Gose is Cooking

While we’re all busy in the post below dreaming up scenarios in which the Jays could move a guy like Anthony Gose to a club who, unlike Arizona, could actually use him, then take the returns and package it with Adeiny Hechavarria and one of the Lansing arms (and more!) to acquire Justin Upton from the Diamondbacks, there are people less inclined with flights of fancy who would rather just talk about Gose, the future Blue Jay– like Ben Badler of Baseball America, who commented on the fantastic play we see above, which the Las Vegas outfielder made in Sunday’s Future’s Game on a ball hit by Cardinals prospect Oscar Tavares.

“The defensive play of the game went to the Blue Jays’ Gose, who jetted back toward the wall in the third inning when Taveras smashed a ball ticketed for the warning track in center field,” Badler writes. “Gose showed tremendous range, going into a full-out sprint and dive to make the catch, turning what looked like a sure double into a sacrifice fly. He also showed off his arm during warmups, when he launched some missiles when outfielders were throwing to third base and home plate.”

He then quotes an American League scout who is positively glowing about the centre fielder’s play.

“Gose is an elite talent in his own right,” the scout told him, perhaps referring to the fact that his incredible tools have been somewhat overshadowed this year by Reds prospect Billy Hamilton and his 100 stolen bases. “He can play a spectacular center field. Maybe that was the best play of the game—his catch, and then to unleash a 95 mph rocket that was comparable to a Josh Hamilton type arm. That was the most amazing play I saw in the game. To have that presence of mind to unleash an absolute missile.”

Are you listening, teams who may have something Arizona covets?

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  1. nice catch but kid can’t hit shit. work it out junior cuz center field is occupied.

  2. Love the, “he’s great…….but for some other team because we want Justin” slant. Beautiful & I’m in full agreement!

  3. when is our next “greetings from Dunedin”? Aren’t we due for one?

  4. That was a nice catch. Next to September and October playoff runs the weeks leading up to the trade deadline are some of the most exciting parts of the season.

  5. I love all this high praise for Gose. I want his value to be at it’s absolute highest when we trade him.

    I like Gose and all, but I think I’ll go with the young, controllable, gold glove caliber CF who we KNOW can hit (and hit very well) then go with the young, controllable, gold glove caliber CF who we HOPE can hit someday.

    Because I don’t see moving either of those guys off CF, you lose too much value. Colby would go from an ‘elite’ CF bat to ‘above average’ LF bat. And you need elite at the positions to win in the AL East.

    Much prefer Rasmus in CF and Upton in LF then Gose in CF and Rasmus in LF.

    • You absolutely do not need elite at all positions to win in the AL East. There are holes on every team. If Rasmus as your left fielder is your biggest “hole”, then you are doing something seriously right.

  6. Inauspiciously absent: Umm… nails much?

  7. I can’t help but wonder what’s more valuable right now – a few serviceable MLB-ready arms, or Upton. If it’s the former, do you deal Gose/Hech, etc. to get those badly needed pitchers?

  8. Rasmus has been amazing in the field all year. There’s no reason to move such an effective player in favor of a player that hasn’t proven himself at the MLB level. This was definitely a great play by Gose and hopefully it’ll help raise his value or he’d be a solid thought for that LF spot.

  9. Headline suggestion: “Now we’re cooking with Gose”…

  10. So is it going to be three weeks of shit for brains four team trade speculation about Upton?

    The Jays need pitching, period.

    • ya, who wants a 24 year old who was 4th in MVP voting last year? Only an idiot puts the blinders on and ignores a chance to get better at any position.

      • So you trade all your chips for a guy that fills a hole we don’t need filling. Then not only have you lost potential future star players but you have nothing left to trade for the critical need which is pitching.

        Sorry, you guys are idiots with a fantasy baseball mentality.

    • Your right. It would be terrible to get an MVP caliber player, who could potentially free up other assets to trade for said pitching. #sarcasm

    • Jays need talent, period. All kinds of talent. Give me talent. I’m a talent whore.

    • We need pitching for a few weeks, anyone who would rather deal for a Garza than an Upton needs to give their head a shake, I’d rather sign some average pitcher in the off-season and have Upton then get a pitcher now and miss out on an Upton, like, are you serious? Playoffs aren’t happening this year, deal with it.

  11. I keep looking at the stats..what specifically makes Colby a less valuable bat in left field? He becomes less valuable if you really really really want Travis Snider to play there, but I keep coming up short on how in hell Colby makes a worse left fielder than a center fielder.

    • Because he is above average defensively in CF which is the tougher position to play than LF, and his bat is way above average (if he maintains what he is doing) for a CF, but would be only above average in LF. Ipso Facto, moving him from CF to LF reduces his overall impact in the lineup and the field.

      • Colby keeps hitting the way he did in June and his bat would play anywhere. Not taking issue with what you said though.

      • Ok Rage, that ain’t so. CF is easier when you have decent tools. You get more plays in CF, but the ball comes straight at you as opposed to hooking line drives, playing the ball in the corners, and more shots off the wall in LF and RF. If LF is so easy why are we on our 5th guy strateling the past year (Snider, Thames, Davis, Gomes, EE,) Rasum would be a grat fit in Left or Centre, and with that the Jays can focus on 2nd, and pitching.

        • TonyRage is actually spot on. CF is a premium defensive position, and the average CF hits less than the average LF. Ergo, with Rasmus in CF, we get + defense and +++ offense for the position. Move him to left, and its + defense and + offense. Still good, by not as great **relative to what you’d expect from the average player at his position**. You can argue that it doesn’t make a difference, he’s still fine in either position, but I’m pretty sure in building the team going forward, AA has aimed at getting above average talent for each position. Though it’s not easy to find in LF, it’s much easier to find it in LF than in CF.

          • if cf is such a more demanding position, then wouldn’t moving a +defense +++offense centrefielder to left result in a +++defense +offense left fielder. and isn’t this also somewhat enviable?

          • This just isn’t true in recent history. The average CF’er has been out hitting the average LF’er since 2010, and so far this year they are equal with each other, based on wRC+ and wOBA.

        • birddawg with another swing and miss.

          • You’re getting better at this Stoeten.

          • Appreciate the feedback. Somedays I wonder if anybody here has played this game. Is everyone here an actuarial scientist? I always wanted Centre when I played because you can run all day to make a catch, the play is for the most part in front of you, and the ball off the bat comes straighter. Corner spots are much tougher, really.

          • Sorry birddawg. You don’t need to wonder any more about who has played, managed,coached, umpired, ran leagues,talked with major leaguers,gone to baseball camps, spoke with scouts,advised players on getting scholarships to US colleges,carried more equipment than I care to remember, lined fields and pegged the bases and from time to time carried the Gatoraid jug to the diamond on the opposite side of the park.
            I respectfully disagree

          • Radar, that self-diagnosed so-called self-esteem problem of yours seems to be a thing of the past. Nice.

          • Final post, ran top 10 Batting Average (not weighted) numbers 2012 for MLB and found .306 for CF; and .307 LF. Not much difference but only i stat, I know. Look, if no one else out there agrees with me I’ll conceed the point (not in my heart though). I’ll buy the drinks if AA gets Upton before a second baseman, but he’ll be just as fucked up as everyone else here if he does.

            • Did you not get scolded for using BA once alreay this week. I am not going to go and check stats, but OPS would be slightly better for evaluating an OF and wOBA even better for offensive contributions.

            Melky Cabrera0.353 Andrew McCutchen0.362
            Carlos Gonzalez0.330 Mike Trout 0.341
            Martin Prado 0.321 Austin Jackson0.332
            Matt Holliday 0.317 Michael Bourn0.311
            Josh Hamilton0.308 Dexter Fowler0.300
            Ryan Braun 0.306 Adam Jones 0.289
            Mark Trumbo0.306 Michael Brantley0.288
            Jason Kubel 0.293 Angel Pagan0.284
            Alex Gordon0.274 Alejandro De Aza0.283
            Alfonso Soriano0.265 Denard Span0.270
            3.07 3.06

          • @SP
            Nurse karen can work wonders.

          • Bird is correct in that the balls are easier to read in CF than in the corner OF, but that is generally not an issue with regards to actual professional ball players. Reading balls is not so much of a problem…its about getting to them and about throwing from where you get the ball.

            CF field is considered the more difficult position to play not beause of reads, but because of distance and ground you need to cover. So while birdawg may be more able to read balls in CF than in corners, it doesnt mean he can actually get to them and turn them into outs.

          • @ TTJF

            I don’t think that was the point of contention.
            It was the “CF is easier when you have decent tools” statement.
            Maybe I’m wrong, but not IMHO.

      • thanks for the insight to these positions LF/CF and I totally agree with you. this is why I love coming to this site. to learn the why of the game

        • Even though it’s highly likely none of you will ever read this, I spent the last half hour crunching some numbers instead of writing a resume. Fantastic.

          Anyhow, from 2000-2012, here’s the breakdown of ISO, wOBA and wRC+ by outfield position, using data from Fangraphs (what a gloriously, time wastingly great resource that database is).

          ISO wOBA wRC+
          CF 0.153 0.331 98.8
          RF 0.176 0.342 106
          LF 0.171 0.339 105

          I can’t really add insight beyond the numbers. FWIW, I calculated the cumulative #s by weighting the number for each year based on PAs as a %age of total PAs for the period in question. I think that’s more or less a sensible way to do it.

          • read it,. so I guess this supports the theory that CF is less productive offensivly – though I don’t know what ISO is but will look it up. Please speak to the numbers though cause I don’t know exactly what your contention is.

          • Not sure where this will show up, since I only had a reply button available on my post.

            @ birddawg.

            From Fangraphs: Isolated Power (ISO) is a measure of a hitter’s raw power. Or, to look at it another way, it measures how good a player is at hitting for extra bases. The simplest way to calculate ISO is to subtract a player’s Batting Average from their Slugging Percentage, which leaves us with a measure of just a player’s extra bases per at bat.

            Here’s how Rasmus stacks up for the three numbers I listed.

            ………. ISO wOBA wRC+
            2012 .234 .348 119
            Career .191 .330 106

            The numbers are to back up my earlier point, which, to be brief, is: On *average*, players with the tools to play CF successfully are less capable hitters than those who play LF & RF. Imagine a team with average players at every position where we can choose one place to put Rasmusin order to improve the team. Playing him in center provides the greatest improvement to the team, since (while he’s hitting like he has this year), he’s a better producer than the average corner OF, but he is MUCH better than the average CF.

          • The numbers make sense, and it would kind of support the preconceived notion I have about CF’s. I think we are saying RF and LF are better sluggers, but not better hitters (in any real sense). I thought CF’s would rank better than they do in hitting (BA)

  12. Took an absolute shitty route to the ball, but a nice snag nonetheless.

    • Not really,
      Line drive, CFers first break is back, then adjusts to trajectory. The best fielders (and Gose is one) start accelerating toward a line drive before the ball has even left the infield. Can’t wait until you discern where it’s going to land.

      I agree with you that that is how it looks on the video. That’s the problem with watching video as opposed to live; You don’t get a true sense of how a play unfolds. In these situations, that is why you have to trust the opinions of (knowledeable) people who watched the play live.

  13. Greg Zaunn would clearly call that a TV dive

  14. Devon white would have been camped under it for 3-4 seconds

  15. Kelly Johnson was top 4 in MVP voting in ARI. Maybe the voters are DBacks fans? Everyone wants to trade KJ now

  16. Hmmmm…how about we get Upton for the same type of talent it took to acquire Escobar and Rasmus, and keep our elite middle of the diamond and starting pitching prospects.

    • You don’t.

      • Just to be fair, you thought it would take a lot more to get Colby Rasmus before AA acquired him. You and Parkes were suggesting it would have taken Morrow to get the conversation going.

        While Upton will surely cost more than Rasmus, let’s not completely ignore that AA has paid 50 cents on the dollar numerous time. If the Jays get Upton, I’d be surprised if AA paid full price.

  17. http://ht.ly/c9pOu

    Wow BA is really pumping out the Jays related stuff today.

    There’s a good run down of the Jays pitching prospects.

  18. In the last sequence, Gose’s head is so motionless that you can’t tell he has left his feet. That’s the sign of a gifted athlete

  19. Anyone else watching the All Star game?

    It’s nice to see KC with a full stadium for once… the atmosphere looks great.

  20. The starting shortstop for the National league has a .701 OPS. Wow.

  21. That was the best ever of the “interpretations” of a National Anthem that I’ve ever heard.

    O Canada!

    • The US of A is learning; this way there’s no words to fuck up, no flag to fly upside down, and you can call any unforeseen mistakes in the melody jazz improvisations. Nice.

  22. I’m sailing around the world! Who’s with me?

  23. Cabrera’s shoes are blinding.

  24. ugly inning

  25. Although I do kind of like Jeter looking bad there…

  26. That would have been nice if fielder wasn’t a terrible fielder!

  27. OK, let the record show that Bautista has made his obligatory scintillating catch without injuring himself.

  28. good lord, that body issue of jose was a complete embarassment. why in the world would he do that. but I’m sure parkes loved it.

  29. These Justin Upton rumours have to be a smokescreen from the D-bags, I mean really, what scary, talented outfielders are blocked by JU? Parra has never really lit it up at any level, Chris Johnson kind of blows, Kubel is a joke (maybe he has 1 more decent year in him), Pollock couldn’t get over an .800 OPS in Reno (PCL). Seriously, they can’t be looking to unload his talent and leave some giant holes in the outfield, where in that park you should have a Murderer’s Row-type collection of hitters. What is the real angle here? Motivate Upton?? Dbags do not have a SS, 3B or CF player worthy of a playoff run, they have pitching coming, in spades perhaps, but not really a lot of hitting. Unless they count on free agency to fill those holes, this can’t be real.

  30. You often hear Jacoby Ellsbury as a potential D-bag (Navajo connection, he lived there for a couple of years as a kid, trained there during his rehab last year); perhaps that is the trade Arizona wants.

  31. This is from last night from Bautista:

    “I’m looking forward to the second half. Hopefully we have a strong one — we’re within reach — and try to get in the playoffs. I’m not getting any younger and I’ve been on losing teams for a long time. Ever since I’ve been here we’ve been on the winning side, but not playoff-wise.”

    This is from the day before:

    “I’m sure (GM) Alex (Anthopoulos) doesn’t want to keep me around and not compete,” Bautista said on workout day of all-star week. “It’s kind of the situation as when Doc (former Jays pitcher Roy Halladay) was here. I don’t want to put myself in that category, put myself on a pedestal, but I’d think that I would be his biggest trading chip. All the signals point that we’re going to keep in it. I would like to be a part of it and should be a part of it. As long as I’m here, I wouldn’t see why he would be holding back unless we were in a bad position. We’re not in a bad position right now. I think the fact that I’m here, I’m long-term.”

    Shots across the bow? Making something out of nothing?

    • I should add after he got both those statements out, he couched them a bit, but perhaps it was a little bit of “ready, fire, aim”.

    • I think he was just trying to hint that he wants the team to get better for this year but screwed it up by talking to much.

      • told you so. this guy ain’t going to sit around for 3-4 years while the management/ownership fucks around.

        their arguments for sitting tight held water in 2010 and 2011, but don’t anymore. they’re 2.5 back of a wild card. you should go after ANY opportunity to be in the playoffs which doesn’t harm your long term ability to complete again the next year and the year after that, etc.

        but you cannot bloody well waste a golden egg that lands in your basket, and they have Bautista for a great contract really, and they had other pieces too.

        its absolute garbage that they still are not addressing the holes. get 2 pitchers, get rid of JPA, bring up Snider, bring up D’arnaud, bring up Stroman. Mathis playing out the rest of the year doesn’t seem like much of a lesser option than JPA.

        • Yeah! Bring up D’Arnaud!

          Let’s see how fast he can wheel around the bases on crutches!

        • “you should go after ANY opportunity to be in the playoffs which doesn’t harm your long term ability to complete again the next year and the year after that, etc.”

          On a more serious note… I think this is thee whole flip side to your argument. You want them to “go for it” now without harming the near and long term future. I don’t know if that can be done, given the number of bodies they’d need to bring in to make a “real” run at it.

          • can’t say i agree.

            look. can we agree that ideally you give a winning team some time to work together to be the best TEAM they can be? i think we might agree to some point here yeah?

            so then, if that’s true, you will never field a WS contending team just outta the blue starting in the spring. some pieces, yes, but you’ll need a core that has spent some time playing as a team.

            so, the strategy is one where you build. you work up and move towards that contention. that’s what happened between 85-92 isn’t it? do you think that the team in 87 was like ‘guys, this ain’t THE year. just hold tight, let’s not add any pieces, make any trades…THE year is acoming in 92′.


            they tried that year, they tried the year after, and again and again and again. every year was a year to try to get there. and then pieces changed over those years and they landed on a core that could do it.

            same goes here. we’re at least in that 87 year. maybe we’re arguably in 89-90?

            so time to add some pieces that can serves us both NOW and in the next 2-3 years at least. those pieces should be good enough to make a real difference this year…maybe 2.5 games worth of difference and give us a 2nd wildcard shot. I don’t expect that we’re going WS…but I do expect the team to make whatever REASONABLE moves it can that serve both this year and future year plans and strive for that 2nd wildcard spot. because that’s what sports teams should do.

            and that’s what bautista expects too. and he’s gawd damn right.

            screw this overthought noise that assumes you’re playing some game of chess where suddenly 2 years from now the stars have aligned and you’ve got a guaranteed WS spot.

            that’s not how it works. sometimes things are going to go your way and sometimes they’re not. the best way to have a chance to win a WS is yes making smart decisions and long term decisions but also giving a good shot at ANY reasonable opportunity you’ve been given.

            and they’ve been given one this year.

            get 2 arms. call up Snider. Work up Stroman for a Sept debut. Bring in d’arnaud asap and get RID of JPA.

            go for the 2nd wildcard you bunch of conservative chickens.

  32. does stoeten bother getting up before 1pm??

    parkes has 2 pieces of content up every day before this guy scratches his arse and rolls outta bed!

    lets get rollin’ here! we’ve got a lot of snarky and inane comments to get through here before the work day is through…

    • Stoeten’s working from home this week.Boss says he doesn’t have to show his face until Friday ( Is that cheering I hear at The Score’s office?).
      Stoeten’s a night owl.Rarely posts anything before noon.Mostly comments in the afternoon and late night, 11PM to 2AM.
      Since the move to the Score,weekend posts are rare and Parkes or Drew will do the weekend stuff.
      Can’t blame Stoeten for his routine.The amount of stuff he needs to read to do link dumps and all that, takes a lot of time. In between does the podcasts,GB videos,twitter,twats,facebook,interviews on the Fan and tries to have a social life.Haven’t heard too much lately about his musical career but I guess he fits that in too.
      No wonder he doesn’t have a TV or cable. Who’s got the time?I hear he’s a fan of The Bachelorette though.

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