We need you.
Hell, I need you.
I’m a mess without you.
I miss you so damn much!
I miss being with you.
I miss being *near* you.
I miss your laugh!
I miss your scent.
I miss your musk.
When this all gets sorted out, I think you and me should get an apartment together!

I know the order of the day is sane and logical reaction to decisions made by a company that is more or less in the business of entertainment, and to submit to subjective analysis coupled with patience and faith that those in charge are making sound decisions to help that same company reach it’s top potential. I know that. I know all of that, but none of it changes one simple fact: I miss Travis Snider desperately.

Like, unreasonably desperately.

By all accounts Rajai Davis is a great guy, a Major League quality outfielder and a sure-fire base-stealing threat. Eric Thames seems interesting, thoughtful and creative, not bound by the limits of what we all consider “normal” facial hair. Ben Francisco never did anything personally to upset me. If any of them were doing anything but playing left field for the Jays this season I’m sure I’d be celebrating their characteristics and foibles, highlighting any small thing any of them contribute not only to the lineup but to the twittersphere, interviews and dugout shot cutaways. The problem remains: none of those fine gentlemen are Travis Snider. I can’t do anything for them aside from gazing out to left and sighing in their direction. Every time there’s an organizational move and Snider isn’t involved I curse. Then I spend the whole day reassuring myself that everything is part of the plan and that the pieces will fall into place when the time is right. That doesn’t change the fact that every day I wake up and Travis Snider isn’t in the starting lineup.

I just… I miss him so damn much.

Every time there is a token “hahaha Look at how much fun these kids are having!” cutaway to the dugout a part of me laments the fact that Snider isn’t right in the middle, growing a hideous mustache or having his haircut mocked mercilessly.

Honestly I’ve tried as hard as I can to not write this post. I already know all the reactions. The Jays are 2nd in the league in runs. Another power bat isn’t the solution to the problem unless Travis can also pitch in high leverage situations. It’s more important to have speed or positional flexibility or whatever Thames brought to the table instead of having Snider rework his swing mechanics at the higher level. He hurt his wrist. He’s still got work to do, etc, etc. I know, I know, I know all of these things, but it doesn’t change the simple fact that Travis Snider playing every day in left field would make me happy.

I know this is silly and that I shouldn’t feel this way, but I do. I know that the key to talking about baseball on the internet and avoiding scorn is to be as sane and as logical as one can and to provide statistical evidence of your claims but sometimes I get tired of being sane and logical and playing by the numbers. Sometimes I just want the 240lb kid who hits one-handed home runs into the upper deck back in my life.

I just want Travis Snider back. Is that so wrong?

Excuse me. I’m going to sit a few plays out. Stop talking for a while.

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  1. If he’s not up by the end of the month, you can borrow my torch and pitchfork.

    • I have convinced myself that they’re waiting until the All-Star break.

      • As the farmer once said, don’t fall in love with the cow, cause one day you might have to eat it.
        We need a winning team, and the longer it goes the less likely it is that Snider will be the left fielder to take us to the promised land. We have yet to see that left fielder in a BJ Uniform…but we probably seen him play

    • haha, i just read your comment at a glance and thought it said, “porch and titforck”

  2. <33333333333333333

  3. Ummm… yeah, this pretty much says it all.

  4. My sentiments exactly.


  5. If Davis is being used to build trade value, then one would hope the trade deadline would mark the end of that. Then again, he could probably clear waivers and make it through even AFTER the deadline.

    Hard to say.

  6. Hech and Gose bats dont paly in majors but sniders does?
    Hech 319
    Snider 316

    • Wow, I am ptaying that this is sarcasm. After something so heart warming, you have to go and make a steaming pile of dumb.

      • How is it dumb my friend? People chirp about inflated numbers in vegas in regards to Hech and Gose or are sniders numbers exempt from that

        • You *might* want to check out OBP, ISO, SLG, wOBA, and not just AVG.

          Just sayin’.

        • Travis has a 950 OPS, Hech is 820 and Gose is 780. oh and Yan Gomes is 960. Please dont pretend like hech and gose are performing better than Snider, youre diluting your arguement.

          Travis was above the 1000 mark before he hurt his wrist, perhaps the injury is affecting his swing.

          • Gose has 21 stolen bases and snider 2 whats your point anyone can pull numbers up to back an argument

            • “anyone can pull numbers up to back up an argument”

              Exactly. 14% of all people know that.

          • that’s implying that he had an argument

            • Nice move Kyle. Nice move. I dont’ know you, but I like your enthusiasm. :) I’m cinomg to check you out. And by that, I mean your site. No, not that site. Your blog. Can’t make that one dirty, can you?

        • Oh and for the record I am a Snider fan I just get pissed when people on here discount Gose and Hech because they are in Vegas and than talk like Travis is ripping the league up.
          Snider is no more ready to make an impact in Toronto than Gose is.

          • That’s absolutely false. Gose still needs lots of at bats as an everyday player. This is his first season where they are letting him go all out and not limiting anything like his 2-strike approach, etc.
            Hech and Gose had something to prove hitting-wise, Snider needed to refine his mechanics. It’s not the same at all

          • I’m just going to hope that this is more trolling, and less serious argument-ing. If it’s the latter, you really don’t know what you’re talking about.

          • to quote bodster:
            Hech and Gose bats dont paly in majors but sniders does?
            Hech 319
            Snider 316

            you use batting average to prove that hech is doing better than snider, you should look at other offensive stats if you want to properly judge who has the better chance to perform at the MLB level.

          • Snider’s wrc+ is 135 while Hech’s is 112 and Gose’s is 110. The stat is park and league adjusted. It accounts for everything a player does offensively, even base stealing iirc. 100 is average so Snider is 35% better than the average player in the PCL. That is taking the effects of Vegas into account as well. Snider is performing well above average for his park and league while Hech and Gose are hitting well but not nearly as well. Snider is ready to perform in the mlb. Now can we all be nice and not resort to name calling just cause someone used a stat from the stone age to make a point?

        • Its possible gose or hech could perform at the MLB level, but its very unlikely, at least for the time being that gose would outperform rasmus or davis, or that hech would outperform johnson or escobar over an extended period. thats reality, bodster.

          • @Jeremy: wRC+ is NOT adjusted for park effects in minor league stats. It does adjust to league average, though.

    • *z-snap* oh no he didn’t

    • You just sited Batting average to indicate who is performing better at AAA. stupid.

    • It’s been a fucking decade. If you don’t know what OPS is, just fuck off and watch something else already. If you DO know what OPS is, it’s still been a fucking decade and pretending to want to talk about batting average makes you even more a shithead then if you really are that uninformed.

      • Your the shithead I used batting average to state a point Sniders OPS is still below average for a GOOD TRIPLE A player this year. Show me numbers that proves me wrong SHITHEAD

        • You mad bro?

        • actually, his OPS is above average for the PCL. and your also implying Sniders injury has not affected him at all, which i think is very debatable considering his OPS was closer to 1100 before he went down with A WRIST injury,

      • While I loosely agree with the sentiment, Chairman, you’re pretty much the reason people in Toronto don’t ever talk about baseball at bars. Because assholes say things like “If you don’t know what OPS is, just fuck off and watch something else already”, and it’s just like taking a giant shit all over the conversation

        • What’s wrong with batting average?

        • he did shit all over the conversation, youre right – he shit all over the hech has 3 points more batting average than snider and is a better hitter conversation.

  7. Be patient. Wait for Davis to play his value up and get traded.

  8. Great post new guy!

  9. I’ll be seeing him tonight. I’ll be sure to blow him a kiss for you.

  10. It just feels wrong that all of our memories of Snider are in those hideous black uniforms and the atrocious old logo.

  11. Who or what is Archi Zuber?

  12. Zuber, this has to be one of the best things i’ve ever read on the internet! Good job!


  13. I Want It That Way is a better track.

  14. whoever wrote this article sure enjoys the melodrama that is the lives of professional athletes

  15. I think they’re going to let him play most of the season in AAA, and that we may not see him until September. AA has said a few times that he thought it has hurt Snider that he never spent a full year at a single level since Lansing and that he wants to see Snider have to make adjustments in accordance with the ebbs and flows of a season. He started off hot. Got injured. Hit well. Has cooled off again. Hopefully he’ll pick it up again soon. But I think they care less about the numbers than the process of successfully making adjustments. He will be the starting left fielder next year. And because he will be out of options, he will be given every opportunity to finally succeed. Or, at least, that’s what I think is happening.

  16. Who the heck is Archi Zuber?

    • Never read him before, but love anyone who talks Jays.

    • New guy I assume. He does some awesome post-game win-probability charts and WPA data similar to FanGraphs, with this being his first written piece for this site. Whatever increases the diversity of DJF, I’m all for.


  18. *sniff* I almost had a tear come to my eye. hmm.. well Snider eh? Do you think they try to sell on Davis and Lind to look for a better solution for 1b and have EE DH full time?

  19. On another note I think Thames in AAA is doing better than Snyder…. however issue with Thames is his Role should be future 1b (which can be any ageing veteran) or dh (again see 1b)

    What Snider brings besides his bat is decent Left field defense. However note Left field, after first base is the next easist to play.

  20. “Sometimes I just want the 240lb kid who hits one-handed home runs into the upper deck back in my life.”

    Ok, but that kid also comes with the kid who is unable to hit major league breaking balls and flails that same one handed swing all over the place, often striking out and rarely walking.

    I didn’t stop being hardcore fan of the Jays until 2009, so I wasn’t around when Snider was the next best thing since sliced bread. Therefore, I’m not under the spell that he cast from 2006-2009.

    So I tend to judge Snider by what he’s done at the ML level…..and I see nothing whatsoever that would suggest that anybody should be pining away for Travis Snider. he isn’t the answer. Nor is Eric Thames. Or Davis.

  21. I just teared up a bit… And It was gravy :’( GRAVY

  22. He’s been labeled a AAAA player because he was rushed to the big leagues and didnt have a .350 50 150 season as was expected of him.


  23. Literally the best post i’ve read on here

  24. Stoeten can u please put the orange gag ball back in zuber’s mouth until the next post game graph??? #jerkingofftolunchboxhero45

  25. Watching Davis suck at everything this eve made this post all the more relevant. His mini surge is over. Oakland knew he is a fourth outfielder and so do we. He is real valuable in that role. Put him back there. Hatch tag: Davissucksballs

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  26. Great post. I too have been longing for Travis Snider to come and play. In our much vaunted farm system he still seems to me to be the top prospect and I don’t like how in a this credit card and twitter world of instant gratification people are writing off guys who are the same age as most people are when they make their mlb debut. It is not Travis’s fault that JP Retardi brought him up when he was 17. I mean, the guy had to wear a fake moustache just so no one would ask to see his birth cirtificate. To me, Colby Jose and Travis will be the best outfield in the world.

  27. He’ll get his chance. AA is just taking the fullest advantage of Snider’s last option that he can. He will not just discard a potential asset of that caliber. If there’s one thing we can safely say about AA it’s that he does not give up on potential easily.

  28. He needs hit LHP better… .250/.333/.375/.708 slashline against lefties this year in Vegas, That’s a 300 point differential from vs. RHP. I shudder to think what that would look like in the major leagues. And truth be told his stats in Vegas are inferior to Gomes and reasonably close to Thames since he was demoted… neither which screams that Snider ought to be in the Majors.

    I suppose they could Platoon him with Davis and the hybrid player might be an improvement.

  29. We will see snider at some point this year probably in September or if there’s a trade involving Davis. Snider wont pass through waivers without a claim and the jays don’t want to chance that if they wanna send him back down yet again. The next time Travis comes up it will be for good and thats a wicked outfield to have.

  30. Travis Snider. I need him like my Uncle Joe in Oklahoma needs the rain. Like a lighthouse on the coast. Like the father and the son need the holy ghost. I need him. For the love of lunch, call up Lunchbox or trade him to my precious Indians.

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