The second half of the season kicks off with the Jays hosting the Clevelands, and Ricky Romero looking to build of a solid start last week in Chicago, as he continues groping around to find himself at the worst possible effing time for the pitching-starved Jays. He takes on Justin Masterson in what should be a… game. Of baseball.

Seriously, though, thank fuck baseball is back. Now lets get some pitching.

(Note: in case I don’t make it back in time from an afternoon of going out and actually enjoying doing stuff, consider this the extent of your Game Threat.)

Ha!  Not so fast, Stoeten. Drew here, coming to you live from the Rogers Centre pressbox! Who on Earth let that happen?

Scuttlebutt! A little a first…but soon more.

Meghan Hoople performed the National Anthems tonight. I prefer her father Mott.

Logan Couture wandered around the field during Jays BP, which was cool until he tripped over his umbilical cord and suffered a pretty bad looking knee injury. His status for Sharks training camp is in doubt as hockey starts again in mere days, I fear.

Here are you lineups, courtesy of 

Call me crazy but…I have a truly hard time complaining about this lineup. Sure, Adam Lind is still miscast as a number five hitter but there are only so many hairs to split in this life, why waste one here?

S. Choo RF

A. Cabrera SS

J. Kipnis 2B

T. Hafner DH

C. Santana 1B

M. Brantley CF

L. Marson C

J. Damon LF

J. Hannahan 3B

B. Lawrie 3B

C. Rasmus CF

J. Bautista RF

E. Encarnacion 1B

A. Lind DH

Y. Escobar SS

K. Johnson 2B

R. Davis LF

J. Arencibia C

Justin Masterson versus Ricky Romero, just like Opening Day. Pitchers like Masterson — with a shittone of tilt on their shit — give the Jays fits. The Tribe are one of the most patient teams in baseball and send six lefties to the plate tonight, combating Romero’s changeup. Ricky Romero is Ricky Romero, as you well know. This may end in tears.

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  1. If Buck falls off the CN Tower, hopefully he’ll land on his hair.

  2. what the fuck is up with MLBTV? it says “game will begin shortly” for all the fucking games that have been underway for a while now.

    way to start out strong from the ASB MLB!!!

  3. For once Buck is the one talking about the great bodies of players? Tabby must be rubbing off on him… (sorry for that visual…)

  4. is down for everybody.

  5. Let’s see how EE responds to his new found wealth.

  6. These Cleveland uniforms are boring as fuck, bring back flamboyant racism boys!

  7. There it is. Home run derby curse/slump.

  8. The first few posts are often from guys who think baseball is a TV show. Reviews of the announcers.

  9. Nice toss, fatso

  10. Oh good, Romero is on form.

  11. So in only one half of an inning, we learned the following black pearls from our awesome broadcasting duo:

    -Cabrera has great range

    -Lou marson is a great catcher

    simply being 6’6″ and 250 lbs means you wont get hurt…because we know big pitchers never get hurt.


  12. bah romero

  13. Oh jesus

  14. you’re right , dirk, I don’t think Romero was intentionally trying to give up a homerun there

  15. So I turn on the game to see Ricky serve up a homer on his second pitch……

  16. All-star break didn’t hurt Kelly Johnson, picking up right where he left off

  17. Where’s Chief Wahoo?

  18. Yes, I still have a softspot for / mancrush on Adam Lind, you wanna fight about it?

  19. “murph was trying to get yunel to pull the ball” that’s shocking

    • Hey when it works with others why not? If it helps Escobar stop hitting so many ground balls that would be a big bonus.

  20. gidp

  21. Not too shabby from RR so far…

  22. Wonder what Arencibia could fetch on the trade market once D’Arnaud is ready to come up?

    • A depressing side of prospect porn is watching them plateau in mediocrity in the big leagues

      • It’s even more depressing to have the heir apparent out for the season, making the question pretty much moot.

    • Pity d’arnaud is done for the year now. Would have liked to see what he could do this September.

  23. Buck says its a 1-0 game. Gravelly voice.

  24. Masterson to the jays for Lind / Thames / minor league pitcher / 4 mill this year / 5 next year

  25. That graphic of the Jays schedule for the 2nd half was pretty brutal. Only 6 games vs sub .500 teams for the rest of the year.

  26. Buck says Rasmus makes catch. And that there was a discovery of baseball card s worth 3 million.

  27. Buck says Romero has settled in nicely.

  28. WTF Lind?

  29. Buck says Masterson has 10 ground ball outs.

  30. Buck once again talking about win loss records. Confused that Masterson has a “losing record”

  31. Buck said the ball got away from Marson.

  32. You can’t parody Bluejayway. He ia a parody.

  33. Romero’s run support dried up as soon as he started pitching decently.

  34. so ever since masterbater was traded to cleveland, have we ever had a decent showing against him?

  35. Ricky only wins when he gives up five runs….

  36. romero does not look sharp to me, despite what tabs and buck are saying..he’s leaving alot of breaking balls/cutter type pitches up

  37. Interesting to see Mark Appel pull a Tyler Bedee. I guess that one year of college is worth more than $3.8 million and a bit of pride. He would have to go top 4 next year to beat that and hope a team doesn’t low ball him with his vastly reduced leverage as a college senior. I suppose he could always sit out an additional year after that and sign for more as a free agent.

    • You can thank Boras. He would have probably been selected a lot higher if not for him.

    • Apparently his father is rich so he can afford it but this is insane.

      1. Turn down $4 million. ’nuff said.
      2. Weakens his development: Pitch for a few weeks in college ball or develop under the teaching of professional coaches for longer seasons against more challenging competition.
      3. Delaying the clock for when he reaches the majors. As Justin Morneau says, you make your money in the show. This will cost him millions in pension benefits, and pushing back free agency.
      4. He will have 0 leverage when he’s eligible to be drafted as he’ll be a college senior. No chance he will get an offer as good as this,
      5. The risk of injury, or suckage, in the next two years is possible/probable. Will he be a top 3 pick in two years?
      6. The hit to his image. He was an ass, not even acknowledging he was drafted by the Pirates when he dropped to them. Doubtful he will ever be embraced by fans. Does he play for the love of the game or the cash?
      7. $4 million today invested properly will be worth more in two years than whatever he will get when he has no leverage.

      If I was an established player looking to maximize a contract I’d hire Boras. As a kid looking to begin a professional career no chance.

      • That’s a pretty good summary. It’s his decision of course and I won’t say he’s an ass just because he made it but when you look at all the risks it’s just crazy imo. In this case it sounds like ego is playing a bigger part more than anything.

        It wouldn’t surprise me to see this guy sit out a full year if he doesn’t get what he wants next year and sign as a free agent.

        Also looking at Pittsburgh with the number of high ceiling guys they have on the way up and the division they play in, it’s not like he’s going to some chump team that’s going to suck for years. In a lot of ways he was in the same situation as Price when he got drafted by Tampa. A high draft choice going to a team on the cusp of breaking out. It would be interesting if he was available for the 9th pick in next year’s draft and Pittsburgh chose him again.

        • It was crazy on so many levels. Had he joined the Pirates the potential of that staff would have been scary.
          The bleacher report had the worst baseball article I’ve read talking about how the Pirates look like fools for not signing him.
          Doubt they’d risk going for him at 9 b/c if they don’t sign him that pick is lost forever. Their other first round pick though…
          But isn’t he ineligible next year like Beede wasn’t eligible for this draft? I think he has to wait until 2014.

  38. Masterson sure has the Jays number this year.

  39. anyone know (without looking it up) what the Jays’ penalty is for going over the cap on IFA signings? I get the feeling it’s fairly minimal.

  40. since when did jason frasor have a 95 mph fastball? he’s been 93-94 for 3 years now.

    • he is getting ready to blow out his arm too. speed it up a bit. such bad luck being the only one left standing

  41. Lol ass drooble

  42. If dirk hayhurst dies tonight the cops will surround wilner’s trailer before dawn — BOOK IT

    • Huh?

    • Was thinkin the same thing. Wilner sounded like he was gritting his teeth hard when a caller mentioned how well Dirk did tonight.
      I’m not a big fan of Dirk’s but I gotta admit he did well.

      • I just saw Wilner tweet about a chat with “Dirkhurst”.
        Is there an actual feud or a reindly joke competition?
        I know Wilnrer was once the host of a hockey central at noon/baseball edition two years ago. Is he bitter he’s not hosting now?

  43. oh no please no gidp Yescobar

  44. How about for once don’t hit into a DP when it matters Escobar

  45. These are the Farrell moves that I never understand…

    Pinch run for the trailing runner, and use a guy that’s not really any faster anyway…

    But hey, at least the only guy that’s got 2 hits in the game against Masterson is out of the game now…

    • I doubt Lind will see Masterson again tonight.

      • That’s a good bet, since he’s out of the game now… For… Some reason that’s only apparent to Farrell…

    • farrell can act so lost so quickly. he would probably be dooing hand stands in the dugout during a world series game deciding on a pitcher change

      • That struck me as one of those “I should do something now… but what… Hrmmmm… Oh I know! Something completely nonsensical! BRILLIANT!” moments

  46. yes! no double play!

  47. That SOB’s a good pitcher.

  48. Fuck Escobar.

  49. Even run support suffers from regression.

    Hear that, Red Sox pitchers?

  50. Good pitching then no hitting or Good hitting and no pitching seems to be the theme of the last few Jays games.

    Can’t wait for all the fire Murphy chants to start up again.

    • its not that this team has ever been “good hitting”

      they rank average to below average in nearly every category save for homeruns and by proxy slugging.

      they have extreme trouble scoring without homers because the simply dont get enough hits or even extra base hits (besides dingers) otherwise.

      • Jays are like 28th in doubles (Red Sox, who are number 1, have 80 more…) and 23rd in triples. So you’re definitely right about xBHs. A lot of the Red Sox doubles could probably be explained by the Green Monster, but even assuming they are the outlier, the Nationals (2nd ranked in doubles) have almost 50 more.

        Jays rank 15th in OBP with .320. They are 7th in wOBA and 4th in wRC+.

        Not the worst, but not the God-like offense that this team is touted to have sometimes. Having a more competent left fielder, DH and catcher may help.

        Can’t really be too upset with Lind, as he got two hits, and Arencibia, who hit as well. Top four in the order failed to get a single hit.

        It sucks, but it’s a long season and there are just games like these sometimes.

        • They certainly might not be the best hitting team but when you look at the advanced stats you posted they look pretty damn decent. At the end of the day it’s runs scored that counts not how it’s done. It would be great if they had all the hits to go with the homers but it is what it is. Sometimes, especially late in the game, having a team that hits a lot of homers certainly can be more advantageous than a team that has to string multiple hits together against top relievers.

    • Sounds like the Jays for the last 6 seasons, actually. It’s always one or the other. If they don’t acquire a 1a pitcher for the long term soon, most likely through free agency, I’m gonna be kinda pissed.

  51. so would appear the jays offense is still on break. haven’t scored since sunday

  52. fire murphy
    fire murphy
    drag him over the turf-y

    • Even if you’re joking, I can’t understand the fire Murphy hire Motorola movement.
      KEEP BOTH.
      Isn’t that just common sense? Murphy has done wonders with Joey Bats and EE. Chad apparently has helped Lind and Snider. Before any racism link he’s also helped Gose and Hech. Unless of course it’s the PCL ballpark which turned them into good hitters and nothing to do with the coach.

      Any student will tell you that differences in teaching style has a huge impact on whether or not the lesson resonates. Not all 24 players will react to the same teaching style the same way. Having coaches with different styles just makes sense.

  53. The shift works again.

  54. When I see plays like that I think “You know, if we got a good third baseman, Lawrie could probably play 2nd for us…”

    Just to make our “what the fuck do we do if we don’t re-sign Kelly Johnson?” problems a LITTLE less dire…

    • why. its not like Lawrie is doing bad at 3rd.

    • You call up Hechevarria? It’s not like there aren’t internal options that can do no worse than KJ has as a Blue Jay, not including April.

      • Point is “hey, Evan Longoria has been made available, we should trade for him” becomes a thing (not really THAT example… But the flexibility of moving Lawrie if we NEED would be is nice…)

    • Lawrie was atrocious when he played second base. That is why he was projected to eventually move into the outfield.

  55. The bats need to be shat out from where ever the fuck the Jays are hiding them.. 1-0…im not used to this.

  56. During the first game of the season, Arencibia hit a game-winning HR.

    (crosses fingers)

  57. Did that call look as terrible to everyone else as it looked to me?

  58. I waited five days for this shit?


      • Clearly Ricky losing 1-0 proves he now sucks, whereas all those wins earlier in the year, when he gave up only 10 runs, and had about 15 of run support, he was smokin’ it.

        Or maybe the baseball gods have a sense of sadistic humour.

  59. i need a diaper change. i cant handle 2-0 or 1-0 games even if the jays are leading.the risk of coco is too much

  60. Fuck it. I’m calling a walk off in the ninth.

  61. here comes the meat of the order.perfect for a fastball comeback 2 run moonshot walkoff win

  62. Maybe try to be a little less obvious that you’re going to swing for the fences every pitch

  63. aaaaannnnnd another one run loss.

  64. Fuck this team. I feel like an idiot for thinking this team had a chance at making the playoffs before the season. When they get a great pitching performance, the offense sucks. Pitching is still the main problem but the offense could definitely use an upgrade. Namely getting davis’s and arencibia’s shitty bats out of the lineup.

  65. Jose chirps about management needing to get some SP, and then promptly shits the bed along with all the boys to start their “march to the playoffs”.

  66. Wellll, I’m looking forward to the Jays getting back to playing after that looooong ASB. Haven’t seen Jays baseball since Sunday.

  67. Have the Jays traded for Justin Upton yet?

    • You mean he’s not a Jay already? Or are you talking about Justin Verlander who is dating Kate Upton and might take her last name upon marriage.

  68. Fucking baltimore -41 run differential

    Tampa : measly +2 run differential

    Cleveland: -28 run differential

    Oakland: + 6 run differential

    Detroit: + 11 run differential

    All with better records than the jays who have a healthy +21 run differential

    makes you think we are sort of unlucky .

    makes you think that maybe it is worth getting a few more parts

    • If Morrow and Hutch had been healthy then we’d probably be right on LA’s tail. With a payroll as light as ours in relation to teams like Boston and LA the injuries hurt far more.

      Still I think that bodes well for the future especially if you can add another arm or two along the way.

      • I think you’re right nightman

        With the pitching injuries we had (and lack of depth to deal with them) the Morrow and Hutch injuries were probably the deathknell of the season (barring a trade that saves it somehow).

        But if Morrow and Hutch were pitching 2/5 games I totally think the Jays would have a good shot as a playoff team in 2012.

        If they add depth in pitching for 2013, I’m optimistic. I think the extra WC will be huge for Jays fans going forward.

    • Jays 5-13 in one run games is partly to blame. Which is probably a fair amount of bad luck.

      • A lot of people believe that a team’s record in one-run games is a good way to evaluate the manager as well. We have one of the three or four worst managers in MLB, so the poor record is not surprising. As I recall, the Jays were also terrible in one-run games when Cito was managing.

        • Oh, give it a fucking rest already. Here are the Jays records in one-run games over the past 15 years (going back to Tim “‘Nam” Johnson):

          1998: 28-17 (Johnson)
          1999: 26-18 (Fregosi)
          2000: 21-19 (Fregosi)
          2001: 28-21 (Martinez)
          2002: 23-21 (Martinez/Tosca)
          2003: 14-23 (Tosca)
          2004: 17-22 (Tosca/Gibbons)
          2005: 16-31 (Gibbons)
          2006: 20-10 (Gibbons)
          2007: 29-25 (Gibbons)
          2008: 24-32 (Gibbons/Gaston)
          2009: 21-28 (Gaston)
          2010: 24-28 (Gaston)
          2011: 29-28 (Farrell)
          2012: 5-13 (Farrell)

          Using your “logic” Gibbers went from being a complete village idiot in 2005 to being a goddamn Mensa member in 2006, and then fell back towards .500 in 2007. By your “logic”, perhaps we should fire Farrell and free Buck from the broadcast booth again. Maybe we should bring back the blacklisted Tim Johnson – dude was awesome.

          There are a lot of things to find fault with Farrell over. The record in one-run games is not one of them because it’s dumb luck.

    • I agree about the Jays luck. We ought to have better records than all of those teams.

      Now, granted, being in the AL East probably suppresses it a bit; when you’re in a division where every team has a positive run differential, your positive run differential won’t go as far there as it would in, say, the AL Central.

      But even within the AL East, we should be higher than teams with a lesser differential than us.

      • A lot of the poor 1 run results can be laid at a poor bullpen. I think we’ll have a much better one by season’s end imo.

  69. Rajai Davis has hit into 3 double plays in his last three games.

    pretty incredible if you think about it.

    • i bet yunel has a bigger string than that.he is the best i think. leave davis alone, he is supposed to be a backup and pinch runner

  70. Didn’t win but that’s two straight killer starts for Romero.

    That is very good news.

    • agreed!

      if romero can have a killer 2nd half, along with morrow’s return on schedule and if AA can get one arm by trade, along the bats mashing away (far the most part)and a bullpen that is due for a good run, i’m pretty optimistic.

      last nights game made me confident that the jays have a push in them despite the loss.


  71. Nice pick up of EE there by Lind. It’s only been a couple of weeks but i am slowly starting to buy into his resurgence.

  72. It will be interesting, to say the least, if Lind keeps this up for the rest of the year…

  73. Show’s over folks!

  74. So, apparently Drew is surprised that Bwana has taken off the weekend as well? Curious.


    This says to me that the Jays should really try to see what the Mets might offer for JP. I hate the idea of giving up the starting catcher – who, no matter what, has a rapport with the pitching staff that counts for something. But this would be a pretty decent opportunity to get some value for JP, who might still be viewed as having some upside, especially by the guy who drafted him in Ricciardi.

    The few problems with this scenario as I see them are:
    1) Handing the reins to D’Arnaud too soon, off injury, to boot
    2) Potential buyer’s market for catchers
    3) Will there be even further offensive drop-off with Mathis in the starting role. OTOH, maybe Mathis is enough of a defensive upgrade to offset the loss?

    Anyone scouted the Mets lately?

    • d’Arnaud is gone for the season. End of story.

      • I wouldn’t let the fact that Darnaud is injured the rest of this year stop me from trading JPA in the right deal.

        You just could platoon Mathis/Gomes for 2 1/2 months. I mean, the Jays offense is scoring so many runs they could live with a black hole in the lineup for a bit. It’d be worth it if the right deal came along.

        • It would be a pretty strong admission that they weren’t expecting to make any kind of run this year though. Of course the ‘right’ deal would make it the ‘right’ move.

  76. It’s not quite last night’s pitcher’s duel.

  77. Oh Davis, you are so bad at baseball…

  78. Davis looked positively Thamesian there.

    • Davis is bad because he missed a ball in left centre to the warning track?
      He may be bad but not on that play.

      • I take it you didn’t see the route he took to the ball. It was easily catchable if he’d done even a semi-adequate job of judging it off the bat.

        • The thing about Davis’ routes are that rather than take smooth, calculated routes with an efficiency of movement and distance, he takes violent jagged routes that result in both an increased distance and an increased degree of difficulty in actually catching the ball when you get there.

  79. So, when are we trading for Liriano?

  80. Had not seen about D’Arnaud’s year-ender. Fuck.

  81. Go chicken-trot!

  82. Chicken wing, baby! Good on ya, EE.

  83. Woooot Eddie.

  84. Yescobar joins in on the fun. Cool.

  85. How awesome it would be if Lind and Escobar just turned it on in the second half?

    Aside: I was really considering keeping Ubaldo on the bench for my fantasy team today… In hindsight… whoops…

  86. Ricky is wondering ‘why not me?’

  87. Will be sweet if we see more of Murphy’s tweaks of Escobar look like that shot. That was a bullet.

  88. mmmm wake up to sweet crack of the bat of EE. an then yunel too.mmm is this a shitballer serving them up or the jays are raking?

    • Ubaldo is trash.

    • The Maple Boner is throbbing as well.

    • Come on, give them some credit. The balls that EE and Esco hit were mid 90′s fastballs. sure they were poorly located, but it’s not like they were hanging breaking pitches or high changeups.

      how many times have you seen guys swing through or foul back even a poorly placed mid 90′s heater?

  89. This is bordering on embarrassing now…

  90. Why can’t I get no tang ’round here!?

  91. When Lind is on, he makes me so fucking hard…

  92. Seeing Rasmus 0-2 with 2 strikeouts through 3 innings makes me sad.

  93. You damned hypnotist! You turned my starting pitcher into a chicken!

  94. Okay, I’ll meet you tomorrow and we can go over our prans. [turns around] And when you get to that assembry, you gonna get big surprise, you dirty Japanese dog.

  95. I think Buck and Pat have reached a new low in claiming that Arencibia is putting up “top 5″ catcher numbers. These guys are the worst.

  96. Lawrie wasn’t pleased with that call…

    He SO wanted to HULK SMASH that ump…

  97. Rajai can surprise you every once in a while.

  98. Rajai trade value up.


  99. Perfect throw Rajai, well done.

  100. That’s a long home run EE.

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