The Kansas City Royals continue to bring their proud tradition to Rogers Centre tonight, looking to keep on keeping on in the second tilt in a four game series… um… of tilts. Of course, calling this particular one a mere “tilt” is somewhat of an understatement, as tonight’s game will feature the pitching exploits of Brett Cecil for the Jays, and Vin Mazzaro for the Royals.

Ahh, but it’s not all glitz and glamour and pitchers who have started twice against the Jays, giving up 18 hits and 13 earned runs over ten combined innings, as… we… uh… wow, holy hell, that’s a Grade A clusterfuck of a career line, Vin.


SCUTTLEBUTT FORTHCOMING! (Actually… nah, it isn’t.)

TV: Sportsnet

And now the lineups, by way of the live box score at And for those of you who’ll be out and about, be sure to follow all the action on your phone with Score Mobile

Toronto Blue Jays

B. Lawrie 3B
C. Rasmus CF
J. Bautista RF
E. Encarnacion 1B
K. Johnson 2B
Y. Escobar SS
R. Davis LF
A. Lind DH
J. Mathis C

B. Cecil LHP

Kansas City Royals

A. Gordon LF
A. Escobar SS
E. Hosmer 1B
B. Butler DH
Y. Betancourt 2B
M. Moustakas 3B
J. Francoeur RF
S. Perez C
J. Bourgeois CF

V. Mazzaro RHP

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  1. I picked the perfect night to play the drinking game “take a sip of beer to every time Tabler says ‘just a little bit more.’” 5 times he quipped it in the 1st ½ inning. I’m gonna be shitfaced early tonight!

  2. So does this happen in every park or is it just stupid as jays fans in the dome that go wild everytime a ball is hit into the air?

  3. Steady Eddie

  4. Escobar does that a lot.

  5. Wow Yunel. Wow.

  6. Anyone know if Goins (lefty hitting ss/2b) at New hampshire has any shot at the bigs?

    he has some decent numbers

  7. This would be a good game for Cecil to go seven strong innings or something. I hope Cecil can get it together and be a rotation mainstay for the years ahead.

  8. For about 5 seconds I thought Tabby’s answer to the buyers/sellers question might actually be intelligent. It was all downhill after that.

  9. Needs more scuttlebutt.

  10. With cecils schlop, sometimes its hard to tell if he is throwing a fastball or hanging change

  11. I’m getting the Bourgeois Blues.

  12. Here we goooooooooooooooooooo!

  13. According to buck, we have six untouchables in our minor league system.


    Cecil is also an untouchable in an indian cast system sense of the word

  14. Everyone looks like a hitter against us, Tabby

  15. Well, here we go again. Please have your seats forward and tray tables stowed…it’s going to be a bumpy ride.

  16. Im out!

  17. If we can get Cecil to go 6 innings and give up 6 runs, I think that is all you can ask for someone with his arsenal of slow, poorly located hanging shit.

    • If we had a shut-down pen that might actually be somewhat reasonable. Unfortunately they average about a run per inning as well (more lately).

      So that means we need to score 10 to win. We have a couple of pretty good hitters (and several shitty ones too) but 10 per game isn’t going to happen.

  18. Wouldn’t those just be the six guys on Sickels Top 100 sheet?

  19. Cecil’s pitches are very high in the zone consistently.

  20. A rare fastball down.

  21. ok so brett only has to keep the game close.. the bats should get us back into it

  22. Good start Rajai, now dont get picked off.

  23. Tabby just said Salvadore Perez might not have the great arm of Ivan Rodriguez, but previously Buck said he had a cannon. WTF? did Rodriguez have MORE than a cannon then?

  24. We’re playing for 1 run why? With Cecil on the bump?

  25. Farrell being interviewed right now. Question 1 should be: “Why the FUCK was Davis stealing right there?”

    But of course they’ll just lob him some Zaun “3 ways to win” softballs instead. What do we have to do to score runs, John? Well Tabby, guess we probably have to start getting some hits …

  26. The jays are making the Royals look like contenders.

  27. Those were some awful hacks by mathis.

  28. Interview between Jays announcers and Farrell.

    “so John, what was the difference between the third inning and the first two for cecil?”


    “Umm, the balls that they were crushing right at people in the first two innings , were not hit at people in the third inning. “

  29. I really think Cecil could be a very good L O O G Y once the jays get enough of their arms back to get him out of the rotation….and trade oliver.

  30. Still no runs,Cecil is lookin’ fine! Oh shit I had the PVR on pause…never mind.

  31. Karma. It’s because our bloggers make fun of opposing pitchers even like Mazzaro & Teaford yet all you do is piss them off. Fuck off!!

  32. Well Scooby-doo can doo doo, but Jimmy Carter, is smarter…..

  33. Can you hear that…?

    It’s the sound of Lawrie’s balls slapping against Buck n Tabler’s chins

  34. beauty bunt

  35. Man, Rasmus is as close to a 5 tool player as the Jays have. Love watching him play.

  36. Colby’s foot was out of the box when he positioned for a bunt. Is it allowed?

    • Nope…that’s supposed to be an automatic out. Larry Bowa was talking about this about Rasmus on MLB Network a few weeks ago. He’s often come close to stepping out of the box when he swings away too.

      • I heard that too, but he must not be out of the box, or every manager would be on top of it

        • Adam freaking Lind. *shakes head* A Lind that can punish hangers and meatballs is still a long way off from the 2009 version but better then what we saw at the beginning of the season. As long as he doesn’t move up in the lineup because of this.

  37. loved that edwin “hop” at the end of the play

  38. I love thia offense. great hit by by Rajai

  39. Is this bizarro world?


  41. nice for adam

  42. Say what you will about his performance the past couple years, but that just put a smile on my face. Way to go, Lindo

  43. Yeah Davis!!

  44. So they’ve realized they’re facing Vin Mazzaro.

  45. Lind’s homer just reset his DFA clock back a week. Gregg Zaun thinks Mathis is underated as a hitter. If he keeps hitting can we deal him or will he be another Napoli?

    • I never really paid attention to Mathis when he was with the angels but his approach/swing don’t look as bad as his career line would indicate.

    • mathis is a career sub 200 hitter
      he sucks at hitting and will always suck.

      take any hits he gets and enjoy them for the precious commodities they are for they will not come at this frequency for long.

    • Mathis is a career .196 hitter with a .568 OPS. At the halfway mark he’s .234 with a .774 OPS. He cant be dealt now unless they want to bring up the no 2 guy in AAA (Jeroloman?) due to D’Arnaud’s injury.

  46. Just what the Royals need. Lind. Please try Adam

  47. Man, I just don’t get Adam Lind,

    Beauty Swing when it’s making contact.

  48. Fucking eh!!

  49. Can’t complain about that inning. Nice piece of hitting lineup.

  50. Okay so 6 run inning. Now how many do we give up?

  51. Gawd that shift is damned annoying.

  52. lets see if cecil can throw a shut out inning after that big outburst

  53. Jays are winning? Waz dat?

  54. That’s two….

  55. I get Lind. If he were a female every guy around him (her) would have a set of blue balls. From now on I’m calling him “Linda”.

  56. Yes! three up three down, who would thunk

  57. Escober pisses me the fuck off sometimes. He never runs plays out.

  58. Lind DFA clock back another week. Will he make it to Aug?

  59. You know, boys, a nuclear reactor is a lot like a woman. You just have to read the manual and press the right buttons.

  60. I’m late again. Had a friend bring over “Out of my league” and we argued about Fielder while watching the game. What’s this about Hayhurst being denied entry at the border?

    • Could’ve been a visa issue… Wonder if anyone thought to mention he was back to earning $$ in Canada?

      • That’s what he mentioned. Supposedly Hayhurst had to do the show by remote?After our argument about Fielder, I threw him out, so I didn’t get the full story.

    • He’s clearly a subversive.

  61. Farrell practicing his usual technique of leaving the starter out too long, but to give him credit, he mitigated it right away. One hit, see you later.

  62. Quality start from Cecil….deserves another start.

  63. Coco should have the eighth only when the Jays are either winning or losing by 8.

  64. Stoeten, where is the DJF podcast?

  65. Nice all around!

  66. Mathis doing the elusive “hug it out bitch” tag.

  67. Nice play.

  68. Oh Fuck KEEP Mathis!! Extend the SOB for 5 years! LOVE that play!!

    • Mathis is a beast behind the dish for sure!

    • Seriously Carl, I think it’s a done deal already. The first decent trade offer for JPA and it’s a Mathis/D’Arnaud combo behind the plate. It just makes too much sense. And you won’t have to wait for billions and billions of stars to form either.

  69. And to think there are people saying the Jays need to move Bautista to 1B. We have some crazy fans!

    • 11 assists so far this year.

      Let’s pretend we brought up Gose to play CF and moved Rasmus to right, Bautista to 1B.

      You don’t think Rasmus could have caught 11 balls that Jose couldn’t get to? That’s assuming Rasmus gets no assists on his own, which isn’t realistic.

  70. For a moment I thought he went right between the legs for the tag.

  71. Are we going to see Coco in the eighth?

  72. I kinda don’t want to see Coco in the 8th…

  73. We need a new second baseman. He can’t play. We are winning nothing with him: average defensively, no power, check his production since early May. He needs to be moved down in the order or simply removed for a younger guy at some point. Now we are seeing why Arizona gave up on him. Move along….

    • No! No! we extend him and trade Yunel!!! Bring up the unproven Hech to play short. Nothing puts fear into an opponent like to mediocre bats up the middle like that. that’s how you improve your team. /sarcasm

    • Move along…sounds sooo easy! Make it so, No. 2.

  74. I think Greg Holland is Brett Lawrie’s untattoed older brother.

  75. I really dislike Johnson… Never liked that trade and Hill is certainly proving me right lately…

    • You’re right. Hill’s playing very well in the national league west.

      • what are the stats for hill away and at home.i will bet the stadium in arizona suits his power more than rogers skydome glad hill got another chance because i always liked him but he really stunk and the everybody was turning on him.he is a class act

        • Hill @ home: 1.054 OPS

          Hill @ road: .653 OPS

          • Johnson @ home: .747 OPS
            Johnson away: .671 OPS

            Johnson also has literally twice (90 to 45) as many strikeouts as Hill….

          • thanks allisauce. im a rookie and dont know how to find stats.just the basics at i just watch his highlights and it seems they are always at home and in the same spot from the view. the stadium looks hitter friendly like the yanks

          • so the chances are hill wouldnt have the success in toronto that he is having in arizona. i rest my case

    • It’s really easy to dislike Johnson when he’s struggling and Hill when he’s not, huh? What were your thoughts in April? What will your thoughts be in a couple months? Kinda not worth pissing and moaning about, if you ask me.

      Especially when you remember that Hill’s option was declined by Arizona at the end of the season, as it would have been by the Jays. So… he wasn’t going to be back here anyway, most likely– not if they’d kept him and he’d kept performing the way he was around here at the end. So… kind of a moot point.

      Aside to God’s Sidekick: is great for stats, as is Much better and easier to use than

      • thx andrew stoeten. i will look them up.when posters here mentioned fangraphs i didnt know what it was without the . com part.

  76. It’s Oliver!!!!!!

  77. Davis looked like he could have caught that.

  78. If Dyson scores, the season is over.

    • There’s no need to be so defensive about your gender. You should bone up on baseball, however.

  79. johnson needs to move up on the plate like cletus did.they have the exact same swing

  80. Anyone remember one of the best names in baseball Buddy Biancaladda. How bout Steve Balboni.

    I just had to dial up some Royals circa 1987.

    • Groooobah.

      Didn’t know about Buddy before you posted his name. Fucking A.

      Gotta say, one of the best names. Others that come to mind is Heinie Manush (HOF outfielder) and Johnny Dickshot .

  81. Serious question. How has Colby been able to stand so close to the plate for this long. If Bob Gibson was still in the league and was pitching in the AL, Colby wouldn’t have a right shoulder left.

    To kind of answer my own question, his bat speed does seem to be pretty damn fast. That dinger he hit off of Axford in Milwaukee was something else. If he didn’t swing, that pitch was beaning him in the back.

  82. Well, I didn’t think the Youkilis trade was that great but Buck and Tabby think it was awesome so it must be. He did, after all, get two hits today! What a great veteran!

  83. Billy Butler looks like he should be driving a truck.

  84. I love the feeling of Janssen closing.

  85. sweet

  86. One economical 9th. Good stuff.

  87. Woo! Got home in time for the bottom of the 9th.

  88. Good to have Ol’ Lindy back if only for his veteran post game interview skills.

    Dude has got no poker face whatsoever. Barry Davis should feel fucking ashamed if someone as dense as Adam Lind looks down on him….. sorta hard NOT to do…. LITERALLY… HEYYYOOOO

    • Davis has to be saying, “Oh shit, do I really have to interview Lind again?”. He’s not the greatest interviewer but Lind has to be one of the worst interviewee’s out there.

  89. People here will love this:

    RT @SNBarryDavis: Farrell just hinted he may move Lind up in the order tomorrow. #bluejays

  90. Well it looks like Ceil McGeester came through and put up some zeros. Nice shot by Lind… and hell if he ever does get it back to swinging hits like that more often, then it could still be an interesting season.

  91. mcgowan and grange couldnt have pissed me off more than they did today on pts. the jays have to get a starting pitcher or 2 no matter what. they are short staffed for next year so they have to do something anyways so it might as well help them now even if its just to get asses in the seats. this is a problem AA needed to address last offseason and its time to pay up for the mistake. edwin jacson and greinke and a few others were available for reasonable money considering it was free said no because they werent #1 starters but that wasnt requirerd.they needed support only.this reminds me of last year when the signs of weakness were appearing in the east.AA made the right move getting cletus but he waited on EE and will pay dearly now and he should sign kj too even though he has struggled since the injury.AA should risk the kids to get a guaranteed major leaguer like the yanks do.too many kids dont pan out

  92. Cecil throws a gem! Adam Bomb Lind cranks a dinger! All you haters can eat your words. Penant here we come. Just wait until Snider joins the party!!!
    High five. Fist pump. Wooooohoooohoo!!!!

  93. Tough night for Parkes so far. Giants getting pummeled by Washington, Texas getting obliterated by the White Sox and the Jays won.

  94. Fuck…. good game forsure for the Jays… BUT…

    AGAIN with the fastballs up in the zone from Cecil. Cmon man, cmon anyone in the Jays system, someone teach this guy how to keep the fastball down. I dont understand how no one has been able to figure this out for him.

  95. Jamie Moyer got rocked tonight in Reno. 6 IP, 10 H, 7 ER, 2 BB, 3 K, 1 HRA

  96. can’t wait for moyer’s “call me up or release me” ultimatum

  97. Weird stat of the night:

    Since April 23rd, Mike Napoli, the AL All Star Game starting catcher has a .698 OPS, the exact same OPS as JPA (JPA has lower OBP, .264 to .325, but has 19 XBH – 10 HR and 9 doubles – to Napoli’s 13 XBH – 6 HR, 5 doubles and 2 triples).

    • I guess that’s kind of nice to see as a Jays fan, that he didn’t permanently morph into Mike PIazza.

      I think it’s safe to say that Napoli for Francisco is the one trade AA really missed on so far.

      • Why do you think AA’missed’? Francisco was a Type B free agent. Napoli wasn’t a free agent at all. Had he hung onto him, he’d now get squat when Napoli declares at the end of the year. Instead we have Smoral.

        An excellent, excellent move.

        • Napoli’s 2011 would have looked nice in a Jays uniform and the Jays had needs at C/1B/DH.

          • And so what? Napoli in 2011 wouldn’t have put the Jays in the playoffs, he’d be gone after this year, and there’d be zero to show for it. Instead we have Smoral. Duh. Pretty easy to see the smart move vs the dumb one. AA made the smart one and his critics are unhappy that he isn’t stupid like them.

    • How in the fuck did Napoli hit 2 triples?

  98. Speaking of stupid…..what you said is up there.

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