Game Threat: Jays @ White Sox

This is your game threat. Deal with it.

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  1. Those are the worst nicknames ever Jamie

  2. Seven.

  3. Just turned it on & Zaun was saying something along the lines of: ‘In my opinion, those are two guys that could be moved at the deadline…”

    Anyone catch who he was talking about?

  4. Joey Bats > Joey Bunts

  5. Seemingly Under-the-Radar Prospect: Matt Wright, LH Reliever

    After this year, he will have 5 seasons of pro ball at age 25: 304 innings pitched with 354 Ks and only 97 walks

    This year in AA New Hampshire looks to be his best yet, miniscule BAA (.182), almost 5 to 1 K:BB ratio, WHIP under 1.

    Jays seem to have some decent potential bullpen pieces, especially LH (Perez, Crawford, Wright, Aaron Loup).

    PS. Anyone know what has happened to Sean Nolin? Does not appear to have pitched since June 11th.

  6. That last at bat to Rios was as good a sequence as I’ve seen from Romero in quite some time. Lots of speed on the fastball inside and then go with junk in the dirt. Once you get ahead you don’t need to worry about hitting the strike zone.

  7. WTF!! UMPS!!!

  8. Wow, umps. That’s just embarrassing.

  9. wow.that was some play.That shouldn,t have happened!

  10. Of course, now they get to go to commercial a second time, so Rogers is loving it I’m sure.

  11. I cannot believe that they called that pitch a foul ball.. he missed it by 6 inches!They had better look at the tape after this game because that could have cost the Jays big time.

  12. What a pleasure for every last reader of this blog to actually agree…

    So that 2nd try for Rios means he skips his next AB, right? 1.1 IP, right?

    Lawrie was right.

  13. Ok, attitude or not, Escobar is one great SS. Keep him trade KJ and put Hech at 2B.

  14. How the fuck can the guy at first – some 90 feet away or so – tell it was a foul tip but the home plate guy can’t?

    This is Danny Davis-type officiating here.

    • This is “par for the course” officiating… The umps get worse and worse every year…

      Hey, if we had instant replay… Oh wait… That’s not traditional…

  15. Mlb is in trouble,morons are deciding games.

  16. UN-FUCKING REAL – no way that was a foul tip and now the WSux can get a run – INSTANT REPLAY NEEDED NOWWWWWW

  17. In a parallel universe, that ball by Rios gets through leading to a 4 run inning which leads to the White Sox sweeping the Jays, winning their division and then the World Series, while Jays rebuild with Escobar & EE traded.

    In this universe, Escobar makes a great play, Jays win this game – finish with 85 wins, White Sox finish 2nd behind Tigers. Both teams home for playoffs

  18. Please Blue Jays get a new announce team.

  19. Can someone explain to me why it isirrational to believe that this latest umpiring malfeasance is yet more vengefulness toward the Jays?

    • Because umpires are objective to a fault and could never let anything outside the game interfere with their undeterred commitment to perfection… Clearly they are not small men whose perceived power gives them delusions of grandeur or anything…

    • Well… I think it’s because we only really give a shit when a bad call goes against the Jays. We don’t really think too much about the bad calls that go our way. But really, if you watch, when bad calls happen it’s probably 50/50 in terms of for/against the Jays.

  20. Well, at least Chicago has continued the stupidest single thing baseball fans have ever done (apologies to “the wave”)

    Why do they chant “Doooooouche” every time he’s involved in a play, anyways?

  21. For what it’s worth, I will be playing in the Taco Bell All-Star Legends & Celebrity Softball Game this year.

    • Make sure you bring an extra pair of diapers with ya, Big Joe. Taco Bell shits take no prisoners!

  22. So Justin Upton is available.

    Seems EXACTLY like the kind of guy AA would target. Guy with superstar potential, who’s value is lower at the moment because he’s having an off year/his team thinks he has an attitude.

    Would you want to see AA target Upton? The idea of an Upton, Rasmus, Bautista outfield is pretty extreme on the boner scale… but my only hesitation is that this team needs starting pitching so damn badly. And realistically, the Jays could probably have a playoff worthy offense next year just by resigning EE and KJ. I’m not sure I’d want the prospects that could go toward a deal for a pitcher going toward an Upton deal.

    • If its available you go for him, but the fact that there is a rumor saying he’s available means every club in the league will be checking in. We have plenty of prospects to make something like that happen though.

    • Some one was talking about a guy in the Blue Jay org. who mentioned him in a possible trade last night. Thats what I said…they need pitching…On the other hand, AA loves 3 ways so maybe that’s only half of it.

    • I have to think a package of
      #1 – choice of Gose or Marisnik
      #2 – one of the big 3 Vegas pitchers
      #3 & #4 – two next tier guys like McGuire or Snider….

      gets Upton…..

      I would do that for Upton…

      • I meant Lansing big 3…..

      • Snider is still waaaay above McGuire’s teir, but otherwise, might be about right. My first thought after reading he’s available was to get in on three-way trade and land a pitcher. Is Upton out of favour because of bad production, or bad behaviour?

    • @ James, I’m missing something on Upton. $7 Million on a left fielder is a lot for a guy not in the middle of the diamond. His offensive stats are just ok, as in average. So far all the talk is giving up at least 2 significant prosects for this guy…dosn’t add up to me. I’d prefer to wait and see on Snider, and focus on a 2nd baseman as the priority position player. I’ll spend my money there.

      • 10th in wOBA among outfielders last year, ahead of CarGo, Stanton and Hamilton. Nothing to sneeze at.

      • The man is a 2-time all-star and was an MVP candidate last year at the same age that Snider is now. You’re missing something, alright.

        • I’m having trouble with the Upton idea. I’m looking at Alexi Amarista of the Padres, at 2nd. This kid looks solid, but as always, how the hell can you pry a kid from a re-building team? Padres do have a couple of 2nd basemen, so they would have a back up plan if the Jays could engineer a move. Downside is he’s 23 so with Hetch at short soon you have a young but talented tandum.


        • Expected better than that from you Brum, the allstar thing doesn’t mean that much – somebody has to represent the Padres. WTF was that last line…no Upton is way too expesive for what you get, and its only a left fielder. You don’t win with that.

          • Firstly, he’s a Diamondback, not a Padre. Secondly, you’re insane if you think he was an all-star based solely on his team. The guy had a .900 OPS, .388 wOBA, 132 WRC+ at age 21 and a .900 OPS, .384 wOBA, 140 WRC+ at age 23. He was an MVP calibre player in the NL before many top prospects have even cracked the majors. It’s patently absurd to think that $7,000,000 in 2012, is too much for a 24-year-old player with this kind of track record. His contract (which incidentally escalates up to 2015) is perfectly reasonable for a player like this.

            His line drive percentage is at a career high, his pop-up rate is at a career low, his groundball rate is up, but still in line with his breakout 2009. I’m baffled that anybody could think this is anything but a massive upgrade in LF.

          • Who said he wasn’t a massive upgrade.. If you bothered to understand my post, instead of focusing on a slip up on the team, you might have got the point. If you think Upton, with his .270 plus BA along with his high salary is the answer, great. I don’t. $7 million and upwards for a LF’er will strap us in other position needs.
            Upton over Snider in Left is far less an upgrade, than 3 months of KJ over nobody else to put there at second base. By the way 2nd base is far more important than LF, though I know you know this,

          • And another thing, line drive percentage is a great thing to keep track of, but I need more info, such as where were the line drives hit? If they are all to the same place it gets easier to defend. Line drives are less likely to produce RBI’s, hell this stat tells me very little. All the stats you mention are great but the traditional ones show me more. You like him, I don’t. (Why the fuck is this great catch available anyways?)

          • Right, I was focusing on your slip-up instead of the content of your post…that’s why I devoted exactly 7 out of 150 words in my post on it. C’mon man.

            I don’t see acquiring elite talent like Upton as possibly something that hamstrings an organization unless there are multiple team-controlled established major-league players going to Arizona, creating holes at multiple other positions (which doesn’t seem to be what you’re talking about, since you’ve focused entirely on the finances). I’d much rather be spending $7-$14 million on Upton than $7 million on KJ, because Upton is an elite, young talent with nearly a decade of his prime left.

            I’m as big a Snider advocate as anybody, but there’s a huge gulf between Upton and Snider right now.

            Finding a second baseman is a worry for the off-season and can be addressed in any number of ways (free agency, tons more trade options will open up). That’s not something that should enter the equation right now should Upton be on the table. I’m be interested to hear why you think 2B is “far more important” than LF. Are good bats more scarce at 2B than LF? Sure. Unless AA pulls a rabbit out of his hat this offseason, an elite talent is not showing up at 2B next season. There’s nothing to suggest that there is any elite talent at 2B available at the trade deadline. If AA is presented with the opportunity to get an elite talent like Upton at LF without decimating the major league roster and/or the farm system, he has to consider it.

            As for line drive percentage. Much of what you’ve said is ridiculous. You’re less likely to produce RBIs from line drives? What the hell. What makes you say that? Also, you know what else makes it less likely to produce RBIs? Not having runners on base. You know how much Upton can help that? Zero.

            I’m glad that you’re taking a discerning view to line drive percentage and asking questions to further your understanding of that statistic. You should do the same for RBIs some time. Since you asked the question, here’s Upton’s spray chart from the start of 2011 to today:


            I’m also curious to see which “traditional” stats are showing you more than the advanced metrics that I’ve cited.

          • Great response, thanks. Couldn’t open the chart, but went to the site and perhaps didn’t get the one you pasted. Got this about Upton
            Groundout 26.67%
            Strikeout 23.33%
            Pop Out 10.00%
            Single 10.00%
            Flyout 10.00%
            Forceout 10.00%
            Double 3.33%
            Triple 3.33%
            Walk 3.33%
            Brum the more I look at Upton the more I don’t like him. The stats I looked at are BA. 267; HR 7; 36 RBI; .386 Slug. This is a guy that bats 3rd, and he’s not facing as tough pitching as in the AL East. Already agreed with you on Snider. And I don’t want KJ, he isn’t staying anyways. Don’t think the Jays want an elite 2nd baseman, but a young controlable guy like I suggested. Middle-infielders have way more impact on games than left fielders as they have more chances on defense, sorry no stats, but its a fact.
            Finally, while I don’t have an exact definition of a line drive, I know what one is. Base runners have a far easier time sizing up a fly ball, tag up, judge depth, base coach helps in order to score. Liners are frequently mis-judged by runners who take off and either get doubled up or hold (not tag-up) and can’t score from second (green monster like). Foul Flyballs: fielders running away from the play make it easier to score from third, not so on liners. It goes on…

  23. what are the odds of disgruntled dave ortiz in a jays uniform next year? unhappy with his treatment in boston regarding his contract and a friend of bautista. he says put it on the table or as i see it show me the money.

  24. Someone tell Buck to shut up about Romero’s 8 wins. It’s a useless stat. Jesus, Cordero has 2 wins doesn’t he?

  25. Is Jason Vargas the type of guy AA could go get at a lesser price? He has 1 more year of arbitration-eligibility so controllable for next year, then free agency. The Mariners are done for the year, they have Hultzen, Taijuan Walker and James Paxton coming to go with Felix and Hector Noesi (though he has sucked of late) with that Campos kid from the Pineda trade farther out.

    He has had trouble with RSux and Stankees in small sample (but still a red flag).

  26. EE is really impressive. Almost a .300 hitter, 9 steals, improved D (in a limited role). Hope Jays sign him during the break.

    • Just hope he can keep it up though. A part of me wants to say sell high, but he fits so well into our 1-2-3-4 lineup core, that I think he could help the Jays make a serious playoff run next year. (Assuming we sort out pitching and 1B)

      • Yeah, I’d kinda like to see him put together an entire season first. Tough to guess how much that would change EE’s asking price.

        • Although I guess over the past calendar year he has been pretty fucking consistent…so I don’t know…this make believe Internet arm chair baseball business is tough stuff!

      • EE’s last 8 months of OPS:

        June – .846
        July – .909
        Aug – .961
        Sept – .666

        Apr – 1.054
        May – .807
        June – .967
        July – .995

        That’s an average of .900 in little over a year’s of worth of AB’s.

    • From your lips to AA’s ears man. Will be seriously disappointed if he’s allowed to walk or is traded.

  27. Wow so typical. Jays pitchers start to pitch well and the bats go cold. Maybe they need to tell the hitters Ricky’s tightrope walk is only an inning away from disaster at any time so they need to score 5 runs pronto lol

  28. A bullpen is like a six shooter, you fire until it’s empty then take the gun and throw it at the villain.

  29. fuck off youk

  30. Game over

  31. what was Tabby saying about pitching around Youk? I mean, a base open…?

  32. Dear Lord, I didn’t need to see that.

  33. Piece of shit

  34. Ricky once again providing more fodder for next years: ‘Inches’ commercial.

  35. Fuck, no bunting here, please

  36. Nice. Fucking real Nice.

  37. let’s assume Ricky has a solid outing and compare him to Lind

    So we can say Lind has a history of being shitty so we remain skeptical about his recent decent outings. We don’t say Romero has a history of being pretty good so we are hopeful about his one decent outing – we say ‘it’s too small a sample size for us to know if he turned it around’. On one hand we point to past history but only when it serves to remain pessimistic about a player. On the other hand we ignore past history when it serves to remain pessimistic about a player. It is so easy to be pessimistic!

    • In both cases you’re talking about a small island of goodness in a sea of suckitude. It’s pretty hard to be optimistic in such a scenario, regardless of past history.

    • fuck what a bunch of assholes we are!

  38. You think Lawrie got benched for yelling “FUCK!” after his GIDP?

  39. Lind’s hit the ball well a couple of times tonight… This is a good sign for me…

  40. Escobar’s DP ground ball missed the glove. Nice of Davis to pick him up.

  41. Once again… Davis over Snider why? Yes, he’s a decent 4th OF but he has no business as a starting left fielder in baseball…

  42. Travis Snider, where are you?

  43. Why is Frasor in already?! Romero was having a decent outing, why not let him go for 8 innings? Save the bullpen arms for the real shitty starts that are a likely scenario

    • 105 pitches wasnt enough??

    • 105 pitches and it’s not like he was mowing them down. Worst thing would be to leave him in too long and have Chicago put up a 3 spot or something. This way Romero can maybe build some confidence back.

    • You know there’s a four day break after tomorrow, right?

  44. ok 105 pitches, didn’t take note of that, I digress

  45. what happened to Lawrie is he hurt?

    • He leave early. He flying out to Germany for Big Nose World Championship. He think he break my record pffft.

    • “lower back tightness” … knowing how the Jays deal with injuries he should be ready to go on a rehab assignment by early September.

  46. Not a bad start for Romero. Hopefully he gets some confidence back at least going forward.

  47. Back tightness Lawrie

  48. Those two starters the Jays are looking for are named Peavy and Floyd. Wouldn’t that be nice. LOL.

  49. WTF was that, fucking stupid


    Bautista deserves to be benched for a month for that.

  51. Now you just look like an idiot Bautista, you were clearly out… STOP IT.

  52. How can we expect Lawrie to learn when he’s got a “role model” like that? Just trade the fucking guy, we’re wasting him anyway.

  53. Wow

  54. That was awful just fucking terrible, no reason to try and take 3rd base there…whats the point so you can score on a sac fly?? Fuck what a game.

  55. Dull and shitty.

  56. To the tune of Star Spangled Banner:

    Jose can you see, By Dayan’s bad eyesight
    What so obviously was a gift, in the games last inning?
    Whose one run was unnecessary in this perilous fight
    O’er 2nd base you ran, we watched bad base running

  57. Bautista = TOOTBLAN

  58. The jays have to be the worst base running team in the majors. Just soooo many dumb mistakes. Their record in close games could be better w/o those mistakes. Farrell has got to be accountable for that. Today, Bautista is already guaranteed 2nd base so why risk it when you need baserunners and the tying run is at the plate? Just so fucking dumb. This fucking team finds ways to screw up even when they get breaks.

  59. Ugh 2 games in a row mental mistakes cost them. That’s easily been one of the biggest faults with this team this year. Time to bring in the shrink from The Natural.


    The mind is a strange thing. You must begin by asking it, what is losing? Losing is a disease… lol

  60. Bautista right ,what a fucking clown. This team makes me so angry. Our pitching finally gets it together for 2 games and we can’t put up any runs against Gavin fucking Floyd at Cellular Field? 1 run over 2 games? How in the fuck does that happen? Well 1 game below .500, last place and 10 games out of the division, 4 games out of the wild card with 7 (yes SEVEN) teams in front of them. There is no way in fuck they are coming close to a playoff spot. The dome will be empty again in August this year….but they sold more merchandise so, yay? Fuck you Paul Beeston

    • Oddly the losing dosn’t bother me anymore, I guess I gave up any real hope a few weeks ago. Now its back to the promise the prospects will bring, prioritizing the needs and engineering trades. Once you let go of the burden of winning, then the Jays are a fun team to watch. Most of this team will not be here when we win it all in 2016. AA get me a second baseman, not KJ (if you get any say in that)

  61. well I’m 0-2, hopefully they can pull out a win tomorrow. The food at the ballpark is amazing. Makes me sad.

    • Jinx : o )

    • Good food should never make you sad. Good luck tomorrow. Just to piss everyone off, try starting a wave.

      • Yeah I noticed the wave is non-existant here. Good on them. The good food makes me sad because we don’t have it. I mean it is unhealthy food, but even a nurse has to eat crap at the ballpark! On the other hand, our announcing and scoreboards are superior. Player stats have to compete with birthday wishes and lame shout-outs. And they dont announce line-up changes.

  62. Soooooo..looks like, as usual, we have our suck hole out in left field. Rajai davis, who had a very lucky transient spell of non suckitude, has settled back into his usual comfort zone of SUCK and as his OPS drops into the low to mid 600′s, abysmal for a LFer, we will begin to hear the calls for another SUCKY LFer, in the name of “fat boy on a diet, dont try it, I check your ass like a looter in a riot” Travis Snider.

    Seems as though he who sucks furthest away from being readily visible can indeed be thought to actually NOT suck. This is a big mistake but we will eventually see the historically SUCKY snider brought up as an alternative to the SUCK of Davis……tis better to suck with potential than to suck without it I guess.

    Which brings me back to my original point, why must our LFers just suck? shannon stewart, mench, wilkerson, snider, thames, davis,

    i dare say that last LF’er that did not suck were Frankie the Cat and Reed Johnson (vs lefties)

    • It’s “I’ll jack that ass, like a looter in a riot”, you fucking CLOWN. I’m from Buffalo.

  63. Just by watching the way Jose is carrying himself on the field this year, I think management better keep a close eye on his attitude as me may just turn into an ‘I want to go to a contender’ problem if things don’t progress in a timely manner. If things are lookin’ iffy for even 2013 as the beginning of this push into contention, he may come off the unmentionable list.

  64. Deck McGuire tonight:
    6 ip / 6 h / 2 er / 1 bb / 10 k. He’s thrown 92 pitches.

    10 k’s!!

    • Definitely one of his better starts of the year. When you see a start like that with these young guys I am always hoping something has suddenly clicked. Whether it’s a new pitch or arm angle, anything for them to dominate with. Hopefully he can string a few more good ones back together.

  65. Do people realize that in his age 39 seaon, one year before he retired, Babe Ruth had a 448 obp and slugged 537. his batting average was “only” 288.

    makes you wonder if such a season would have been regarded differently had advanced metrics been around at the time.

    Are those the numbers of someone who is “done?”

    The next season in only 92 PA, he was OPSing in the 790′s….not great, but shit… it was only 92 PA, who knows what would have happened had he given himself more time.

    From where I stand, the guy had a few good years left, but the ignorance at the time was that so much of your value was tied to stats like batting average and RBI.

    in fact a similar fate awaited satch paige…as he retired while still very effective, yet was saddled with a bad won / loss record. sure he was old, but he was still putting up strong peripherals..but alas, the ignorance of the time placed far too much emphasis on the old W/L record.

    • Tell AA to get on the phone immediatly and sart looking for 39 year olds with upside.

      • It’s going to take a while–he started at 49 year olds, and is working his way down. Talk about due diligence!

    • .366 wOBA in his last season with 6 bombs before he retired. Not too shabby.

      Although I imagine Bonds could’ve put up .270/.450/.550 in 2008 if he wasn’t blackballed, too.

  66. Different strategies and fundamentals then too.

  67. Jeez Bautista is turning into Poutista again. And I thought he’d stopped with that shit…

  68. I am so sick and tired of this joke of a GM and manager. Let’s look at how bad rajai has been month over month

    2012 ops’d over .800 one month

    2011 ops’d over .800 one month

    2010 ops’d over .800 one month

    that’s 3 months he’s hit well over 3 years. this team is not actually trying to win. alex intentionally has set this team up to fail so that he won’t have to spend any money in the offseason.

    • Team won’t last too long with that strategy. The fans are getting restless, they will have to shake things up in one way or another, or reap the percussions.

  69. The jays have now had 3 game losing streaks 8 times this season! Great job farrell.

  70. Honestly, for like 2 or 3 weeks now – I check MLBTR & DJF like 4 or 5 times a day hoping to see the headline “Jays acquire {Insert Starting Pitchers name here} in trade with {whatever team Starting Pitcher was on}” to no avail. For fucks sakes. We lost 3/5 of our starting rotation to injury. I understand Morrow is coming back – that’s 1/5. Villanueva & Laffey can account for the next 1/5. BUT THAT STILL LEAVES US 1/5 OF A STARTING PITCHER SHORT. I’m not saying we should go and get Garza, Greinke or Wandy. BUT FOR FUCKS SAKES OUR ROTATION IS IN SHAMBLES AND WE NEED AT LEAST 1 MORE FUCKING PITCHER THAT CAN GIVE US SOME DECENT INNINGS.

    Seriously, it’s the All Star break and we’re 3.5 out of the wild card. Let’s be honest here – The fucking OrioLOL’s think they have a shot at making the post season – why shouldn’t we?

    • Because even if we made the second wild card, the team isn’t strong enough to contest for the WS.
      The Jays need more than one pitcher to make a serious run at anything.
      Remember when they said there may more pain before a sustained run will be possible.
      This is it.
      A team with 7 rookies on it ( 3 in the starting rotation), at the beginning of the year, doesn’t have a realistic shot at the post season.
      2013 will show the Jays playing some meaningful games.
      Shit I’m commenting at 3AM again.

      • I don’t think the team should wait to be competitive until it thinks it can win a WS.

        Too many things can go wrong in any given “year to compete year”.

        Thet team has to maximize the use of the resources it currently has.

        Davis has been a 4th OF in the past & he should return to that role.

        Bring up Snider to see what he can do after the all star break.

        We need more pitching & Farrell has to learn not to put Cordero into high leverage spots.

        It’s my view that the Jays have to play well enough to stay in the wildcard race first.

        I doubt they can rocket up to a world series contender in the next 2 years.

      • Agreed.

    • I agree. The other thing I noticed is that there is a bunch of teams competing for the final wild card spot. Thus it’s harder to do trades during the season because no one wants to wave the white flag of not competing.

      It’s a new world out there. Jays fans may be used to waiting for next year since they are used to be out of a playoff race by early July.

      However, even the Orioles are in buy mode this year.

      This offseason will finally determine whether or not Rogers is serious about putting a playoff team together for 2013 & 2014.

      • Exactly!

        • Looking at the wildcard race now with 7 teams within 3.5 games of the wildcard lead, means that Farrell’s decison to throw away games with Lind batting cleanup, poor bullpen management, AA’s refusal to get a veteran starter etc…

          AA & Beeston must be upset that the extra wildcard race is so close.

          It will be harder for them to justify the annual, we can’t compete mantra that is the hallmark of Rogers Baseball operations.

          I hope the Orioles make the playoffs because it will embarrass Rogers into trying to put a competitive team on the field next year.

          • So you think it’s like a Major League scenario? Intentional sabotage?

          • I don’t think Rogers has been embarassed Oakville.
            Too many unknowns leading into the season,led to their decisions.
            Bautista had a power drop ,in the second half of last year,off that extended to the beginning of the season. Was this the beginning of the predicted regression?We now know the answer.
            Was Rasmus the player we seen last year and into April this year?No.
            Would Lawrie be able to play third after learning the position last year?Would he continue to hit or regress like Snider did?
            It’d be a different team if you answered the the question in the opposite way.We’d be takin about how do we trade Bautista,Rasmus and Lawrie,instead of praising them.
            I could provide more examples but you get the idea.

          • All teams have question marks Radar. The new CBA agreement takes away the key strengths of AA’s prospect hording managerial style.

            If his prospects don’t turn out at a much higher rate than other teams, the Jays won’t be a playoff team.

            AA has made some successful trades, but I suspect other GM’s may be a bit more reluctant to deal with him.

            The new CBA will benefit existing players. The Jays will have to spend more money on free agents & the cost to extend existing players will rise as well.

  71. Let’s see adam dunn hits .158 vs lefties, youk is .333 vs romero.

    Smoke fumes out of farrell’s ears as he contemplates this difficult decision.

    • According to Wilner,Dunn’s stats against Romero are almost identical to Youk’s.

      • According to wilner, coco is a good pitcher.

        dunn was 2/9 with 1hr vs romero and youk mashes lefties

        • I was regurgitating what Wilner said to a caller.
          I didn’t check the info myself.
          He’s a stats head so I figured he knew what he was talking about.
          Wilner seems to be better this year,on Jays talk, compared to previous years.
          He’s a smart guy and I wish him no ill will but did anyone catch him interviewing the 18 year old tennis player?
          Some of the most awkward interviewing I’ve heard in my life. I truly feel bad for the guy.I know he’s a baseball guy but the questions asked weren’t technical tennis questions.
          Sample:( paraphrased)
          Does it bother you, that you that the title is called the Girls Championship?
          ( Very quickly and curt answer) No.
          Just sad.

          • True. I also find it annoying that you have to answer Wilner’s question of the day before being allowed to talk about the Jays.

            Yesterday, you had to answer a straw man question about Romero before talking about Bautista’s dumb baserunning in the 9th inning.

            Wilner must be furious that they allowed Sam Cosentino to co host baseball central at noon with Dirk Hayhurst.

            Cosentino is so bad they don’t allow him near the baseball broadcasts anymore.

          • There’s no denying Wilner’s knowledge of the Jays and like I said he’s trying to be better. But his attempts at keeping the announcing outside of baseball ( plus his play by play) light and upbeat, just doesn’t seem to work.Noticed more and more dead air.
            I hope he gets better.
            BTW: Has anybody seen Ambrogio on air since the Romero incident?

          • Wilners arrogant prickish attitude pisses me off to no end.

  72. And the season is over. AA you cheap SOB!!! i might have to start a game or two!

  73. Snider is OPSing .761 over his last 10 games, and is currently being out-OPSed by the prodigiously talented Yan Gomes.

    Not sure he’s the saviour, and right now I’m not even sure he’d be a clear improvement over Rajai.

    AA is just doing what he said he was going to do all along, and that was to leave Snider at a level for an extended period of time so that he could lock-down his approach.

    I don’t think we’ve seen it yet, and to be fair he may still be recovering from his injury.

  74. Jaynie…

  75. No Lawrie today. If we’re assuming that at this point Rogers is looking for excuses to drop out of the race, an extended absence from him would certainly be a nice one.

    • Rogers is intentionally getting the team to lose because they’re really annoyed by the attendance and ratings increase they’ve seen this year.

      • …despite the fact that the team is no better W/L-wise than last year. Allowing them to reach the conclusion that it’s all about good marketing, swag, Team Unit, prospect porn etc. and a .500 team “with upside” is acceptable. Only a few of us actually care about them competing and with all the injuries we’ll be more than willing to give them a pass for another year.

        I didn’t say it was a good idea on their part. They should be active in the trade market one way or the other.

      • The old playoff format & traditional dominance of the red sox & yankees allowed the Jays to build a competitive team on a much slower pace.

        It also gave Rogers an excuse to say they can’t compete with the big boys. However, the Jays are being beaten by the Orioles, White Sox are ahead of schedule etc…

        AA has been given 2 years to clear out the deadwood & bad contracts etc.

        His draft picks are just beginning to show up in the mlb.

        The prospect hyping is getting funny with Farrell saying Dyson has” the best stuff” in the Jays system, yet no one mentioned him earlier this year.

    • Yup, cause without Lawrie,they’ll never win another game.
      Rogers wants Lawrie out of the line up to lower expectations,so the called Farrell and said “sit Lawrie”. And Farrell said “sure no problem”
      Jeez Ginger,give it a break.

  76. Just when I thought we couldn’t embarrass ourselves more than we already have the past few days.

  77. lol oh Rajai….

  78. Man, I thought that ball was caught.

  79. tater time

  80. Walk, Jack, Walk, Jack. Not a bad way to start an inning.


  82. There’s a very nice start sans Lawrie to say the least. The Jays know they owe Karen at least one victory while she’s in attendance lol

    Then again Cecil has yet to pitch…

  83. The disparity between our #1-4 and #5-9 hitters is rather evident today.

  84. the slugfest begins with the wind pushing the ball out out out outta here

  85. youk looks like a wobbly doll up there.wish i didnt have to see him anymore.he is annoying

  86. Come on Brett don’t give it all back in one inning now. Tease them a little you charmer.

  87. Tony Gose will be the GBOAT … Can you dig it, SUCKAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!?!?

  88. We can DFA Cecil any time now.

  89. LMFAO! Cecil, you’re a real beaut.

  90. One can only applaud the South Chicagoans for making the sound of their fireworks resemble the cadence of distant gunshots.

    • mmm gunpowder sounding like gunshots whod a thunk it? give americans credit, they defend their rights to the we take shit and like it. G20 anyone? hitler would be proud of that clusterfuck crowd control.just make up laws to the fools.hahaha pussies in the north

  91. 20=18 final sure seems likely.shitballers rejoice

  92. I set my phone to notify me when Lawrie (Davis today) is batting. I watch the top four hit and that’s it.

    The games are not bad that way.

    • sounds like you need some intestinal fortitude

      • Nah. Look at this way. I saw two bombs started watching net flicks. Got my alert and turned back. Said “Ah fuck you Cecil” and then Rasmus ripped a double. It’s awesome.

    • That’s pretty brilliant. What app do you use for that?

      • I got the Android MLB tracker and there was an option to send alerts for when various players, innings or other stuff happen.

        • i think you can do it with the score mobile app too… i just have it alert me for all scoring plays and final score when i’m at work.

          • I have that too and have it set up the same way, but it doesn’t do alerts for individual batters. Sounds like I need to get Android.

  93. whatever happened to the freezing in a spraycan ?did they ban it?

  94. where is grouchy and his hate for cletus? saying he couldnt hit.what a maroooooooon

  95. Momar Vizquel for player-manager of the blue jays in 2013!

  96. Well, that was a bad call, and the replay proved it… Yay umpires!

  97. …that wasn’t even close to going around.

  98. I’m sure JB’s histrionics will definitely reduce the number of bad calls like that in future, and not make the problem worse.

    I’d really like to see this guy wearing a different uniform coming off the break, but I know AA doesn’t have the stones to do it.

    • yeah. cause it really sucks having one of the top hitters in the game on your team.

      • He’s a great hitter, but his window is right now, and ours .. um .. isn’t.

        • well, if that’s your reasoning then why frame it as ‘this guy makes a scene when umpiries fuck up, toss him out with the trash at the break’? because that is certainly a stupid reason to make a move.

          • It’s possible to have more than one reason for making a move. I’ve been saying for a year that they should trade him. But the ump bullshit just makes it that much worse.

            Not to mention the Sportsnet interview where he seems to think they should go for it even though the entire starting rotation is injured or shitty. He’s going to ask for a trade this winter for sure, and we’ll have another Halladay situation where we lose leverage. Right now, there are tons of teams that want to buy—and rule #1 of business is that if you can be the seller in such a situation, you should.

          • Ginger.
            You’ve officially lost it.
            Halladay was traded because he was an upcomiing free agent and wouldn’t sign a contract, allowing the Jays to trade him for something instead of losing him for nothing.
            Bautista is under contract to 2015 with an option.
            The two situations are totally different.
            Don’t try and pull a BFF,twisting the facts and claiming it to be true.

          • If Bautista makes a huge stink about wanting to go to a contender, he’ll be traded too. Why would you keep somebody like that around if he doesn’t want to play for your team? Great hitter or not, that’s not a good clubhouse atmosphere to be developing young players and trying to build a winner.

            The longer we wait, the older he gets, the worse his attitude problem becomes, and the less time he’s under contract. All these things will affect the return.

            I would rather see him traded now, at a time when there are tons of would-be buyers and few sellers, than during the offseason, where there will be free agents and lots more trading activity.

            If that means I’ve lost it, then so be it.

    • As Radar said – Halladay was traded because he wouldn’t sign an extension, and had only one year left on his contract. The Jays were faced with ‘keep him on a subpar team and lose him for nothing’ or ‘trade him’.

      Bautista has another 4 1/2 years on his deal.

  99. Well don’t they usually rotate the umps around the bases? Maybe that was the third base ump getting back at Bautista for whining yesterday.

    • They rotate home-3rd-2nd-1st

      But they all see what’s going on. Piss off one and guaranteed you’re getting fucked tomorrow.

  100. This game is currently on pace to finish 21-15.

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