Game Threat: Jays @ White Sox

This is your game threat. Deal with it.

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  1. Is that Youkilis chap some kind of viking? Inquiring minds want to know.

  2. Buck and Tabby are making my ears bleed more than usual today.

  3. mathis is as good as jp or jp now

  4. Why do we even have JPA on this fucking team? Honestly. Mathis is superior in every conceivable metric.

    • this season, in extremely limited action, he has been slightly more reliable at the plate. over his career, he’s proven to be an absolute black hole at the plate. at least JPA has some potential yet to fill, and room for growth, where Mathis is likely a finished product.

    • This is a preview of the HR derby! Mathis & Johnson have HR’s

      8-3. Cecil better not screw this up.

      I don’t want Coco Cordero anywhere near this game.


    “Why do you care about their batting average, why would you want them on base anyway, they’re just going to clog up the bases” — ACTUAL QUOTE from Buck, on catchers

    I thought we just joked about people saying stuff that retarded!

  6. two and a half walks for bautista.

  7. anybody have the stats on mathis/jp games? wins/runs allowed and opposition hits per game

  8. God dammit Momar!

  9. Holy. Fucking. Shit.

  10. Yeah kick the water cooler tough guy!

  11. I dont mind if ANYONE else hits 3 Grand Slams for the White Sox,…Can you NOT just keep that fucker Rios OFF the bases?

  12. Well, this one’s over

  13. ive got a feeling we are going to see coco today

  14. Why Chavez? Why bring Chavez in?

  15. They’ve got FOUR days off after this!! There’s absolutely NO justification for Coco!

    • Using logic is illogical.

    • Coco time is loss time. Wilner will FAP when he blows the game. Jays lose 13-11.

      It’s important for the Jays to be 2 games under 500 at the all star break.

      Wilner will go into “they were never supposed to compete mode”

  16. For a second there I thought Cecil was going to cry leaving the dugout. Can’t say I’d have blamed him

  17. Cecil has really done nothing to show that he’s overcome his velocity drop in his return.

    Maybe he figures shit out, but he looks like the 7th or 8th option on a starting staff to me.

  18. I think Buck would do well getting a gig on the Travel Channel.

  19. I don’t remember the last time we had someone who could steal 3rd as automatically as Davis can. It’s awesome though.

    • He can turn a game around with that talent. I think they’ll be shopping him though and bringing up Gose.

  20. Wow i take the dog out and when i come back it’s a one run lead (ok two now) . Come on Brett i was teasing you earlier about letting them score more today.

  21. CoCo! CoCo!

  22. lol dumb ushers should know better.

  23. How was Bautista’s hit fair?

  24. I like how they are advertising “Booster Juice” behind hope plate.

  25. And that’s the way you answer a rally !! Well done Lind-a!

  26. well something definitely happened to lind when he was sent down to AAA.dont know if its mechanics or he just woke up.

  27. Silly Adam.

  28. And the Jays runners take pity on the opposing team once again.

  29. Dunno if Lind was asleep on that or they made the right decision and left him on 2B.

  30. Over/under of 3.5 on the amount of runs the jays pen allows from this point on? One run allowed in the 6th. I am calling over.

  31. coco is coming for sure. here s to the 20 – 18 score

  32. Man, how frustrating must it be to be a position player on this team? Playoff caliber offence and defense, but the pitching (on average) is just atrocious. As a fan, it’s still encouraging as you can see the team starting to round into shape to compete, but to be a position player for this season must be agonizing.

    • Agreed. Team is on pace for 800 runs & will still be a .500 team.

    • You’ve got a point for sure, but this offense isn’t as great as they look sometimes. They mash against mediocre pitchers, but they also get completely shut down regularly by good pitchers. The void space in the last 3 or 4 batters in the order is a yawning abyss, and the fielding part of the defense is not absolutely top grade either. Getting a standout in LF would help both these problems, hmmm…

      That said, the obvious #1 problem with this team is the damn pitching. You’re totally right about that.

  33. So men on 2nd and 3rd..two out..and third out is EE out at home per game day? how did that happen?

  34. i still think kj should move up on the plate like rasmus.same swing

  35. Maybe Cecil should look into that book Laffey read to help adjust his mental game and focus. A road to becoming a finesse pitcher would be long and arduous, but keeping the ball low and off the plate is the key.

  36. So CoCo is coming in, yes?

  37. Fucking Rios

  38. Another TJ coming up

  39. Rios on the whole ended up being a great pick up for the White Sox considering they didn’t give up much to get him. He’s on pace to log 8 fWAR over his first three years. Of course the benefits to the Jays were also pretty good.

    • What’s funny about Rios being DFA’d in August 2009 was that it gave Bautista a full time job in Right Field & he started to hit 10HR’s in September 2009.

      Without Rios leaving the team does Jose get a full time job?

      • That was one of the benefits I was thinking off. In addition to that is the money they saved so AA had extra for the 2010 and 2011 drafts.

      • Great point, oakville.

        • Although, knowing it’s irrational for the reason given above re:Bautista, how great would a Rios/Rasmus/Bautista outfield look this year?

          Of course, even with that they’d probably just lose a lot of 12-11 games right now.

  40. Fuck not the elbow… Please not the elbow

  41. ugh!

  42. WTF is the organist playing Hey Hey Goodbye for an injury to a pitcher?

    Chicago: Home of the Classless Fucktards

  43. I wanted CoCo

  44. Well, I don’t see how we’re supposed to finish in fourth this season without Perez. This franchise is a disgrace. They should move to Oklahoma City,

    • Man, that AA is such a terrible GM, because he couldn’t stop our entire pitching staff from blowing their elbows out. We should fire him.

  45. Did the Chicago organist play “Kiss Him Goodbye” when Perez left with an injury? Poor form!

  46. Jeff Mathis is such a good catcher… fucking trade JPA’s worthless ass.

    • He’s only worthless if he cant bring back something good in a trade. I’ll take my chances on D’Arnaud (when he’s healthy) and Mathis (or a decent lefty catcher)

  47. Thank you Sausage King of Chicago.

  48. Yes, Jason Frasor is on our team, but every time he’s out there I wish baseball had a pitch clock.

  49. Darren Oliver has pitchability. Well there you go, no need show any fancy graphics or stats.

  50. That was all Mathis…perfect frame. The guy was a steal.

  51. That ump is fucking terrible

  52. Should have left Oliver in to finish the 8th.

  53. Well if that wasnt the MOST satisfying out of the game…NA-Na-GOODBYE RIOS!!

  54. wow my farts stink

  55. Gose just made a sick catch in the futures game

  56. first time jansen is being used more than 1 inning.hope it doesnt fuck him up

  57. he’s got 4 days off after this…

  58. Fuck that was EASY!!

  59. Cecil is bad, guys.

  60. If LAA hangs on to beat the Os, the Jays go into the break 2.5 games out of the playoffs. After all the ridiculous shit we’ve seen in the first half of this year.

    I don’t see how this team makes the playoffs with this pitching staff, but thank God for the 2nd WC.

    • yes it has really changed things. although given:

      1) the pitching situation/injuries
      2) number of teams to leap
      3) 2nd half sched

      the Jays chances of making the play in game has to be quite low.

      • Oh yeah. I don’t see it happening barring a miracle, or huge trade. But even so, it keeps things feeling far more wide open than they’ve felt in years. Or maybe ever, frankly.

  61. Gose laid out for a nice diving catch in the Futures Game, also singled and scored so far -

  62. That was a fun game to be at, lots of action and weird stuff happening. Love this ballpark, and the fans were pretty good to us.

    Youkilis is staying at our hotel.

  63. Is there a Mercy Rule is the futures game?

  64. Noticed Syndergaard went 6 innings for the first time this season. Not sure if that was a function of him getting through the innings with his regular pitch count or with them increasing it. In his last five starts he’s gone:

    25IP 15H 3ER 5BB 29K 0.80 WHIP 1.08ERA

    Have to watch the other guys and see if they get a bump in their innings from here on out. Then again Syndergaard only pitched 59 innings last year. Wonder if they’ll him get to 110-120 this year. That could then get him to roughly 140-150 or so for Dunedin/New Hampshire next year and roughly 180 if he’s ready for the big leagues in 2014. Then again they let Hutchison go from 68 innings in Lansing in 2010 to 149 innings in 2011.

    I suppose we’ll have to wait and see how aggressive the Jays end up being with these guys. Alvarez followed a path similar to the one I projected for Syndergaard when he threw 124 innings at Lansing in 2009.

    I wonder how much pressure management is going to be under starting next year to try and catch some of the pitching depth up with great offense we have now. Obviously, it would be a rare thing for them to replicate what they did with Alvarez in 2011 but if they as talented as they say they are it really makes no difference where they pitch the innings I suppose, especially if the stuff and skill is there.

    I guess we’ll have a clearer read after the deadline if AA manages to land his whale or not.

    As for those saying it`s too fast, there`s good examples in Greinke and Kershaw who both a little over half a season in the majors at 20 and then full seasons at 21. Not saying any of Lansing trio are going to be as good as those two but it`s been done. If AA`s budget is still under pressure from the peons at Rogers it could be a very nice chip for AA to use in his roster construction for late 2013 or 2014.

  65. wow. Gose fuckin LOVES saying “yknow”… it’s almost of Iverson-”practice” calibre

  66. Have you ever had REALLY good cream cheese?

  67. It seems to me that what the Jays could really use is a “true ace.”

    To come up with an unbiased list of “true aces” I simply used the WAR leaderboards from 2008 to 2012; eliminated anyone who was not at least half as valuable as Halladay (rookies and the like exempt); eliminated anyone who did not have any single season WAR above 6.0 in that timeframe, and included anyone with a single season WAR above 7.5 (or on pace for). This leads to the below list:

    Roy Halladay (31.2)
    Cliff Lee (30.1)
    CC Sabathia (29.2)
    Justin Verlander (28.9)
    Zach Greinke
    Tim Lincecum
    Felix Hernandez
    Dan Haren
    Jon Lester
    Jered Weaver
    Ubaldo Jimenez
    Clayton Kershaw
    Josh Johnson
    Adam Wainwright

    Just Missing: Carpenter, Dempster, Beckett

    One could presumably add Strasburg to this list, so this gives us a list of 15 true aces in baseball. Who could the Jays acquire?

    Untouchable: Almost the entire list.
    Probably Untouchable: Hernandez–Mariners said they’re not discussing it and believe he’ll resign. Little reason to doubt them right now.
    Wainwright, Lincecum–First terrible seasons in their careers, unlikely their teams would give up on them so soon.
    Potentially Available: Halladay, Lee–if the Phillies decide to blow it all up, either of these aces could be had. That said it’s doubtful that decision gets made till the offseason at the earliest, possibly next trade deadline.
    Jimenez, Johnson–neither of these pitchers have been great in a while. The same reason they could potentially be available is the same reason we may not want them–they may be off this list next season.
    Available: Grienke–free agent rental; can he be signed to an extension?

    Therefore, the only available ace is Grienke. He may be mildly expensive, and he probably won’t sign an extension, and as such it’s doubtful AA trades for him.

    If we include the honorable mention list, then it would seem that Dempster is the only realistic play for us, if he comes cheap. He is kinda old, and he’s a rental, but there’s the possibility the Cubs give him away for a B prospect.

    • The problem is that every fucking team is trying to acquire a “true ace” — even those that have them already. It is not simply a matter of walking into the “Ace” store and picking them up.

      Right now you have the Rangers, White Sox, Orioles, Red Sox, Yankees… and I’m sure I’m missing others — desperate for pitching at the year’s deadline. AA employs a strategy where he values a player, and refuses to overpay for that player. This strategy is pretty logical. The problem is, he’s going against people who may be illogical. Is it logical to pay $100 million+ for Yu Darvish, even though he has never thrown an inning in the big leagues? Is it logical to spend 100+ million and multiple years really on any pitcher, knowing the ridiculous risks involved in allocating that many resources on a player who plays a position that a) plays only once every 5 days b) are frequently injured?

      All it takes is one idiot GM/Team to be willing to pay 200+ million over 9 years for Prince Fielder, and he’s out of the Jays’ reach. I don’t know what the answer is, I just know that it is absolutely frustrating as hell to see players placed far out of the reach of the Jays. I mean, even a small market team like the Reds are giving out 200+ million to Votto.

      But I digress. I think Hernandez may be had but for a King’s Ransom. He’s velocity is down and he hasn’t been as sharp this year. He’s a fan favourite so you know that the Mariners are going to take a lot of shit if they trade him away. However, they are pretty damn robust in pitching prospects — which is the Jays’ strength. Some sort of 3-way deal may be worked out.

      There is no point in trading for Cliff Lee. His contract is massive. If the Jays’ wanted to take on that much salary, you would end up seeing them sign Greinke or Hamels at the end of the year — even if it means an overpay to get them to play in Toronto. Why give up a shit-ton of prospects in addition to taking on salary? Jimenez is crap, Johnson is ok. Wainwright is going to have control issues coming off of TJ. Lincecum may be hiding an injury. Dempster has stated many times that he wants to stay with the Cubs. Trading for Dempster is a small rental and he probably goes back to playing for Chicago at the years’ end rather than opting to extend with the Jays. Not to mention he’s pretty old. His numbers are good — but for the NL Central. Who knows how that will end up translating in the AL East?

      The reality of the situation is that there are holes all over the roster. One “true ace” isn’t going to fix our problems. We talk about how great the Jays’ offense is, but we’re describing it in Runs Scored. We’ve had a number of blow-outs that went our way as well as slugfests. These games have artificially inflated those numbers. That graph that gets floated around talking about overall team wRC+ shows the Jays’ as being a slightly below average team offense-wise. Just in recent memory the Jays have been completely shut down by Hochevar, Buehrle, Peavy (and don’t give me shit about how good he’s been this year — he definitely was not “on his game” during that July outing) and Floyd. The Jays need at least one big bat.

      David Ortiz could solve this problem. But are we willing to pay the 2years/25-30 million it would take to acquire him? D’Arnaud may be making his appearance next year, but I’m sure there will be growing pains. EE will probably get extended and continue to play first base, but KJ is going to walk. Is Snider going to get anywhere close to his ceiling? Can he stay healthy?

      There are a lot of questions that need to be answered if we’re serious about competing next year. I think AA is reluctant to trade any of the Lansing rotation because he knows the risks involved with developing pitchers. He may only get one pitcher out of that bunch . Which one may McGowan on him? Which one is the next Drabek? He’ll be constantly kicking himself if he trades the one pitcher that ends up working out at the big league level. Of course this is just speculation ;p

      As lovely as it would be to see the Jays’ pick up Greinke or Hamels, it probably isn’t happening. The more likely scenario is a trade comes out of the woodwork for someone we had no idea was available that probably falls in as a #3-5 starter. Who knows, maybe Jenkins/McGuire show significant improvement in the latter half of the year and are serviceable next season. It would be nice to get Alvarez down into the minors to see whether or not he can develop an out-pitch — otherwise he’s probably designated to the bullpen.

      • Well see that was my point–while I still believe the Jays “need” a true ace (as a true ace would allow all are other starters to pitch in better spots for them–Morrow is an okay no. 1, but an amazing no. 2; Romero would be great in the no. 3 spot if he gets himself fixed; etc.), there aren’t any true aces that are realistically available. Only Greinke and Dempster are likely to get traded this deadline, and unless they’re almost free (and they won’t be, depending on the price for Dempster) it won’t be worth it to Toronto.

        This would suggest that Toronto either has to pick one up in free agency (would be surprising, but nice), or develop one of its own.

        And knowing this, I think the best plan is for AA to stand pat (barring another Rasmus falling into his lap) and just wait for the farm to get here. Which may be sooner than we think.

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