Approximation of on-field conditions at game time.

Holy crow, it’s balls hot.

And maybe it’s fucking with John Farrell’s head, as the Jays manager has inexplicably gone the too much, too soon route with the recently-promoted Adam Lind, who is batting fifth tonight, after we were told on his return that he’d be hitting sixth or seventh… you know, because he’s been terrible for two-and-a-half years.

Ahh, but a few home runs can change everything, apparently. Even if they don’t really mean a whole lot.

Kelly Johnson has been slumping, to be sure, and Lind has a nice-looking .933 OPS since his return, but should we really make of it that the maligned first baseman figured it all out during his time in the desert? Um… no. Lind’s OPS is driven by the three home runs he’s hit. In twenty-six plate appearances Lind has those three dingers, three singles, and two walks. That’s good for a .308 on-base.

In a similar amount of time– his last 21 plate appearances– the admittedly-slumping Johnson has four hits, including three for extra bases, and five walks. That’s makes a .450 on-base, and a .983 OPS.

Lind’s OPS is buoyed by a slugging percentage that’s inflated by the fact that he’s homered once for every 8.7 plate appearances. During his career-best 2009, in which he blasted 35 home runs, he did so at a rate of one every 18.7 plate appearances. How likely is it, really, that Lind keeps the streak up?

I realize that lineup construction doesn’t really mean a whole hell of a lot, in the grand scheme, but that doesn’t make it any less dispiriting to see John Farrell continuing to make decisions on foundations of obvious bullshit.


At Miked Up, Wilner breaks the news, from the mouth of the player himself, that though he’s headed to Vancouver to start his pro career– where, as a highly-advanced college arm, he will absolutely fucking shithammer everybody who gets in his way– Marcus Stroman only expect to be there for a couple weeks before getting moved up to New Hampshire. Stroman will pitch out of the bullpen, for this year, at least, and has been told that pitching in the Majors this year is definitely a possibility. Wilner also does a great job pointing out how, considering all of the problems the Jays have suffered through in the first half of the season, it’s actually pretty remarkable that they’re still over .500, and still not entirely out of the playoff conversation.

In a piece today at Fox Sports, Kenny Ken Ken Rosenthal suggested that the Jays may want to sell high on Colby Rasmus. Call me a cockeyed optimist, but I really want to believe we’re seeing the real Colby right now, and that he’s a lot more valuable to the Jays going forward than he is as a trade chip. Trade Gose!

Ben Nicholson-Smith passes along, at MLB Trade Rumors, a correction on a rumour that had been going around earlier in the day by way of Enrique Rojas of ESPN Deportes. Apparently the Jays have not signed amateur Venezuelan lefty Luis Castillo for $800K.

Speaking of @MLBTRBen, he joined us today in Parkes’s absence, as you can see here– for your between-inning viewing pleasure– on today’s episode of Getting Blanked!


Oh, and one more thing! In my rush to get last night’s Game Threat out, I neglected to post yesterday’s episode, which featured guest Jon Hale of The Mockingbird– and a bunch of talk about Ricky Romero’s latest disasterpiece. Have a watch over on YouTube!

TV: Sportsnet

And now the lineups, by way of the live box score at And for those of you who’ll be out and about, be sure to follow all the action on your phone with Score Mobile

Toronto Blue Jays

B. Lawrie 3B
C. Rasmus CF
J. Bautista RF
E. Encarnacion 1B
A. Lind DH
Y. Escobar SS
R. Davis LF
K. Johnson 2B
J. Arencibia C

C. Villanueva RHP

Kansas City Royals

A. Gordon LF
A. Escobar SS
E. Hosmer 1B
B. Butler DH
Y. Betancourt 2B
M. Moustakas 3B
J. Francoeur RF
S. Perez C
J. Dyson CF

L. Mendoza RHP


Image via The Good, The Bad and the Ugly.

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  1. Let the second half begin…

  2. Boston lost, so a win lifts the Jays into a tie with them.

  3. Did Rasmus dye his hair? It looks orangey.

  4. Mendoza’s pitches are really sinking.

  5. Help prove your worth, Adam.

  6. Terrible AB by Lind.

  7. Lind didn’t perform well as a full time DH earlier in his career, so why do it today when he’s just been moved up in the batting order. Trying to make life more difficult I guess.

  8. Villanueva on the mound tonight. Any team has a great chance to take a lead in a series when your pitcher is undefeated with a 2-0 record.

    Also, I’ve been hearing some chatter of the Jays being interested in Cliff Lee. Why you would trade any of your top prospects for a guy without a win is beyond me. Pitchers like Jo Jo Reyes are what this ballclub needs to build around in my mind: guys who get decisions and wins.

    • Lee is a veteran though. He knows how to pitch and he can throw strikes. I think he’d be great for a young pitching staff like the Jays have right now. The young guys would all look up to him, and they’d really learn about what it takes to be a pitcher in this league, you can really learn how to pitch from a guy like that.

  9. So, Buck and Tabs spend about ten minutes talking about how Jose challenged Gordon’s arm because “it is so difficult to make that throw going laterally in the outfield”

    what they never seemed to mention, or even realize, is the fact that Gordon had not trouble doing this and in fact threw a fucking strike right to third.

    Bautista beat the throw simply because it was hit too deep.

  10. As far as Lind goes, I dont actually expect him to ever hit for a decent average..or even get on base at a 300 clip..but if he can keep hitting dingers at a decent pace, I guess its better than our alternatives right now.

  11. every other player than lind has to wait an eternity to move up in the batting order and he keeps getting fucked up every time it happens.and he doesnt want cleanup spot. so what do the jays do? why lets push him up of course.another reason to not like it, zaun does like it. horses arse. smarten up farrell

    • Except batting 5th is where he’s put up the best numbers (other than 9th but SSS)

      • If he’s relying on being in a special, magical batting order spot in order to succeed, it’s remarkable that he made it to the Majors.

  12. Rajai!

  13. Really a waste to have Rajai hitting 7th, either hit him 5th since he’s hitting better than the other options, or hit him 9th so he resets to the top of the order

  14. Hit it hard Cletus, JP’s clogging the bases.

  15. you’re a little ahead of that Jose

  16. letting him walk in the run wouldn’t have been a bad idea

  17. Jose? Guessing much that at bat?

    • That was an Ed Sprague strikeout. Jose doesn’t usually go for the low and away crap.

  18. Didn’t throw a strike that entire ab.

  19. So what is the deal with colby? He has great range and can make spectacular plays, however in the majors, a great outfielder catches/holds onto balls they get to.

    he does a great job getting to balls, but more than a small share clank off his glove once he gets there. I think its a concentration issue. If it hits in your glove, it should be caught, I dont care if you ran five miles for it.

    • He’s an excellent defensive centre fielder. That is the deal with Colby.

      • he has range for sure. he also drops balls that hit right in his glove. So I guess it depends on your idea of excellent. I reserve excellent for those who make the routine plays as well as the tough ones.

        I feel his defense around these parts is overrated. Errors dont tell you the whole or even a significant percentage of the defensive story, but outfielders should not be making ten errors a year.

        • If you listen to Ashby or Buck,there’s been a few errors that shouldn’t have been charged to him due to the new rules.
          But to me, Rasmus is the real deal.
          I didn’t think that last year.
          And he’s going to get better.

          • Rasmus went a long way to get to that ball, to me that’s not an error. The Davis play however should have been a 2 base error.

    • Stop that Stoeten.
      Cock block me before I can respond.
      I was going to say that.
      And no matter what anybody says I’ll NEVER be your butt-buddy,so get that outta your mind.

      • I love how the heat brings out the real you Radar, you beast. : o )

        • Sweatin like a stuck pig today.
          Think I’m pretty ripe by now
          In the a/c now, tryin to cool down the inside with some cider.

    • if you watch the replays of those clankers cletus dropped its because he was running with his feet landing hard ( not on the balls of his feet ) and it really shakes the face on impact which would affect his sight to the ball.causing him to be a little off and drop the ball. the one where he was laying on the turf was not realizing he had to attempt to pick the ball out. how many times i have seen a fielder get an out without reaching for the ball is alot i guess.should be a rule change to to a couple of seconds or judgement of control by ump

  20. Yunel’s got a cannon

  21. Oops. You get it. I got it.

  22. Funny play by the Royals. Good comedy.

  23. Where was that last time Linda?

  24. Nice double to the opposite field Adam.

  25. Yes Yescobar.

  26. 3 runs on 3 sac flies.

  27. The coolest runs are scored by sacrifice flies.

  28. And Johnson strikes out again!

  29. Damn i have good timing, just got back from the airort turned on the TV and see the Jays score twice.

  30. What pearls of wisdom will Zaun give us after the next half inning?

  31. Cant take it anymore. I’m out!!!!!

  32. lind keeps hitting like this and i will be permanently erect and need some magic pills like saltpeter from nurse karen

  33. So the Marlins acquired Carlos Lee.



  34. Farell told me he has the highest confidence in me and will use me in the highest leverage situations.

  35. 8th inning is my time, coco time

  36. Bautista’s average is climbing nicely of late.

  37. I’ve been told my BABIP is high which means it’s not my fault, I was just unlucky

  38. We stranded you at 1st base Jose, just so you know how that feels.

  39. @wilner Thanks for all your continued support. I will not disappoint you.

    • Wilner has a track record of defending players who are performing poorly.

      He seems to enjoy battling with the fans.

      How can you explain his support for Overbay in 2010, Jo Jo Reyes last year, Coco Cordero this year.

      • He didnt defend me. When I was DFA’d in early May, which is like crazy early, he defended JP and said it was time. So basically, management dictates his opinions, and im talking upper management..not the fucking manager.

  40. foul ball i think

  41. nope

  42. So tabler needs an update..he thinks the lansing starters are still piggybacking

  43. Is Smoral actually going to start in Lansing? Seems a bit aggressive for a guy drafted out of high school.

    • the only thing I can say to that is that most prospect evaluators saw him as a potential number 1 overall before his injury set him back… so, if he’s ready to pitch, he might as well be treated like the pitcher he is, not the slot he was drafted in.

  44. Is Wayne Brady going to have to slap a BITCH?

  45. Fuck you Toronto..Im on the lakers now BITCHES

  46. what the flying fuck are Buck and Pat talking about. Value for rental players is at an all time low cause of the new CBA rules and prospect fetishes. Think about how much more a Lee or Youklis would of gotten 5 years ago, remember Teixera to Atlanta?

    They are literally speaking the exact opposite of the truth. What the fuck?

    • Are you really trying to compare Youk and Lee now to Teix then?

      • i wasnt comparing per se, but the gulf in the haul between the two trades is way bigger then the gulf between a Lee or Youk.

        theres probably no player in baseball right now with only 1/2 – 1 year left left who would hau Salty, Feliz, Andrus, Harrison and Jones

  47. Way to go Villanueva. Nice outing.

  48. Los looks really good tonight. Keeping his breaking pitches up and showing excellent fastball control. Seems to be one of those dudes whose fastball gets on hitters faster than you would expect given the velocity.

  49. Looks like Fraser coming in

  50. JPA talking to Fraser – right thing to do

  51. Moustakas is really annoying me this series.

  52. It’s FrasOR, ugh.

  53. That’s little league dumb Rajai

  54. Silly Rajai.

  55. Oh Rajai, Oh you.

  56. If only the Jays had a good, young LF’er with good defense somewhere.

  57. Ok DJF’s does anybody know what time it is??

  58. Better score some runs.

  59. Herrera or Coleman? That is a mystery.

  60. I’m warming in the pen

  61. I’ve been told I throw gas

    • I think I will get very irate if Coco is brought into a game with a 2 run lead. This is too high leverage for him.

  62. Was just flipping between a few other games, is it just me or is Rogers Centre really fucking quiet?

    Turner Field sounds literally three times as noisy

  63. That can’t be good for the catcher…is it the same area of injury he suffered in the ST?

  64. Okay, you guys have used up your limit of sacrifice flies for this inning.

  65. Niiice.

  66. That’s a big two out hit.

  67. Everybody’s got a hit this game. AL Central love, yo!

  68. Lawrie came from the next province to field that.

  69. you’re a fucking moron Buck, that was going to be a routine play for Escobar

  70. ejaculating maple syrup

  71. What, three pitches, two outs? Seems like time gets compressed with Oliver and Jensen on mound.

  72. That was a bit scary.


  74. Just the threat of the Jays bringing in Coco kept the Royals from going to big right handed bats on the bench. The Jays fans who trash CoCo dont understand such complexities of baseball.

  75. My walk up song (cause I do everything different):

  76. would Lawrie try to steal? Not a bad situation to do so.

  77. Definitely NOT Chad-Jenkins-Time – facing Jacoby Ellsbury and Carl Crawford and the rest of the Portland Sea Dogs, Chadster gave up 13 hits and 6 ER in 6 innings. Geez, Jenks, the spot is sitting right there for you, bad timing for a poop the bed outing.

  78. Wooo!

  79. Real good.

  80. Good pitching and small ball.

  81. and there is the reason the jays are still in the race.the unheralded casey jansen

  82. By my math, we are 2 games out of WC

  83. Awesome win, I like the three in bullpen now offer stability in their roles for the later innings.

    • Thing is, to me, tonight’s 7th is the perfect spot for Cordero. An unclean inning, even a run allowed, doesn’t kill you. Frasor, Oliver, and Janssen should be kept for truly higher leverage spots. If Cordero is next or so in line, he should be in these moderately leveraged spots.

  84. Ok that was a solid win. The kind that makes you feel like, “Yes this team could get it done” I know its KC, but its a team they have beat this year 6 times now, and a team that they need to beat. Also its a team like KC that NY gets hot playing against and goes on their big winning streaks.. I was kinda sad to see Tampa loose today. Hoe Well GFG, I kinda hope the Jays can string the next 4 together just as nicely.

    • Can AA pull off a deal during the Allstar break? The priority long term is 2nd base. Short term pitcher. .

      • the priority is pitching , not 2nd base.they already have an alternative for 2nd

      • I can’t imagine AA being so myopic as to try and acquire a rental pitcher to try and rush us into the playoffs this year. If there a deal for a young, controllable stud, I’m sure he goes for it. But remember, we need 2-4 pitchers… not just one.

        What happens if we even made the playoff spot this year? Maybe Morrow wins the coin-flip game for us, but then what? Send out Cecil/Laffey? Romero?

      • No way, the priority is a starting pitcher. Short term and long.

        I’m happy with seeing Morrow, Romero, Alvarez, and Hutch in there next year, but I want someone else slotting in there at 1 or 2.

        The offense has been so good, I’m not too worried about 2B. Resign KJ if he’s the best option.

        • *Not at 1 or 2 – I meant to write 2 or 3.

          Yes, maybe think about bringing back Discuss or some such thing, guys?

          • Stoeten says he misses Disqus also.Supposedly they can’t switch.
            Interesting that the main Score pages use Disqus but the blogs use something else.Why not use Disqus throughout?

  85. fuck you steve nash for taking 8 million less and to go to play with a rapist in LA.ya its closer to your kids but its a plane trip away either way. fuckin suckin in the raptors fans so you could set the market. gretzky said go to canada to establish the nba there, not go to LA like gretzky did. maybe nash doesnt understand white english like undwalalwala motherfuckin jive boola booola gangsta rapp

    • Get that NBA crap outta here young fella! This here is for real men and the baseball……scoot along now while ya can.

    • Hit the bricks you racist fuck! This is not a place for basketball or fucking hockey dumb-dumb. Take that shit to the TSN boards fucker

      • whats racist about it fuckhead. are you telling me gangsters dont create their own language? and english was created by people of colour? pull your head out of your ass you dumbfuck. as for a pro sports comparison it is a perfect example. fuck are you stupid. nothin racist about it fuckeyes and i have a problem with a team with a rapist on it attracting a star fuck off with racist shit. i just create my own words. your id is stuped (stupid)

        • “undwalalwala motherfuckin jive boola booola gangsta rapp”. Reads pretty racist to me.

          Your post has nothing to do with baseball or the Jays, so it doesn’t belong here, period. Also, your grammar and writing is fucking awful and further proves what an uneducated, rednecked, racist you likely are. Use spaces in between your sentences. Use capital letters where applicable. And most importantly, keep fucking basketball talk off this board, especially when your points are expressed so ignorantly.

          “as for a pro sports comparison it is a perfect example”. I don’t even know what the fuck this means. Comparison to what? Your limited knowledge in baseball?

          FYI – Kobe was never convicted. The accuser showed up to the police station with MULTIPLE semen samples in her underwear and he settled to avoid a long drawn out court case. I’d wager a good amount of money the sex was consensual. Secondly, Nash didn’t lead on the Raptors at all. He was clear with his desires to play for a contender but also be paid what he’s worth. Hating on him for not choosing to come to a rebuilding team in the twilight of his career is moronic.

          You are dumber than bricks. Basketball talk over.

          Peace fucker.

          • blow me asshole. and keep your grammar check to yourself .as for you not understanding the sport comparison the raptors got gretzky to talk to nash. and i am a multi sports fan so i relate incidents from one to isnt my strongest knowledge wise because it is way more complex than the others and more decisions need to be made.probably the longest development time for players as well. and O.J. wasnt convicted either. a rapist is a rapist. and white gansters speak boola boola it is you implying colour into the sentence, you racist again stop with the racist shite.

          • Yeah, that jerk, taking less money to play in LA.

      • “baseball isnt my strongest knowledge wise because it is way more complex than the others”

        That made me laugh. I like the part where you called yourself stupid.

        • i think you need to read it again there champ. i didnt call myself stupid. and this is about me posting that i dont like a high profile canadian selling out to a team for a chance at a championship that has a rapist as a teammate. its sick

  86. question that needs an answer please. in the nhl there is more offense in the first half of the season than the last half trend and it is quite significant. in MLB is there more hitting per 9 innnings in the second half of the season because of pitcher injuries/ fatigue and expanded rosters full of shitballers? i would really like to know the answer because its been driving me nuts and when buck mentioned about lawrie and encarnacion reaching 300 at the break and to mirror it in the second half would be great i got it stuck in my head again. i know bautista had a slower hr average in the second half last year but i think it was because the pitchers couldnt find the strike zone and he was getting nothing to hit.this spring it was him popping the ball up to the infield. stoets or anyone have an answer?

    • You lost me at “in the nhl”

    • From spring training and the first part of the year,pitchers are always ahead of hitters in being season ready.In the offseason a pitcher can stregthen his arm but a batter nedds to face live pitching. You can only do so much off the tee and in the cages.
      It’s not just at the MLB level but even at you local baseball club level.

      • thx radar for the response. it doesnt take much to confuse canuckistani it seems. reading his other posts it looks like his mother dropped him a few times. mildly retarded but can write a little

      • Also with pitchers, there’s a reason they have innings limits.
        As you pitch, it tears small muscle fibers in your arm.
        It takes time for a body to repair and as the season goes on it takes it’s toll.
        I’m sure a kinesology guy or somebody who knows about muscle stuff can explain it better.
        I know I spelt kinesiolgy wrong. get off my back. I’m old and been drankin cider and to lazy to look up the right spelling.

      • So why do they have pitchers start spring training earlier if that were the case.

  87. OK RADAR thanks for the link!

  88. @ hay zeus

    - I still don’t get how Gretzky talking to Nash has anything to do with the Jays, tonight’s game or baseball in general.
    - “A rapist is a rapist” – to that I counter with the classic “innocent until proven guilty”. And OJ was found guilty in the civil case following his trial, so don’t throw that shit at me. Read a fucking book, dicktree.
    - I’m not even going to touch your “boola boola, white gangster” shit or whatever that means, but you sound like the kind of people we need to keep away from computers and social situations – for the betterment of society.

    It’s a shame your intellect was restricted to that of a classroom’s pet hamster. A real shame…

    • fuck off stupe. you think you control the net. and then use the WE need to police you. just because you cant comprehend what i wrote doesnt mean you should respond to it. as for my intellect shithead my IQ is above 125 , i have a U.S. patent and i am a multi tradesman. i am retired since 40 and a selfmade millionaire. and i am not a racist no matter how many times you say it. so fuck off and learn english

      • Well, that settles it!

        As I’m sure everyone knows, smart people regularly demonstrate their intellectual prowess by letting others know their IQ scores and how much money they have. So consider yourselves PWNED!

        But what the hell is “a multi tradesman?” Sounds intriguing, and I’m looking for a line of work I can retire from at 40.

      • Yes, it is quite clear that I am the one who needs to learn English.

        Thanks for the lesson, Mr. 125.

    • You could counter with “innocent until proven guilty” to which I would counter “settled the civil suit and apologized for ‘any wrongdoings.’” Not defending the comment above, but Kobe totally raped that girl…

  89. Meh Sam Dyson gets called up. Supposedly a big fastball but his numbers from the minors are kind of underwhelming. Guess the team is not big on Chad Beck after all. Hopefully they see something the numbers don’t show.

    • well let’s see. 0.75 era, 1.12 whip, but very glaring low k/9 of just 3.0

      that would be very concerning for me. why not just go with chad beck who was the only rookie who actually pitched well while he was up here. and now you have to put dyson on the 40 man to boot. makes no sense.

    • I think what’s more telling is that players who are being called up are not really major prospects. They’re just arms to fill a few innings because of the injuries and general arm shittiness epidemic running around this club. It doesn’t mean the team doesn’t care for them if a player is being left in the minors right now. It’s possible it means the opposite.

  90. You throw the ball, you catch the ball, you hit the ball. Sometimes you win,
    sometimes you lose, sometimes it rains.”

  91. That’s a great article on long toss. How hard is it to do a study and see how many long tossers get injured? How much you wanna bet the jays don’t do long toss?

    • most teams in baseball don’t use long toss… in fact many teams avoid long tossers-it’s considered to be one of the reasons bauer slipped as far as he did in the draft. Org philosophies differ greatly on its utility in terms of the long term building up of arms strength.
      And no, the jays don’t use focused long toss as a tool. Not that that has anything to do with the question you’re begging there.

      • really and you know this how? the jays like most teams make a blind assumption that babying arms prevents injuries which in fact is false. it seems like the jays don’t even want to know the answer on long toss because it conflicts with their belief system. but why would you expect anything different. we’re still in the age where closers are only used in save situations. it’s much easier to be ignorant than be right.

        • And how do you know the Jays and the vast majority of mlb teams and their legions of medical professionals are making blind assumptions regarding long toss? Opposed to all those teams just feeling there is not yet enough evidence to support long toss

          • I’m basing my statements on several articles that came out around when Bauer was wowing everyone with his warmups in spring training, which qutoed several unnamed team sources, as well as the ESPN Baseball Today podcasts from around that time, and the BP Up and In podcast guys discussing it in a couple of articles, specifically in regard to the Pirates not taking Bauer, as they are one of “a number of teams who avoid long toss pitchers”, a response to an email question asking why more teams aren’t using it. The comment about the Jays not using it is a common sense extrapolated judgment based on the fact that none of their prospects seem to be using it, thus they haven’t adopted it as an organizational philosophy.

        • as to the “babying arms prevents injuries which is in fact false” comment, there is ample evidence that shows that rapidly increasing innings pitched and pitch-counts can be overly taxing on young arms, even if this is not quite the inefficiency that Tom Verducci claims it to be. The point that I would make is that, given that young, quality pitching prospects represent an extremely valuable asset to any major league organization, doesn’t it make sense to be as careful with them as possible? Plus each situation is different in the extreme: a college pitcher who makes it to the College World Series and has pitched in a southern state will have many more innings and reps on their arms than a high school prospect from a Northern state, where the season is necessarily shorter and their appearances are far more likely to be weather shortened, thus making it necessary to spend developmental time lengthening their stamina via a more incremental development program.

    • It’s sorta like the debate of pitch counts.
      Are you protecting the pitcher from wearing out his arm or are you babying the arm to the point where it becomes more fragile and less durable?
      There’s different muscles used in long toss but you’re still strengthening the arm and shoulder.
      The more you learn, the more this game fucks with your head.
      Look at me, I’m certifiably nuts.( Fuck off Stoeten)
      Now I’m hearing voices.

    • Long toss is at the very forefront of injury prevention. There might be one, maybe two teams in the majors doing it right now.

      Hard to fault the Jays for wanting more evidence more before adopting it.

      • @ Rob
        In the article,Alan Jaegar, claims that up to 15 teams may be allowing long toss up from a handful of teams 4 years ago.I know of a couple of guys from D1 schools who use it regularly.
        If you get a chance to watch it up close, it’s pretty impressive.kinda cool.

        • Are we sure the Jays don’t use it? I was in Miami for the series with the Marlins several weeks ago and I was there before one of the games when the Jays were going through stretching/throwing exercises. I saw Henderson Alvarez long-tossing with Pete Walker with my own eyes. They started 90 feet away from each other and Hendo kept moving back about 30 feet at a time until he was at the left-field line and Walker was at the right-field line. Alvarez was the only one long tossing.

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