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A variety of prospect stuff has come across my desk (read: computer screen) over the last couple of days, and what kind of dickhole would I be if I didn’t share it?

Sam Dyson: Trade Bait?

According to a tweet from Kevin Gray of the New Hampshire Union Leader, Jays roving pitching instructor Dane Johnson, “The arm speaks for itself,” when it comes to the Jays newest call-up, Sam Dyson. “He gets late action in the strike zone, and you don’t see many good swings on him.”

Indeed, Dyson even managed a strikeout in his Major League debut last night, something he was able to accomplish only 8 times in 24 innings at Double-A. But still, some of the out-of-nowhere praise from within the organization for the first-year pro has made more than a few fans wonder if we’re seeing a repeat of the Nestor Molina situation.

Molina, of course, was the subject of effusive praise last winter… right up until the time he was traded to Chicago for Sergio Santos. Shi Davidi gets his wondering on over at Sportsnet, after hearing John Farrell tell reporters that “All reports by development staff are that he’s ready to help at the major-league level,” and that Dyson has “Power stuff, maybe the best overall stuff in our organization.”

“Given that the July 31 trade deadline is fast approaching and GM Alex Anthopoulos told sportsnet.ca earlier this week that he was looking to add and not subtract,” Davidi writes, “Farrell’s words may very well have been intended for consumption in other front offices as much as among his own fan-base. ”



Layin’ Down the Law

Keith Law had his regular Thursday chat with readers at ESPN.com yesterday, and as usual, in it there were a couple of Jays-related tidbits worth passing along, including some stuff on Dyson…

Kevin (Toronto)
What’s the scouting report on Sam Dyson?
Throws hard (when not hurt), no out pitch, horrible track record of health, but suddenly an extreme groundballer. There’s a role for a guy like that, but not many managers who can find a way to use a player like that who doesn’t fit the standard reliever molds.

Rob (Oakland, CA)
Is this just a really hot streak for Rasmus or is he going to reach his ceiling?
I am optimistic.

MJ (Toronto)
Chances we see Stroman in Toronto’s bullpen this September?
At least 50/50.

Additionally, KLaw had a piece earlier in the week at ESPN.com (Insider Only) about several of the international amateur free agents who signed once the signing period opened on July 2nd, including the top-ranked (and most expensive) Franklin Barreto of Venezuela, who the Jays nabbed for $2-million.

“Barreto’s body doesn’t look like a typical shortstop’s — I can see the Rafael Furcal comparison I got from one scout, but if anything he looks a little wider than Furcal did at that age,” he says, but he really likes the short-to-the-ball swing, the speed and the arm strength.


Digging for Goldstein

In one of his Future Shock pieces earlier this week at Baseball Prospectus (Paywall’d), Kevin Goldstein gave updates on three Jays prospects: DJ Davis, who hit his first pro home run earlier in the week, the since-promoted Jake Marisnick, who he rightly felt was “starting to come on strong with .377 OBP and .600 SLG in last 12 games,” and most interestingly, Adeiny Hechavarria.

Goldstein quotes his line from Tuesday’s game– 3-for-5, 2 HR (6), 2 R, 2 RBI– then moves in for the money quote. “There’s a lot of park effect in his .314/.361/.449 line,” he says, “but a lot of real progress as well.”

Nails much?


Baseball America’s Mid-Season Top Fifty

Since we’re pretty much exactly at the mid-season point, it kinda only makes sense that the various evaluators out there are starting to roll out updates to their pre-season lists of the top prospects in baseball. Baseball America is the latest to do so, listing their top 50 this week, which includes three Jays: Travis d’Arnaud, Jake Marisnick, and Anthony Gose.

d’Arnaud, as usual, tops the list, but his slow start and current injury seems to have hurt him, as he drops to 19 on the new list, down from 17 on their pre-season top 100.

Anthony Gose stayed in about the same spot as well– despite the fact that many names from the top of the pre-season list have graduated to the majors (eight of the top 20, and more after that too)– checking in at 38, up a tick from 39, as questions about his ability to hit and his approach at the plate continue to dog him.

Jumping ahead of Gose, from way back at 67 in the pre-season, is Jake Marisnick, who now ranks 37th.


More Marisnick

Speaking of Marisnick, the 21-year-old made his Double-A debut last night in New Hampshire, in a game marred by a some piece of shit in the crowd using a racial slur in the direction of Carl Crawford (via a Kevin Gray tweet). He was two for five with a double– which you can see in the clip below, also from Gray– but that’s an outcome Marc Hulet wonders that Jays fans might not want to get too used to.

The Jays organization is known for its outstanding young pitching talent, as well as a few key offensive prospects in triple-A but Marisnick entered 2012 as one of the best athletes in the low minors,” he writes at FanGraphs. “He posted a 160 wRC+ in low-A ball last year and moved up to high-A ball to begin this year. The outfielder was promoted to double-A on Thursday. His numbers from A-ball do not look flashy but the Florida State League is a pitcher’s league and he actually posted a well-above-average 127 wRC+. Marisnick as the potential to hit for both power and average while also providing some speed (He stole 37 bases in ’11). The promotion of Marisnick comes at an unusual time and is often done at the minor league all-star break by the Jays so you have to wonder if he’s being showcased for a possible trade at the deadline.”

Classic misdirection, of course. Anthopoulos wants to trade Gose, so he’s making clubs think he’s so enamored with the Las Vegas centre fielder that he’s willing to offer up Marisnick. Then, when push comes to shove, and he needs to increase his offer on the pitcher he so desperately wants, he “reluctantly” agrees to include Gose instead of Marisnick. Boom: ninja’d.

Here’s the double:

Image via Flickr.

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  1. Crawford says that “people in Boston don’t even do that” — I guess he doesn’t watch hockey at all

  2. I agree with you on the Marisnik / Gose front. It is curious Jake was promoted at this stage.

    Gose and Coco for Cain?

  3. Shouldn’t it be “Digging for Goldstein”? Or maybe some kind of pun involving prospecting? Layin’ them both down seems a little lazy.

  4. Yeah,my thoughts exactly about Gose. With Rasmus looking like a possible superstar, and still being young and very controllable, Gose, as the most MLB ready, has become very expendable.

    Fact is, I’ve cooled considerably on Gose. Fortunately, it seems like most scouts still haven’t, so he’d still be a valuable trade piece. I’d be more the ok selling high on Gose.

    • Don’t you find it the least bit ironic that you’ve cooled on Gose but most scouts haven’t. I’ll stick with the scouts.

      You have to remember that he’s still very young for AAA so there’s no need to rush him anywhere. Let him play in Vegas for the next year and see if he can improve his hitting. If he can be a league average hitter in MLB, he would be worth a lot.

      Not that you don’t have a great point with regards to him being expendable. If AA believes this is the real Rasmus, then either Gose or Marisnick can be used as a trade piece for a starter. I have no idea which one I would rather part with so I’m glad that’s AA’s call and not mine.

      • Well, most of the “scouts” that dictate the discourse on what prospects are what (Law, Goldstein etc.) don’t actually watch much of these kids themselves. They talk to local scouts, coaches, and GM’s. Much of it is a lobbying contest, so no, I don’t necessairily think that the fact that the herd is still high on Gose as proof of much.

        Also, there is an incentive or these guys to not make bold predictions, and more or less go with the conventional wisdom until absolutely proven otherwise. It’s much safer that way.

        With regards to Gose in particular, yes, I know he’s young, but Vegas is such a hitter apradise that I’m still worried about his pedestrian numbers.

        Not saying he’ll be a bum, I’m sure he’ll be a ML starter. But he’s not going to be as good as Rasmus with the bat, and the dropoff betwen Rasmus and Gose offensively is not even close to made up by the minimal defensive upgrade we get, considering (IMO) Rasmus is a gold glove caliber CF’er.

        And I’m not really interested in moving either Gose or Rasmus off of CF. Gose’s bat doesn’t play anywhere else, and while Rasmus’ would, he loses a lot of shine if he’s moved to LF. He goes from ‘elite’ to ‘good’

        • All I have to say is if you get a chance to see Gose live you will see why scouts love him cannon of arm great speed on bases and floats to balls like devon white did

  5. I’d be fine if the Jays went out and sold Gose and Hech for some arms. It’s not like we don’t have good players already at those positions for at least another couple of years.

    • I’d be fine with selling litterally every prospect that doesn’t pitch (with maybe D’Arnaud as the exception unless we’re talking Hernandez-Lincecum class). Is there really any spot on our lineup begging for a prospect to take over? Plus it seems like they’re all CF anyway.

      • You could make the arguement the Catcher position is begging for TDA to take over from JPA and his 660 OPS

      • Spots in the lineup in need of a prospect: LF (pending the eventual torching of Snider only to see him reach his potential elsewhere) and 1B. Solution to the former: move a CF to LF. Solution to the latter: move a CF to right, move Bautista to 1B.

        Now is either spot “begging” for a prospect? Perhaps not. Are the Jays CF prospects knocking on the door? No. Why rush them out of the org in a trade unless you are getting back guaranteed improvements?

        The reality is that good organizations should develop players at C, SS, and CF. Developing those three positions should provide athletic position players that can move more easily to a new position in case of a log jam. Crap teams have three 1B prospects. How many 1B prospects have come up having to learn a corner outfield spot or 3B to find a role because they couldn’t replace the incumbent’s offense?

        The Jays having too many CF and C = a very good thing (and WELL overdue).

      • I don’t think I’d want any part of Lincecum at this point, especially if we’re talking top prospects going the other way. He’s a FA after 2013 and has looked pretty terrible pitching in the NL west.

      • Dear god how I hope the Jays go nowhere near Lincecum. Lost velocity + lost command = certain death in the AL East, and it’s certain death’d him in the shitty NL West.

  6. What about the 49 year old prospect that got cut from the Jays today? Where is my Moyer post and the endless comparisons to when he started pitching to the birth dates of his former teammates?

  7. My gut tells me Gose is never going to hit enough at the MLB level to take Rasmus’ job away. I would be comfortable moving him, but it all depends what we’re acquiring, it doesnt appear that there are many obvious ace or #2 arms who might be available right now

    • I somewhat agree, but his elite speed and defence would allow for lesser hitting at the MLB level

  8. Wow. That’s like the ad: listen to your sports gut! Personally, I’ll stick with the opinions of KLaw and BA.

  9. Keep Marisnick. Gose is a little too into him self. hell his mom bangs his agent. Hes a great talent but its all speed, he has to get on base. Marisnick is a super athlete and will adapt and progress according to his competition. Im not saying hes anything close to Bo Jackson but hes the kind of athlete that will succeed at every level but may not blow anyone away until he gets to see a lot of repetition and gets to know the league. Guys gonna be your future RF for years if the decided to keep him. An theres still room in LF when Jose gets moved to 1B. Everyone goes ape shit about Joses arm but guys still run. Yes he got a ton of assists..which means they are running on him a lot. Id like to know how many attempts he made from the OF before I praise his assists. Tabby’s full of shit when we hear “gold glove” RF. Yes Jose is a beast with the bat, but having a rangy big arm at 1B with his bat is just as valuable as all arm RF and a black hole at 1B

    • “Keep Marisnick. Gose is a little too into him self. hell his mom bangs his agent.”


      • The kid wants to be famous and wants to be the centre of attention. His mom works for his agent..hes a fame whore. He wants to be on the field everyday thats why he stopped pitching. Id think being a pitcher would give you more of a spot light. But ya..theres something between his mom and his agent..I chat with a scout in the KC organization that had a chance do some offseason coaching with a group that included gose and marisnick. he raved about both of them but loved the athleticism of Marsinick and says gose has an attitude. Attitude means shit as we see with some of our players now so its not that. I think id rather have a above avg 5 tool guy that will be an bove average all player than a guy that is all speed and arm that cant get on base enough to show case his tools..but if I had a choice of seeing both cool

    • yes gose is a great defender too…but marisnick is above average in all 5 tools..

    • What are you talking about???? He is a very good outfielder.

  10. You give the team the choice of Gose or Marisnick. But we’re assuming we’re dealing for a King Felix or something here.

  11. Anthony Gose is a month older than Billy Hamilton, of 100+ steals in High A fame.

    Some perspective.

  12. I agree with the Gose/Marisnick thing as well. I think AA will hang onto Rasmus, as he’s young, controllable, and just becoming a superstar it looks like. I think (basically on a hunch more than anything) the Jays like Marisnick more than Gose, but AA will make it seem like the opposite.

    • True and it’s entirely possible that the Jays favouring JM over AG is more for the fact tha Gose is the more MLB ready. That gives him a) more value in the trade market and b) gives us more time with Rasmus, because I think the team wants him as the CF for the foreseeable future.

      Another thing is that Gose’ bat almost certainly won’t play anywhere by CF, whereas JM (if he hits projections) bat will play anywhere, which gives us much more flexibility.

      Of course, there’s also that JM will probably be the better overall player too.

      In any case, Gose has high value now, and I think he’s going to disappoint at the ML level. I think he’ll be a good, ML starter (and that’s obviously a ggood thing). I dno’t think he’s going to be a superstar. And I think Rasmus will be, and Marisnick COULD be. So for me, it’s a no brainer.

      Trade Gose, because he has no place on this team for the foreseeable future.

  13. Throws hard (when not hurt), no out pitch, horrible track record of health, but suddenly an extreme groundballer. There’s a role for a guy like that, but not many managers who can find a way to use a player like that who doesn’t fit the standard reliever molds.

    Sounds just like Alvarez, minus the health record. Dude belongs in the pen without an out pitch.

  14. One Vote for: Panning for Goldstein

  15. I’d prefer to keep Gose, I think next year a Bautista – Gose – Rasmus outfield could be really good, with maybe Snider/Davis splitting time in the DH role, and both providing solid backup outfield defense….if Gose fails, you just slot Rasmus back in center and use Davis/Snider in left. Or if Snider fails, you can find another platoon option, Lind could even work as a RH half of a platoon….if they both fail next year, well then who knows, thats why getting at least one of them (Snider) up here for some significant at bats this year is a big deal, in my opinion.

  16. what is so great about marisnik. the guy has 24hr in 1000 ab’s. and only 6 this year. that is pretty low for some hot prospect and not worthy of a promotion

    • compare to trout who was opsing in the .900′s in the minors. jake hasn’t done it even once.

      • Ya weird how Marisnick doesnt stand up in comparison to argueably the best prospect in the game. If you could have a guy like Markakis (which I think is marisnicks decent comparison) you take it. Not every prospect is the next big thing..he might just be the next really good player.

      • Have many ops’d .900 in the minors, consistently, like Trout? And you’re seriously only using HR numbers to back up your claim he’s not worth the promotion….I mean, I suppose you COULD be right, and the professional evaluators are all wrong, but power is one tool. This kid has some pretty high potential with five of them.

  17. People Gose will play here in Toronto in case most have not noticed speed is becoming a big part of the game again. At worst Gose is Raja Davis with great defense and an arm.

  18. To start my money is on “Goldstein Assay” or Assayin’ Goldstein … although that has too much ass in it doesn’t it. wut ever.
    But I don’t know.. I think right now The Jays try to move what ever player they have to, to get a pitcher, and hopefully they don’t have to move everyone. Gose Marisnick, who ever will get it done. I would rather see Travis D’Araud stick around, doesn’t catch the ball very well, he hits enough for the current Jays line up, but still his defense is pretty bad. If TDA can defend better like we are being led to believe and can hit a little more often than JPA, then the Jays may as well trade JPA.
    I seriously think AA will get creative, and hopefully its not to get a shitballer either.

    • Huh? Travis Darnauds defense was his original calling card in the minors before he broke out with the bat in AA. Every scouting report of Darnaud I’ve ever read has stated he has the chance to be a plus defender. So I don’t know what you mean when you say his defense is pretty bad, his defense will easily exceed JPA’s.

  19. Boom ninja’d love that quip! Gose seems, so far anyways, to be one of those speedsters that can’t really hit al a Chone figgins. The majors has seen lots of speed guys that just can’t make it because they suck with the stick. But don’t forget AA had to work to get this kid and may be enamored with him. You gotta deal something to get something

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