Henderson Alvarez gets the call tonight for the Jays, and he’ll be looking to build on the strong-ish start he had the last time he went, way back in June, against the Angels.

Don’t let my “ish” take too much away from what was an impressive showing for the young Venezuelan, coming back to pitch his scheduled start after leaving a game at Fenway in Boston the previous week due to an elbow injury. It was nice to see him go and to have a final line that looked so tidy, as he held the Angels to just one earned run on seven hits. It’s just… as much as it’s the real screamingly obvious knock on him, he sure could use striking a few more guys out.

Alvarez is 100th of 101 qualified pitchers in terms of swinging strike rate, and while you can get by missing bats at the rates of Kevin Correia, Joe Saunders, Lucas Harrell and the anthropomorphic husks that used to be Bartolo Colon, Derek Lowe, Ubaldo Jimenez, Barry Zito and Randy Wolf, it’s… um… it’s not really the way to go.

On the mound for the other side tonight is Luke Hochevar, whose presence should make for an interesting contrast between where the Jays hitters are at now, and when the struggling group made their way to the Paris of the Plains on 4/20 and were shut out over five innings by this same foe. Hochevar gave up just two hits, one earned run, and two walks, striking out five, in that encounter. I suspect he’s not going to have the same kind of luck this time around– though he did throw a complete game shutout two starts ago against Tampa.

2012, what a year!


SCUTTLEBUTT FORTHCOMING! (Unless… yknow, it isn’t.)

OK, except we do have a little bit of scuttlbutt here, as, for your between-inning viewing pleasure, here’s today’s episode of Getting Blanked, with special guest, Mr. @devil_fingers himself, Matt Klaassen of FanGraphs!

TV: Sportsnet

And now the lineups, by way of the live box score at theScore.com. And for those of you who’ll be out and about, be sure to follow all the action on your phone with Score Mobile

Toronto Blue Jays

B. Lawrie 3B
C. Rasmus CF
J. Bautista RF
E. Encarnacion 1B
A. Lind DH
Y. Escobar SS
R. Davis LF
K. Johnson 2B
J. Arencibia C

H. Alvarez RHP

Kansas City Royals

A. Gordon LF
A. Escobar SS
E. Hosmer 1B
B. Butler DH
Y. Betancourt 2B
M. Moustakas 3B
J. Francoeur RF
S. Perez C
J. Dyson CF

L. Hochevar RHP


Image via Jim Rogash/Getty.

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  1. How many times do we have to hear that we’re overreacting? Just DFA this fat bastard! I don’t want to see him out there again.

    • -5 WAR from baseball reference, and in almost half as many appearances as he made all of last year he’s already allowed the same amount of earned runs. He’s been just as bad as Iragashi, Crawford and Pauley yet because he’s making 4.5 million he gets endless string. It’s a fucking joke. If he was 20 years younger his fat fucking ass would have been DFA’d months ago.

      • Sorry, its actually -0.8, -5 is his RAR. My bad. Still fucking terrible though considering the season is half over and he leads the pen in innings pitched.

  2. I don’t know if there are curse words powerful enough to express what I just witnessed on tv. I am going to bed…and hopefully the Jays go ape shit crazy in the 8th or 9th.

    • How many losses are we just going to concede under the guise of “oh well, we’re not competing this year anyway”?

      • 5 single handedly from that fat fucking asshole so far this year based on his WAR. -5. disgraceful.

  3. Jesuschristo, when you have your own kids, you aren’t usually called ‘son’.

  4. Maybe some NL team would be willing to take on Quint-A Cordero.

  5. i farted and the fan blew it up my face. it was more enjoyable than watching coco blow

  6. Delete your posts guys. Stoeten doesn’t want to read any angry words on this blog unless they’re his own about how stupid his readers are.

    Hope Wilner’s got a bottle ready. Guy is in for a long night on Jays Talk.

    • Funny but true. I expect a firm tongue lashing from Stoeten. To his credit though , even Stoeten has admitted he can’t defend using him in high leverage situations.

  7. lol love the spike in the number of comments whenever coco comes on to pitch. At least 60 since he came on.

  8. Francisco also had some injury issues in the spring and came along slowly. This is not the case for Cordero.

  9. Gee now if only Cordero hadn’t been Cordero…

  10. Whip approaching 2, era of 6.

    And he’s pitched 30+ medium-high leverage innings for this team? Maybe we should invest some of that rogers cash into headhunting from the TB front office.

    The failure to put together a respectable pen is going to be a mark alongside the Franky-Naps trade if AA doesn’t rectify this soon. I didn’t think they would be this bad, but AA needs to get something done.

    • You bring up a good point. The Jays have been spending a lot of money relative to total pitching payroll on bullpen arms. The money is being wasted.

      More importantly, Farrell seems to be clueless about continuing to use Coco in these situations at home to enrage Blue Jays Fans.

  11. That was close.

    • yet another retarded decision from the coach to send a runner. That run doesnt mean a thing, but that out does.

  12. Safe by a whisker down by 5 runs…Yikes. At least we are within 1 now! Refuse to acknowledge that Coco actually pitched last inning.

  13. Tampa loses again.

  14. hey, well, on the positive: Marisnick had a good AA debut tonight.

  15. Haha, Francisco triple.

  16. and there is the coco difference

  17. Seriously, this is making Co-Co’s appearance even worse.

  18. Mr. coco should go to the all star extravaganza as the batting practice pitcher for Jose, just tell him to try and strike out Joey Bats and Jose will win no problem! Probably could hit 100 HR off him if Jose’s arms didn’t get too tired

  19. Well this game would have been a win without Coco. Great.

  20. The Francisco’s are having a big impact in this 8th inning.

  21. Building a Coco Voodoo doll guys…any special injury requests?

  22. great job rook!

  23. Carpenter was a tad too level on the level.

  24. Fuck this guy! Bring back Coco! At least he kept it in the yard.

  25. Always the balls!

  26. What I love about the Coco defenders is that they’ll ignore his numbers and especially the blow outs and will tell you (rightly so) he was great for a month. Then in the same breath they will shit all over Kyle Drabek who was also great for a month and pitched very well in 9 of his 14 starts. Yet because of the bad starts his numbers overall are pretty ugly.

    It certainly is an interesting line where you look at everything and say even though the overall numbers are bad, the results on the whole have been pretty good. Where management sees that line is probably the most interesting thing of all, I certainly don’t know where that point is. I know it’s going to be different with a reliever and starter but how many games does it take for a pitcher to totally ruin before he’s relegated to a mop up role of some kind?

    For a guy who’s worried about the usage of his pen, having extra guys come into the game doesn’t make a lot of sense. Surely Dyson could have gone more than a third of an inning? The last time he pitched was 4 days ago.

  27. i farted again….i moved the fan for a crosswind and it still went in my nose. the jays a stinkin out the joint too

  28. Hopefully AA is enjoying his third burger while dreaming about a 16yr old Venezuelan kid’s potential while the rotation and BP he constructed absolutely falls to shit.

    Take your time with Santos. Take your time with Morrow. Don’t rush Stroman. Put Cordero and Lind in situations that hopefully maximize their value. Don’t look at the standings. It’s not like you’re getting huge production out of your superstar and your long term pet project is finally having his career year. It’s not like the other teams around you vying for the playoffs are refusing to take it by the balls. Relax.

    The on field baseball product is an inconvenience that just gets in the way of the long term rebuild. You know, that distant future where we’re competitive the RIGHT WAY instead of now, the WRONG way.


  29. Colby!

  30. Just got back, looks like I missed CoCo Time, how was it?

  31. Could have something going here.

  32. Jose is in line for ‘the worst’ for the second game in a row in tonight’s Post Game Graph.

    • Jose is back to playing like shit. And I’m sure the home-run derby will screw up his swing, and we get to wait for almost a complete season for him to get it back.

      • I really hope youre joking about him playing like shit, if not that was the stupidest thing I have read all year.

      • He is hitting .282 the last 10 games including tonight with 3 HR’s and roughly a .900 ops.

        • He also just hit 14 home runs in a single month with an OPS over 1100, I think anytime you win player of the month you are doing just fine…INFACT you are probably better than the other 300 guys playing in the AL as well…just a thought.

    • Personally, I meant no disrespect. Just sayin’.

  33. Good news, CoCo’s best friend, lefthand pitcher Chunky Argwayo, was just signed by AA to a AAA contract. Chunky is expected to give Moyer a run for his money as the next call up for a pen position.

  34. It’s like this team is going through growing pains but no one is a rookie anymore.

  35. Oh well on to Chicago we go against a team that’s been on fire of late. Good luck Jays pitchers lol

  36. That’s some bullshit Coco in another high leverage situation what the fuck is wrong with Farrell how many times does he have to be burned by that fat fuck piece of fucking shit sack. Hope that fat fuck chokes while he’s eating tonight

  37. “An uncharateristic veteran mistake by Francisco Cordero not covering the bag”- Jamie Campbell. I dIdnt see anything out of character that whole inning Mr.Ginger.

  38. I say sell at the deadline and have Rogers open its wallets in the offseason and come back stacked for 2013 with all guns blazing.

    • Yeah right. Rogers isn’t opening fuck-all.

      We’re working under payroll parameters here people. Payroll parameters.

    • Yup…there’s a few guys who require immediate attention. I like Francisco and Davis as trade chips. Keep EE and maybe trade KJ except his value isnt as high as it should be right now. As for JPA, I think he could probably bring a huge return and they could extend Mathis and bring up D’Arnaud when he’s healthy.

    • Also, it’s not a great time but some team with WS aspirations would probably be willing to deal for Oliver.

  39. Really, the Jays have to consider themselves lucky overall. They’ve got a AAA pitching staff with one guy AA and one who should be DFA’d. By rights they should be 5 games under .500. Lawrie and Bautista were out to lunch tonight and the ump was fucking horrible..

    • They’re holding it together, for sure.

      But we have thrown away multiple fucking games this year, and there is no excuse for that.

    • Actually if you think about how bad the pen has been in general for the year so far this team could be more than a few games over .500. You have to go back to 2004 before you get a pen that performed worse. Obviously some of that has a lot to do with the injuries to the starters but as we’ve seen tonight there’s been an awful lot of bad performances as well. Kind of unfortunate they haven’t been able to bring up a guy from the minors this year who could really turn things around. We still might see that later in with guys like Stroman or Stilson but it will probably be too late.

      Overall when you factor in the all the injuries this team has outperformed what I expected of them. My mantra has been .500 with upside all along and I think without those injuries we definitely would have been in upside territory this first half.

  40. I see no problem with paying CoCo 4.5 million. Good investment.

  41. Moyer officially released!

    • Fear the shit baller no more loyal DJFer’s!! Or don’t fear this one at least.

    • Thank God, was not looking forward to watcing a 50 year old sling his 78 MPH fastball around the strike zone in the AL East. Now.. if only you know you gets the axe as well.. (HInt…its Coco)

  42. what a dumn fuck wilner is. first he says he isn’t defending coco then he says “if you take away his 2 bad outings his era is only 2 blah blah blah” what a joke

    what other reliever keeps getting sent out there with a whip of 1.8?????

    • You cant just pick and choose with stats especially in a single year I fucking hate that. Take away his 2 or 3 of his solid outings in June and his numbers are even worse, his stats are what they are.. and thats that.

  43. Listen, I had to spend my money someplace. CoCo looked a good bet. Every signing has risk.

    • Maybe you should have spent it on some of those Miami Go-Go Dancers for the Windows restaurant instead.

  44. What the fat fuck?

  45. It’s not that hard of a concept. Coco was more than adequate for basically a 2-month period in May and June, and in some instances admirable, and was not deserving of the scorn he was receiving then. He has undoubtedly been a trainwreck since then, as well as in April. This isn’t about defending Coco when he’s very clearly shitting the bed now. The issue is that there have been many a idiot commenter here that has been ripping Coco over the past two months when he did not deserve to be ripped.

  46. Wish AA would have read this article before signing Coco:


  47. Shi Davidi is tweeting that CoCo will pitch to Bautista in the home run derby

  48. why do they still let that ^ #%*#^*$^%)$^)*#%^(%(#% pitch!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! corderos got to go!!!!!

  49. typical wilner doublspeak

    wilner: if you’re going to debate me come at me with facts

    caller: ok mike here are the facts…

    wilner: I don’t want to go throw all the stats

  50. You know, all I can say about the Coco thing is this: last year we had to suffer through Octavio Dotel AND John Rauch. It was tough to watch on many, many nights. Many of us were calling for us to DFA both of them. But Rauch got us a sandwich pick that we’re now pretty happy with, and Dotel helped us get Colby Rasmus (who we’re also quite happy with.) I’m not saying Coco is going to get us anything, especially with the new CBA. But I also can’t say that AA won’t be able to squeeze some kind of long-term value out of him. I wouldn’t have thought that Dotel could be of any use at all. But he was. AA believed in Encarnacion when everyone thought we should DFA the guy. People couldn’t understand, on this very comment board, why Bautista was being given regular at bats. I remember one commentor saying that Bautista had the worst swing he’d ever seen. Basically, what I’m saying is that AA and his team are pretty good at what they do, and know more about things than we do. That doesn’t mean we cant be critical of his moves sometimes. But we also have to acknowledge that he’s pretty fucking good at his job and knows a lot more about what constitutes an “asset” than we do.

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