Top Dog: JP Arencibia, 14.3%
The Worst: Henderson Alvarez, -23.1%
Top Arm: Luis Perez, 4.3%
Worst Bat: Jose Bautista, -16.4%
Impact AB: JP Arencibia 2-Run HR, Bot 3, 8.9%
Impact Pitch: Billy Butler Bases Loaded E5, Top 3, 10.2%
Highest Leverage AB: JP Arencibia 5-3 Groundout, Bot 8, 2.09
Highest Leverage Opp. AB: A. Escobar RBI Single, Top 3, 2.69
Lineup Contribution: -16.7%
Pitching Contribution: -33.3%
Average Leverage Index: 0.81
Chart explanation

Well that sucked, didn’t it? Like, a lot?

Other than Colby, JP, and Yunel it was a pretty rough outing all around.

Leave your thoughts on the game in the comments.

(WPA data courtesy Baseball Reference)
(Idea for a post game graph courtesy Lookout Landing)

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  1. I would have taken the pic of Alvarez coming off the mound where just after breaking his glasses for a second it looked like he was about to cry…

  2. Hard to be critical of Bautista, but he’s had big K’s the last two nights, once with the bases loaded and last night with 2 on in a 3-run game. Would love to see him have a crazy, Hamilton-like 7 RBI game one of these days. If RBI’s matter. I forget what I’m allowed to like sometimes….

    • RBIs matter in that you’re driving in runs and helping to win a game. Where they don’t matter is when you’re trying to actually evaluate or value the player as an individual.

      Scoring runs still matters :)

    • He was swinging for the fence, when all he had to do was get it by the infield…

  3. I had a feeling I’d be enjoying these graphs far less when they trended towards 0.

  4. I was curious to see who had the biggest fail index, Alvarez or Cordero. Question answered!

  5. From now on, a negative slope in these graphs is known as a Cordero Phase.

  6. He was totally demoralized after that missed strike 3 call. I guess that’s the biggest diff between a vet and a rookie. I’m thinking someone like Roy Halliday would not let it affect him like that. He would just stare down an ump likes he’s an f’ing retard for missing such an obvious call.

  7. I’m starting to think I’m bad luck…

  8. Damn I love this addition to DJF! Lets make sure it stays.

  9. Archi Zuber – how does it feel to contribute to the site and not be listed under the “contributors” heading? You’ll note by my username than I am rather vainglorious, and I would threaten the editor with the “Strike” word.

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