Henderson Alvarez gets the call tonight for the Jays, and he’ll be looking to build on the strong-ish start he had the last time he went, way back in June, against the Angels.

Don’t let my “ish” take too much away from what was an impressive showing for the young Venezuelan, coming back to pitch his scheduled start after leaving a game at Fenway in Boston the previous week due to an elbow injury. It was nice to see him go and to have a final line that looked so tidy, as he held the Angels to just one earned run on seven hits. It’s just… as much as it’s the real screamingly obvious knock on him, he sure could use striking a few more guys out.

Alvarez is 100th of 101 qualified pitchers in terms of swinging strike rate, and while you can get by missing bats at the rates of Kevin Correia, Joe Saunders, Lucas Harrell and the anthropomorphic husks that used to be Bartolo Colon, Derek Lowe, Ubaldo Jimenez, Barry Zito and Randy Wolf, it’s… um… it’s not really the way to go.

On the mound for the other side tonight is Luke Hochevar, whose presence should make for an interesting contrast between where the Jays hitters are at now, and when the struggling group made their way to the Paris of the Plains on 4/20 and were shut out over five innings by this same foe. Hochevar gave up just two hits, one earned run, and two walks, striking out five, in that encounter. I suspect he’s not going to have the same kind of luck this time around– though he did throw a complete game shutout two starts ago against Tampa.

2012, what a year!


SCUTTLEBUTT FORTHCOMING! (Unless… yknow, it isn’t.)

OK, except we do have a little bit of scuttlbutt here, as, for your between-inning viewing pleasure, here’s today’s episode of Getting Blanked, with special guest, Mr. @devil_fingers himself, Matt Klaassen of FanGraphs!

TV: Sportsnet

And now the lineups, by way of the live box score at theScore.com. And for those of you who’ll be out and about, be sure to follow all the action on your phone with Score Mobile

Toronto Blue Jays

B. Lawrie 3B
C. Rasmus CF
J. Bautista RF
E. Encarnacion 1B
A. Lind DH
Y. Escobar SS
R. Davis LF
K. Johnson 2B
J. Arencibia C

H. Alvarez RHP

Kansas City Royals

A. Gordon LF
A. Escobar SS
E. Hosmer 1B
B. Butler DH
Y. Betancourt 2B
M. Moustakas 3B
J. Francoeur RF
S. Perez C
J. Dyson CF

L. Hochevar RHP


Image via Jim Rogash/Getty.

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  1. Its game day and Jays take this series 3-1

  2. Ugh. Hochevar. Another bad pitcher who seems to always shut the Jays down.

  3. Lawrie cycles tonight

  4. http://espn.go.com/espnradio/play?id=8131509

    Good bit by Keith Law at around 22 minutes regarding what teams can expect to get back for rental players this year. It might dampen the expectations for those thinking any of the Jays impending free agents are going to bring back a king’s ransom.

  5. I love the idea of selling to Cleveland, a team that is half a game ahead of the Jays- idiot writers.

  6. I think Hendu already has more swinging strikes than most of his entire starts.

  7. Look at these swinging strikes. Alvarez gets 20 K’s tonight!!1!!

  8. Who is this pitcher and what has he done with Henderson Alvarez?

    • He’s looking like the guy from the start of the season. I wonder if the elbow thing forced him to dial back a bit mentally or physically which is usually better for sinker ball pitchers.

  9. Nothing like a 12 pitch 1-2-3 inning. And especially for a guy like Alvarez who as struggled mightily in the first inning this year.

  10. Colby’s double sounded like a gunshot.

  11. Looking forward to a possible Dyson v Dyson matchup during this game. Enticing!

  12. Alvarez with a no-hitter in the top of the 3rd.

  13. How is that not a strikeout?

  14. Yeah…. Alvarez clearly struck out Dyson looking there.

  15. KJ—turning double plays into doubles since 2012

  16. Fucking brutal, should have been a strikeout. He has been robbed on that same pitch twice now.

  17. Never seen a team that when they get screwed on a ball / strike, the guy guaranteed gets a hit EVERY time

  18. Tabby agrees with the ump? Shocker!

  19. Should have been a strikeout and KJ should have gotten to that grounder if he hadn’t been playing like an old man lately. That said, Alvarez still has to get some outs. He looked great in the first two innings. Now — not so much.

  20. And the wheels come off

  21. If calls even out in the end – the Blue Jays might go undefeated in 2013 or 2014. We are owed a lot of make-up calls

  22. Christ Lawrie, have to learn when to eat it


  24. Game over. Thanks ump. You fucking worthless piece of shit.

  25. Well, there really is NO excuse for not putting atleast 6 runs on the board against Hochevar

  26. Fuck, can we get a single out? Am I being greedy?

  27. Is it because i bought an A’s hat today that the baseball gods are doing this to henderson?

  28. Alvarez needs to do something with his delivery to create some deception, his offspeed pitches are ridiculously telegraphed

  29. Henderson shows no emotion.. I like how he is handling this at least.. no blow up at the ump or Lawrie..

  30. Sweet merciful Jesus.

  31. Alvarez’s pitches have been breaking too early it seems. What an unbelievable inning given the first 7 batters put away with ease.

    • Alvarez belongs in the bullpen long-term.

      • if by “bullpen” you mean, National League, you are correct

        • We complain about not having that “flamethrower” in the bullpen. Alvarez usually does pretty well for the first few innings/first time through the line-up. I could see him having a lot more success in the ‘pen.

          We’ll see how Dyson fares, as it seems they have similar skillsets.

  32. I hope he doesn’t come out for the 4th, but I’m sure Farrell will run him out there.

  33. Broke my glasses.


  34. Come on JP, show these Royals how to strike out.

  35. We need one starting pitcher, well maybe two, at max 3. you know what, 4 is probably all we need. screw this we need 5!!

  36. that’s 2 back….

  37. Damn, he got all of that one.

  38. Way to not clog those bases, JP.

  39. Gotta like that response! Lets see what the top of the order can pile on now.

  40. Every once in awhile, JP does a little more than just survive.

  41. Are we sure that wasn’t foul? Or maybe someone called time before the pitch?

  42. *slow clap*

  43. JP picked a good time for his biweekly hit … or a bad time, depending on whether or not you think it’s in any way realistic we can come back.

  44. Jays always seem to score immediately after giving up a big inning.

  45. Chavez warmin’ up lol@that where is me liquor

  46. Yes luke, put people on base. Yesss….

  47. Alvarez going for the soccer stop on perez’s ground ball… I don’t think hes happy about all these GB hits.

  48. Alvarez got ass raped by the ump last inning..

  49. They show that pirate ship every day.

  50. I think Alvarez moved away from the off speed and relied almost exclusively on fastballs. He could achieve like first two innings if he keeps working on that slider.

  51. love when yunel does that, it just lookjs so right on him.

  52. ah jeezz

  53. Is it just me, or does it look like the video guys don’t pay much attention to the game??

  54. Nothin’ to see here, Hochevar.

  55. Wish we could get some runs against this Ace Hochevar.

  56. Dave Perkins is a shitty official scorer.

  57. enter tiny tim

  58. Four fucking hits. Lawl.

  59. Lind = shit

  60. ‘Lacklustre’ Lind

  61. Linda

  62. All the oxygen got sucked out of this puppy when it imploded in the 3rd. All the King’s horses and all the King’s men…

  63. Yup, my fault. Im the one responsible for the reports of Dyson’s mid to high 90′s fastball.

  64. Dyson is nervous

  65. Get over the jitters and use your stuff

  66. Dyson can head on back to New Hampshire now.

  67. With a name like Dydon you figure he’s gotta be a great fielder

  68. Anyone want to help JP out tonight?

  69. JPA is back!

  70. nice to see jp hitting

  71. JP hits 2 homers? Christmas.

  72. COCO TIME!

    • Coco time indeed. Bad things happen when Coco is on the mound.

      He’s given up 2 hits already. The second one isn’t his fault due to the collision between KJ & Escobar, but I think Coco brings bad karma.

  73. Coco beware!!!!

  74. Good to know a two-run game in the 8th inning is not considered a high-leverage situation.

  75. should i turn the game off? debating….

    • At this point I’m following on Gameday while keeping my eyes mostly covered. Jesus, how is this guy still being trotted out there?

  76. This powerhouse Royals offense is running a train on us.

  77. yeah i think it’s going off

  78. Cordero sure loves throwing that flat slider down the middle.

  79. It’s fuckin’ Coco-liscious! DFAThis clown, FUCK!

    • I can’t wait for Wilner & Stoeten to defend Coco being used in this situation.

      Coco has given up 3 hits…

      Does Farrell feel sorry for the Royals?

      I just laugh when Coco is in the game in high leverage situations.

  80. Lol ummm wow u go coco u go

  81. Oh Good…Coco is about to break the game wide open.

  82. How many times do we have to watch this same rerun over and over.

    • ?

    • Wilner said last night that he couldn’t think of any managerial mistakes made by Farell this year.

      He completely forgot about his use of Coco.

      Wilner said he was generous with Farll last year because farrell was a rookie manager.

      Coco gives up another hit & his first run of the evening…

      I hate Coco Puffs

  83. Just thinking of Lawrie playing catcher makes me laugh.

  84. Yet another appearance to strike from Coco’s record. He’s great in games where he pitches well.

    • By my count that is about 2 appearances, maybe 3 this year?

      • Cordero is a quality MLB reliever. The fans key in on his poor performances, which simply isn’t fair.

        • Exactly, we key in on every appearance accept 2-3 times. haha
          He sure is showing he is quality laziness tonight as well.

    • That’s Wilner’s line. In games where Coco has not allowed any hits, runs or walks he’s been fantastc. he’s also great on Tuesdays.

      I would like to see someone in the Toronto sports media ask Farrell why he keeps putting Coco in high leverage situations.This is ridiculous.

      Coco now late getting to 1B & another 2 runs score….

      Can’t wait for Wilner’s show & a few blasts from Stoeten to defend Coco.

  85. Time for Wilner to jerk off and defend CoCo’s role on the team

    • His role is to make the David Pauley’s of the world feel great about themselves.

    • I don’t know if your simple mind can comprehend this but Cordero was the Jays best reliever between May 31 and 9:25 PM of June 18. In night games where temperatures ranged between 18-22 degrees.

      • And now that te game is out of reach, here comes Farrel…

        Coco being booed off the field…

        I saw this live on Sunday. Glad I didn’t waste money seeing this game live.

  86. This was definitely worth that 4.5mill or whatever we’re paying this fat fuck.

    Why is he being used in any sort of high leverage situation? WHAT THE FUCK FARRELL?

    DFA Coco. Cancel Farrell’s contract and get Dave Martinez in here.

    • It’s absolutely true. The Rogers apologists go wild if AA dares spend 4.5 million on a starter but FAP to getting a veteran closer like Cordero.

      Last year we dealt with Francisco & rauch. The previous year was Kevin Gregg.

      At least Gregg came through more often than not.

      Coco is a laughinstock. Yes he will be better when the Jays are 10 games out.

  87. Christ there ya go. Seems like every year we sign a different totally talentless loser and trundle him out to lose us the game. Here’s the deal, Alex. The offense can only do so much…

  88. Chad Beck, please.

  89. Hey idiots why dont you fucking relax Cordero has actually been really good lately. Didnt you see Francisco turn it around last year? Same thing will definitely happen to Cordero…its practically the same thing.

    • I love it when players turn it around when it’s meaningless. Our second half will be meaningless b/c we lose games like this.

      • Very true. What fans don’t understand is that Rogers will only open their wallets if the Jays are in contention at the all star break. AA & Beeston will be able to make a case that they need to be in “buy” mode.

        Coco is singlehandedly ensuring that the Jays are significantly enough behind other teams that it becomes a “wait” til next year.


  91. wow. just wow.

  92. We can’t get a pick for Cordero, why stick with him????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

  93. Cordero is laughable.

  94. Well John, another high leverage situation put to bed.

  95. AHAHAHAHAHA oh man…. That fat piece of shit couldn’t get over to cover first. This is great. AA please take this guy out of Farrell’s fucking hands.

    Glad the fans are booing this garbage. He sucks shit. Get him off this team.

  96. Hey guys, gotta keep running Coco up. Showcasing him for that big ole trade at the deadline amirite?

  97. Coco, you fat fuck, get over to first. Seriously, haven’t we been subjected to enough of this guy?

  98. Honestly. Just DFA this ass. Can we finally do the right thing?

  99. Thats fine Coco…take your time getting over there, not a big deal or anything its just 2 runs. Im pretty much done with this fucking guy anyone else??

  100. This lard ass has cost us several games single handedly. What a joke.

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