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“Every dialogue I’m trying to have now, it’s all about trying to improve the 2012 product, that isn’t going to change,” says Alex Anthopoulos, according to Shi Davidi of Sportsnet. “I’m active in having talks, that doesn’t mean anything is going to get done, but definitely all the trade dialogue I’m handling right now is all about making the 2012 team better.” Great! Thing is… of course he’s going to say that.

Jose Bautista must like what he hears, as he told Jon Morosi of Fox Sports that he wants to see the Jays improve right now– reading the blog (or the mind) of Jon Hale of the Mockingbird. Meanwhile, House of the Bluebird nods in approval.

Hey, if the Jays want a reliever who strikes about half as many guys out now as he used to, despite not losing anything on his fastball, Brian Fuentes was just D’d FA by the A’s, according to a tweet from Jon Heyman. Why the hell not, at this point, amiright?

The Jays may have a spot for Fuentes– or Jamie Moyer– as according to a tweet from Blue Jays Moves, they’ve outrighted Alan Farina to Dunedin and off the 40-man roster. Farina was optioned there a couple weeks ago, as he was removed from the 60-day DL when Kyle Drabek was placed on it, but at the time he retained his 40-man spot. No more, it seems.

The spot won’t be going to the newly-signed Marcus Stroman, who has been assigned to the Vancouver Canadians according to… um… himself, where he is absolutely going to destroy everything in his path.

At Baseball America, Jim Callis puts Stroman’s big league ETA at September– if the Jays rush him. He also tweets that, while Stroman should be the first 2012 draftee to reach the Majors, “that doesn’t mean immediately.” He “hasn’t pitched since May 17,” we’re informed.

At Getting Blanked, the Common Man looks into what’s ailing Ricky Romero, noticing that he’s scrapped his slider, and isn’t getting the same depth on his changeup or curve, and less horizontal movement on his sinker. Is this a sign that he’s hurt? Who knows?

Jose Bautista talks to about his shoot for the upcoming “Body Issue” of ESPN The Magazine… y’know… if you’re into that sort of thing.

Bluebird Banter takes a mid-season look at their pre-season number six through ten prospects, including Drew Hutchison, Dan Norris, and Deck McGuire.

In a notebook post at, Chris Toman looks at the success of Colby Rasmus this season, the possibility that Travis Snider may soon get the call back to the Majors, and… I don’t know… a couple other things, probably.

In his latest Bullpen piece for the Toronto Star, Richard Griffin argues that the Jays ought to hang on to Edwin Encarnacion, see what happens in the next 81 games, then try to re-sign him, rather than opting to trade him right now. He’s not wrong– nor is he wrong when he shits on Sportsnet for not airing the MLB All-Star selection show on Sunday, either on the main channel or Sportsnet One. The goons at Rogers opted to air some hockey bullshit and rowing instead.

Bob Elliott of the Toronto Sun puts together his roster for Team Canada, and… yikes. Jason Bay, Tyler Green, Adam Loewen and Pete Orr get starting nods on his theoretical club.

Over the weekend, Blue Jays Moves tweeted that Matt Smoral has been assigned to Lansing, and placed on the 7-day DL. Sure… why not?

Lastly, elsewhere at the Mockingbird, Jon Hale calls out the Jays for having the temerity to use Henderson Alvarez in the Majors, fighting tooth and nail to succeed, wasting a big chunk of his young career when he should be developing the breaking ball he sorely needs. He’s not anywhere close to wrong.

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  1. AA is saying what I want to hear. Lets hope he can pull the trigger on a starter that can keep us in the race, without giving up a big slice of the future. Take on a contract AA, we want to compete. Oh where do I buy my jays tickets?

  2. Peter Gammons re Marcus Stroman:

    Peter Gammons ‏@pgammo

    @jimcallisBA if the Jays pitching weren’t so injured, he could have been 2012′s K-Rod ’02

  3. So, if Alvarez hadn’t been a lock for the starting rotation out of spring…. wouldn’t this all be a moot point, since the whole staff melted down in front of our eyes? He would have been number 2 or 3 to be called up anyway.

  4. Alvarez seems to have been clearly working on that breaking ball this season. Why else would he have been throwing it more often than his change up, which is a superior pitch? The guy is so young, there were clearly going to be some real up and downs. That pitch has seemed to get a little better. The home runs on his sinker have been more concerning. Anyways, I don’t think they should be too displeased. The problem is we think of him as a #3 right now, when we should be thinking of him as a #5, cutting his teeth, and eating innings as a he develops.

  5. So the Jays signed all their picks in the first 10 rounds? Wow.

  6. On the positive side as far as RSN goes, it would appear that the 2012 Futures Game is on SN1 on Sunday. For those of you who don’t get Sportsnet One, um… that sucks.

  7. Alvarez at least had success in 2011 at the MLB level. Drew Hutchison had no business being rushed up to the majors, and I think it’s very likely that his arm problems are a result of the extra stress he was putting on his arm trying to get big league hitters out when he wasn’t ready for the assignment. MLB innings are for more stressful than MiLB ones. That uptick in his fastball MPH was no coincidence.

    • “I think it’s very likely that his arm problems are a result of the extra stress he was putting on his arm trying to get big league hitters out when he wasn’t ready for the assignment. MLB innings are for more stressful than MiLB ones. That uptick in his fastball MPH was no coincidence.”

      I know what you’re saying, but there so often seems to be no rhyme or reason for arm injuries that I’m not sure we can really draw any conclusions here.

    • Hutchison looked like our 3rd best starter when he went down. To my eyes at least

    • You may be on to something there!

    • “MLB innings are for more stressful than MiLB ones.”

      I still don’t get this statement. Why? Is the air more viscous? If a guy is throwing his “stuff”, as Hutchison apparently was, wouldn’t that stress be the same? I don’t buy the “He’s ramping it up for major league pitchers” angle, either. Maybe initially in the first couple of innings, but then a guy settles into what he is.

      Arm injuries suck, but I doubt it was simply because he was in the majors versus in the minors… there are tons of factors.

  8. On the otherhand, Drew said himself that it had nothing to do with it…

  9. Even if GM AA isn’t going for it, he may need to acquire a decent starter just to make it through the year without killing the bullpen.

  10. I couldn’t agree more with the reactions posted to the Bautista article. I have friends that actively gave me shit about baseball talking about the Jays and even about the farm system. But they all react the same way to the craptastic pitching we’ve seen the past few weeks. The article on House of Bluebird was spot on. If Rogers is serious about this carrot and stick attendance-payroll bullshit then they need to reward the significant uptick in attendance this year by actually appearing to give a damn – even if they don’t and/or shouldn’t anyway.

  11. Free Jeff Mathis.

  12. Totally agree with keeping EE, he makes a viable DH and can field 1B not bad either when called to do so.. and he can hit. As for Alvarez, I don’t know. The guy has been serviceable as a starter for the Blue Jays, and is getting good experience, so while it might be doing him no favors in making him start for the big club, how much is it really hurting him?

    • Hmm that was some interesting stuff by Jose, he seems to know whats up, and hopefully AA can deliver. What would the Jays have to give up for a renta-pitcher?

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