Now it’s time for all the stuff I don’t figure on making full posts out of, with the spiffy graphic by Matt English (aka @mattomic). It’s your Afternoon Snack… er… Afternoon Hangover… er… links!!!

Kevin Gray of Gray Matter and the Manchester Union Leader tweets that Jake Marisnick has taken Sam Dyson’s roster spot on the Double-A Fisher Cats. A subsequent tweet shows that he’ll be leading off tonight.

At Gray Matter itself, Gray has a clip up of his chat with Dyson from after the news broke. Meanwhile Jays Prospects gives us some lowdown on Dyson, and… a picture of Henderson Alvarez? Not sure what that’s about, unless it’s some kind of comment on the youngsters’ K-rates.

John Lott of the National Post has even more on the Jays’ latest call-up.

Mike Wilner tweets a comment from John Farrell about how Sam Dyson may have the best stuff in the Jays organization. Great! But didn’t we hear this kind of stuff about Evan Crawford once?

MLBTR passes along a clip from a SiriusXM interview in which Alex Anthopoulos, again, stated his intention to buy this month. talks to Jays prospects Asher Wojciechowski, who really started to take off in June, and is having success in his season year at Dunedin. New Hampshire will be calling soon, I suspect.

“The Blue Jays’ intention is to get to the All-Star break and then make an honest assessment of their chances — which are not good,” writes Buster Olney in his latest for (Insider Olney). “Toronto is 7½ games out of first place, with major injury problems in the rotation — problems that have placed significant stress on the bullpen the past few weeks. Some rival officials believe the Jays are likely to be sellers before the deadline, and in a summer in which few good hitters are available, Edwin Encarnacion could be attractive to Cleveland, et al.”

In a notebook post for, Chris Toman writes about Casey Janssen’s success as the Jays’ closer, the rejuvenation of Adam Lind, and Marcus Stoman’s travels.

Jason Collette of Baseball Prospectus reminds us that the contract that Bobby Jenks signed with the Red Sox wasn’t the worst $12-million deal ever. That honour would go to the Tampa Bay Rays for their signing of Juan Guzman. Yes, Juan Guzman.

Not quite Jays-related, but Trey Kirby of The Basketball Jones gives us some reasons why someone like Steve Nash, who despite being Canadian has spent the bulk of his adult life in the United States, may not have wanted to play for the Toronto Raptors. Hilarious.

Lastly, in case you missed it yesterday, I spilled about 5,000 words on a long-ish term position-by-position outlook for the Jays. Read it.

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  1. Good to see Jake on the move! Should be interesting to see the other promotions over the next few weeks.

  2. Nice news on Marisnick. I can’t help but wonder, given the Dyson promotion after 40 total minor league innings and the rapid promotion of Alvarez and Hutchison last year, how far away is John Stilson?

  3. How does a guy who has 8 strikeouts, against 8 walks have the best stuff in the organization???

    • Well, pure stuff, like tools, doesn’t necessarily translate into stats. It’s more of an aesthetic thing, I think. Like that is a nice lookin’ curveball. I dunno. Results, which form stats, probably have as much to do with location as with their pure stuffishness.

    • He’s another Alvarez?

      • Well, he’ll be pitching out of the bullpen. So, that’s kind of a big difference right there. He won’t be expected to go through a lineup more than once.

    • If he is an extreme ground baller he might be a great situational guy if he comes in with men on and you need a DP. Guys like Frasor are more of fly ball pitchers.

  4. (But I’m talking out my ass.)

  5. Biggest reason not to trade EE: You’re trading him to your competition, either way. He’s primarily a DH, so he’d probably stay in the AL, regardless of if it’s through trade or free agency. Why let him go to a team like Cleveland or Tampa etc, just to compete against you? Extend the guy, now.

  6. You misspelled Kerbys name

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