Jays Extend Encarnacion

The Toronto Blue Jays have signed first baseman/designated hitter Edwin Encarnacion to a three year contract extension worth $29 million, including a $2 million buyout for a $10 million club option for the 2016 season.

It’s no secret that Encarnacion has experienced a renaissance (and then some) this season. The one time burgeoning star with the Cincinnati Reds fell on tough times after a wrist injury from which he never properly recovered. He was eventually traded to Toronto in the Scott Rolen deal, and while with the Blue Jays, he’s gone from being a scourge to fans with his poor defense to something of a saviour this season with the best offensive numbers of his career. As Ben Nicholson Smith points out at MLB Trade Rumors, over the last three years, Enccarnacion has been traded, claimed, non-tendered and designated for assignment.

The Blue Jays are certainly “buying high” here, but not to the point where it appears to handcuff them in the future. Comparing the deal to Josh Willingham’s three year $21 million contract is likely unfair because that’s an incredibly great contract for the Minnesota Twins that was signed on the open market. While falling short of finding the value that the Twins did with their free agent expenditure, the Encarnacion contract compares quite well to another three year deal handed out this past winter. The Colorado Rockies spent $31.5 million on the next three years of Michael Cuddyer’s career.

While typically teams save a few dollars by offering an extension before a player hits free agency, it makes sense that this deal should fall somewhere between the underpay for Willingham and the overpay for Cuddyer.

If we look at it in vacuum terms of dollars per WAR, we can say that the will be worthwhile if Encarnacion puts up five wins above replacement over the next three seasons. This suggests to me that the Blue Jays believe that the numbers Encarnacion is putting up in 2012 is closer to the true talent level of the player than his offensive contributions in any year prior to this one. That’s not a terrible gamble given the obvious changes Encarnacion has made in his plate discipline and the staggering results so far this season.

In terms of ensuring more T-Rex home run trots, it’s a fantastic deal.

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  1. Seven.

  2. Solid deal. Good for both sides and all that Jazz.

  3. Rogers the cheeap fucks haha where is jesuscrisco

    • Yeah! If they weren’t so cheap they would have waited for him to become a free agent and then paid him like $10mil more to bring him back… or something!!…. right?
      Is that how that works?

      Cheap Fucks!

      • There is a fair amount of crow to be eaten by the usual suspects. (Either that, or some very tortuous, convoluted leaps in logic to be attempted.)

    • Right here homeslice!

  4. yyyyyyyeeeeessssssssssssssssss!!!!!!!!!

  5. Decent deal. I figured he’d get something similar to what Josh Willingham got from the Twins. This is a little bit more but EE is also a few years younger. It looks pretty much like a market value deal.

    Now let’s get a capable DH and start to phase garbage like Lind off the MLB team.

    • No one will take Lind, so I’m fine with keeping him (at least he is a home run threat up there) as long as we upgrade where we do have a tradeable asset: LF. Like Davis, but that is an easy upgrade (in fact we could just bring up Snider but that’s another topic).

      • Lind has a 5 million option next year. If AA takes it (barring a preposterous surge from Lind), he should be sued for malpractice.

        • I believe the $5 mill is guaranteed next year and the options are from 2014-16. It’s nothing that should be handicapping the Jays from future spending.

      • I don’t mean trading Lind. I know that’s nothing more than a pipe-dream at this point.

        I just mean not having him on the MLB team anymore. Get a competent DH and let Lind rot in AAA. He’s a sunk cost at this point IMO. Him being ok vs righties doesn’t mean too much since the only position he can play is 1B. Not sure if a 1B/DH is worth a bench spot.

        Basically, don’t give Farrell the chance to play him vs lefties and/or 5th in the order anymore. Giving Lind and Cordero to Farrell is like giving an infant a set of knives to play with.

        • Send him to Siberia if you want – but tell me who will replace him first.

          Seeing as we have to pay him either way, I’d rather fix pitching and LF before officially throwing away the 5M on Lind.

          • I totally agree on pitching. That’s the #1 priority. All money should be committed first to pitching.

            LF? That can be fixed through trades or simply finally giving Snider a shot.

            I’d rather not be giving Lind another 400-500 plate appearances after he’s falling flat on his face over the past 1300 or so.

        • Or anyone that throws 58 ft curveballs. Maybe he can take up cricket…

  6. Awesome! Nothing wrong with that deal and like all AA contracts I love the team option addition.

  7. Alex “The Silent Assassin” Anthopoulos strikes again.

  8. “Fug ov Par-kays!”

  9. Thanks Parkes, this needed a fresh thread.

  10. Love this deal.

  11. If we only had a lefty to put between Joey Bats & EE….

  12. A little risky since EE has never had this level of performance. Hopefully it works out in the same way as bautista.

  13. Another great signing by AA, I’m hearing on the Fan590 Bautista was involved in the negotiations? wtf?

    • EE and Bautista are good friends. I don’t think it took Bautista to sway EE to re-sign but it doesn’t hurt to have him provide a nudge.

      • perhaps thats all it was, however they were making it sound like bautista was using EE as leverage to get the team to commit to spending on future FA’s if EE re-signs for a good price

        • I read somewhere that Bautista was also advising Escobar when he signed.
          Makes for interesting times.
          If Bautista is assisting, does that mean the speculation about him wanting to go to another team is in the past?After all, it sounds like he’s trying to help build the team by retaining key parts.
          Or is he just helping out friends?
          Why would he care about players signing with Toronto if he didn’t think there was a future here?

          • Just wondering, when has he or anyone of merit suggested he wants to go to another team?

          • @ Jim
            It was fans speculating on his comments about the pitching situation, fueling the fire that if AA didn’t do something then they would be wasting him and he would be the likely candidate to be traded.

          • Maybe it has something to do with the fact that those three players are all Latin-American.

          • I think the speculation is overblown. Jose seems like a loyal guy who appreciates both the opportunity and the help he’s been given in the city, and has embraced both the city and the fans in a way that most of the mercenaries who come through town to play for the pucks and hoops sides have not done. Even compared to most past Jays he’s been a real ambassador for both the club and the city.

            I feel like his comments are more directed towards answering the challenge that AA has always stated was his bar for moving into buy mode, namely that the team’s players will tell him when they are ready to take the next step. With the win loss results being somewhat cloudy,

            I interpret Baustista’s comments as being a way of saying that the team feels its ready, that they know they need help but feel they are only a few pieces away, and that the time is here.

            Much more optimistic than the “please me or trade me” narrative floating around.

        • No attack on you personally – but that is the finest in absolute trash journalism. As stupid as saying Bautista is “pressuring” AA on pitching because he answered the most obvious question in the world with the most obvious answer in the world.

          • bautista doesn’t want to go anywhere. that’s rubbish.

            he wants to play for this team. he likes this team and he likes the opportunity it gave him. he seems to have a good relationship with management and teammates.

            what he wants is what everyone wants. to upgrade the starting pitching and take the next step towards upgrading the core of the team so that they can start contending now and for the next 5 years min.

    • I think Bob Elliott – very weirdly – was saying earlier this week that Bautista, and not Escobar’s agent, was the one that negotiated Yunel’s extension. Given that contract is viewed as hugely in favour of the team, it almost seems as though Jose is encouraging, and in the case of Escobar, causing, some of the Latin guys to take long-term contracts that end up below market value. AA’s not gonna complain about that.

    • Maybe Bautista could talk to a few pitchers.

    • Bautista does it all….. Bashes homers, poses naked in magazines, negotiates contacts, hires guy in white to steal signals..

      • He also grows and shaves off his beard with remarkable efficiency. And how does he keep it so trim?! I wish I knew.

        Finally: He wears plaid shirts.

    • he helped negotiate Escobar’s deal as well, if I’m not mistaken

  14. Basically picture perfect. Edwin could get a fair bit worse and still make this a good deal.

  15. You know, if the “cheap fucks” would have signed Prince Fielder, Edwin’s breakout wouldn’t have happened. In fact, he’s probably not even on the team right now. Just sayin’

    • That’s a bit of a stretch. First of all, it’s tough to imagine that they would have kept Lind as the regular DH over EE, had they signed Prince. Neglecting this season, EE’s numbers are much better than Lind’s over the last few seasons. Moreover, is it fair to say that EE wouldn’t have had his breakout if he’d been hitting 5th, or 6th, or even 9th? He would have had fewer RBIs, sure, but the whole world, it now seems, has stopped caring about that (yes, a bit of an exaggeration). Other than that, he would have mashed the ball, just the same, if not more, since he probably is pitched to even more carefully now because he’s got the mighty bat of Kelly Johnson behind him scaring pitchers (assuming you subscribe to the notion of protection in baseball).

      Perhaps signing Prince to a huge deal would have tied AA’s hands to the point where he wouldn’t have been able to afford an extra 9 MM per year, but I doubt it.

      That said, I didn’t like the idea of pursuing Prince, still don’t (I would have much preferred going for the older Pujols – still would) during the offseason.

      Great signing, the return on investment seems highly probable, and is not a big deal if it doesn’t happen.

      • I think EE might not have even been on the team. Do you think they’d have kept three DH/first basemen on the team? I mean, they’re paying Lind a fair chunk of change and thus have (and continue to) give him every opportunity to succeed. If Fielder is on the team, I doubt EE gets a roster spot. Even if he did, he wouldn’t have gotten much playing time in the beginning and he may not have been able to build up enough momentum as a bench player to put together the type of season he has. But obviously, we can’t say anything for certain. Just throwing it out there as a thought.

        • I hear what you’re saying, and the costs associated with Lind versus EE may have meant they would have kept the former and cut the latter loose, likely by trade. My point is that if we work in this hypothetical world where you’ve got Prince, Lind, and Edwin, to fill two spots (1B and DH), the right decision is to keep Edwin, and cut Lind loose, even considering how Lind was paid better than E5. To back this up, check out the lower graph (or any other stat, for that matter): http://www.fangraphs.com/comparison.aspx?playerid=2151&position=3B&page=8&players=8027.

          Aside from 2009, Adam Lind has been a below-average offensive player, while Edwin has been above average.

          Therefore, had they signed Prince, the right decision was to get rid Lind and his hefty contract (even if it meant eating some cash), and to keep Edwin as their regular DH.

        • Great reasoning. Let’s not sign a star player because a player who has been mediocre to crappy might suddenly become great and obviate the need for said star player.

          the point?

          • Sigh. I didn’t like the idea of pursuing Prince for a number of reasons, most of which were irrelevant to my point. But, I disagree with the idea that was brought forward that if they’d signed him, EE wouldn’t have played for the team. All I was trying to say was that if they’d signed Prince, Lind would have been the odd man out, not EE.

          • Ya. I wasn’t really saying that they shouldn’t sign star players in the hopes that somebody steps forward or whatever. I was merely speculating on what might have been. There’s no “point” at all, other than that. And you might be right Winfield: they might have cut Lind. Obviously, it’s impossible to know. I just think they had more incentive to play Lind than EE. But who knows. Just fun to think about.

  16. I’m committing to an Encarnacion jersey now. I was in the hater crowd, I’m thrilled to be eating my words today.

    • Like the call. Might pick one up myself.

    • Yep, I was in the E5 crowd and would have happily seen EE DFA’d for good. At the very least I’m probably going to get a shirsey. It’s nice to be proven wrong like this.

    • Are you getting the number E5 on the back?

      Come on, DO IT!!!

  17. (For the record, Edwin is outplaying Prince this year.)

    • true, but how ridiculously amazing would the Jays offense be if Fielder was hitting 4th between Jose and EE. Man oh man.

    • I’d still probably rather have Prince Fielder, but you’re welcome to your opinion

      • I’d rather take this, sign Rasmus to an extension now (why not) and have signed Darvish – all of which we could do for the price of Fielder.

        • If you believe in Beeston’s statement that we can spend what boston spends (150M) then we COULD have signed them both this past offseason, and still had more than enough to re-up EE, Colby, Lawrie, and whoever else we needed to.

          • The point was rather that had they signed Prince Fielder, they probably wouldn’t have kept Encarnacion on the team. And if they had, he wouldn’t have gotten much playing time. (He would have been a bench player with Fielder and Lind getting the playing time.)

        • What’s the rush to re-up Rasmus? He’s still under control for 2 more arbitration years (13-14). Lets let him get some more numbers under his belt, and see what happens. There’s nothing wrong with offering an extension after the 2013 season. That way we can see if Gose/Marisnick performs up to expectations, or a PTBNL comes into the picture.

  18. When I heard the news, I did a “pen flip” and I’m now running around the office with my right elbow up. Getting some weird looks.

  19. I’m sure the red sox would have been lurking in free agency. That’s the problem with any jay free agent, the yanks and sox will always be lurking like a hyena tryng to steal your egg.

  20. Solid deal. Risky but had to be done, and removes him from the trade market.

    • barely a risk, lookat his 2010 and expand the numbers to 162

      • .339 wOBA, .787 OPS, 110 wRC+. Those aren’t outstanding numbers, although his 1.5 fWAR in 96 games is pretty good, I’ll grant you.

  21. The same people that used to hate him now think this is a steal. I thought he was good value at 2.5M or whatever it was, and I think he is good value now at this. Not a steal, but a good signing nonetheless and yeah… Rogers may not be signing 100M FAs, but at least we aren’t losing everyone as soon as we fix them up.

    • You don’t really need $100m FA’s when the guy you just re-signed for 1/4th of the price is hitting better than the most recent $100m signings, and has been for well over a year now. Yes sample sizes and arbitrary end points matter, but it’s a fact that EE has been a top twenty hitter in baseball (16th if you want to be precise) since this date late year.

      • I couldn’t agree more – I am talking to the complainers, not complaining myself. Give me EE, Bats, Rasmus, Morrow, Escobar type deals any day. In the upper tier for their positions but on contracts that don’t ruin you if they don’t pan out. Actually I’d have to include Lind in there.

        • ya I was just building on your post. It seems a few people here know the cost of everything but the value of nothing, so all they see are big contract numbers for other players and immediately have a hissy fit when the Jays aren’t attached to those numbers.

    • people hated him being played at 3B and outfield..where he had..and currently has, no business playing.

      once they moved him to 1B and he showed he had adequate skill there people were fine…especially as the bat started to come around.

      its not absurd and not a valid point of criticism to say people were wrong to totally not like the fact that he was a god damn brutal liability at 3rd base. it was TERRIBLE.

  22. good move. def means that EE as trade chip is off though right?

    so let’s get flipping on JPA and whatever folks will take of Cooper/Thames/Lind/McDade/Frasor/Sierra/Gomes/

    need 2 starters.

    drop francisco

    bring up snider.

    bring up d’arnaud

    bring up stroman.

    lets get rolling here.

  23. How come he runs weird.

    • He says the same thing about you.

    • the baby arm? It’s the new trend taking over the world! Just wait, Bolt will be running the same way at the Olympics…

    • I assume it’s a balance thing? He runs more normally when he’s going in a straight line. The chicken wing is only when he’s rounding the bases.

      • It’s not a balance thing…it’s a straight up home run trot, he’s said so himself:

        The soft-spoken Dominican also has a solo signature move, for which he has no explanation. He extends a stiff right arm and holds it aloft during home run trots, like a frozen chicken wing.

        “I did it one time and my teammates liked it, so I continue to do it.”

      • he doesn’t throw anymore so he has to use it for something, besides, of course, the usual (if ya know what i mean ;))

        • Ah, DJF. Where the unsuspecting Jays fan can visit and endure the image of EE having a wank placed, perhaps irremediably, in his brain. Cheers darryl.

      • EE uses the “chicken wing” to bank his way around the bases, and is soon going to pimp it with a laugh (as in laughing all the way to the bank.)

  24. Why is resigning a player less risk than signing a free agent? is it just the length of contract and price in this case?

    Mind you, this doesn’t stop them from trading him if the right pitcher comes along.

    • There’s more risk signing a player right now. That’s why teams generally get a bit of a discount if the ink an extension mid season, before an open market. For example, Encarnacion could get injured tomorrow. However, there’s some mitigation on the other side of the street too. Encarnacion could turn into Barry Bonds for the second half, and would’ve demanded much more on the open market.

      Personally, I didn’t see him getting as much as Willingham in free agency, but as I suggested in the post, that’s such a team friendly deal, it might be unfair to compare.

      • Thanks for the explanation.

        I wasn’t arguing for or against the signing, just inquiring why most here seem to think resigning is good and free agency is bad.

        Doesn’t it really come down to just numbers then? It just seems from the attitude here that if EE was playing for another team and AA made the exact same signing with EE as a free agent that the masses would hate the deal.

      • I think the lack of an open market does more to suppress extension values than anything else.

        • Funny how one signing somehow makes Rogers spendthrifts to some here. We’re still 23rd in spending. One signing does not a trend make.

  25. Love the GIF. EE’s one armed home run trot always cracks me up.

  26. He likes it here, he’s got elite offensive numbers, and he’s in his prime. This is not a “risky deal”. Another shrewd move by AA without breaking the bank. Still room to spend in the off season. Are there more shoes still to drop?

    • Personally, I have no issue if the Jays NEVER sign a free agent to a $100 – $200 million deal.

      As long as there is money to sign our own players like Bautista & EE and sign short term free agents to fill needs (such as Kuroda, Jackson etc) the Jays don’t need to break the bank on one player.

      Good risk by AA imo.

    • AA wears wrestling shoes, they barley make a sound even when they drop.

  27. Little Alex is clueless.

    Signing a young All-Star quality bat to a contract less than 10 years and 200 million?

    Roges are a bunch of cheap jerks

    This GM is an embarassment. Let’s recap.

    Terrible draft as they couldn’t even sign Canadian Ryan Kellogg and their first round pick is a little fella that 20 other teams passed on because he stands on his tippy toes when he pees. Not one of the players taken will be the Ace we need this year.

    They pretend to be investing in scouting but when International free agency came around they were only able to sign 3 of the top 13 talents available in a capped system. What a joke. How could they let the other 10 get distributed among the 30 teams.

    When he took over the team they said they wanted to grow talent from within and develop the best minor league system. Well we are ranked behind the Padres. The PADRES! Little Alex has been at it for at least two whole years and this is what we have? Behind The PADRES? The motherfucking PADRES????

    Oh, and trade everybody to get a pitcher because we have got to make the second wild card and play in the coin flip play off! Remember Trder Pat Gillick trading future superstars like Jeff Kent to put us over the top!
    (Ignoring the 13 years THIRTEEN he was known as “Stand Pat” waiting for his talent to develop together).

    Alex should be fired and bring in an experienced GM who knows what it takes to build a winner.

    • His ass has also grown sustantially over the last couple of years where as Gillick’s ass always seemed to stay exactly the same size. I believe this is why he was known as “Stand Pat”.

    • slow clap…

    • Took me a second, but I got it. Funny stuff.
      However, I don’t get why everyone acts like we’re somehow too refined for the ‘coin toss’ wild card play in game. I’m pretty sure we haven’t made the playoffs in 20 fucking years. You guys hold out forever until we become a dynasty in a league where 10 teams have won the past 12 championships. I’m gonna pray for even the smallest taste of the postseason knowing full well that any team (looking at you St Louis) can win it because THE ENTIRE FUCKING MLB PLAYOFFS ARE A COIN TOSS.

      • The one game coin toss is all fine and well if the Jays get into it (awesome as that would be), but I think what people are against is mortgaging the future for just one crack at it.

        The Jays should be playing to win, not just to get a chance at getting lucky.

        • That’s a straw man argument. Nobody is advocating making a Bartolo Colon type move. But in baseball, winning is just a ‘chance at getting lucky.’ Every year something crazy like the Diamondbacks beating the Yankees, the Giants beating the Phillies or the Red Sox recovering from 0-3 will probably happen. If we have a chance to make it without massacring our medium term prospects then its stupid to stand pat on the grounds that we MIGHT be better in the longer run.

          • AMEN BROTHER

          • I would normally just ignore a boring post like this but….OP, please go back to trolling the SUN comment section. Your writing style has improved over the last year or so. You must have had to repeat grade 10. Please go back to playing with your ray gun Ronny. Blah.

      • Agreed. I am shocked that Jays Hipster Nation would not endorse taking a shot at the wildcard game.

        Its been 20 years since the team has been in the playoffs. If they get into the playoffs anything can happen.

        How many times have the presumed favourites like the Yankees or Red Sox get knocked out of a playoff game despite winning 95 games during the year.

        At the very least, the Jays Hipster nation should endorse a playoff race so that the September games become exciting.

        I am hoarding my flex pack tickets for August & September.

    • Either you’re being sarcastic, or you’re making statements that contradict themselves and the tone of your comment.

      If it’s the latter, then you mistakenly posted a comment here, when what you really meant to so was call that on into the FAN590.

    • unsatisfied jays fan – You forgot – Didn’t prepare for losing 4 starting pitchers in a week. A real GM would have 10-15 major league quality starting pitchers just hanging around in case of an emergency

  28. Now if the Jays can please SIGN THE FUCK OUT OF GREINKE OR HAMELS, we win.

  29. ‘nother topic, but for those in a prospecting mood, Keith Law has his midseason top 50 prospects list with D’Arnaud 5th (up from 6), Sanchez 25th(!) (up from 96) and Marisnick 32nd (up from 47)

  30. It was me a few weeks ago that said how dumb your article was, the article you got from CBS. About trading Carny…Which is what i call him, that’s why you shouldn’t quote that garbage from CBS. Great signing!!!!! {:o)

  31. Hoorah, T-Rex home run trots!!! Now we have a name for those half-winged, half-tilted jogs of his.

  32. Ok, now that he is signed, lets talk upton, AA has prob called KT at least half a dozen times so far… What can we offer? Hech, Snider and ???

    • Snider or Gose whatever gets it done

      • They’re looking to upgrade their MLB team to still compete, and the Jays really don’t have as many spare parts as they used to.

        If the Jays are going to trade for Upton, it will have to be a 3-way.

        • i personally dont think so.. that is BS you tell the fans to still buy tickets… if they can get some prospects that are close like Hech and Gose i think they would take it…

          the GM doesnt want to say rebuild, ask Burkie about that…

          • Why would they want to rebuild when they’re 4 games out of first place in their division? :/

    • An Upton deal doesn’t make sense. Pitching short term and 2nd base long term are the priorities. Can someone please tell me who the fuck is going to play second when KJ leaves?

      • The position he plays is irrelevant. There are very few players in the big leagues that are Upton’s quality. You need to have as many all stars and MVP candidates as you can if you want to truly compete. Trading away a slew of talented prospects who may, one day, become regular players for an MVP is worthwhile. Trading away prospects who may, one day, be MVPs, makes less sense.

        Brett Lawrie, Jose Bautista, Travis D’Arnaud, and arguably Brandon Morrow should be the only ‘untouchable’ players at this point, from my perspective. Absolutely any other player in the org should be available for the right price. Prospects remain unknown commodities, and can’t be thought of as sure things. D’Arnaud is only on that list because he apparently is MLB-ready at the moment.

      • Stay the fuck away from me Winfield!

    • I’d offer ‘em Kolby Clemons straight up.
      Well, only if Arizona agrees to eat all of Upton’s contract.

  33. Edwin does the chicken wing home run trot, and probably did this in Anthopoulos’ office after hearing he got a guaranteed $27MM:


  34. Lets buy low for Kelly Johnson, maybe 3/25 million. It once looked like he was to obtain more than that but with the injuries, maybe we can get a discount here.

    Or do we sell low on Johnson to bring back prospects? They might not be the most highly regarded kind of prospects, but they will restock our system- That is if we go for a pitcher this year or this offseason.

    • I worry about giving up on KJ. He got off to a great start this year and then hurt his hamstring (a notoriously slow healing process) and hasn’t been the same since. I think resigning him at a discount now when his value is low is a decent risk. He heals and starts raking again and the Ninja puts another notch on his belt.

      • agreed. if we can keep him at a low price then keep him around until hech can come up or we can secure another 2B option.

        though if his stock rises through decent play in the 2nd half then make him part of a deal to bring back the starter we desperately need.

        • When i was projecting salaries a couple of weeks ago i had EE pegged at $10 million a year and KJ at $7 million for 3 years each. That would give him a slight raise but security for 3 more years.

          • 3 years $21 million. I’d definitely offer that to KJ. Good deal that he may jump at when he explores his options in the marketplace right now.

      • I have no problem with bringing back Kelly. He would probably take 2 years plus option.

        AA said on PTS he spoke to Edwin a month ago about an extension.

        Edwin’s agent said there would be no negotiations till the end of the year.
        I think the agent was lying.

  35. I love how many of you just assume that all these big name FAs are just dying to come play in Toronto and the only thing thats holding them back is Rogers refusal to offer them contracts.

    • Yes. That is what I assume because its true. You must watch too much basketball, where once you’re offered the max then you’re just choosing which location suits you better. In baseball you can offer players as much money as you want and 99% of players only look at one line in their contracts; the one with the dollar signs next to it.

      • Hardly true. You’re vastly underestimating the desire to go and live in a different country if you don’t have to. You think a couple million more offer on a 9 figure contract is going to make that decision for you?

        You think a 220 million offer to Fielder was going to make him come here? Give your head a shake.

        • Confido, you’re clearly right. BJ Ryan and AJ Burnett obviously came here as free agents because they felt a strong cultural affinity with Canada. It had nothing to do with the fact that the Jays offered more money than any other suitor.

        • Do you think all these guys go to Boston because they love being heckled and having racial epithets yelled at them by drunks named Sully? Do you honestly think that anyone outside of Massachusetts wants anything to do with Boston? They go for the money bro, and ONLY the money. I can’t believe you’re naive enough to think that someone would take a 10 million dollar pay cut to do the same job in a different location. No one in any job in the entire world would do that.

  36. Give ZACK GREINKE whatever he wants and let’s push for that wild card spot!

    • Ya lets sell the farm for an outside shot at a 1 game playoff against another AL East team!

      • you’re not listening to anyone.

        do you think that the spectrum of options that exist consist of a left and right pole?

        on one hand you stand pat / wait for the farm to come up

        on the other you sell the farm to land a FA?

        there are many shades of grey between these poles. and ones that are viable for making a run at an outside 2nd wildcard spot which does NOT interfere with the long term and already established plan of developing through prospects and to the end of contending over the long term and consistently.

        • Perhaps you should read the post i’m replying to instead of typing up an asinine and over*worded response.

      • Ya, one game playoffs are for losers! We’d much rather bide our time and build a team that can hopefully someday make it to a 5 game playoff series! They’re not random at all!

        • Or you know, a team that can make it to multiple series over multiple years because it has a stockpile of bodies to come in and replace old ones on a yearly basis.

          • And what is it about signing a top of the line starter like Greinke that is inconsistent with your brilliant plan for decade-long world domination?

          • That is unrealistic.

            The first priority is not falling out of a playoff race on July 1.

            Waiting till the Jays are a first place team lock on April 1 is silly.

            The Jays won’t be a 200 million payroll team .

    • What Zack Greinke wants is to not come to Toronto. He made that clear.

  37. Lind, Cibia, Gose, McDade, Sanchez, Syndergaard for Tim Lincecum

  38. Nice signing and great to see EE wants to stay here. Also a fair contract when you consider that EE has out-homered Puouls over the past year (July to July). Ok AA lets keep it rolling by getting that 3 way deal for a second baseman….KJ is not our long term solution. Pitching? glad its not my job to solve the fix short term!

  39. Kenny Ken Ken says that there is a $2M buyout of the option year, so in effect it is a $29M contract if the option is not picked up.

  40. Jim Bowden on mlb radio said before he left KC a Jays employee told him deal was close with Edwin and if deal gets done expect a pitching deal shortly after

    • As in the contract extension, or a trade? Buster Olney tweeted about the Jays having been shopping EE until they signed him to the extension.

  41. Just watching the EE’s press conference now and I have to say seeing the Jays sign EE really has given my belief that the team will do what it needs to do a pretty nice boost. Hope it does for other fans too that were buying into the whole “sell now” media narrative. The playoffs probably won’t happen this year but they certainly have a better chance at making the playoffs next year than without him.

  42. http://mlb.si.com/2012/07/12/with-encarnacion-deal-blue-jays-betting-on-bautista-2-0/

    Pretty cool article looking at Bautista and EE by Jay Jaffe aka The Stache.

  43. Not a bad deal for either side on this one. EE is looking like he is swinging the bat just fine, and well he is still pretty athletic, for a 1b dh guy. I am pretty sure he leads all DH in steals.. although i could be wrong.. GOOD move by AA to have this done and tied up before the end of the season.

  44. Never been a big fan of the man, but E5 sure has come a long way since lighting off firecrackers in his face a few years ago.

  45. “E27withanoptionyear” doesn’t have the same ring to it as “E5″

  46. Edwin has signed an endorsement deal at WingsNthings.

    He will have his own signature chicken wing called the Edwing.

  47. Not that HR are the be-all, end-all or anything, but remember when we all scoffed at AA’s suggestion that EE had 35 HR potential? Over the last calendar year: 34 HR to go with:

    98 R, 94 RBI, 16 SB (for those that like the traditional stats), 11.2% BB%, 14.9 K%, .244 ISO, .291/.380/.535, .394 wOBA, 150 wRC+, and 4.4 fWAR

    This is no 3 month blip folks. Edwin has quietly turned his career around (T-Rex Chicken Wing and all), and ranks 8th in wRC+ among qualified hitters in that time span. The seven ahead of him aren’t bad ballplayers and were all at Stoeten’s favourite exhibition game of the year: Ryan Braun, Joey Votto, Miguel Cabrera, David Ortiz, Carlos Gonzalez, Carlos Beltran, and Mike Napoli. Yes folks in that time span, his wRC+ is better than Jose fucking Bautista’s, though not by much (150 to 146). Holy effin’ fuck. Sign me up…

    …Good job AA. Now about the pitching…

  48. Who the hell would have foreseen this 1 1/2 years ago? Jesus.

    • I suspect he would have forseen this, yes

      • In fact I heard Jesus was going to be our big pitching acquisition to be announced sometime this week.

        • Currently I’m down in Dunedin working out in extended spring training. My arm is a bit rusty but my carpentry has kept up its strength and flexibility.

          When I first came up in the Dead Sea Independent League I sufferred an ulnar collateral ligament injury…in those days (think about 2000 years ago) that was pretty much a death sentence for a career.

          In fact, the “Last supper” depicted that final meal we had as a team together before I announced my initial retirement.

          After all these years, modern medicine has finally caught up and I sought out James Andrews who did my surgery a few years ago. Been rehabbing ever since…but I really didnt feel compelled to return to baseball as a full timer until I saw what hath God wrought upon the Jays pitching staff.

          Id say pitching for these guys is the least I could do.

          • Q: What do the Toronto Blue Jays and Billy Graham have in common?
            A: They both can make 40,000 people stand up and yell “Jesus Christ”.

  49. The press conference was honestly the first time I’ve heart Edwin speak.

  50. For those interested, here are the available FA 2nd basemen this off-season:
    Second Basemen
    Jeff Baker
    Orlando Hudson *
    Maicer Izturis
    Howie Kendrick
    Jeff Keppinger
    Ian Kinsler *
    Luis Rodriguez
    Freddy Sanchez
    Skip Schumaker

    *option year in contract

    • Excuse me while I puke. jays are better off brining up goins or moving esco over and bringing up Hech to play ss. Kinsler is going nowhere…that leaves you with ….what? Keppinger and kendrick as the only two guys who are not ass terrible?

    • I could be completely out to lunch on this, but it seems to me that there’s more value in placing Hech at 2B and Escobar at SS rather than shifting Escobar to 2B to be replaced by Hech.

      Hech and Lawrie both have incredible range. Putting them next to each other on the diamond will overlap their range on the left side of the infield, rendering Lawrie’s range to his left and/or Hech’s range to his right somewhat redundant. Why not put Hech’s range at 2B. Escobar’s declining range at SS as he ages is compensated by the fact he has Hech to his left and Lawrie to his right. Escobar’s arm will still largely be strong enough to play at SS. Remember that when Hech was brought in, Lawrie was not in the picture. I think the fact that they had him playing 2B in the Spring may be a sign of things to come.

      The way I see it, it makes more sense to put two guys with elite range on opposite sides of the field instead of right next to each other.

      • I like the idea Brum, but I can’t understand why the Jays haven’t played Hetch at 2nd all season. There isn’t an obvious back up plan for when KJ leaves…I just don’t get it. 2nd is really important, and remembering what Alomar meant to the Jays, it makes me think that Management has a secret weapon somewhere, but fuck!

    • My dream scenario is prying Altuve away from Houston. Great player with the control AA loves. With today’s extension, our infield would basically be set for years with above average production at every position.

      Since we’re getting into pointless trade speculation season, I’ll throw out Hech/Gomes/Nicolino/Rajai for Altuve & Wandy. ARE YOU READING AA?

    • I could be wrong but Kinsler and Kendrick have resigned longer deals.
      KJelly would be the best free agent 2B.

  51. Know let’s sign big Papi in the offseason assuming Lind goes back to, well Lind.
    Even if he doesn’t Papi is an upgrade and maybe Lind will build value so we can move him. (if he stays nbext year whatever 5 million)

    Who wants to see the Domincan Bash Brothers the triplets Bats,Papi, EnCANNONacion.

    Good to see EE finally have some stability knowing where he’s going to be for the next three or four years, so he can go through all that paperwork to bring his family over here.

  52. Nice to Edwin rewarded after his re-encarnacion has a good hitter.

  53. E5 needs a new nickname!

    • EncarBLASTium? E-squared?

      • Your right with the new contract he’s going to be playing 1B most of the time, so instead of E5, how about E3.

      • If Ortiz somehow ends up here next year we could call EE Lil Papi.

        • Its not that AA is ninja-like, its that most bloogers and trolls here, can only comprehend new acquisitions as they are presented by the media. Damn, look at what we need, not just the over-priced talent (Upton), or declining stars (Papi) that are currently lighting up the sports pages.
          AA will deal, but not these guys.

          • i dont think you can call papi declining unless its his weight. you seem to have a squeaky toy stuck up yer ass

          • Justin Upton is not overpaid, he’s underpaid by far most years.

            Papi seems to get better.

          • Fellas, Upton has 7 HR’s this year and a ba the just squeeked over .270 and next year he will be paid in the new range of EE. Yes, nice to see that Papi is haveing a really good year, at 36 or so. Hey how long can this elderly, out of shape $14 million a year dynamo keep going. The merry-go round for Papi is going to stop any moment – who wants on?

      • I kinda like E27mil

  54. Honestly, I don’t like the deal at all and would never have done it. If you are going to pay that much to him, just offer him the arb and see if someone will take the bait.

    Obviously, the Jays braintrust is doing great, but they have had some misses too (Napoli, Santos?, Thames, not getting another number two starter yet!, Lind’s 1300 wasted AB’s, Rauch, Cordero, etc…).

    • if he didnt get it done ,the EE trade would have happened for sure by deadline.sometimes you just cant wait. and whats not to like, its not your money being spent

      • The team has payroll parameters. I would rather have money to pay for a number two pitching than have to “bolster” the bullpen because the team hopes the starters they have will get the job done. I’m not sold on this move in isolation – I hope there is a lot more help coming.

        I just want to see the team do well.

        • Lind had such a great 2009 campaign that they had to give him every opportunity to succeed. They had no one in the organization, and FAs were selling at ridiculous prices. Who knows what trades (if any) would have been available…

          2010 was an absolute crap season for Lind. But he showed a glimmer of hope for a month (?) or so in 2011… before a back injury had him tapering off again. With him failing and flailing in 2012… it is almost certain that he’s never going to return to form. For a value hunter like AA, you know he’s taking the chance that Lind gets back to acceptable levels of production — especially with that awesome contract.

          Keeping Napoli around wouldn’t have allowed AA to see what he had in JPA/Lind in the 2011 season. It sucks ass that Napoli had that monster 2011 year… but he isn’t looking too hot right now.

        • Oh my goodness. Again with the payroll parameters garbage.

          Yes, the team has a spending limit. Every team has a spending limit. The Blue Jays spending limit is so far above our current payroll that they could add a massively overpriced free agent and still be under them.

          Why bring them the parameters up at all then? All AA is trying to say is that, while he has money, that’s no excuse to throw it away foolishly on garbage. If he was to blow his entire spending limit on a $200 million, eight-year deal on some star this season, he wouldn’t have it available for the next star next season. Therefore, if he doesn’t think very highly of this star, then he should save it for someone he does think highly of.

          In other words, the Jays have plenty of money available to pursue good-value deals–like EE’s extension, or a pitcher.

  55. As much as I like the EE extension, it does someone remind me of deals given out by this team to players after only one good year…..eg Lind, Hill. I hope this isn’t one of those, but I can’t help but be reminded.

    • This is possible, but I think Edwin has turned his career around since being moved to 1B.

      He seems to be very happy on the bench joking around with Bautista & Escobar.

      AA finally found protection for Bautista .

      AA seems to have found a closer with Casey Janssenn.

      • Any deal that turns oakville69 into a glass-half-full kinda guy is most welcome.

        • LOL!. I was very happy that the Jays signed Edwin. The Jays need all the offence they can get given a weaker pitching rotation.

          It also shows that the Jays have a big asset in Bautista as a clubhouse leader.

          He is like an assistant GM, helping convince Escobar & Edwin to stay with the Jays for a few years & take a run at the playoffs in 2013-2015.

    • It’s a short-term deal. If he sucks, it’s only on the books for three seasons.

      See that’s the big difference between this contract and the other contracts you mentioned.

      But I can hope EE did, in fact, turn the corner.

    • The Lind and Hill contracts weren’t / aren’t franchise crippling though.

      Sure $5M for Lind next season sucks, but it’s a helluva lot better than a backloaded 7 year/$126M extension or a backloaded 6 year/$64M extension.

  56. E.T. call T.O. home !!!

    Quite a fair deal imo vs what he could have got as a FA.

  57. love the EE extension, next up shore up the pitching, I wouldn’t necesarily chase a big name, someone that could fill a 3 or 4 to get us through the rest of the year. Go after Marcum or Dempster in the offseason. Hopefully Romero can pull his head out of his ass and pitch like Ricky, and Morrow can pick up where he left off before the injury. Alvarez and Cecil could fill out 4 and 5 spots. For the money that Hamels will warrant and the ransome it would cost to get Garza, a Marcum or Dempster could be a more team friendly deal.

    • I don’t think Dempster really wants to leave Chicago. Marcum tosses softly already, do we want to buy his declining years (and velocity) in the AL East?

      We don’t *need* a Greinke/Hamels (as nice as it would be) to get this team into contention for 2013. Any of the second tier FA starting pitching — Anibal, Lewis, McCarthy, Jackson, etc. — could probably give us enough quality starts to allow the offense to win ballgames.

      • No one ever talks about the anti-Toronto factor with Canadian players. Is it not the case that 4/5ths of the country pretty much hates Toronto specifically and Ontario generally? I wonder if that ever plays into canadian FA’s decisions. Obviously winning trumps all, but if I’m Steve Nash for example, I have no desire to play in Toronto whatsoever, regardless of where their team is at.

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