ailing him. Of course, it’s not like it’s quite as easy as consistently grooving one to start each at-bat, but on the other hand… he’s facing the Royals.

And that’s not just a good thing for keeping runs off the board, as Jose Bautista– who, according to a tweet from Barry Davis of Sportsnet, is not just the newly-named American League player of the month for June, but will also be officially named tonight as a participant in the Home Run Derby, which will take place during the All-Star break festivities next week in Kansas City– gets to face Everett Teaford.

Teaford, presumably when not eating caviar and playing polo, is a Royals left-hander making his third start of the season. The way the Jays have been playing lately, I’ve got a pretty good feeling about this one. Y’know, as long as Romero rights himself at least somewhat.


Perhaps John Farrell was as clueless about which hand Everett Teaford throws with as I was before I started this post, but for some fucking reason he’s written Adam Lind’s name into the lineup tonight against the left-hander. Lind has a pair of home runs in the six games since his return from Las Vegas, which is good. And just two other hits, in 18 plate appearances. There’s no reason to believe just yet that he’s not still fucking terrible.

Sam Miller of Baseball Prospectus gives us three angles on Brett Lawrie’s collision at the plate with Angels catcher John Hester that show how the Jays’ third baseman altered his run to put a forearm into his opponent. Hey, you know what they say: don’t shoot the messenger… even if he agrees with the message, despite knowing full well that saying as much is a stupid road to go down given the blind hatred of anything negative said about the player involved.

Tennis’s Milos Raonic tweets at JP Arencibia to let him know that he’ll be at the game tonight. “Kill it,” he says.

TV: Sportsnet

And now the lineups, by way of the live box score at And for those of you who’ll be out and about, be sure to follow all the action on your phone with Score Mobile

Toronto Blue Jays

B. Lawrie 3B
C. Rasmus CF
J. Bautista RF
E. Encarnacion DH
Y. Escobar SS
K. Johnson 2B
R. Davis LF
A. Lind 1B
J. Arencibia C

R. Romero LHP

Kansas City Royals

A. Gordon LF
A. Escobar SS
E. Hosmer 1B
B. Butler DH
Y. Betancourt 2B
M. Moustakas 3B
J. Francoeur RF
S. Perez C
J. Bourgeois CF

E. Teaford LHP

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  1. I know that smell coming from the concrete toilet all too well

  2. Well this game was at least useful for figuring out Pauley is useless.

    That is, if he gets DFA’d after the game.

    • I guess that’s where Moyer’s 40 man roster spot is coming from…

      • Or, even better… Stroman’s

        • Not happening.

          • Reasoning Stoeten? One puts CarlosV back into the pen, the other represents the potential for a reasonable pen upgrade…

            There’s NO chance Pauley gets taken off waivers if that’s your concern…

          • Reasoning? Because it’s stupid to assume they’re going to bring up a) a prospect they haven’t signed yet, b) a kid who hasn’t pitched an inning of pro ball, to c) get his service time started completely unnecessarily, so he can d) ride in as the saviour of a bullpen in a waste of a season.

            He might get here this year, if they really want. They seem to try to give pitchers every opportunity to start before they move them to the ‘pen full time, and just because he COULD pitch in the Majors, supposedly, even the best of the guys like that still work their way up through the system a LITTLE. Chris Sale got in 11 games in the minors before joining the White Sox in 2010.

  3. last 14 games jays have given up 7+ runs 8 times.

  4. Anyone else think that maybe Ricky needs a new GF? He was a much better pitcher when he was dating the beauty queen. Maybe if his personal life was sorted, his pitching would follow? I’m only mostly kidding…



  7. Classic Wilner on Twitter.

    “This bad outing was better than Rickey’s last bad outing”.

    • How is that in any way not true?

      Entirely meaningless, but not untrue.

      • Because 6 2/3 innings pitched giving up 8 earned runs against one of the worst teams in the league is beyond shitty for a guy that is supposed to be your front line pitcher.

        Instead a sugar coating it, call it like it is. A shitty performance against a bad team.

      • It’s probably worse considering he usually pitches better at home & the Royals are a weaker team than the red sox.

    • How can he claim that, on a relative basis, the Royals are a much less talented offensive team, so Ricky’s numbers vs. RSux were “understandable”; against the Royals, inexcusable.

    • Has there been a good RR outing?

  8. Why all the hate for pauley? If you take away all his bad outings he’s been pitching exceptionally well.

  9. Pauley’s retired five of six batters since giving up the grand slam. If one redefines “small sample size,” he looks like a good pitcher.

  10. Ever since Pauley gave up the grand slam, he’s been pitching a shutout.

  11. Maybe we can sneak CoCo over to the Royals pen, change his uniform, a hope he gets the call in the bottom of the 9th…then we have a game!

    • Findin a uniform that fits may be an issue

    • Please stop making me want to defend Cordero from these kinds of ridiculous statements.

      • Is that you Mike? no really

      • Andrew, if you start defending Coco you will lose credibility.

        You can blame Farrell for bringing him into high leverage situations but

        Coco 2012 is declining. It happens.

        You have a bright future ahead of you in broadcasting & it would be a shame if you started parotting Mike Wilner.

        Wilner is becoming a parody of Baghdad Bob. He is acting like Hawk Harrelson.

        • Oakville, nobody is under the illusion that Coco is a good arm out of the bullpen, but he is a serviceable option on the backend. Farrell undoubtedly has misused and miscast him. That being said, Coco is far from the automatic loss and human victory cigar that you and many others make him out to be.

          • Hey Brum, having trouble reading between the lines of CoCo’s arm isn’t that good, and he is a serviceable option.
            CoCo is being defended by some Media sports experts, even though his ERA is 5.29 and he’s given up more hits to innings pitched. If CoCo is all we have then fine, guess we have no where to go but grin and bear it. But denfend him, what for?, why should I spend my money to see a guy that is substandard in most of the important pitching stats.

            CoCo Time has become the punch line for a reason. Fuck these thing have been going on here since Joey McGloughlin

          • Birddawg, the issue is your selective memory. No, “Coco Time” hasn’t been a punch line because he’s some kind of automatic loss waiting to happen. He’s done well far more than he’s been shitfucked, and any reasoned analysis needs to take that into account, and not insist on throwing the baby out with the bathwater.

            His terrible outings have been gut-wrenchingly terrible, and they’ve happened far too often to call this season anything other than a disaster, and coupled with all the red flags of decline over the last few years, he may not even be a good candidate to assume he’ll be able to right the ship in any meaningful way.

            BUT, he’s actually been decent enough times, and got away with his declining stuff enough last year, that all the over-the-top stuff about DFAs and how he’s completely useless is just way, way too much. On a team with a bullpen that wasn’t so stretched, there’d be no justification for continuing to pitch him in high leverage situations, and even here, I think it’s high time it fucking stopped.

            But to act like he doesn’t deserve a place at all, lower in the pecking order, so he can keep working at getting it right? I think it’s just way too soon, even if I’m in full agreement that, with each successive blow up, he gets closer and closer to the edge.

            I mean, it’s crazy to me how quickly we forget Frank Francisco last year, and how terrific a second half he turned in. Or how about Shawn Camp, who was let go of by the awful ’07 Rays and came here at age 32 and somehow turned into a very nice reliever for a couple of years. Or Casey Janssen, who was particularly bad in his first year back from shoulder surgery in 2009, and managed to get better.

            Yes, these are younger players than Cordero, but the point is, relievers are volatile, and it’s not anywhere close to a given that he’s toast. There’s a difference between “needs to be cut back in usage, especially in high leverage situations,” and “fucking sucks and needs to be DFA’d immediately.” So… while I’m in agreement that Cordero has been way bad, the punch line thing– while maybe true, technically– is a total creation of fans too blinded by the frustration of blown games to think clearly about it.

          • I am baffled why Farrell would use Coco in high leverage situations especially at home when there are 40K fans in the stands. Is Rogers trying to discourage fans from attending games so they can have an excuse not to spend on payroll??? :))

            Can you refresh my memory as to when Coco last “saved a game or didn’t blow up against a competent offense in a meaningful game.

            I fully expect Coco to pitch better in August & Septemebr when the jays are firmly in last place.

            The only way AA gets a green light to add payroll is if the team is competitive at the all star break. Sending Coco out to self destruct in May & June is wrong.

        • Also, Oakville, if by “parroting Wilner” you mean agreeing with him when happen to I agree with him, I think I’ll keep it up, thanks.

          • You can agree with him as much as you would like to, but please come up with a different rationale for defending Coco.

            Please provide some evidence that Coco can be trusted to pitch OK in a high leverage game.

            Wilner’s Shtick is to find a small sample size that defends his position & criticize others when they do the same thing.

            You are smarter than that Andrew.

            I can understand Wilner being afraid of his shadow after being suspended by Rogers for criticizing Cito in 2010, but he is becoming a caricature of a sports host. He is on the verge of being Tabbyesque.

          • As one of Wilner’s critics, I think he’s been much better this year.
            I know it’s a shocking statement but I’ve checked with others who had the same opinion of him.( Just in case I’ve totally lost it) and they agree.

          • Just tacking this on,

            Shutdowns (SD) and Meltdowns (MD) are two relatively new statistics, created as an alternative to Saves in an effort to better represent a relief pitcher’s value. While there are some odd, complicated rules surrounding when a pitcher gets a save, Shutdowns and Meltdowns strip away these complications and answer a simple question: did a relief pitcher help or hinder his team’s chances of winning a game? If they improved their team’s chances of winning, they get a Shutdown. If they instead made their team more likely to lose, they get a Meltdown. Intuitive, no?


            The +/- 6% cutoff puts SDs and MDs on a similar scale as saves and holds, meaning 40 shutdowns is roughly as impressive as 40 saves or 40 holds. Dominant closers or set-up men will typically have 35 to 40+ shutdowns and a handful of meltdowns.

            Meanwhile, meltdowns are more common than blown saves, and they can happen to both closers and non-closers alike. The worst relievers will rack up around 10 to 15 meltdowns in a season.

            from fangraphs.

            cordero is 8-7 in SD-MD respectively.

            He was before this year 34-6, 36-11,34-8, 32-8.

            he is obviously a shell of what he was. These are full year stats (68-75 appearances) and he has 38 right now. This is a significant drop. Yes keep him to save a young arm but he shouldnt be allowed anywhere near a game that is 4 runs or closer

        • Gold.

          • Radar hits the nail on the head.
            I looked up the game logs for Cordero & he only has 8 clean innings (no hits or walks) out of 38 appearances.

            He should not pitch in high leverage situations.

            The Jays are in a desperate pitching situation now that there are enough games when they will get blown out by 4 or 5 runs that its OK to have Cordero for mop up duty.

            The games where they have a 1 runlead or are behind by 1 are so few that letting Cordero blow the game is not acceptable & demoralizing to the rest of the team.

          • Great stuff Gus!

  12. Wish we still had Tiny Tim..

  13. I’m sure alex is smiling after every loss since it will give him every excuse to do nothing and not improve the team.

  14. Looking forward to Wilner’s spin on how BJ are just 3.5 games out of the wildcard, and that Pauley is actually quite good in piching afternoon games, on the weekend, when the Jays are on the road, west of the Mississipi

    • Yeah! It’s hilarious to see what permutations Wilner will come up to defend every Blue Jays.
      During the Iraq war, Saddam Hussein had a communications director named Baghdad Bob who would say everything was OK in Iraq even though the country was being invaded.
      Everyone laughed at him.

      So I will now christen Mike Wilner as Mississauga Mike after his current city of residence.

      Mississauga Mike says Cordero has been excellent this month & was snubbed by the All Star committee.

      Mississauga Mike says Romero pitched well in April.

  15. That was fast Pauley’s gone…Drew Carpenter is up

  16. I unfortunately missed the game after the first two innings, but looking at some highlights, I gotta ask: when can we expect Pauley to be DFA’d?

    I know we need arms in the ‘pen, but shit, this guy would be better if he used his left hand.

  17. wow that was fast. one stiff out the door and another stiff in.

  18. The blue jays lead the league in dfa’s

  19. Wilner has changed the post game show name from blue jays talk to blue jays excuses.

  20. Still don’t understand why not Beck instead of Carpenter. I’d take a higher probability of at least one clean inning than a guy who just might have to go 4 or 5 mop up innings. Isn’t that what Chavez is for?

    • because it’s more important to have a shitty long man than a good 1 inning guy. But isn’t that what chavez and perez are for? do we really need 3 long men? plus did you really think farrell would ever use beck over coco in a close game?

      • Well one can only hope. Short of starting some of these guys major league clocks I’d rather go down with the high ceiling arms than the pink slime filler of pitching staffs we have with the Pauley’s of the world.

        • That would be the worst thing they could possibly do.

          • I am not talking about the A ball guys I am talking about the Jenkins or McGuire’s of the world, even Stilson types who was projected originally as a reliever. Considering it’s close to the 2nd half of the year it shouldn’t be a clock issue for much longer with their service time (ie pushing them into super 2 type status).

            It’s no different than the Thames of the world for position players. You want the higher ceiling guys there instead of 4th or 5th outfielder types which is what Thames is.

  21. BATH SALTSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  22. According to Barry Davis: “Romero says he feels like he’s in quicksand right now and has no idea how to get out.”

    With the all-star break coming up, maybe this is the time to put Romero on the DL with left arm shittiness to give him a 15 day break to regroup and get himself together mentally. He would basically only be missing 1 start (assuming they kept the rotation where they left off after the all-star break) but would get a 15 day break from everything.

    • That’s a good idea to be honest. They could bring Jenkins up for a spot start. I was thinking of just sticking him in the pen but just shutting things down might be best.

  23. Chad -Jenkins-time and how close are the Jays calling for Dirk Hayhurst to come out of the radio studio with Sam Cosentino and throw long relief?? Jake Eliopoulos??? Paul Quantrill???

  24. Matt Wright in New Hampshire; he’s like a lefty Jason Frasor (5’10″, 170, small college), he has a sub 1 WHIP and 49 Ks in 44 innings.

  25. Man, the comments are tough to read when lengthy chains get going. I’d like to know which of you is agreeing with Oakville69 and his ilk so I know which user-names I can quickly scroll past, but without any sort of rhyme or reason to the comment replies, it’s pretty difficult to do.

    Anyways, on the bright side, we have Colby Rasmus.

  26. All speculation and WAR aside, we’re a .500 club. That’s one 1/2 of 1000.

    Spend money baby.

  27. The poor old blue Jays. They need something good to happen, possibly if they make a trade before the deadline it is for pitching :) good pitching that is.

    On a positive side, there is something heart warming about seeing Crusher Colby Rasmus absolutely annihilate the baseball to the facing of the fifth deck.

    • If they can steal away some young, controllable pitcher — fine. No rentals. No point in trading away the farm for a stopgap.

      Even someone like Garza. Only a year and a half of control is not enough. What if he gets injured? We’re fucked for next year again.

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