As Parkes so eloquently put it– albeit not quite in so few words– in today’s URL Weaver at Getting Blanked, shitting all over Major League Baseball’s annual All-Star Game has become as tiring an exercise as the game itself (though I’m pretty it can’t yet possibly reach the tiring heights of tonight’s impossibly insufferable Home Run Derby).

Sure, I suppose there are still people– and companies– who value the All-Star Game as a showcase event and as a means to entice casual fans to draw a greater connection with the game’s biggest stars, and all that noise. And it’s undeniable that those of us within the blogging and twittering universe could stand occasionally taking a step back and realizing what a mind-blowingly vast and different-thinking world is out there, and how insulated we can get from it inside our little cocoon.

But at the same time… so what?

We’re right, and I’m full-on prepared to get in on the ground floor of backlash against the backlash against acting like you’re way too cool for the All-Star Game. Because the All-Star Game is virtually unwatchable unless you’re blind drunk, eleven years old, or both. And until they start starting playoff games early enough to not end at 1:30 AM in the east, I don’t need to sit here and pretend for them that MLB actually gives damn about marketing its product to kids.

So, I certainly don’t feel like it’s dereliction duty to tell you that I don’t care about the game, I’m probably not going to watch the game, and I felt no pangs of sorrow when my employers very generously suggested that, with no Jays action between yesterday’s finale in Chicago and Friday’s second-half opener against the Clevelands, I might as well not worry about coming into the office this week.

I don’t wish for anyone to not enjoy the game, and I’m sure it will be a nice party for those going down to provide literally the same coverage as everybody else, but I’d much sooner just put my feet up and not pretend that I, or anyone else, ought to give a shit.

Besides, with the trade deadline upcoming, all sorts of interesting names on the market, and Alex Anthopoulos having all kids of prospect capital at his disposal– and not needing to worry as much about convincing players to come here as he might for free agents– there will be plenty to talk about that’s actually, y’know, interesting.


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  1. Fuck off, Parkes.

    • Stoeten says to Parkes.
      So no regular season games = no game threats
      No trades or rumors to post.
      No Layin down the Law or other link dumps.
      No content to post. Nothing to podcast.No GB episodes.
      Just the All Star Game.
      How are we gonna generate any pageviews?Hell they don’t even need me to come to the office.
      Need those pageviews.Need those pageviews.Hmmmm.
      Got any ideas?
      Just one.
      Good, we’ll both go with it.

  2. I would like to donate my All-Star viewing time to one lucky starving Ethiopian child who just isn’t fortunate enough to have cable or even satellite coverage. Its the least that I can do.

  3. I still watch and enjoy every year and I’m 25. I understand that it’s not that competitive etc. but at the end of the day the best pitchers in baseball are still trying to get out the best hitters in baseball, and to me that’s still fun to watch.

    I think part of the appeal to me is that baseball’s all-star game is the only one that can still be played at a high level. I.E. you don’t have to worry about hurting anyone with physical plays except for hard slides to second, and collisions at home, which to me don’t detract from the game when they’re not there in the all-star game.

    I don’t have MLBtv or anything like that, so any opportunity to see Andrew McCutcheon, or Bryce Harper or R.A. Dickey is a welcome thing, no matter how insignificant the circumstance.

    • except instead of seeing the best pitchers face the best hitters.. you witness the best pitchers face the most popular hitters

      • Yep, McCutcheon, Bautista, Votto, Trumbo, Asdrubal Cabrera, Konerko, Jones, Trout, Braun, Ruiz, Wright and Harper aren’t the best hitters, those guys are all in for no other reason than they’re popular. Give your head a shake.

  4. But you get the watch Jeter, Cano, Granderson and CC all play on the same team!.. oh wait…

    I think you hit it on the head with the targeted demographic though..11 year old drunks (evident by the Don Julio sponsorship)

  5. The All-Star game would be infinitely better if they got rid of the 45-minute pregame bullshit, where some lesbian native performs “God Bless America” in sign language after a 20-minute video of players’ charity work is shown…in sign language.

  6. More importantly, who else plans on heading to Opera Bob’s tomorrow to pound back a few?

  7. Also, this was a pretty long post for someone who doesn’t care.

    • Right, because that’s the entirety of what I said and you don’t at all need to piss off.

      • Stoeten is probably writing the first draft of “I don’t care that Bautista won the derby”

        • Not only doesn’t care, it doesn’t matter. And anybody that cares isn’t as cool as me.
          But I’ll write a post about how I don’t care and everybody else is a child.I tell you. A CHILD. Somebody pay attention to me.Look at me over here.What I say is important.My readership demands it. They love me.Dammit.

  8. The game is a wank probably 85% of the time, but any baseball is better than no baseball. Plus, that 15% of the time when it’s compelling (i.e. Pedro’s dominance in 1999, Ripkin’s HR in 2001), it’s really compelling. It seems that the talent is very watered down in recent years, but perhaps it always was and I’m just now becoming cynical enough to realize it.

    Basically, watch it or don’t watch it, but don’t pretend like it’s a virtue to not watch.

    • Was I?

      • “…unwatchable unless you’re blind drunk, 11 years old , or both” is pretty damning, regardless of how soft the language in the rest of the post was. The undertone that I get from Parkes’ earlier post and this one (moreso from Parkes, because I do see that you’ve tried to avoid that) is that knowledgeable fans don’t/shouldn’t care about the ASG.

    • Also I spelled Ripken wrong because I am an idiot.

  9. Meh. All-Star games are just sponsorship gimmicks that I’ll refuse to ever care about.

    Actually, that’s about all you should have typed, Stoeten.

  10. I enjoy the homerun derby, just for pure entertainment value of watching the best hitters in the game have a bp competition. No point in hating on the all star game, every sport has one and it’s nice to see the best players take the field together. I would expect nothing less than this typical hipster attitude from you though.

  11. when did the hipster attitude become so intertwined with baseball..

    ughh this all star game is so not cool, anyone who watches it is ignorant and counts rbi’s and batting average as real stats.

    its only bullshit, if you take it as more as its supposed to be. Players need a few days away, they have a break, and the best ones get to take their families and have a fun game while they showcase their personalities and talents to those who are watching.

    just get off your high horses and get over yourselves, please. if you and parkes really feel the need to shoot down people in order to feel that you are that much better at baseball then everyone, well thats kinda sad isn’t it.

  12. How far we’ve come – from a game to draw maximum revenue for players pension plans, to a game to draw maximum exposure for corporate advertisers. To be honest, I see no reason that any player would want to show up – risk injury, miss well-deserved vacation/family time, and all for the benefit of corporate sponsors.

  13. I’m nervous about JB hitting in the home run derby … last year by Aug 17 we were discussing his “slump” which only lasted into May this year here is what I said at that time and I think it still is problematic:

    “Let me go at the home run derby as cause from a different angle … He says he doesn’t try to hit home runs. That’s his approach, so he should NEVER enter a home run derby. He started there taking a lot of pitches just like he always does, but that looks goofy in a home run derby … if memory serves, the “pitcher” was having trouble getting them in there in the sweet spot, as well. So he didn’t just do poorly, he didn’t feel good about the experience and probably in some hidden corner of his psyche felt he not only failed, but let down his team and fans, which is much worse. I’m going to argue that that changed his psychology more than his batting approach and the sum of these things is what he has been and probably will work his way out of. But, really, fuck the home run derby! He was already hitting home runs better than any of the rest of them in REAL action.”

    So there’s that.

    • The home run derby isn’t all that different from parts of batting practice. It’s not the reason guys will hit more or less home runs after the all-star break.

    • True story. JB slumped after the HR Derby and just started playing well again this June. Be prepared for it again.

  14. So no posts this week? Or only in the event of something significant?

  15. God! Your personal opinion on the all-star game is completely wrong! How dare you write such insignificant inoffensive drivel! RAGE!


    I’ve explained this for the benefit of those taking things way too seriously.

  16. i believe wednesday and thursday are the only 2 days in the year when there are no games in any of the 4 major sports leagues (mlb, nba, nfl, nhl). hopefully AA pulls off a blockbuster during that time but i’m not holding my breath.

  17. I like watching the stars of baseball play intense real baseball but once a year it’s fun to watch them play playful exhibition baseball. I don’t mind watching the all-star game or homerun derby although it can definitely degenerate into a more of a drinking experience than a baseball experience.

  18. I don’t like the allstar game either. If a guy has a baseball blog that I like to read, I certainly am not gonna knock him for sharing his opinion. It seems to me that there is a certain kind of spelling-error-correcting-who–is-”arenceba”-kind-of-douche- that is gonna bitch about every single post, no matter the content.

  19. Hey Stoeten I have a question for you: I have been agreeing with much of what you are/have been saying about how the Jays are not in a good position to chuck a bunch of prospects at a team in order to get immediate help. THat being said, I was listening to Bob Mcgowen (well he was talking and I heard him) and he was talking about some of the players being kinda pissed at management for not bringing them a few decent pitchers when they have best hitting team in the world. Comments?

    • Just Bautista, positioning himself to get traded to a contender. Romero would probably be saying the same if he weren’t shitting the bed so hard, but “lucky” for us right now the Jays are the only team who would want him.

      • He’s not going to get traded. Watching him top the HR charts is about all that Jays’ fans can hope for. If Rogers Baseball Operations wants to stay at a peak level of profit maximization, they cannot afford to lose one of their biggest draws.

      • you’re a fucking idiot.

        • Which idiot are you referring to?

          • Ginger Campbell is the idiot. It helps to view the desktop version of this site where you can line up responses below the comments to which they are responding. If a comment is one indentation in from another, that is the comment to which it is responding.

    • I heard that as well. It’s Mccowan’s new theory that AA doesn’t have to worry about fans complaining about the lack of a competitive team but people in the clubhouse like Bautista & Romero.

      I suspect that Bautista & Romero have a lot more influence on the clubhouse than Wells or Halladay ever did.

      Thus, if Bautista gets fed up & decides he wants to win before Rogers agrees that “it is time to compete”, it could blow up in AA’s face.

      Bautista is a feisty guy & I wonder if he would go to AA quietly & say he wants out or would he do it publicly???

      On the other hand, this could be a brilliant move by AA & Bautista playing good cop & Bad cop.

      Bautista plays “bad cop” & wants to put pressure on management to compete.

      AA calls up Rogers & says he needs money in the offseason to compete for a playoff spot in 2013?

      • he could say it all he wants… he’s under contract until 2015. I personally am happy to hear players saying that they want to compete, and that they think they’re ready. It’s refreshing to see that kind of passion and will to win out of a Toronto athlete.
        That being said, I have about as much faith in Bob McCowan’s theories on baseball as I do in Damien Cox’s… they’re just trolling for pissed off listeners until hockey season starts again and they can go after Leaf fans.

        • Of course players are under contract, but that didn’t stop Rolen from requesting a trade in 2009 when he had a contract for 2010.

          Halladay made it clear he wouldn’t resign another extension.

          Would AA want a sulking Bautista in the clubhouse ??

          I am sure thefanboys would fap at losing Bautista for a few moregolden prospects ..

          Pretty sure Wilner wanted Randy Ruiz to get full time at bats rather than Bautista.

          Parkes wanted to get comp picks for Bautista.

          I can’t remember Stoeten’s position.

          Anyone? Anyone?

  20. Perez to join Drabek for surgery. Torn UCL. Sadly another one bites the dust.

    Shi Davidi ‏@ShiDavidi

    Jays reliever Luis Perez has torn UCL in left elbow, done for year, says source:

    • I’d guess we’ve seen him throw his last pitch for the Jays, if not for AA’s fondness for signing guys whose careers are over to multi-year extensions. This injury might actually give him job security for life.

    • This is all bad luck guys. Nothing to do with the Jays as an organization.

    • The bad thing is most of these pitchers will miss a good portion of next year also. Every time a pitcher goes down with the need of TJ surgery, the more bleak 2013 becomes IMO.

    • O no! Now we can’t completely blow close games by allowing five consecutive doubles. I don’t know the exact stats, but I bet if you counted all the runs Perez allowed to score that he inherited, he’d be in the bottom half of our relievers. Good riddance as far as I’m concerned (from a baseball, not personal angle obviously – hope he gets well).

  21. Insufferable. ’nuff said.

  22. Geeze Louise, if you’re so bored with the ASG then why even write this pointless post about how tiring it is to do so? Compared to other pro sports’ ASGs, the MLB version is actually mildly entertaining and like it or not (and I don’t) it has actual meaning regarding the World Series. If it takes a few extra beers to get yourself near a TV tomorrow, you should probably watch so you can give us a humorous commentary Wednesday afternoon, after your well-deserved sleep-in.
    Otherwise keep up the great work here!

  23. Most memorable All-star moment was Rose taking out Fosse at home. They don’t play like that anymore….too bad

  24. So does this mean we’re not getting a home run derby live blog?

  25. I’m gonna lay it out for you. Stoeten and Parkes: you are assholes.

    It’s ok. 90% of the guys I know are assholes. At least you’re the funny kind.

    You’re particular brand of baseball-snob assholery is quite entertaining: you ridicule your readers, mock anyone who doesn’t enjoy baseball in the same way you do, curse a lot, and come up with some pretty great one-liners. Good stuff! But you are assholes nonetheless.

    Do not be surprised or offended when your readers call you out on your pretentious hipster assholery. Be proud! Stand tall! You are an asshole!

    • This is funny. I think they teach this strategy in media school. If you are a talk show host or newspaper columnist you need to get your listeners or readers sufficiently upset at you that they come back for more.

      In the USA, Howard Stern is very popular for bashing some of his callers.

      Wilner likes to make fun of his listeners when they make mistakes on the air etc..

      Controversial talk show hosts or bloggers are entertaining.

      However, if the attacks are mean spirited it turns people off.

      I do think that the MLB All Star Game is taken more seriously by players than the other professional leagues.

      • Actually, radio hosts will stake a position that is to one degree or another but they remain strong in the position. The degree is not always extreme (depends on the show), but it is never in the middle of an argument.

        Stoeten is not doing that, and I can tell because I agree with 98% of what he says, and that never happens when I listen to the radio. He is an impatient mother fucker with his readers (or commenters to be specific) which is neither here nor there for me, as I do not, and most of his readers probably do not, come here to watch the bickering.

  26. Kinda changing gears here, but I just found appreciating the size of the enormous weight the Yankees have around their necks in the next five years in the name of Alex Rodriguez. He’s currently 11th among third basemen in WAR, 7th in wRC+ and turns 37 in three weeks.

    He’s also getting paged an average of $23M/yr from 2013-2017. That’s a little north of 10% of the luxury tax threshold (which they’ve at least said they intend to stay below) that they are highly likely to have tied up in A-Rod as he declines from great (a couple years ago) to good (now) to indistiguishable from a piece of shit (say 2-3 years).

    Now, obviously that doesn’t mean the Yanks can’t still build a good team – but, well, if I’m taking the long view a la Stoeten, third base for the Yankees is a big, expensive question mark, and, well, if there’s any one player for whom I’ll cheer their decline, it’s A-Rod.

    • Urg.. “found myself appreciating” and “getting paid an average”

    • AAAAAND, the yankees could give a shit. that salary will not effect their pursuit of talented free agents. that is the thing about private ownership. they dont have to do the “fiscally sound” thing . Now that doesn’t mean spending more guarantees more wins, but it helps being able to eat such a salary when the next big name that can fill a need comes around.

      • Except it’s been widely reported that Cashman has been informed he can’t go into the Luxury Tax again, so…

  27. I posted this on the getting blanked post as well but I think it bears repeating. Yes the all star game is fluffy bullshit that no one cares about at even the little consequence that it does have most educated people think it shouldn’t have. We all know this but what I’m curious about is what part of baseball is not like this. Every baseball game has some pageantry to it and in every game the fans and announcers get more excited for a home run than a walk or whatever. Baseball is a business and it advertises any way it can including the game itself. The all star game is certainly the most blatant or or an actual baseball game being used as advertising for baseball as a brand but I feel like this is present in pretty much every game. A good example of the sort of thing I’m thinking of is hockey changing it’s rules to make flashier faster skating skilled players more effective because it thinks this is the kind of thing people want to see, the more they see of it the more hockey they will watch. Where is this in baseball? What are the parts of the average baseball game that are interesting and valid to watch on their own and what are the parts that are manufactured and fake like the NHL manufacturing of it’s leagues emphasis on skill and speed?

    • I follow baseball in Asia (Korea, Japan) from time to time and aside from the game itself what I notice the most are how the players are basically walking billboards. In comparison, the MLB is being subtle.

    • I’m gonna go ahead and say that very little of a baseball game is manufactured and fake because its basically played the same fucking way as it was in the Civil War. What are you even talking about?

  28. Whaddaya talkin about ASG is awesome!
    Wonder when the Rogers Centre will ever host one.

  29. it’s really nice that alex sees no pattern with these injuries. no need to change anything. just chalk it all up to bad luck

    • what, you mean that athletes performing the most violent motion in sports injure the part of their anatomy that is most effected by said motion? Call the fucking cops, there’s a conspiracy out there!

    • The stupidest dipshits on the Internet are those who pretend to know things they don’t. Like pretending they know that pitching injuries are caused by the training staff.

  30. LOL, left field spectators are having a heck of time with Joey Bats.

  31. I think Stoeten should should just delete this fucking post after that show Bats just put on. I love watching this shit!

  32. Jered Weaver is almost certainly drinking out of his triple-stacked Gatorade cups, right?

  33. Maybe we can add some real pre game excitment by getting the acuarial sceintists who love grinding down this fine game of baseball to pontificate, by means of pedictictive analytics, as to who win the Allstar event this year. Hey, here’s a question, will JP’s BABIP go up during the HR derby, in comparison to his season average?

  34. Well this is interesting. In an interview today Carlos Beltran denied the Jays even offered him a contract.

    • That’s very interesting. Rogers played the same game with Darvish saying they made a bid but it turns out the bid was not even close & that AA had no intention of making a winning bid.

      Was AA’s offer for Beltran so low that his agent wouldn’t present it to him?

      I am not sure about agent’s responsibilities, but if AA made a lowball bid for Beltran would Beltran’s agent present the offer to him.??

      The plot thickens!

    • Not shocking at all. The real reason AA doesn’t deny anything is that this way it at least appears that he might occasionally be in on a player. In reality, he never is because there’s no money. It’s funny how the fanboys took the Jays’ supposed pursuit of Beltran (some even said we offered him the most money) as fact for so long. I never believed we were in on him. Rogers would rather have Thames in LF for $400K. Next year it will be Snider for the league minimum, even if he’s worse than Thames.

      • That’s a good point. It does suit the Jays to pretend to be in on every player. However the Darvish fiasco backfired on Rogers.

        Did AA ever confirm he offered an above market contract to Beltran??

        It could be that if you include option years, AA’s offer was superior but it wouldn’t be guaranteed money.

      • Here’s the post from Shi Davidi. If you read it carefully, AA never said he offered Beltran more money than other teams. It seems that Beltran wanted to be a full time LF whereas the Jays wanted him as a part time DH??

        “The Blue Jays were interested, they never made an offer,” Beltran said during Monday’s all-star media day. “They were interested for me to go there but we didn’t talk about term or years or money, or anything like that. There were other teams also; Cleveland was there, Tampa was there. San Francisco. I was willing to consider them but they never called.

        “It was a tough decision for me because at the end of the day I was thinking about an American League team, having the opportunity to DH once in a while, but at the same time, I felt healthy so I’m like, ‘Man, I just want to play in the outfield, I don’t feel like I’m a DH right now.’

        “So a lot of teams from the American League wanted me to DH for the most part and I wasn’t willing to do that.”

        Back in January during the Blue Jays’ annual state of the franchise event for season-ticket holders, general manager Alex Anthopoulos responded to a fan’s question about Beltran by hinting that his refusal to DH and play on turf prevented a deal.

        “I know that we were linked to him and so on, but with a lot of players, at times, some of them don’t want to play on turf at no matter what money,” Anthopoulos said at the time. “Some of them don’t want to DH no matter what money, and some of them have health concerns from a medical staff that the club may feel they have to DH, and if they have to DH they’re unwilling to sign no matter what the dollars are, considering they’ve made a lot of money in their career. And some don’t want to change leagues, going from the National League to the American League, even if you offer them more years and more money. At that point, I don’t know what you can do, other than having taken that shot.”

        While the DH issue was certainly a factor, Beltran rejected the notion of the artificial turf at the Rogers Centre being an issue.

        “When you’re healthy you don’t care, you can play on concrete and it’s fine,” he said. “Turf, natural surface it’s the same, all I was thinking was being able to be with a team that had the opportunity to maybe be in the playoffs.”

        • Have to admit that’s pretty interesting. I guess we can’t use the old “we offered but they didn’t accept excuse” with Beltran anymore.

          I also feel the turf issue is also overblown. It’s a long way removed from the carpet over concrete days.

          • And the truth comes out. No more stating that we offered to overpay FAs and they just wouldn’t come and play for a non-competitor, or wouldn’t play on the turf. No more fucking excuses. Beltran would have solved our left field problem this year.

            The fact remains: most players are going to go where the money is. Rogers just didn’t want to offer any.

            • Some people didn’t want to play on astroturf. Some people did not want to DH. Kind of leaves the door open for talking about more than one player. Just because you all made an assumption doesn’t mean the man lied.”Even for more money” does not mean an offer was made.

  35. I told Jose he was going to face BP pitching

  36. Wow, Trumbo has a huge power zone

  37. Way to jinx your fellow Dominican, Ortiz.

  38. Swing-off!

  39. Fuck Bautista has some terrible HR Derby pitching every year! How hard is it to throw it up and inside? He should get the Twins relief corps to pitch for him…

  40. Maybe Berman will pronounce Bautista correctly by the end of this. Unlikely, buy maybe.

  41. Hank Aaron lol, no Barry Bonds.

  42. Fielder is abusing balls like it’s going out of style.

  43. during all-star game coverage I get to see cool commercials about the olympics and beer and such….your blog i get to see a gillette razor ad above your full beard pic…..speaking of marketing vehicles and knowing your audiences….

    • Bautista is doing quite well in the HR Derby. He has 4 HR’s with 5 outs. He needs 12 to tie Fielder.

      He now has 5.

      This could screw up his swing for weeks. Didn’t Rios blame the HR Derby for poor performance a few years ago?

      • I predict Bautista will hit 40 or fewer HR this second half…

      • How is the HR Derby any didn’t from portions of their BP when they are blasting bombs then? Sure they go through a set where they are hitting to different areas but then there’s the portion when they are just swinging for the fences.

        Just have to go back through history and see all the guys with monster first halves and then have much lesser second halves.

  44. KC should name that little section in the left Bautista’s Alley or something.

  45. I find that the side that starts first in any turn based one on one competition is more successful, I find it to be true in other sports as well, like in football and hockey.

  46. Gee, so glad we didn’t spend the $$ on that chump Fielder. Lind is SOOO much better.

  47. I’m so conflicted.
    Stoeten says anybody who enjoys the allstar break stuff is an 11 year old.If I admit it was an okay timewaster then he’ll mock me.If I say I didn’t like it , I’ll be lying to myself.
    I want to be cool like Stoeten but not at the cost of my integrity.
    What to do?What to do?
    The horror. The horror.

    • Hell Radar, for a man of such a prodigious and biblical age, I can’t fathom how at the very least you haven’t plain forgotten your integrity, forget about losing it, along with your marbles of course. Tomorrow night I fully intend to enjoy myself only mildly inebriated, and fully 5 decades removed from the age of 11, when Stoeten and Parkes and their ilk grew up and discovered cool. Cheers.

      • Okay SM. You renewed my faith in mankind. You’ve talked me back from the ledge.I’m now in the process of looking for my marbles, although I can’t remember why.
        I will watch the all star game and dammit, I will enjoy it. Without remorse, but in the dark and underneath the blankets, with a flash light.Might have a sip of beer too.
        Just don’t tell Stoeten.I don’t want to let him down or have him be disappointed in me.

        I got to do something about this self-esteem thing.

        PS. Cheers back at ya. Enjoy the game.

        • What happens underneath the blankets, stays underneath the blankets. One of the very few rules I still subscribe to.

        • Yeah Radar, you shoouldn’t care what Stoet thinks of you ever! Never let anyones opinion cause you to alter your behavior – including Spud. If you want to jump, hell, don’t let him stop you.

          • birddawg is a kidder and a trickster, Radar. Back away from the edge of the ledge at your earliest convenience. I’ll let you in on a little secret about our mutual friend: pierce his superficial snark even a tad, and find therein something almost human and perilously close to sensitive and caring. Also, your marbles are your happy thoughts, filled with fairy dust that will allow you to regain Neverland, so keep searching, you fool.

  48. Bah, kickball would be more fun to watch than softball when it comes to celebrities and legends.

  49. Wow what a first class douche you are Stoten.

  50. I’m gonna start trade rumors on Twitter tomorrow….any special requests?

  51. So I guess the ultimate torture for Stoeten would be to force him to watch the National Anthem being played at the all-star game.

    I have no issues personally with the All-Star game, it is what it is and if you accept that, it can be mildly entertaining. At the end of the day, no baseball game really means anything so there is no need to crap on this game for that reason.

  52. not a big surprise on Jose’s comments, if not going to compete this year or next and waiting on kids, than it is time to move him. this off-season will be a true test to see if Rogers is full of $hit..

  53. Reading these less-than-enthusiastic thoughts (Parkes and Stoeten) about the ASG made me consider – a bit more than I might’ve – my own view. On the surface, I can’t and don’t disagree much with what they say about it. But … there is something scratching at me about the whole thing.

    Simply put, it’s the memories. I have them only because I’ve watched way more MLB All Star Games than I have all star games from any other sport. I haven’t given a rat’s ass about hockey for about a decade and a half now (really, since falling hard for hoops; specifically, but not necessarily limited to NBA hoops) and when I have caught a minute or two of NHL All Star Games over the years, the obvious lack of physical intensity that is such a part of hockey makes it a farce to my eyes (and most others, I’d guess) … and that exact criticism holds true for the other major all star competitions; namely the above-mentioned NBA (the last quarter can be mildly interesting but I only know that from scanning the news stories the following day) and the NFL All Star game has always been ridiculous. So that leaves baseball.

    The thing about exhibition baseball games is that, generally, the players can’t really alter how hard they try. So, at least we see them doing what it is that they ‘normally’ do.

    It’s true that it’s only mildly intriguing (to me at least) to see the ‘best’ (… or, you know, close to it) from each league getting together to square off for a one-time test of who is better together on the one particular day, but I like to do what most of us like to do: watch for OUR guys to do something notable. Last year it was Jose Bautista’s great catch in the corner that saved runs (I think?) (and yes, almost ruined his season).

    Other years, other memories. Jimmy Key pitching an inning or part of and getting the ‘win’. John Smoltz starting for the National team and getting hammered relentlessly to start the game. (Hating the Braves, I enjoyed – somewhat maliciously, I admit – his little humiliation that yes, can happen to anyone.) Robbie Alomar’s fervent and prolonged welcoming cheer during the introductions from the home-town fans that one time the ASG was held here, in the Skydome. (He nearly choked but quickly caught it … and the moment, I thought, was priceless.) Larry Walker at the plate and after ducking two or three wild pitches from the Big Unit himself – Randy Johnson – turning his batting helmet around and switched himself to the other side of the plate to take the next pitch or two from there. And I could go on. Some of the memories are play-related and some were just a part of the spectacle. But … it’s history in its way. You know?

    So tonight, I’ll watch again. Not the way I watch the Blue Jays. Or any other major league game that I happen to catch. But I’ll watch. Because, who knows? Maybe Bautista will do us proud, this year, with his bat. And if he does, we’ll all remember it for a long time to come. And it’d be a good, fun memory. So … what the hell. Let’s see some baseball. Go American League. Go Joey Bats.

    • Nice. The MLB allstar game IS the best of all the allstar games so lets just enjoy it for what it is. I like it for the simple fact that I can watch a game without having to live and die with every pitch. The fans need a break too.

    • So … nothing much to see there after the first couple of innings. Suddenly, a cheesy movie – The Thing – seemed more interesting than it was. Lol.

  54. I can think of a couple of things to watch out for, including how Tony La Russa would deal with catching for Dickey’s knucklers And was having Cain start over Dickey a snub? And then there is Johnny Cueto snub as well, with Tony La Russa knowing all too well his role in that big brawl last season.

  55. When was the last time you shit your pants, been a while?

  56. I am sure Stoeten will link it later but here’s some nice prospect porn to keep you amused until the All-Star game tonight.

  57. Luckily we have no pitchers in the all-star game so at least a couple days without another injured Blue Jay pitcher


    One more about the arms at Bluefield.

  59. It’s supposed to be fun, for the players and fans alike. Either partake in said fun, or fun off

  60. “We’re right, and I’m full-on prepared to get in on the ground floor of backlash against the backlash against acting like you’re way too cool for the All-Star Game.”

    Said like a true hipster…I think?

  61. Jose Canseco‏@JoseCanseco

    Well maybe next year. I thought it was in august. Any former team I played with I’m available for an old timers day

    Canseco is so desperate to play in MLB again, that it’s really becoming sad to witness. I so loved him when I was little… doesn’t seem right that he is some black sheep for being honest about the game. he should start a Harlem Globetrotters baseball team lol ! I would pay to see that for sure.

  62. Did this blog post the fact that Luis Perez is out for the season? Just wondering

  63. The All-Star game is only fun to watch when you get degenerates like Pete Rose destroying careers.

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